The Saurus vs. Real Deal [Lyrics] (2010 Rematch)

[Round 1: The Saurus]

Now he’s the working man’s MC, but I don’t understand the circumstance
Cuz if you ain’t earning cash then being a workin man ain’t worth a damn
See Trevor’s got a dead end job that’s yet to let him net a profit
So this faggot went to College, but they never taught him Economics
You need to find a different line of work or something
Or be another worthless drunken Irish person strugglin
All your life and not a single dime was earned from hustlin
So the real deal is hiring a guy who works for nothin
Now shut your mouth professor cause the lesson isn’t done
I’ma put things in perspective just to end this shit in one
The only real example that youre settin for your son
Is Trevor Jr. this is what you never should become
You get next to nothin teaching, no paper makin music
It would be a shame to say that dude’s kid
Made the same mistakes that you did

[Round 1: Real Deal]

Peter here’s a gambler now you got the Deal, I’ll pull every card I got
You the best out West I guess Fresh Coast disregards your spot
Cuz Diz got Ars, Ok get Rex, your battle on the card was dropped
Looks to me like they give you the shaft more than Scarlett’s twat
Now I could talk about your waist or your appalling face
But I’d rather talk about your fall from grace
Cuz you didn’t even fall with grace
You should’ve took your WRC and Scribble winnings
And just retired with it
Instead you past the torch to Diz, he lit your face on fire with it
You are such a has been, you made losing a habit
Watching you is like, Jordan for the Wizards, Hakeem for the Raptors
Ewing for the Magic, Mohammed in his last Bout
The scene we set it perfect
The champ retires now this is Ali vs. Trevor Berbick
This ain’t Scribble Jam, it’s Grizzle fam
You past your prime I’m in demand
And I ain’t need a Sensi stance or politics to win my fans
I’m on a murderin spree startin with the biggest nerd in the league
Without a heater or a glock, I put Peter in a box… birds and the bees

[Round 2: The Saurus]

Now I’m sure you may have noticed
How every battle he impersonates opponents
But for you to mimic every other person’s traits is bogus
Cut the intimidating non-sense find a different way to talk first
Then maybe I’ll see more then someone poorly imitating Okwerdz
But he wants to be like all his favorite cats depending what the mood is
I bet you try to talk like Soul Khan when you’re lecturing your students
The impressions that you do are all impressive but they’re useless
Because Trevor’s never made a good impression with his music
Wait but advice from me on tracks? That ain’t the type of help you need
Your music’s only there to give my music higher self esteem
The dude that murked you that’s the way your refer to Peter
No matter what you do for work the matches is student versus teacher
Now you’re beefin with a known legend
Motherfucker, I’ve done more then you
Before and after beating you in 07
But wait it’s good to see you’re keepin busy
Shit only three years and you’ve almost gotten even with me

[Round 2: Real Deal]

Gee last year and a half Pete’s been gettin some shit from a lot of fans
Cuz in that time span, it’s only credible when it’s been Hollohan
Battle of the bay was his last battle back in the States
Where he got an undeserved O.T. in that Illmaculate rape
Off to Australia seek vengeance from one of Scribbles greatest matches
You couldn’t swing the scales of Justice even with the weight of Madness
So he wins a cheap ass chain in Canada, fast forward to Dirt now
Somebody you would of never beat
Had a little birdy not told you his 3rd round
Canada wanted the Title back and your heart like the Repo Clique
We watched your confidence stumble and your ego trip
When Arcane took your chain on some DEEBO shit!
But enough with his track record, what about tracks, records?
This cats never put nothing to wax ever, I rap better
Put up a stack lets add pressure
All the way to Monterey and id leave with this rats cheddar
I don’t know what’s worse
Trying to read your poker face or listenin to your wack tracks
It looks like you told somebody, hit me playin Blackjack
And they repeatedly hit you with a Black Jack
Randy Orton legend killer turnin Grizzle to his last match
I’m the face of GrindTime Now you’re the reason Scribble had a gas mask

[Round 3: The Saurus]

You’re walkin into certain death like i designed the perfect trap
I should murk this cat just for the way the guy referred to Mac
See you told 9D you thought Greg was shady
But the line of yours was wack
Cuz faggot, shadiness is sayin shit behind a person’s back
Like when you first partnered with Fresco
One of the rawest guys to spit it
Then when y’all lost you kicked him off your side
Sayin y’all was kinda different
But you told Swang’s the reason that you severed all your ties with him
Is you’re a tough guy
And you thought it might have compromised your image
So apologize admit it that dude was your real fam
You’d have told him the real deal if you was a real man
Fuck the rematch you’re obsessing over
You thought this trip was gonna bring you and Fresco closer
Friendship over
For me calling Fresco gay is fuckin useless
You’re the one moving from guy to guy and makin up excuses
Now I don’t know what kinda system you’re using to make matches
But fat kid and faggot are two different weight classes!

[Round 3: Real Deal]

After all these years Pete, I’m still astounded by how your face looks
I find it utterly ridiculous that you’re allowed on Facebook
You could be the logo for Faces Of Death
Cuz lookin at that face is torture
I’m Trevor, you’re the Teacher, Kevin Spacey from Pay It Forward
You perspire so much in battles it’s like watching a faggot melt
You go to ugly sweater parties… as yourself
But enough jokes, Pete’s a legend, two time of it all
But I think for years the freestyle king was two timin us all
Your premeds killed freestylin
No wonder no other battler was a match or threat
We were making music
You were writing for battles that didn’t happen yet
Flippin through pages of his loose leaf every page there’d be a new sheet
If he’s black and sorta fat he’s Warren Sapp
If he’s Asian then he’s Bruce Lee
The truth see you can rap, what you would choose to do is wack
It’s like when you hit the stage you spit in the face of Juice and Supernat
Shit was like finding out on Christmas Eve your parents buy your gifts
He was like, “Ho ho hoo, you all should really know I write this shit”
So now that freestylin’s dead you’re in a written battlin league
What’s your record bitch, what’s mine?
It’s a privilege that you’re battlin me

[Overtime: Real Deal]

You pulled that impersonating shit,
Knownin my flow would outperform ya
I can’t impersonate Okwerdz
Or I’d be talkin shit in my comfy home in California
Fuck a thesaurus little homie, I will swear on the Good Book
We can face off or face off, i swear on your good looks
You a bettin man? Double it I’ll add extra dough
You’re double time? Double mint… bad breath control
Your materials faggot jokes, aids jokes, braggin about your resume
Sayin the word freakin when you’re 30, now thats just fuckin extra gay
So you like to roll the dice, let’s try some High Stakes
Say that shit that you said online to High Collide’s face
I think you tried to follow his dream you’re just swimmin in shits creek
And Chase keeps losing more/Moore credibility giving you his beats
Now Dan said you ate out a pornstar, I said he’s hideous, never
Then I saw your face and realized
That shit has a texture that’s ribbed for her pleasure
No one wants your fuckin face in music so just fuckin face the music
Yeah we both battle rap, I found another way to use it
Now there’s a million forced multi’s spittin faggots
You’re the one that laid the blueprint
They can’t rap to save their lives, I’m here to resuscitate the movement

[Overtime: The Saurus]

Now of all the faggots that bite me, he is the worst person
Specifically for the facts he speaks in the third person
Now watchin you handle yourself after you lost yesterday
Was heart breakin
You guys battled the only team suffering from starvation
And Star ate him
And you ain’t got no help from Fresco cuz he was too busy Star gazing
Thinking about prom dates and a carnation
Now Trevor’s a teacher so he starts off every day of his grind
Driving to work bumpin the soundtrack to Dangerous Minds
Now it’s sad cause “he thinks its gangsta’s paarradise
But have you seen his stuudeeents, theyyy’re all white!”
But Trevor here still acts like they’re some underprivileged teens
Tellin them, “come on guys, y’all can learn a ton of shit from me
Shit I know what the struggle was like with one parent addicted to drugs
Having to make decisions like pickin between the Crips and the Bloods
We didn’t have a cool Teacher like me who would listen to us”
And they’re like, Dude shut the fuck up already we’re missing the bus

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