Aye Verb vs. Hollow Da Don [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Hollow Da Don]

I said no frontin, this nigga be talkin bout 4’s dumpin
Oh, I’ma give you a seat and beat you with both crutches
They said New York niggas don’t battle outta state
Nigga in Texas, I battled the D.A. outta state on a robbery case
So when I’m outta town and they poppin pounds, I don’t feel outta place
I actually feel kinda safe, I stand there with the rider face
Nigga when you came to New York, you was nervous when that plane fell
How can I tell? Before the SB battle, he tucked in his chain, hell
When my plane fell, I said take me to where they bang shells
To where the Techs fly and cocaine sells
Verb tried to show me to the Arch
Who’s goin to take me to the Westside of Pagedale?
I’m either here to fuck your girlfriend or here to make your world end
And they gon love me in the Lou like when the club play Whirlwind
Real niggas fuck with me so now the only choice come to me
Bury you here or Montgomery
Verb say he waved up, he say it’s all brush and grease
Perm head nigga, he been using the Just for Me
I said Shermhead nigga act like my drunk uncle be
At fam like damn ‘cause I jam like Hucklebee
Niggas hit me from Harlem, the shit read like this
Niggas telling me either battle Charlie Clips or get off Head I.C.E.’s dick
‘Cause you fuckin with Queens niggas, your head might split
Kids runnin back like, “Mommy, his head’s like this”
Hey, I been watchin Word War before N.Y. versus the Lou started
And I think you’ve been runnin from Yung Ill’s to be honest
Why you battlin outta towners when you got niggas in your city bombin?
It’s aight ‘cause I’m poppin from Tompkins to Compton
I’ll drag him from Dawson to Austin, Slauson to Boston
We can bang like orangutans and do this from Spain to Maine, mayne
I even take him to the D in Highland Park and battle with him
In Chicago, I’ll chew that ass up like Harold’s Chicken
Your dog is a street soldier so dodge from these heat blowers
Revolvers with speed loaders lodged into each shoulder
A K so big, I gotta hide it in the garage and then creep over
Damn I stumbled a little bit, I had a four and a cream soda
I heard he did a song with Jibbs called “A Thousand Dollars”
But what he ain’t mentioned is he paid Jibbs a thousand dollars
From Astoria Project Housing to Jamaician Ave blocks stay wildin
I hit the cell block with a Ox in my shelltops on the Island
So when I come home on the Oneway
Nigga when the hand go for the pants like Albundy
You could be Married With Children that house goin see wild gunplay
Nigga I said nigga you ain’t gotta die now but you gon die one day
Matter fact, July 26th nigga, die Sunday

[Round 1: Ayeverb]

I owe this battle to St. Louis, all the shit these streets done for me
The support from the bitches, the hoods
The niggas who bust guns for me
Everybody know Verb is no motherfuckin joke but this shit is fun to me
I’m like Mike Tyson at 21
Everybody know I’ma fuck him up and send him home early
But he’s still excited to come and see
Now I feel like how y’all feel, Hollow Da Don, yeah, he a bum to me
His performance ehhhhh, bar for bar he two steps under me
Lyrically I’m a windstorm, I make the best emcees look like tumbleweeds
So me verse the niggas y’all wanna see?
It won’t happen, I come at them, they run from me
So I only can kill what rap niggas get in front of me
I say this nigga ain’t no rider, he a motherfucking coward, hell
He don’t do dirt, he got that fresh-up-out-the-shower smell
I get him lynched in his own city
Dress him up like Bin Laden
And make him crip walk where the towers fell
But damn that, somebody pull his report card, let me exam that
These fraud-ass battle rap niggas, we can’t stand that
Heard he be snitchin, well let me find how he pointing fingers
I’ll bring his hand back
His promo van, bam that! Whole fuckin fam whacked
His wifey duct taped, saran wrapped, and amtraked!
See this a damn act, he raving all temperamental
You wouldn’t murder ink Hollow, you couldn’t kill an instrumental
Top competitor so Verb will never fail
You ain’t serving burning shells, you just put words together well
See Hollow is a buster, a screaming impostor
He beefaroni, I’ma run through him, y’all got to feed me lasagna
And whinin bout the life the way I’ma do they little partna
He been battlin Boogeyman, now he on the ring with the monster
But this monster something different, something y’all never saw before
Verb will eat anything, I’m not a herbivore or carnivore
What art of war? He nuts and berries, he said his hood was rated R
I went to go and see it but went and nothing scary
Static with Verb? Down bad
I’m on your block, I can get your little heart stabbed
Chopped and thrown in lawn bags on they own grass
Warpath, pipe bombs, arms blast, body slings, arm casts
Lock him in a room with eight large fags
For nine minutes, leave him with a torn ass
For ten days he had to soak in Epson salts, warm baths
I say I run these streets Hollow, believe it or not
I get in the cue, they toss tips, now watch how his breathing stop
His main bitch? Shit, she faster than a cheetah hop
She sucked the juice out a nigga, treat the D like a freezer pop
We don’t wanna hear them tales about how you bleed the block
And make your heater pop
Your cheese ‘bout thick as a Cheez-It
You wouldn’t squeeze on a squeeze it, stop!
Number two in the murder rate
These East Coast niggas just don’t read a lot
I can get your cap twisted faster than turning the two liter top
This niggas such a bitch-ass nigga, we can’t tell if he’s sweet or not
I show up with two hammers on me even if we agreed to box
Now try that Math Hoffa shit; swing, I’ma weave the shot
Then these niggas? Give you that same treatment that Jesus got
I promised him a safe trip home, but y’all know how us do
Syke! Y’all can gun blat him, nunchuck him, dump truck him
He ain’t from around here, fuck dude!

[Round 2: Hollow Da Don]

This nigga say “I’ll get the same treatment Jesus got”
I’m the god emcee, nigga I’m Jesus’s pops!
You talk about you gon make my breathing stop
Kings Highway is where I’m gonna leave his top
Nigga, you’ll never survive!
If I wanted to come to Lou and battle a bitch
I would have called out Ebony Eyes
Nigga tap dance on that coke, you’ll die like Gregory Hines
And I’ll probably hate you till I’m 75
I said this nigga here, he talkin ‘bout scary movies but
This a scary movie bitch, but I’ma flip it with razor scripts
I got a screen face that fits Jason’s fists but it’s a Wes Craven script
Or this could be your Final Destination
You can die from vital expirations or spinal separation
Nigga or get hit by a rhino while it’s racing
Or I’ll act like I’m on a terror, rip you from ear to ear, yeah
‘Cause rather than battle here, you rather go to the Chi Land
Drop off the Sears
You rather go to the woods and slap box with a bear
Nigga your flows is as entertaining as Matlocks to the chairs
And you just about as real as them two glass rocks in your ears
I said “So who’s real, who’s not? I’m real, your jewels not”
I said this nigga ain’t got no piece that he bang
No piece that he aim, mayne, he can’t even afford a piece for his chain
I said nigga, I hope you have a nervous death
Get prescribed Percocets and overdose till a nervous death
And your pregnant wife is born with a birth defect
And just for giving the baby life, I even wish the nurse’s death
But wait y’all, that ain’t the worsest yet
I slept on the church’s steps
To sneak into his funeral to make sure his hearse gets wrecked
Nigga, I’ma come on my Em shit, dive in it and hide for five minutes
Come back with a “Fuck Aye Verb” hat and a t-shirt that says, “I did it”

[Round 2: Ayeverb]

I got large shoes to fill and Hollow couldn’t try em on
He told me he was the best nigga in Queens, yeah, like I am dumb
It’s a big difference between a boxcutter and a firearm
My shit sound like choirs, drums, triumph songs
His sixteens tough as the quiet storm
Yeah, he hopped in this fire, but not knowing that it was five-alarm
This could only be a fair fight if I was writing for him
I was supposed to give Charlie Clips this night of horror
They threw Hollow at me, I said “Naw I might ignore him”
Then Hike told me “Verb, right or wrong
This what you do, you a battle rapper
No one cares if you can write a song
Gain some more views, take Hollow Da Don on
Besides, he ain’t even nice, he’s some shit you can go lighter on”
I said “Should I do it?”
I’ma go and do this shit then Hollow started talking shit
Woah! Why would you ignite a bomb?
Real shit, I wasn’t comfy when I was out of town
But now, I am home and I am armed, I am calm
I’m running this battle scene myself, I’m not passing my baton
I’m above all y’all, none of y’all can see me, to you, I am god
He a giant fraud, new-born vagina hard
I been here since B.C. and a little time before
Resting with King Kong, I partied with the dinosaurs
Slept on Stegosaurus’s back, I had a pillow made of rhino horns
He rap and he did a bid, labels, y’all better sign him, I’m tryna warn
Boy Hollow nice around that mic, yeah ‘cause he keep that wire on
I’m cold as cryoton, get his crib firebombed
Smack him with my iron palm from St. Louis to Cybertron
He sweatin bullets, but don’t blame him
He ain’t been around this kind before
I got heat surroundin his bitch ass
To him it feels like we got the dryers on
But check the bets, they got me winning like ten to five
I’ve been advised, he like to do dumb shit
He loves to freestyle, likes to improvise
My temper rise, we roll up in black tinted rides
Hop out, niggas get paralyzed, not penalized
Large clips enter rides, cars flip, injure guys
I’ll beam his whole team up, Starship Enterprise!
Too complex for him even when I’m simplified
If New York is such a jungle, tell me this:
How the fuck do niggas like him survive?
We terrorize timid guys, cotton shirt, linen guys
Light-skinned, slender guys, the target’s been identified
There could be a long line of rappers who getting signed
If he in the front, I’ma jump him like, “Shut up bitch, I been in line!”
I’m back poppin, got rap in my back pocket
You can’t beat me with yelling, yapping, and hat coppin’
Not while the street niggas is staring and the hoodrats is watching
‘Cause now that I’m a felon, failing is not an option
He walk around boppin’ like niggas will not rock him
The canon (Cannon) like a camera, I scan him and snapshot him
Bam, got him! Queens wouldn’t give a damn ‘bout him
I showed up for a slugfest, this nigga was slapboxing
But fuck Hollow, I got some shit to get up off my conscience
If you from St. Louis and you don’t fuck with Verb
Be a real nigga, make the shit obvious
Don’t see me out in public, shake my hand, and pay homage
And soon as I walk away, you whisper and make comments
Before this battle, Hollow was tryna dig some dirt on me
So some clown nigga from here started to feed him some knowledge
Told him I was a bitch and I wasn’t from the hood
Some old fuck nigga nonsense
I’m still gon show him love ‘cause I understand it, don’t knock it
‘Cause when you in the game playing
Them niggas on the beach hate watching
I’m feeling like Superman mixed with that Pac shit
You gon need a quarter-brick of that Kryptonite to stop this
Don’t ask no rappers ‘bout me, ask the real niggas bout this
They’ll tell you he cool, he calm, he don’t be on that wild shit
He fuck bitches, make profits, and he will knock a nigga unconscious
Arsonal need to stop it without his Uncle Tom shit
Me and Ice is a million miles away, neither one of us gon bomb shit
Don’t buy into that battle rapping content

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