Bender vs. 24/7 [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Bender]
Now as long as there’s a brain in my skull, and my veins got a pulse, bet ya’ bottom buck no one is fresher
See I was raised by the wolves and I came here for wool, youngun’ you shoulda stuck close to ya’ shepherd
He wanted the time limits extended, what you say to that Toronto?
Figure I’d murk him at his own game and let the baby have his bottle
Put down a 24 in minutes, call the Betty Ford Clinic
Jack Bauer in the last hour, 24’s finished
Too easy
I said bring me a heavyweight, we’ll make this a real classic like Illmatic
‘Stead they stuck me with Lil Farnum’s, lil’ cousin, Lil’ Faggot
I could yolk you for ya’ nest egg, so let’s get this clear
I’m Freedom 55 or Florida pension, I got a plan to end your career
And hell he isn’t even sick, judging by his weight he’s on H probably
Got the face and same body as Spud from Trainspotting
The kid just needs a fix
So go stick a needle in ya’ dick and die of a intravenous hit like River Phoenix did you little piece of shit
You’re officially dismissed, I hunt ya’ men for sport
No metaphor, you got ten seconds to get away ‘fore these devil horns thresh ya’ face like a metal fork through shredded pork I settle scores
So watch me sever 24 in seven ways
And, spread his corpse all across the western Florida Everglades
And I don’t need a higher education to provide an explanation as to why you’ll never make it through these trials and tribulations
And I ain’t tryna mention names but every time you rep your state they’re always findin’ several ways to draw a line of separation
And why’d you fly here anyways, to fight a lion in his cage? I’ll take ya’ dyin’ breath and change this to a crime investigation
And you can try to test ya’ fate and make a climb for heaven’s gate but you gon’ find this devil waitin’ at your final destination
And how you got a New York sound? You’re from a two horse town
Cam, you really let the Florida school board down
They call me Bender for a reason, so it ain’t shit for me to pound a lukewarm 2-4 down with brute force and still have room for a few more rounds

[Round 1: 24/7]
See hoppin’ in the ring with Cameron is pure hell
That leads to funerals, and families jammin’ the church bells
You tryna go 6 and 0, well I’m here to make sure that plan doesn’t work well
‘Cause I won’t be lettin’ you borrow the Lifestyles ov da Poor & Dangerous when I hand you that first L
So bring them body bags in ’cause I’m ’bout to put him under covers
Damn you old motherfucker, congratulations on bein’ the first 30-year-old up-and-comer
You 5 and 0, still ain’t considered a threat
And when it comes to the throne you claim to be the heir, Bender, but nobody’s caught wind of you yet
See at this stage of ya’ life, there’s nothing to go get
Chubby and broke bitch, so tell me how the fuck are you stuntin’ with no ends, I’m comin’ to smoke him
Got my cattle gun for this cow, here to show him this ain’t no country for old men
So you’ll get smacked with both hands, it ain’t all breezy
So get with the program or take off, see Free
Said he was Al from Home Improvement, but I think he’s more like Mr. Wilson
‘Cause we won’t ever see this old man’s face on TV
And you don’t ever headline at the shows when we see you
You might as well walk around with a big pair of scissors and red ribbons ’cause, all you do is open for people
I’m 21, you 29 and you battlin’ me
You woulda thought these hints woulda helped
See if you clown on me ’cause of where I’m at in in the game, basically you just dissin’ yourself
See this a tragic end, I had to come and pull the plug on this spastic bitch
And me and Organik already signed your DNR so there ain’t no comin’ back from this

[Round 2: Bender]
Now when I heard your mama gave a top-notch lap dance
I was willin’ to look past that raw dog tramp stamp of a hot rod Trans-Am
But when I saw the broad’s got man hands like Jean-Claude Van Damme and a face like Krondon I took a walk on that plan
I said “Put your benjamins up”, he wouldn’t bet a fuckin’ Abe Lincoln
And all that tough talk’s a joke to me, this sucker ain’t swinging
Now he wanna test my pen game? What’s this lame thinkin’?
This heat will shut your bars down like underage drinkin’
And I don’t care if he’s claiming virgin and proud, I’ma work this cash cow
Put him on the strip and turn his ass out like a Turkish bath house
They got a name for that booty in the hood where he’s from
‘Rock bottom’, ’cause every custie’s gotta hit it at least once
I’ll hit you with a bitch slap, twice as hard as any firearm’s impact
Shit’ll make you twist back farther than your spine can arch
Tiger shark, looking for a quick snack, you can buy the farm feel your ribs crack from these iron bars
Got rhymes to spark a five-alarm fire like a tire yard
By and large these barb wire lines’ll rip this guy apart
I’m in charge, try and start shit I’ll smash a bottle and run the glass down your fuckin’ neck like a slide guitar
Let’s get on some real shit, I offered your honey a lift to the rental, I guess that Ford Taurus mesmerized her
‘Cause she was blowin’ before the car started like a court order breathalyzer
I just told her “Yo, if you’re not spreadin’ your thighs
I’m gettin’ brains in the backseat, like when John Kennedy died”
In other words I got head in the ride
And my music’s on some G20 riot shit the streets get down with
Rubber bullet style, I make that heat that bounces
That’s the difference between us, anything you ever wrote is soft
My verses are escape tunnels, when I break out the pen, alarms start goin’ off
And I heard every cut from his mixtape
I think Cam’ shoulda been cut from his mixtape
And you might get props from those guest spots on the street where you skateboard
But just like Heidi Montag’s face, all those features were paid for

[Round 2: 24/7]
So me and this dude went to a bachelor party, neither one of us left with a subtle feel
See I felt teased ’cause I had to watch a stripper take off everything but her heels
And, he felt teased ’cause the cake she jumped out of wasn’t real
You sing the Subway song when you do ya’ laundry
And hum the McDonald’s theme as you fold ya’ shirts
Bitch I bet you got a poster of the Hamburger Helper glove that you, high five every morning before you go to work
See when my lyrical automatic pops, you hear another casket drop
Did anybody else find it ironic that a couple of events ago Organik got, Earthquake to battle Aftershock?
See you really need to vacate, ’cause if anybody ever called you ‘fat’ they were referring to your waist shape
You look like you’ve gained weight every day since age eight
This motherfucker’s so big he tried to use a slap bracelet, and it just stayed straight
I’m starting to think you’re a part of a never-ending eating game
Being overweight is gonna be your cause of death, you’re like the human version of Aaliyah’s plane
You gettin’ real loud I’ll calm you down like a Ritalin pill
This fat man’s the opposite of Jay-Z, shit he would never skip on a meal
And even if you predicted my fat jokes, or tried to rebuttal them
The fact remains that you still have double chins and have never seen the inside of a fuckin’ gym
And the reason I use so many fat jokes inside my writtens for the competition
Is just to prove this dude’s rep in the U.S. is like his diet plan: nonexistent

[Round 3: Bender]
And you’re on your third loss in a row, beginner’s luck done now your buzz gone
You like a surgeon’s hands, washed up before you even put the gloves on
So now the only love this hick gets in the dirty south’s
When relatives say “Squeal like a pig boy, you got a purdy mouth”
Now if someone called me a white trash redneck I’d deny it, Cam won’t
Understand though just so the fans know he’s really from the richest suburb of Orlando
So when it boils down this is hard knocks versus prep school
Run and hide when sun is shinin’ ain’t no O-Zone here to protect you
He called DNA out on that video blog, you see this faggot drinkin’
Walkin’ around his hood sayin’ he got bars of mass extinction
But when the camera panned down to those palatial estates that had me thinkin’
How’s Tinkerbell talkin’ greasy when he lives in the Magic Kingdom?
See deep in the heart of it
For Cam, spittin’ bars is just a party trick this art is just a narcissistic tool easily marketed
You go three years back he wasn’t even a part of it
Cuttin’ holes for his thumbs in the sleeves of his cardigans
For Christmas, he asked for this dope Nautica fleece
Daddy heard him wrong, bought him a whole nautical fleet
Parents drop a hundred grand to send his ass to summer camp
And Organik’s stuck payin’ his plane ticket, what the fuck is that?
24/7 means constant grindin’, think this spoiled brat’s gotta hustle?
You taking that name’s an insult to any man that’s actually struggled
Young man just be humble, no wonder this goof ain’t come with a crew
Any real head that says he’s fuckin’ with you is fuckin’ with you
See I’ve watched friends die for nothin’, I seen others graduate law school
I seen the worst in people, and I’ve done things that would haunt you
So you’d understand in a second if you knew half the shit I gone through
There’s no number to describe the years I’ve actually got on you
In other words you can’t fuck with Bender, no one does it better
When I bus’ it’s on another level like a double-decker
Go write a country western song you fuckin’ Chester
I’m Uncle Fester with an ugly temper watch your tongue get severed
I put money under pressure, like sunken treasure
They wouldn’t cut your record if you were tried as a young offender
Yo drum selector, put the funeral march on, y’all come together
I just put the kill shot on Cam, like a snuff director

[Round 3: 24/7]
They say we’re similar and we’re both dope with the puns
But really you ain’t close to me son
See your delivery is overly done
And I like your punchlines and syllables but when most of the ones you use have nothing to do with your opponent it’s dumb
But since you wanna rap like that, I’ma show you how it’s supposed to be done
See I never play, 7 reigns like six plus one horses bein’ forced to use their neck for brakes
I’ll take you to where Dexter stays in the Everglades, introduce your neck to blades
Now look at the mess you made
See homie I don’t use ‘matics and, I ain’t got the tool blastin’
But I won’t hesitate to use the blade so you better be, cool faggot
‘Cause I’ll grab a big knife, stab his windpipe
Make that shit slide down and leave his, insides out like the Fresh Prince’s school jacket
See I had to get him in the Dot and bring the war to this cat
And put a Bender in a box like a contortionist act
See I’m enormous in rap, you get a sense the name is popular
Hit the stage, soon as we get in the cage I’m rockin’ ya’
Put Cameron on blast I get amped and I spaz and cancel yo’ ass, like them other renegades from Ottawa
Y’all ’bout to see Captain Spaulding take a long vacation
You’ll never find him, boy I’m a collector’s item, I’m not to play with
My operation is choppin’ patients, it’s not a game I
Got the same occupation as Dr. Satan
See this is murder I take lives, son’s next to get his shit cut
Entering my war zone, you get turned to a break light ’cause one step’ll get you lit up
See I’m a proud rhymin’ soldier
Your career’s been goin’ long enough, it’s ’bout time it’s over
I’m Michael Keaton, you Christian Bale, meanin’ I’m the original
And you just a carbon copy that gets outshined by joker
And if the judges try to say I ain’t get personal with this shit
I got on his career, age, weight and completely shitted on him with his own style, how much more personal could it get?

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