Lil’ Tic (Proof) vs. B-Rabbit (Eminem) [Lyrics] (8 Mile)

[Lil’ Tic (Proof)]
I’ma murder this man!
He the type to lose a fight with a dyke
They don’t laugh ’cause you’re whack
They laugh ’cause you white with a mic
You’re a laughing stock
And when will this laughing stop?
When you and Everlast bitch-ass get popped
You a wigger that invented rhyme for money
Watch Lil’ Tic spit, kick the Energizer bunny
Rip the Rabbit head off, toss it to Hugh Hefner
‘Cause I don’t play, boy, now tell me who fresher (You are!)
L.T., that’s right, cock the heat and shoot ya
I’ll punish Rabbit or obsolete Future
My paws love to maul a MC
‘Cause he’s faker than a psychic with caller ID
So that bullshit, save it for storage
‘Cause this is hip-hop, you don’t belong, you’re a tourist
So put your hockey sticks and baseball bat away
‘Cause this here Detroit, 16 Mile road is thataway, thataway

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