Yung Ill vs. Calicoe [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Yung Ill]
He talk a lot of bullshit, I’m just sitting back listening
But that’s about it, just sitting back listening
Ill, the kid is in, could build a bridge
That went from Maryland to Michigan
America to Switzerland from battling conditioning
Smack his gang is amped
They reigning champ ain’t been thru the training camps
Til I came and conditioned ‘em
Beat him battered and blindfolded backwards without listening
A hazard with the havoc an embarrassment I’m giving him
I toss him in the lake and let him travel with the fisherman
What y’all stressing? 187 ya section
Til the coroner ain’t got enough caskets to fit you in
I got a busy schedule, Smack called, I had to fit you in
If Street Status can’t get you in I hook you, bate you, reel you in
Season, sauté you, fry you, cook you, bake you, grill you
Man I fell out of love with this battle shit, I’m head over heels again
Box a hater, what? You a soccer player? Let’s kick it then
I staple, sew and stitch ya chin if you slip and kick my shin
The visual pitiful, change the frame and switch the lens
You soft as Halle Barry, nah Tyler Perry, Madia, this bitch pretend
I go psycho, crazy, my clips extend
Nicknamed my rifle Mercedes, it could lift a Benz
You ain’t a shark cuz when it’s sharks on this side of the pool
He don’t dip and swim
He go with the starfish and the dolphins on a different end and clip his fin
Conflict mediator, mediate before the conflict begin
When it’s conflict I can’t afford it, that’s why my convicts be pitching in
UPS when them triggers bend, you ain’t at home but you ordered war
So I’ma leave that sticker on ya door like
“Sorry we missed you, the shipments in”
I’m on my shit again, no diaper rash
Just pipes and mags for niggas that like to flash they ice and cash
Play Pac til we Suge Knight they ass
Your worst nightmare, think about it, I’m twice as bad
I broad day street sweep snipe ya ave
From that same Caprice that the DC snipers had
I hate them down low brothers, you like them fags
Birds of a feather flock together, you just like them fags
He got a dump truck scum bitch, his wife is trash
And he chose to wife her ass, that’s down hyphen bad
I play the football quarterback she get down, hike, I pass
Send her to the end zone hiking fast
She tucks around with condoms and souvenirs in her hiking bag
She said “Ill you a dog with yo trifling ass”
So ya girlfriend feeling me, head of the household
She like that Uncle Phil in me
I snap my fingers, do the Carlton
And she come live with the Fresh Prince like Hilary
Wonder where them killers be, riding with me
See the Dessie chrome like a phone cuz the barrel so long
I gotta flip that bitch up like a Sidekick 3
Got a T-Mobile chat, this what I call it when I walk to you
And put you in my favorite 5
But you don’t get charged when I let them shells talk to you

[Round 1: Calicoe]

I’m a real nigga so I live like bosses do
A real goon, if it’s beef then I’m stalking you
Where ya boss Ayeverb at? I don’t even wanna talk to you
Bitch niggas swearing they Ill cuz they caught the flu
So listen nigga, when I’m sparking with that Larkin
Ill gon need a lot of Nyquil to get rid of this kind of coughing/coffin
Cuz I already did my research on you, I heard ya fake, heard ya tape
If you call that spitting what the fuck do I do? Regurgitate?
Aye this battle ain’t happen in Detroit
Because they checked that murder rate
The murder mitten, when I get down you have a nervous break
Word to Proof, please forgive me if I have to let the semi’s spray
But I’m thinking back, he told me to dispose rats anyway
So if I get caught in that trap in anyway
I’ma turn into Orkin in this mafucka
BOW! He can’t breathe, look like he snorkeling in this mafucka
They be like why Cal just rap like he just smacked the shit out you
That’s when I reply, “nigga cuz I’ll smack the shit out you”
You disrespect me it’s gon be 100 niggas on ya head
That boy better turn into Jet Li
The thing is you only good of the liquid like a Jetski
Dumbass nigga, his protection probably a pencil when he test me
But me? I got a glock 9 that’s eager to pop spines
They try to save you, yeah the doc’s trying
I got him in the family room with ya mom and pops crying
I dare a nigga try to stop mine, it’s gon be shots flying
Cuz I got niggas posted on every corner like stop signs
And I’m not lying, nigga I gotta shine
Try taking it, so many niggas on you with shots
Ya X-Ray look like a big ass dotted line
Nigga the bottom line is when you telling the truth
You don’t even gotta rhyme
Like, “I punch niggas in they face, I’ll smack the shit out you
I shoot niggas, I’ll beat you the fuck up”
It’s a real game, Marlon, I know ya real name
See I’m hustling, getting money of caine deals and pill slangs
Usually cool til I feel lames
Approaching with that Obama drama that I will change
And kill lames, see you a petty nigga, the type that steal chains
Not the ones for ya neck the ones for a wheel frame
Cuz you ride bikes, you too short to drive, he bout as tall as Lil Zane
So I don’t believe none of the shit that Ill claim
Talk about he shooting niggas and what you sell
Nigga you ain’t ever sold a baseball card
You wouldn’t bang your hammer around loose nails
Young Miles that’s my motherfuckin Ace
We all thought Ayeverb was a real nigga
Until we found out his hair come from another fucking race
Listen, I put niggas in they motherfuckin place
Try that tie ya shoe shit against me
I’ma David Beckham kick you in ya motherfuckin face
I put niggas in they motherfuckin place!

[Round 2: Yung Ill]
I was shitting Jesse James out when I heard I was battling you
And just chuckled
Wipe my ass, pull up my boxers, pants and belt buckle
Wash my hands, put my finger on my chin like mmm mmm mmm
It’s dinner time again, no hot water, I’ma pan fry noodle this nigga
Scrape the pot when I’m thru with this nigga
Smack, who is this nigga?
I Wikipedia, asked Jeeves, Google’d this nigga
Mediatakeout, Worldstarhiphop, trying to find
Somebody that knew somebody that knew this nigga
I found a man pushing a shopping cart full of crush cans
Selling an ironing board and a fan, gave me the scoop on this nigga
He say “Calicoe… oh, Calicoe!”
Since that Detroit versus Chi town the D been thru with this nigga
I got frustrated youtubing this nigga
Cuz every time I typed his name down
I kept getting the same search results, “no matches found”
No matches round so how you expect to match a round?
Act and play the center til I back you down
Sleep on me, lay ya pillow, sheets and mattress down
I gasoline the bed spread, make you wave strucken matches down
He got that mmm, I might lose cuz I forgot to practice sound
I got that “practice makes perfect, I’m perfect so I don’t practice” sound
Clap the pound, nigga go ahead and act a clown
And I can show you what the Nina do, Fly Fam repper
I’ll show you what ya team will do
And yeah it’s fully loaded when I’m loaded up
Aye Miles tell ‘em, I’ll treat ‘em like you got treated by Loaded Lux
He got that mmm, I might lose cuz I forgot to practice sound
I got that “practice makes perfect, I’m perfect so I don’t practice sound”
Dress shirt, red suspenders, Stacy Adams, khaki’s brown
Look like I’m Sunday school teaching
Til ya bodyguard go and pat me down
Act a clown, talk about ya clips and extended toolies
That ain’t gon do shit but get ya kids popped, ribbed shot
Put in a clear box and returned like a rented movie
Why bend the oozee and force him to move
When I can serve him like he just ordered his food?
My main girl like ya grandma cooking
Rush his crib leave his house, leave his grandma cooking
This liar can’t stand the fire
Tell em get out the kitchen like when ya grandma cooking
Cuz for hire I let it fire until my hand all crooked
What you know about the new age man
Getting locked spending a few days jammed
Hitting the block with a few shaved grams
Going to work like 2 slave hands?
A true caveman, can’t keep me locked I need a new cage
Get claustrophobic and pop them hand tools til they jam
It’s no reference to the video game
NBA when I say I let the 2k’s blam
Leave you laying no body, just a red smiley face like the Kool Aid man

[Round 2: Calicoe]

I’m working everyday and never call in
I told that bouncer we got a full house, we all in
See I wasn’t doing this battle if I couldn’t get my dogs in
Cuz after this shit they robbing you, so we all win
See you a urinal nigga, you just stalling
While I’m balling and you falling
I bet you this K will take you to the ground
But if you got money, you stray, I take you to the pound
For these battling niggas I’m taking niggas crown
Ill the type that bite and be taking niggas style
See he claiming he a big dog, like I won’t get you, pup
Riding around with all that snow like it won’t get you stuck
See I know how to get you off the road, you Charmin soft
A blade will take that tissue off your roll
Listen these missiles won’t miss you as a whole
When they form and hit you, they split you and you fold
It ain’t shit that I ain’t ready for, Ill you already know
Need a fucking plow y’all got a shovel for that petty snow
From St. Louis to HP a lot of niggas hate me
But the love where the power is so stop with all that coward shit
See Smack I would love to see these cowards trip
A lot of niggas know the plug but I’m the power strip
We all one, try to take our shit
I bet a shot will have his ass numb like he took a hour shit
My name bang before I try to see the game change
My main thing becomes stacking, no gangbang
Cuz where I’m from nigga a set will get you wet
No raincoats, they bang toast, Berettas and them techs
In a couple months you’ll see me in a veteran or Lex
I’m in my groove, never move, I live better in a JEX
My whole fam became better with respect
Nigga my flow hotter than a sweater full of sweat
I like the watch now, but it’s better with Brigettes
It’s cool to be laidback, but it’s better when you flex
So listen here Marlon, why you acting like you sparring
You grew up in a nice home and ya parents called you “darling”
Rest In Peace my nigga Quincy McFarlin
If he was here now I swear he’d have them jars in
He used to have the trees back and forth like Tarzan
Now he in the galaxy, but I’m a star man
Catch me like Albert Pujols in St. Louis swinging in y’all park
Duck taping and roping Ill have him swinging from y’all arch
When I empty the mags out it be steaming when I spark
No promethazine either, have you leaning when I spark
I heard G Soulja talking shit
I ain’t take that battle with you in Chicago cuz you weak as fuck
Now I just made you famous for having to speak it up
I make you dance when I put that pump close to ya J’s
Over ya grave it’ll be engraved, slumped over with K’s
I need exercise, cut his neck, jump rope with his braids
See Ill cut his braids
So we gon see if he see/sea shells when that eagle flying over his waves

[Round 3: Yung Ill]
He gon have to make the best out a bad situation
Battling the best is a bad situation
Told you guard ya bread, I’m far ahead, past niggas hating
But you don’t get a pass, I ain’t Peyton
More like Ill-uminati, scratch rap I’m in the class with the Masons
Short temper but no patience, turn his ass to a patient
Body bag and erase ‘em, get ya shit tighter
Switch ciphers, you couldn’t get thumbs up from a hitchhiker
I spit Rikers, got ass whooping for hold cell nigga
So when that thing sing like Beyonce
You’ll be Def before jam, go tell Jigga
If I let that trigger squeeze on Christmas Eve
Then a casket what you gon spend your Holiday In(n), I hotel niggas
Hate losing, his attitude is “Oh well nigga”
That’s cuz you used to the feet/defeat, you a toenail clipper
When I battled Young Holla, I broke down his name
So if it’s cool with Young Holla, I’ma do you the same
Calicoe, the “C” stands for cocksucker, fucking fag
Since Eminem from Detroit, we’ll let the “A” stand for Aftermath
The “L” stand for lying, saying you let ya Blucker blast
Then “I” (eye) just make that easy to “C” (see)
Like the letter “O” cut in half
Now swallow and stomach that, should’ve left without coming back
I rip and ran Street Status, now it’s time for running Smack
Miles, you thought he was a king? So you tossed him in the ring?
I’ma toss him back out, Royal Rumble match
The Ultimate Warrior, punish cats til my lungs collapse
Or my nephew, niece and son can rap
Son collapse, I’ll show you what I’m doing cuz
It’s a Fly Fam movement, yeah, we usually buzz
Fly Fam repper til the day I die
So when I punch you in the chest, guaranteed it’s gon rage the sky
Yeah so it’s no different, we boys, you niggas is a D toy
So get slaughtered boy, see Detroit like Hockey
And since Eminem y’all captain
I guess all the black rappers the water boys
They say Grimy too educated, Verb to cocky and Holla be on a power trip
Well Ill be schooling niggas for free, tell ‘em come get they scholarship

[Round 3: Calicoe]

Why these niggas come fucking with me?
Thank Smack, without them I’d be stuck in the D
Now I heard one of y’all niggas was signed to Murph’ Lee
That’s some funny shit, more like some dummy shit
So is it true? Is it you? If so, you getting boxed in like a cubicle
He couldn’t get himself off the ground
What the fuck he gon do with you?
Then he send you to a nigga like me, knowing what I’ma do to you
You should be mad at Ayeverb also because he knew it too
See y’all ain’t peeping, they been on some lowkey beef shit
He hit me and Miles on a three-way asking if we can keep secrets
You know what I told him, “yeah, I never would leak it”
He said please come kill Ill this nigga thinking that he’s sick
He undefeated, shit, and I don’t like his energy
I said, “not really to me, he loss to Remy D”
I’ll see what I can do Verb you know I’m on the block like the Center be
Bearing more arms than a centipede
He say he in that drop top
I said good now he can get his top popped, John F Kennedy
He mad cuz my name is where his mom left titty be
He from the show me state, well I’ma show him how my city be
Home where the bricks be, home of BMF
Nigga I know you heard of Big Meech and Big T
I gotta plug in Chicago, that’s my nigga Big T
You know what’s up, shots when I’m rolling up
This Yung Acronym “I.L.L.” Imitating Loaded Lux
See I ain’t talking about no Kush when I say I’m rolling up
It’s hot rockets and hot pockets, that mean you folding up
All my niggas loading up, spit a clip past ya hemy
How he gon make it to the finals if he can’t make it past this semi?
Why would he wanna offend me?
My dangerous lion should’ve change this mind
I couldn’t cuz his brain worth pennies
It’s like I’m sitting and Bennies how I eat this nigga
His bitch is a trick so it’s easy to treat this nigga
And Ayeverb should retreat this nigga before I empty out the cartridge
It’s too much on the line for y’all, stay in ya margin
Whips be foreign, I got a lot of clips that y’all can star in
I serve a nigga drugs like an RN
I come to take the title like I’m the name that yo car in
You can’t get out of it now Ill, you too far in
Add me to the equation dividing ya set
Multiply all of these goons that I have with techs
My exponent to the 2nd power when I’m clapping a snitch
So when I carry that 4 you should know that I’m subtracting some shit
They say these St. Louis niggas is playing a dirty game
Til then I’m airing out the party and letting my birdy sing
See my eagle from the desert so it have no conscience
Put the Hawk to this nigga chest like Joe Johnson
Or have him visiting Swanson, oh, in Detroit that’s a Funeral Home
This boy done got me pissed off like my urinal gone
Doing them songs, I’ll have you and you in them homes
I know you like, “damn Calicoe, boy you doing him wrong”
I tell ‘em I got Hova skill, before the deal
Sometimes I ain’t even gotta shoot niggas, my soldiers will
So if this shit escalate causing them to busting steel
Since he Ill we got a clip full of Robitussin pills

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