Skelly vs. Bender [Lyrics]

[Verse 1: Skelly]
Ayo Toronto, don’t gas him up he’s wack as fuck
I’ma watch Scott Free fuck him up and it wasn’t luck
And then he wins, and I’m like ‘Huh? Why the fuck do they even judge this stuff?’
For those of you who don’t know
Me and Osa was the only battle that was supposed to be promo
SK the kid, snuck in the club with a couple of guns
Burners clap when he turn his back, turn his cap, from a fitted to an adjustable one
Who you fucking with son, I’ll leave my knife game stuck in ya’ tongue
Who go harder?
My crew swarm in his crib, heat up
Have everybody in my circle play keep-ups
With ya’ newborn daughter
I been trapping every day, what’s a rapper gonna say?
Thinking he run shit, I should smack him in the face
Key word ‘run,’ yeah, that’ll be the day
Who’s the pimp?
His bitch got a body but that face just ruins it
So I put a mask over that wack face
Backstroke until her back breaks
And then use the bitch, as a glass holder and a ashtray

[Verse 1: Bender]
Now I was hoping that Skelly was dumb enough to put some money up
Just my luck, figured out his pen game wasn’t up to snuff
It’d be nice to see him lose a couple bucks for fast spending
But even nicer to see him lose his dignity when he flaked out at the last second
See this kid Skelly’s introverted so he gets discouraged
Till he sips that liquid courage and turns to a different person
So he kicks his verses while the liquor’s working ’cause that nervous little bitch that he really is is itching just an inch beneath the surface
‘Cause we all know you never sold a bag of weed sucker
If you put a O on the corner, you’re printing Oprah Magazine covers
You sound basic and outdated I’m groundbreaking
Have you downgraded from crowd favorite to clown faggot, pounce on him
Should take his pocket change, bounce on him
Now watch him get lippy, smack the mouth off him
Looking like my drug mule, I got a hundred pounds off him
I said ‘Skelly bring the ruckus,’ he brought me his copy of Soundbombing
And this is why your rap career stops here
‘Cause even if you were some Latin King’s first murder victim you still wouldn’t be top tier
And I’m here tryna figure if the judges might consider this guy a winner
But that’d be like a Five Percenter inviting a white supremacist like Michael Richards plus his wife for dinner, an unlikely picture
You’re playing yourself, that’s why you’re taking an L
Call time, Skelly Kapowski just got saved by the bell

[Verse 2: Skelly]
He look like he just smoothly shaved
And then superglued his face on a mission to find out how coochie tastes
I’m on that down south, no A-town stomping shit
But I A-town stomp his kids in the playground get pushed off the swing
Ottawa is fucking soft and we should cut ’em off
‘Cause since we dropped A Hundred Strong it’s been fucking on
I’m like ‘how the fuck y’all gonna compare?’
We got uhhh, Drake, JB, Bishop, Mayhem, the whole Out Here movement
They got Belly and uhh, c’mon, help me out here stupid
Your battle flopped, and I feel for you dog
But beating me you gon’ need a lot more than some Miracle bars
See I do dirt with OGs who move work
You could never beat me in any aspect of life and the truth hurts
So anybody who’s not from the Dot, can suck my dick, you first
And you eat Osa’s pussy, faggot

[Verse 2: Bender]
You say I’m like Belly? I should take your girl straight to the telly
Turn her into Krang from the Ninja Turtles and put some brain in her belly
But I won’t do that, ’cause what’s between her legs is unhealthy
And looks like a half-pound of smoked meat that got shaved at a deli
She can save it for Skelly
Come on, we’re not retarded
You get caught with arms and the cop department drops the charges?
You probably narc’ed and call the sergeant to cop a pardon
So in Scarborough you’re a walking target
Let ’em chop your carcass up, cardboard box your body parts get dropped and mark em’ up behind the Olive Garden or the Boston Market now look what you gone and started
And back home your fam is probably starving
Eight or nine brothers and sisters crammed in your mom’s apartment
Oh you got firepower like Eisenhower, you sponsored by Lockheed Martin
I’ll gorilla pimp slap the hood out you leave you face down on the carpet
I’ll pull your card like Johnny Carson doing that mind reader skit
How to fight, how to shave, and how to rap:
What’s three things Skell’s dad never taught him ‘fore the no-good wife beater split?
And I was looking for him after the Montreal battle, I heard that he run his mouth
But it was like fucking with too much KY, that dick must have just slipped out
Go eat a fucking corn dog, you’re a half pound when you wet
You look like the drug dealer from Seven that they found strapped down to the bed
No wonder I’m worried, this skinny motherfucker concerns me
Like how can you suck so many fruits off and still suffer from scurvy?
And your mother’s so dirty
She called up Chuggo, said her pussy was tingling
So he polished off a 60 and nailed her on the rooftop like shingling

[Verse 3: Skelly]
He getting all aggressive, looking like his nuts’ll blow up
What’s wrong Bender, that time of the month for Osa?
You were born in 1973, you’re 37, please
And you’re still selling weed to Grade 11s, jeez
When you gonna grow up? Like really, rapping is cool
When you’re like 22 you fucking goof
I’m the motherfucking mic disciple, every verse I recite be trifle
I move with the Dot on my back like I turned around on a sniper rifle
Jane strip to the Danforth, Drake know what it is
Cop work chop work and blow up the strip
I said rubber grip kicks, he hoping I slip
I work the style so versatile, just joking and shit
Like give it up, you just a dying joke
You know, I get on some G shit, dump his ass in the lake but he’s so wide he’d float
Like really, you need to get on that Diet Coke or start trying coke, for real
Imagine him ’bout to lift weights and get ripped out
Him and HFK are still looking for Jim’s house
The fact that even half of y’all laughed at that, just fucking disgusts me
And that’s the reason I ain’t gon’ battle for a long fucking time, trust me

[Verse 3: Bender]
Battle’s over, go get me some Backwoods
This broke ho don’t make scrilla
Thinks he’s a hustler ’cause he sold his granny’s old painkillers
He claims he’s a cocaine dealer
‘Cause once he got a bird on the cuff like the Ghostface Killah
Let me spell this out: it goes S for that stupid accent, K for the ketamine
E for everything he emulates that he will never be
He caught an L versus Diaz, an L versus Sharp1ne
And why are you still standing there, I just sent you on a cigar run
Yapping like you clap TECs and MAC-10s, fuck off
I’ll have blood running down your temple like an Aztec sun god
This is baluto versus olive oil, he get full from a glass of orange juice
Sally Struthers is worried about you, Kid Twist’s new haircut weighs more than you
And your girl ruined every Montreal battle, what the fuck son?
If you don’t have the decency or the balls to tell her to shut the fuck up then you’re meat for the grinder
Plus I wouldn’t stick my penis inside her
While you eat that vagina that smells like Queen and Spadina
Thank Christ he’s a survivor
And I’m in this piece today ’cause I got history to make, and infamy to gain
Bringing down the building’s in my DNA like Timothy McVeigh I’m clinically insane
And this right here, is Common dissing Cube
Or the ultrasound for a canine, ’cause I can see the bitch in you

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