Mistah F.A.B. vs. Royce Da 5’9″ [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Mistah Fab]
Fuck the beat, niggas know he sick
And fuck all y’all niggas that’s on Joey dick
Nigga, I’m from the hood you know that man shoot
Nigga you gotta hear me, nigga like Fatman Scoop
Nigga, I’m from the hood even my momma pop guns
Run up nigga and get shot like Joey brother done
You keep playing nigga, I’m murdering all
And I don’t give a fuck nigga, I heard of you dog
Listen I’m so high that I’m on mountains
Put you in a box and you ain’t gon come out like Saigon album
Nigga I slap dudes, kidnap and clap dudes
And bring drama to any king like I’m Papoose
So what a nigga wanna do when the ring’s kinging?
Cuz when that nine spit out and then that rhyme spit out
I showed ya bitch my chain she swear to god Shyne got out
Nah, bitch that nigga’s still locked up
I’m just a bad boy shining I’m still rocked up
Keep playing nigga and you’ll get ya lips popped
I’m a pimp, you’ll fight over a bitch like Tommy Lee and Kid Rock

[Round 1: Royce Da 5’9”]

Hip-Hop is in a 911, call me the fireman, I’m your one
I extinguish niggas with English lyrics
I cut niggas up so much, Preme can hear ‘em
I’m from the city of zip locks, the kid’s hot
The kid’s boxed, don’t fuck around and get kid rocked
I don’t fear shit but my spit game
Y’all niggas write y’all rhymes I smear shit stains
You could put a turd in the booth beside me
It’ll be like “ewww this nigga’s the shit, he got a big dick
A bunch of guns & he quick to punch yo teeth out if you bump yo gums”
I’m never fake with waives all I do is kill shit
So after this they gon’ yellow tape the stage
Go against me? I wouldn’t even try it
I rhyme like I got a whole lot of fiber in my diet
Did y’all get that? Booyaka! Bombaclot!
Ya rap labels, ya whole roster will be smoked up like Rastas
If he acting hard I snatch his broad
Snatch his soul then I throw it back to god

[Round 2: Mistah FAB]

How I pack guns? Nigga automatic’s and semi pa
How I shoot a bitch over my bread like Remy Ma?
How I’m a young nigga, a black millionaire
When I be ridin’ dirty like my nigga Chamillionaire
You ask any nigga, yeah it’s real out here
A (?) I never lived a good life
I got niggas scared in the hood like my name Suge Knight
The bitch sucked, nigga what you bitchin’ for?
You playing around with big thugs
I’ll have ya whole city red like Harlem was when they kilt Big Blood
Niggas know me, hoes in this rhyming thing
Put holes in his head for thinking he not insane
Niggas know, when I rhyme I rhyming on
I’m eating, these niggas starving, it’s Ramadan
You see the chain, yeah, you know the chain glow
Reach for it and I’ll scar ya face like Maino
I spit pro, you niggas spit little league
I do my time like Lil Kim, you’ll snitch like Lil Cease
A swifty ‘vict, I’ll sic ya shit
Y’all niggas snitches like the niggas Vick be with

[Round 2: Royce Da 5’9”]

I’ll spit ya boil, the tire kicks is toil
Black diamonds looking like tires dipped in oil
You niggas is bout as fly as the wings on a Parrot
If you the king I’ll turn you to the king on a terrace
I’m sick with the “fuck a nigga flu”
The inis, the Gelato Marcielago itis, the cidis
Cuz nappy headed hoes is like a sinus
But now I got a permit to tell that bitch, perm it
These niggas ain’t got nothing up they sleeves like a tank top
Stainless streets would you like some rain drops?
Nickel can’t stop, stick the game up, leave the hands up
Then I flee away with Lil Wayne’s spot
I’m a problem to these lil niggas ain’t I ma?
I’m prettier than you are honey, how vain am I?
Which lane am I? I can do whatever style
I’m a mixture between O-Peezy and 7 Mile
All I’m trying to say is what you been eating I’m taking
Til you lookin’ like the ’07 Kevin Liles

[Round 3: Mistah Fab]

Aye you niggas gotta admit, he ain’t know I was this nice
It’s Christian’s in this crowd like “Oh my god, is this Christ?!”
The shits right, you know that I spit tight
Fuck that, I’m a dead version of too tight
Got niggas tucking they chain like I’m running with Tru Life
So who right? You niggas is (?)
I rob shit, literally Mob Deep
I’m a Prodigy causing Havoc dude I’m Mobb Deep
Look, and Fatman, I’m prouder than you
I wear on bright colors just to be louder than you
These niggas mad at me, well I be where the bread be
And I talk more shit than my nigga Craig G
It’s Sicky, this Tick the velli
Plus I’m draped in Makaveli like Rick Finelli
Niggas know that it’s slow in the game and I do do
Plus I’m racist mafucka like my niggas from Zooloo

[Round 3: Royce Da 5’9”]

Everybody tough and real, busting steel
Bust this, fuck you, fuck yo deal and trust this
Any nigga spending real money knows
A nigga spending deal money shines, a nigga spending real money glows
You never see ‘em wearing bummy clothes
The chain sick like a runny nose
You ask about you niggas yap about you
Me, ask about me niggas asked the question where I’m gon take rap
And how it’s wack without me
I don’t have to stop, you pull the gat and pop you
Proof, relax I got you
Pardon, that was my nigga saying quit playin’ so I’m finna quit playin’
Fuck a minute I could do this shit til 6 AM
And if you ever heard a nigga iller than me speak
Big L and Pun rollin’ over while they still asleep
Jay and Nas feel the heat, they some monsters folk
But they both will agree, Nickel Nine still a beast
Ya favorite rapper he ain’t real as me
I make paper, I don’t give a fuck if I have to kill a tree
I don’t flow for no watches but I’ma win that one
Cuz I don’t know when to stop it, ask Em that one…

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