Iron Solomon vs. Jin [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Iron Solomon]

I ain’t gon rap bout ya background or origin
I’ma rap bout the black cloud that’s wrapped round ya aura, Jin
Cuz when it rains it starts pouring Jin, I’ma send you home poorer Jin
Win the money by the bar and start pouring Gin/Jin
We’ll all take shots of Gin, then I’ll take shots at Jin
Get a blade and start oxing Jin, take away his oxygen
His wife will swallow Solomon, go ‘head call her gin
My syringe injected her lips like collagen
He still wanna be my bestest friend, cuz even Jin will tell ya
He’s pussy like estrogen, female genetalia
He keeps switching genders, he’s a degenerate
Acting like a little lady and I’m trying to be a gentleman
But I’m too diligent

[Round 1: Jin]

Now you think you a tough guy cuz you came with a few brothas?
That’s the only time I heard a bitch say my name
More times than ya mother
It’s a flow like this that’ll make you fall back
That was some rehearsal shit, that ain’t called rap
I don’t fuck with cats outside of my circle
You are nowhere near the exact radius
So here’s a bit of advice
You might wanna consider changing ya rap alias
The real Solomon was a king, this clown seems more of a diva
So after I make ‘em my bitch, you can call yourself the queen of sheba
As far as the iron goes watch how I spit this hot shit
And melt with my death defying flows
The 20’s and 50’s is cool but the 100’s I’m eyeing those
Cuz records ain’t selling these days, shit I would know
And you don’t wanna turn this to an Asian vs. White thing
Cuz that’s just not exciting, but even Spike’s last name is Lee
So I suggest you Do The Right Thing
You the rappin’ Chuck Norris, I’m the cat you can’t beat
Bruce died resurrected and came back in the form of a battle MC
And ya girl, I seen her apartment, I had her knees on the carpet

[Round 2: Iron Solomon]

I am King Solomon, I give Queen Of Sheba more pleasure
I’ll do it to your chick cuz you just a court jester
Talkin bout, “I’m freestylin, I’m freestylin when I’m spittin’ my poems
His shit’s written I know it!” Quit bitchin’ and hoein!
Keep spitting ya freestyles you childish MC
You ain’t winning these G’s clown ya styling is free
And I spit paidstyles for the highest of fees
After this Jin will probably wanna buy ‘em from me
Betting his wealth? Get him some help, he’s getting ahead of himself
I’ma beat him, he’ll buckle, someone get me my belt!
He said it himself in one of them rhymes in one of them joints you got
Wait, I don’t know none of your rhymes, none of your joints is hot
Ya careers the saddest story, all ya battles corny
Now you and Canibus can share the same category

[Round 2: Jin]

So you know about my career and all of it’s ups and downs
He probably googled Jin, added to his favorites, this guy’s a fuckin’ clown
Yeah my album flopped, but I ain’t with the rest of the crew
That was 3 years ago, I expected so much more
Is that the best you could do?
And don’t get it twisted, mention one of my prior losses
My sources tell me he’s a cop disguised as a rapper
Working for higher forces
And I don’t say that for the fact that he’s Caucasian
I say that cuz on his way here he wrote me a parking citation
So everybody here, watch what you say when you stand next to this guy
Cuz if you say the wrong thing you might be next to get fried
He’ll come to you like “yo what’d you think about my 2nd verse?”
But wait, before you say anything
Why don’t you show me your weapon first
He’s the wrong guy to aggravate, yeah, I’m bout to smack you A
Cuz when it comes to this, when it’s time to rap
His face turns all red like the tip of my dick when I ejaculate
And we all know the myth about battle rappers not making hot songs
But yo, to a certain extent that theory is not wrong
Cuz I been doing this for awhile, if I was truly garbage
I’d be “going going” but listen, ya boys don’t take you to the club
Cuz when you around women get scared, you can’t see me

[Round 3: Iron Solomon]

I did write him a ticket, you better make the court date, bitch
And judging by the money you put up
You won’t be able to afford to pay it
See Jin, I really thought you ought to be smarter
He’s a soft little bitch but he wanna be harder
So he tries hard in the studio cuz he wanna be better
But he keep having a battle cuz he wanna see cheddar
He wanna stack G’s, he wanna see figures
He wanna be a G, he wanna squeeze triggers
He probably standing on phone books cuz he wanna be bigger
He said “I quit!” then came right back, he wanna be Jigga

[Round 3: Jin]

No more Mr. Nice Guy cuz I’m really not caring
I’m about to get on some bullshit and just start calling you Aaron
That’s his government name, back in the day he wasn’t the same
In fact, you talk about Jigga?
I’m partially the reason you became what you became
I know you ain’t forget man, remember?
’01 when I served you down at wetlands?
I had the mic to his neck fam and had his head so fucked up
To the point that it was stretching out his sweatband
It was me and him in the final round
He was like “Oh shit, I don’t know what to expect man”
I said “put the mic down, slowly step away from the check, scram!”
I know ya strategy, stop babbling
He sits at home writing rhymes, dissing you all day
Then when the time comes, he takes out the “you”
And replaces it with the name of whoever he’s battling
I mean that’s the habit he has, rewriting his rhymes
That’s a habit and that’s the pattern shown
There’s a channel on YouTube where you can watch him doing that alone
I mean I do it on occasion, but my rhymes are hard to forget
He do it like he’s rockin’ a show and that’s just part of his set
I know you wanna do rebuttals, you got the right to be mad
But yo, Solomon, I fathered your career too, yo
So don’t fight with your dad
And right now he’s starting to feel like life is a drag
Cuz he started having identity crisis he can’t decide if he’s a dyke or a fag

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