Serius Jones vs. Jin [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Jin]

You must be delirious holmes, don’t you know Jin spit furious poems?
With them wack 16’s from earlier, you can’t be serious/Serius Jones
This is the shit that’s gon really put it to the test
I suggest you step to the pool table with ya best
See the fact is B, I end careers rapidly
Bout to have yo ass serving Daiquiri’s at Applebees
For minimum wage, I spit venom and rage
Take rappers, ridicule ‘em and offend ‘em on stage
It ain’t a thing for me to ruin ya silly plans
10 G’s? Let’s up the Ante like Lil Fame and Billy Danze
Reach for that mic like Jin can’t win
You probably end up with one good hand
Like money from the Ying Yang Twins
I ain’t into (?) my foes, relentless with my props
Word to moms, matter fact a sentence to my pops
Once they start fuckin’ with me you ain’t swaying the crowd
He couldn’t milk the game for what it’s worth if we was playing with cows
Ayo I’m bout to rip ya lame ass with 10 G’s, I’ll break you up with 5
So you can hop yo ass on the Patt’ Train and take it back to Jersey
This flow is not worthy, you cat right here, talking grimace in ya face
Ayo, for real, Jin is gonna be the one winning this race
Cuz when it comes to this, cat’s like you get ate up
He thought it was a special occasion at the Fight Klub
So he went and got a shape up
Yeah ya hair looks fly, it was either puff rocks or spit
Cuz he look like 6’2” but can’t hit a jump shot for shit
This is the worst cat that I could ever see
You don’t wanna step to the MC
Cuz when it comes to this you might get hired and then fired
Cuz after I spit you gon wish I did retire and it didn’t happen
Ayo I know you can’t take the atrocity of the flow that I be spittin’

[Round 1: Serius Jones]

Alright P what’s going?
Okay we got Black, British White, and an Asian person
What’s this? The Fight Klub the United Nations version?
But that’s aight, I said I been Jones before Jimmy and Mike
And I don’t even eat Chinese, but you know what
I’ma make an exception tonight
Off the head or written I’m the best there is, the message is you sex
So yeah I’ma talk about ya heritage
How you sleeping in a cellar with 11 relatives
I’ll have you quit like a bitch talking bout “I’m sick of the record biz”
See know I’ll tell you what the hell it is, see you ain’t got no life
So you can’t talk about a life that you never lived
And I done peeped your whole rhyming game and it’s kinda lame
All he do is look around the crowd
Find celebrities and start droppin’ names
See now you get that off with a weak crowd
Then you throw old punchlines in the mix
And try to pretend it’s a freestyle
See I’m a MC, I done seen that all day, you ain’t fooling me
And when he rap, why you be cheesing all gay? What you was doing, E?
You broke that’s why you wanna come back and battle over here
But you been wack ya whole career
Ain’t it 2 billion people in China? You can’t even go platinum over there!

[Round 2: Jin]

Dissing me for corny punchlines? Now I gotta make the crowd laugh at ya
You could do a collabo with Malcolm X and not go gold in Africa
So don’t think that you ill cuz this is not the face of a new 100 dollar bill
He over there cheesing, pleasing, you can’t fuck with that
Yo them Chinese jokes is played out like Scott Tails and Trucker hats
I ain’t heard ‘em a million times, I’ma leave you in the dark
He tried to bring y’all back to the past like this is 106 and park
But it’s not man, got ya arms folded, colded
Ayo, ya whole style is corroded
Takin it back to where you came from, you a lame one
And you think you gon come to this battle and leave with a bunch of ones
How you gon come like this a field trip and bring ya youngest son
Standing to the side, cheesing, pleasing, cuz this is suicidal
Cuz after this battle ya son is gon make me his idol
Ayo he really, deep down in his heart wish he could be like me
He like 45 rockin’ a white T, you a grown man
You need to switch ya career plan cuz yo
I don’t give a fuck if it’s in China or if it’s here man
They know the truth and I’m here to expose you
And that’s more than the reality that I can disclose to
Cuz if it comes to this, they really not laughing
Cuz if I did diss these black people I would get kilt by an assassin
But when it comes to this, I ain’t fighting with mines
Just to beat ya corny ass I’m willing to put my life on the line

[Round 2: Serius Jones]

Is this nigga running out of bad luck or what?
I don’t even know this lil dude but you just told me you’d fuck him up
Now I done seen ya face more than me, but you far from a star
And them Korean cars go forever, long as you gas ‘em up
But ya heart ain’t a car, see I done heard he killed Shells and Verse
I was like “who?” cuz you seen what happened to them
They all flopped, just like you
See you was in the game for nothing, that’s cuz you lame, you fronting
You better call up RZA and try to join the Wu Tang or something
You ain’t a Ruff Ryder
You on the back of the bike huggin on like one of them broads
And DMX tried to kill ‘em, you know why?
He caught ‘em trying to cook one of his dogs
It ain’t nothing to me, I be international pimpin
And I had ya Chinese chick giving me a massage with a happy ending
But when she turned around I was like “ewww she kinda wrong”
Like damn, “why she got a thong?”
See his bitch ass so flat she could iron her pants while she still got ‘em on
It ain’t nothing to me…

[Round 3: Jin]

Notice how he change his style from fast to slow
Face it folks, he is not a rapper
He just trying to brainwash y’all with a bunch of fuckin racist jokes
You be on the block snapping, but this is different
This is real MC’s rapping, talking about
I’m the cat that’s on the back and I’m lookin’ like a broad
And I did cook ‘em, I was feeding you the dog
This is the dopest, they focused, you not hopeless cuz yo
I tell you it’s unfair, I can’t talk about cotton picking
But I can say how I took a shit in ya sweet and sour chicken
This is real flowing, you are not really here, you don’t even exist
He thinking that he can casually walk away with 10 G’s
Like I ain’t clenching my fist
Look! Do I got 9’s with extra clips and coke by the pound?
Nope! But I do got enough bars to go another 10 rounds
Watch me make you the laughing stock
Half ya block in Jersey will deny that they know you
After ya ass gets dropped by ya label
Cuz they heard the kid, they chasing me down
Matter fact, hold up, that’s them paging me now
Empty slot on they roster that needs to be filled
But honestly I’d rather slang trees and ecstasy pills
Then be signed to your label where you owing them bucks
Cuz they just jerking you like chicks that don’t wanna fuck
Ask ya girl, I left a pubic hair in her eye
Now she want me to shave my nuts like American Pie
I ain’t surprised that you came with ya mans
But y’all like D12, no one knows the name to ya band
Y’all seen his ‘Best Of’ mixtape? That shit is the worst
He on the cover with a pink Von Dutch hat and a matching purse
I’m glad you got work on the street, ya flow is unemployed
His rhymes don’t work on the beat
Face the facts, you couldn’t kill it if Just Blaze laced the track

[Round 3: Serius Jones]

This mafucka weight 40 pounds, how he gon yell at me?
I said I’ma chill cuz if I listen to what my ego telling me
Right now I’ll catch 3 or 4 felonies
See yo, you might be aight on 106 and Park
But better than me tho? You’ll never be
See you thought ya flow had cancer, well welcome to chemotherapy
See this ain’t nasty, this ain’t sick, what I’m spitting is gross
I lock shit down, with the bars, I take the prison approach
And when I start clicking the toast you get scared and snitch to them folks
But be careful, I’ma have to write some shit for ya ghost
This is Serius here, Jin a joke
I speak from experience, yeah, I live what I wrote
At ya show ain’t nobody spittin’ ya quotes
The only time ya fans support you is when ya air conditioner’s broke
I’m too real, the way I’m poppin’ it’d be hard to miss it
Only way you get a new deal is if you go shopping in the Garment District
See I treat the game like new clothes cuz I’m ripping the labels off
And I don’t care if you hungry, you try to eat off my plate
You getting strangled with the table cloth
See you ain’t seen me on BET? When I was ripping niggas facials off?
Oh yeah, that’s right I forgot, ya cables off
Scrap you can’t murder me in ya home, I murder you for the dome
I murder you for the minutes on ya prepaid phone
I murder you straight off the dome, I murder you smoking a bong
Holding the chrome and you eat it like egg rolls

[Round 4 Overtime: Jin]

I’m bout to show you what’s a freestyle
Bout to make a comeback like Reggie
After hittin’ three 3 pointers and getting fouled
You gonna come around here acting like a nympho
Say the judges were all working together and it was fixed
I was chillin with Miss Info, but I’m not tho, this is still off the top
Compared to all the stuff that you was written
When you was chillin’ on the block
Ayo you come around here, I bet he brought his rhyme book
He was kickin’ all them 16’s from his songs, he forgot to spit a hook
This is not it, I’m still confused
Cuz you like the Knicks in overtime cuz you still gonna lose
Talking about how you gon devour me
You a coward b, cuz when it comes to this yo, who gives a fuck if I’ma sell
You think I lost y’all?
I’ma bounce back like New Yorkers after the towers fell
This is the truth, you can fly a plane into me now
Cuz yo, I might’ve lost the judges and I might’ve lost the crowd
But I never lost me, my flows will not move the
Cuz yo I’m bout to reenact a scene from a great movie
And y’all might think I’m talking about 8 Mile, but I’m not
Y’all really wanna panic, talking about the final scene from the Titanic
When you was jumpin over board, cuz yo, it wasn’t going wrong
Cuz when I take yo ass out, end ya career
The band won’t be playing no more songs
You’ll be standing there, shaking, grabbing ya belt
Cuz you thinking about all them old rhymes that you wrote
And the most of the ones that the crowd’s felt
But it was none of ‘em, yeah, smile and nudge if you want
But this is a freestyle battle, don’t come up here and front
I know the judges wanna see me pull a rabbit out my hat
But yo, I’m about to take the 10 G’s and all y’all gon pull out a gat
And when I die, ayo to say the least, my mama get the 10 G’s
So yo I really rep the D’s, this is it, yeah, buggin
Cuz I’m not thuggin’ this is the real freestyle
What you want cousin? Laughing and giggling
Acting like I’m wiggling and shaking my ass, but I’m not!
You wanna talk about one line that’s hot, yours I ain’t heard none of ‘em
He wanna quote my lines cuz my shows, he’s been to every one of ‘em
This is it yo, I told y’all, don’t let this kid fool y’all
He trying to hit y’all with some hits like this was junior high y’all
And you trying to come at me on some fly shit
You borrowing ya brothers clothes on some junior high shit
If he sees you rocking his (?) without his permission
It’s some explaining to do, you left a stain on ‘em too?
You bought to get ya ass beat
He let a chick spill a drink on him in Exit last week
This is it, ayo the clock’s tickin, cuz you, all ya writtens was not hitting
It might’ve been one of em
But ask me which ones I was feeling, none of em
The cameras don’t lie and the people have spoken
You bout to wake up from a dream
Where you just thought you was choking
But it’s not tho, cuz I’m taking you out
Making out with 10 G’s when I hate it, I’m out
This is it and the crowd can do all the chanting they want
Cuz the shit is fixed like I told y’all
Don’t get me a blunt I ain’ trying to get hight
I’m trying to show y’all that when it comes to this I’m ready to fly
Jump out the window with the dough
Yeah, shaking looking at the floor, thinking about
I might get signed and I might go on tour
I be Jin, I might be a legend, I might get signed, this is not it
You are not kicking a freestyle rhyme

[Round 4 Overtime: Serius Jones]

Why mafuckas always wanna plead no contest when they getting slayed?
See you talking about freestyle, nigga the objective is getting paid
You know what, if you wanna see some freestyle dudes
I’ma show you what they gon say tomorrow on MTV news
See tomorrow they be like “Serius Jones from Jersey is officially a soldier
And Jin from Ruff Ryder’s career is officially over”
He talking bout a strip club but I seen him at Sue’s Rendezvous
In the back strippin and clubbin
Seen him in the back with a bitch kissing and huggin
I’m like this nigga is buggin cuz he don’t know who’s dick she was suckin
That’s nothing, fucked around and found out the bitch is his cousin
Now that shit is just disgusting
But he get that from how his mom treating em
Cuz she was a sex fiend, and him
He was 10 she was still breast feeding him
But you destined to live ya lifestyle broke
The only reason you even breathing is cuz the LifeStyle broke
But when the guns drawn it’s too late to get ya Kung Fu on
My guns too long, hit the trunk, pump, you gone
This nigga rapping like his tongue glued on
I don’t know what kinda drugs you on
Nigga I throw one shoe at you then stomp you to death with one shoe on
What you gon do once you on? You only done two songs
You getting burnt like you stayed outside in the sun too long
The shoes that come thru on, they look like windmills
That’s why you like (?) the bitch crouching waiting to scoop my balls
Like she play in the infield
See I’m from Jers’ they still whip steal, if you see that big steel?
Sit still or get ya wig on the windshield
It’s nothing to me yo I’m done with this holmes
Matter fact you should turn the camera, put it on his face
Cuz this mafucka sweating like he just been running a race
Yo can’t none of these niggas in here fuck with me in my prime
That (?) nigga was hard, this nigga (?) was soft
And he’s been eating that swine
What you wanna gamble with ya life?
Then stand him in front of me in a line
I’ll treat these mafuckas like dice and shoot ‘em 3 at a time
It ain’t nothing to me, it’s serious but this is funny
Ayo it’s like Jerry McGuire so show me the money
Matter fact let me take it home
It’s nothing to me, I know you feel soft and naked holmes
So it’s over, I break ya bones, gimme that cake and I’m gone

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