Reed Dollaz vs. Trigga [Lyrics] (2004)

[Verse 1: Reed Dollaz]
Yeah you heard what he said I’m on a fucking paper route
Quick to take a neighbor out, .40 with the laser out
You niggas eating just to having a feast
My niggas wilding out, catching hommies stabbing police
Cash rule everything around me, everything I see
Everything I touch, robbery’s a must
You niggas all blinging, 24’s on the Lincoln
Waist-length mink until you boys all stinking
Wrapped in that trash bag, Hefty or the Glad bag
‘Iladel niggas, bombs over Baghdad
I’m in ya’ new trees, Hummers and V’s
23’s when I breeze, hundred thou’ on my sleeve
40 on my neck, keep the 40 in the Lex’
You drink a lot? Well here, take this .40 to the neck
You marry shorty, I fuck with shorty for the sex
You fuck with shorty for the face I fuck with shorty for the neck
I’m quick to grip a bi chick, tell her leave them dykes alone
Won’t you become a rapper boo, spit up on this microphone
Young version of Al Capone, I’m crowned, I claim my throne
A hundred niggas crowd in ya’ home
Dirty birds in they hand, 30 birds in the van
Ya’ homie set it up, you got a nerve, that’s ya’ man?
He gave me the inside scoop on where to find the grams
Under the kitchen sink behind the pots and the pans

[Verse 1: Trigga]
For the second time on the mixtape y’all dudes better duck fast
‘Cause every time I spit my shit louder than a gun blast
I want cash and I want it with the quick-fast
And if not, you bitches get peeled, like old scabs
Trigga vicious when it come to this rhyme bout
But think not, and get ya’ cookies tooken like a Girl Scout
You Girl Scouts better knuckle up
‘Cause I got box game like seatbelts, most niggas buckle up
And I supply the fiends
And I smoke weed smoke seed and my weed green like Listerine
Ain’t no enticing me
But keep talking and get you guys’ throats cut from swallowing teeth
And I like burners ’cause they red-hot and blow
You bitches, like burners grab cock and blow
Probably get some new Timbs, already leaning ’em
Nigga talk shit get beat with a Swiss Premium
Even if ya’ man’s is up, and they posted in the spot
Let them [?] go close to that bedrock
Rock-a-bye baby
Yo this is my time, you ’bout to get put to sleep, like a nursery rhyme
I’m hot as a nine
Dog I’ll split ya’ cabbage
And leave four shots in ya’ chest like, Philly off the Mavericks
So pussy keep talking hands
So I can cut ya’ feet off, now try and kick my ass
It’s Trigga nigga and I’m taking it home
You fags like knick-knack paddywhack
You dogs get boned
And beforehand, I made a large bet on my team
And I’ma win and see paper like a fax machine
I’m stacking green, man this shit a place-your-bet
I run with the heavy hitters in the ‘burg, you run with the rest

[Verse 2: Reed Dollaz]
You can see the bitch in a nigga when the pump in his mouth
Kill a whole fucking family then pump in the house
Wipe the fingerprints off, throw the pump on the couch
Whatever’s left in the handguns I’m pumping ’em out
I’m a mobster, something like, Robert De Niro
And you can get, robbed for dinero, lie with the heroes
Niggas always claiming they all tough
Till they get cracked with the gat and ya’ skull bust
It’s war son, and I ain’t got nothing to lose, it’s you and me
You know Reed smooth dude just doing me
I love my family I love my niggas
Love my weed I love my trigger, so I can bust off
I love my paper I love you haters but, ain’t no more room on my dick so jump the fuck off
.40 cal turn ya’ brains into duck sauce
Aim let it dump off, hollows knock chumps off
Let the jammy blam, tools like a handyman
If you play the family man, spray up the family van
[?] like [?], say my name and I appear like Candyman
I advise you to stay in ya’ lane boss
The age of 13, I was up in a range dog
Not the one you drive, the one that’s danger
Target ya’ face to release my anger
Black skully black gloves, Dickies from last year
Your crib jackpot, I smell it the cash here
The Benz got 23’s, TVs and glass chairs
I was on the block ripping, you was a cashier
Working up at Save-A-Lot, working hard, save a lot
I was on a crazy block knocking off crazy rocks

[Verse 2: Trigga]
The youngest nigga on my squad but, sky’s the limit
When the beef’s on the heat’s drawn eyes be tinted
All these guys like ‘Trigga clocking’
But let a nigga try to rob me, hang him up, by his motherfucking Dickie pockets
On the block, like a nigga gon’ shake and bake
But in the kitchen be the nigga with a paper plate
You can hate, but Trig’ gon’ stay the top
And stay my post, and I ain’t talking ’bout the cereal box
You punks, my pumps put people in places places for people
Need not finish the statement
Squash beef I won’t, but you can ask me ‘do
How you hustle when you ask for dough?
Smirk when you walk past me yo
The MAC jerk disperse insert bullets till ya’ fucking chest hurt
You might as well label me the don specially when I’m high
Red-eyed in hydro and a bong
And a TEC just as long as my arm to get the cash
Treat dudes like cars, stick shift they ass
Push his head forward, let him taste the dash
Leave him slumped, ‘fore a faggot come and rape his ass
Hit me up [?] I leave niggas stuffed with bullets
Like how, Taco Bell stuff beef in tacos
And I’m known to blow shows with Rugers
And hit, niggas Medullas, and they stop, any nigga from shooting

[Verse 3: Reed Dollaz]
I spit for my niggas that be feeling my pain
That’s on the grind like me I know you feeling the same
Had to post on that wall wit’ ya’ pack in ya’ balls
And stash the coke, hide the grass in them cracks in the wall
Niggas love when I come around, chicks yeah I fuck ’em down
I ain’t talkin Neef young buck but I’ll buck ya’ down
Southwest membership, sign up
You a gangsta or a bitch nigga make ya’ mind up
You know whatever I got, on the block, or the studio
Wherever I go nigga I roll with the toolie ‘do
This Reed Dollaz and this my year
Now listen here, I move like I’m switching gears
Musical without the switching of chairs
If you ain’t in my circle oh, best believe I had to switch up my peers
Get away from all the drama in there
Stand alone cannons blow, blue steel with the [?] in there
And I can switch it up, rip it up, stick shift, shift it up
My shotty like a school bus nigga, I had to pick it up
And you don’t wanna see Reed in the zone
You fuck around and find Reed, in the back of ya’ home
Wit’ a bookbag, war paint, vestses and ammo
K over the shoulder two Berettas I’m Rambo
[?] flow
Before I put ya’ knowledge all over that Land Ro’

[Verse 3: Trigga]
I’m Trigga some [?] from the [?] and I rep cuz
And you other niggas is faggots who suck dick for drugs
I’m sick of watching you bitches
You foul mouth-ass snitches
Who tricking and should be dealt with with heart
This run’ll feel ’em I say, claim the day and the other is just a memory
Proclaim me the hottest to ever enter this industry
Get, stuck in a waistline, philly tucked in a tool sock
Niggas don’t get the punchline
Let the fucking beat drop since chickens is what I’m picking and paper is what I’m getting
And coke, is what I’m flipping
That hard, white in the kitchen
My dirty bird fucking sickly with chrome and ivory handle
It bust, and leave you faceless laying in fucking shambles
Remember the name bitch, the one, who tote the fifth in the hood
This nigga’s prick and he off
Can suck a dick and it’s crazy watching you ladies and niggas who making plenty
I blast, you with the semi and dare you to ask for sympathy
Stop, using these TECs
‘Cause they just, like oral sex
When they blow, feels like I’m coming start shaking just like Tourette’s
Believe when that hand jerk, I take it back to the basics
With hot lead, and when they spray they kill those-

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