Eminem vs. Rhymefest @ Scribble Jam [Lyrics] (1997)


He’ll be the target at a motherfuckin’ battle ciph’
And have to sit and listen to somebody rap like that all night
Motherfucker you wack as hell, ya tracks won’t sell
You gonna get verbally crushed when I smoke you like an L
Freestyle off the top of the dome, sending you crippled
Motherfucker’s hopping home, paraplegic when I dissect yo shit
Get out of my league, bitch
You get fucked up, you better climb a tree quick
Cuz I’m about to hit you with, this lyrical motherfuckin’ shit
When I spit venom, bitch, I represent the motherfuckin’ 313
You fallin’ over like a 3 ton tree, bitch it’s a free country


You beatin me? What that look like? Nah
I’ma keep this nigga bouncing like a Suge Knight check
You a lil bitch ass on a mic, just ask the station
Look at this nigga, he got the funny style
Yo where’s the DJ? Just give me my money now

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