Dizaster vs. Swave Sevah [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Swave Sevah]

I know what y’all thinking, this is a hell of a match
Hard bars versus schemes and some irrelevant crap
Seems odd for Team Homi, we better than that
But his mouth done wrote checks I hope this fella can cash
Now check it out, he gon spit about a thousand words a minute
Saturated versus part of his personal gimmick
Furry forehead face nigga lookin befuddled
Dissecting my words trying to find something to rebuttal
I bet dough he can’t go without saying “Yo!” 3 times in a row
Trying to catch up with his flow, like “yo, yo, yo!
I’ll fucking cut you open til your guts are showing
Then I’ll load up a full clip,” fuck outta here with that bullshit!
We all know you ain’t poppin’ off, you don’t bust guns crazy
Nigga you cotton soft, you’s a trust fund baby
The difference between us is I feel safe when I walk around
And I actually do all the things that I talk about
See, nothing Dizaster say can convince me that Dizaster hood
He put on a savage act but he a snack to a pack of wolves
Ravage you sheep, then we feed til the pack is full
I’m fur, you got wool, I got paws, you got hoofs, we don’t mix
This who supposed to come get with the Sevah?
Y’all better get ‘em before I skin ‘em and knit me a sweater
I bruise lames and really live up to my crews name
We ain’t in the same level, I’m at the top of the food chain
Read about this match in the boards them people callin it weird
All the stuff they compare, the tortoise versus the hare
They play me for my preferred pay so I guess I’m the tortoise son
But the jokes on y’all cuz in that story the tortoise won
Mister disrespectful blog maker, talk now nigga
Them Canadians ain’t do shit, but you in New York now nigga
And you fucked up when you agreed to be my target
So I give you a warm welcome and roll out that white carpet
Notice I said white, it’s supposed to be red, feel me
I ain’t fuck up, I figured after this battle it will be
See there’s a reason why I’m here with a lot of my goons
There’s a reason this is taking place way out in the boons
There’s a reason this event is called Body Bag Season
And if you feelin left out, then you probably that reason
See we polar opposites and I’m sick of these niggas warning me
Saying I rap retardedly cuz he be rappin’ rapidly
Y’all think he would demolish me? Nigga please
He say a lot of things but the nigga comedy
So in actuality this is quantity over quality
This nigga’s a big ass dime of Reggie, I’m a 0.6 dime of sour
Some people like smoking on that Thraga
Cuz they can’t handle this potent power
So what do you prefer?
Shake seeds and twigs or sticky lime green and budit?
See it’s not high what’s in the bag, it’s high you get from it
Now go ahead spit that dumb shit

[Round 1: Dizaster]

You think I won’t pop a 9?
That’s exactly what they thought
About the little white boys from Columbine
Hi Swave, I’m from Armenia, it’s nice to be meeting ya
You think you rhyme nice? You all hype like the media
Driveby’s at night when I take flight you’ll die for a nice price I am Expedia
I feel out of place like a white guy in Nigeria
But still you get eaten alive like Rebels who reside in Liberia
I’ve been doing business with Al Queid’ inside of Syria
You’re a hypoglycemic bisexual guy with a slight bulimia
You wanna describe the type of virus that’s eating ya
Then open up an Encyclopedia and find the meaning of
Spinal laryngitis and if not, try Leukemia
If that’s too “nerdy” for you then I might just let the heater buck
45 lighting the fucking side of your Beamer up
Leave you in the driver seat with your feet all stuck
Like you were glued to the side with some adhesive stuff
You’ll get fried like Pecan Duck
I said the paramedics won’t even have enough time
To come and clean you up
But if he survives and drives off we’ll find him and come beat you up
A knife give you the meanest cut, precise like slices from Pizza Hut
You old, try keeping up, turn the volume on the side of your speaker up
Your rhymes or weak as fuck
Like the last time Method Man & Redman tried teaming up
Your wife is a tweeker slut who cries she doesn’t eat enough
So why would I feed her nuts
Like she hasn’t been grinding her teeth enough?
They say don’t fuck with Swave cuz he knows Karate
He can exchange blows and go toe to toe with Rocky
They said to get rid of him you need to hold a shotty
I’m thinking, why? He’s as old as Ghandi
I bet one uppercut to your nose would probably
Fold your body like an origami
And have you on the floor lookin’ like you know Pilates
With ya arm broken trying to phone somebody
I’m the shit! You? Porter potty
I’m the real thing you a photocopy
But keep talking shit and being over-cocky
Then I catch you getting out of your bed to have your morning coffee
And put the metal to ya head like Arrigo Sacchi
Show up to one of your Team Homi after parties
Acting like I’m happy I wanna have a glass of Bacardi
Then I’ll brandish that package that’s strapped across me
Then blow myself up like the half a rocky kamikaze camel jocky
Not even that faggot Iron Man could stop me
If I survive the blast I’ll still fight you with half my body
You’ll still get your ass kicked probably
Will Swave Sevah ever tell you his age? Never
Sometimes it really makes me wonder
I think you hate me cuz I’m younger
I bet your favorite album ever created was by Aaliyah
Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number
I get it you an OG Swave you G’d up
But you too old B, you can’t keep up
Never had GameBoy
Used to play hide and go seek by the same old tree stump
Where him and his homies used to peep up and watch Adam & Eve fuck
Truth is you haters, you just a bitch with a gun, Tomb Raider
I’m a star in the sky, shoe maker, you are my shoe maker
I’ll creep into ya hood, call me your new neighbor
He’d expose your true nature like an episode of Room Raiders
Speaking of the waiters I’ll stab you in the waste with two sabers
So your family could see your face on the newspapers
Chain smoking, my brain floating in space to a place
Hoping I make to a state where I’m seen ya fucking face open
Saying you could beat me is another reckless accusation
I’m an Islamic descendant from the prophet Muhammad
Eating Baklava wrapped in bacon
That was some shit, did you just see that right there?
His homeboy whispered in his ear and started giving him tips
Mafucka you’ll get ripped, start doing this with your face
I’m moving the crowd with my motherfucking unibrow
They say Dizaster you’re too loud
But don’t rhyme about my eyebrows
They used to provide Osama Bin Laden with his hideout
Rhyme about eyebrows? You’re 35 now
Do you know where real rappers careers would be if they were 35? Wow

[Round 2: Swave Sevah]

Dizaster, as in city destroyed, floods submerge homes and levis broken
Death, destruction, everything from stray animals to babies floating
Many people trying to cope with the results of Katrina
Forced to survive for 4 or 5 days without the lift of a finger from FEMA
Helicopters flying over head with cameras to tape the mayhem
But they ain’t trying to do the kind of things it takes to save them
So the death toll’s in the 100’s, homeless equals 1,000 more
Families separated, children are unaccounted for
Cries for help fall on deaf ears with no way to use a phone
Finally saved from the storm but left for dead in the superdome
Frustration turns to violence, young niggas start shooting chrome
Dizaster? So this is something that you condone?
I’ma do him like they did us, so live on YouTube I’ma decapitate him
You bout to die, so if you got any sleeper cell cousins
You better activate ‘em
Yo you middle easterns we got a little beef with
So you better follow these guidelines
Before I single handedly hold you responsible
For what they did to our skyline
Dizaster, big ass Tsunami catching bodies
All across the southern Asian coast
Nigga that’s- ….Hold on
Ain’t you the same nigga that had all those Asian jokes?
Oh yo I’ma kill this nigga, right here live on GrindTime
Bury him up to his neck at the beach and wait for the high tides
Plastic bag over his face after I creep up from the blind side
Duck tape a funnel in his mouth and force feed him cyanide
See my heat been blasting but I don’t need that to take shots at you
Nigga I will beat Bin Laden’s location up out of you
All from Assassin’s sour the silence caliber
Cuz this Dizaster got y’all fooled like the Mayan calendar
He don’t live the hype, rusty knife scalp him, give ‘em hell
Cuz when Dizaster strikes it’s either the Busta Rhymes album or 2012
This bitch ass nigga frail, fuck outta here b
I ain’t rhyming all day, let’s go

[Round 2: Dizaster]

I need y’all to be very, very, very, very, very, very calm
Hold on, Team Homi, bars (?)
Wave my hands like I’m signaling off to a helicopter
And there you have my bars
I said he took Syd with a riff raff (?)
You are such a fucking wack dude
I mean if you pronounce the letter “V” one more time I’m gonna stab you
This motherfucker, are you seriously kidding me?
You guys over talking shit to try to throw me off literally
I got some shit to tell you that you probably thought I won’t say
I know this is crazy but it’s not, Swave Sevah told me
His lady is a cop, so I’ma tell y’all something
Why y’all thinking he be snitching a lot
Cuz his bitch is a cop, he kissing 5-0 on the mouth like Vivica Fox
I always wondered how you ended up clearing all your felonies
Team Homi shootin’ at the police is what he’s telling me
But on the low he’s creeping with the deputy
Kinda brings the new term to the meaning; sleeping with the enemy
Your wife is a C.O. from Rikers they nicknamed her “The Pulverizer”
You broke so at home she supporting, she’s a dope supplier
And you old so you sport the diapers
I mean you the oldest dude to ever own the cipher
Your old enough to watch porn and own a lighter
When Slick Rick first got known as a story writer
You’re a senior citizen/corny rhymer
So I’m talking about sports when I say he’s a 49er
You so old you wrote your rhymes inside an organizer
Born in ’75 but you can’t tell he’s an older guy
Because he uses age defying moisturizer
Him and PH graduated from the same class
You’re probably trying to avenge the death of A Class
Like I said, you and PH graduated from the same class
Go to sleep together wearing matching cucumber face masks
Then you turn off the light on the nightstand
And dip your teeth in the same class
I mean why you crying off in this battle? Did you sponsor this event?
Were you the one that paid the money to fly me off to Pen?
No? Then shut the fuck up then!
For all the work I effortlessly put in and direction I’ve come
For the nobodies that I bodied and the many legends I’ve sonned
I should be the one to earn the top tier position
In GrindTime if there should ever be one
Ya train passed you, your time’s definitely done
My legacy will never fade away just like the memory of Pun
You’re a rap artists who’s bars have no direct connection with funds
Have you ever got a check for a record you’ve done?
Name one battle you’ve respectfully won
You think you clever? You dumb, your rap career is technically numb
You’re a walking example of what every battle rapper in here
Should never ever become
After all the work I put in, 17 battles to climb the ladder
And that’s what you benefit from?
Homie at this point I would technically have more respect for a bum
Cuz at least he has a little bit of dignity when he’s begging for crumbs
Ya boy DNA never seen a homicide or corpse
Only time you see DNA on filing court
Is when someone’s suing for child support
He wants to talk during my shit, I smash one in ya head
I’ll fuck around and hit you in spots burning ya flesh
I’ma kill him then return to the west and put DNA in a box
Like a paternity test
Let the vagina spit? No, ya man is vagina lips
It’s time to diss any MC and give ‘em a mental psychiatrist
And that was for starters
If me and you have the same cell phone then I’ll jack your charger
Then I’ll bail out of your driveway and jack your Charger
I like you Cortez, but you an apple farmer
You’re not a battle rapper you’re a cabbage gardener
So what? And me I’m an Iraqi Marter
I’ll make your train crash like Travis Barker
Then write “faggot” on your casket with a magic marker
If we were in Lebanon
I would’ve chopped your head off and use it to play soccer
Open up your frame like operation game it’s time to play Doctor
Stomp you out in a pair of Dockers
Then drop you off in the middle of Yonkers in a T-shirt that says
“I love Okwerdz”

[Round 3: Swave Sevah]

I can’t front, I’m surprised you even made it here to square off
I ain’t think you’d make it past security at the airport
But you here now and I don’t want no excuses, let’s be fair now
So stick that chest out with me, give me that mean stare down
See I noticed with Nocan and A Class he got in they face
But I ain’t see none of that shit when you battled PH
See you did the yellin and the riffin, but I spotted a difference
Cuz against PH you… stayed at that safe distance
Shit I witnessed firsthand the type of shit that this bitch would do
When we was down in Miami, the event was Grizzle 2
It was me and you, Bishop was there in the mix
If he was here he’d tell y’all this nigga was scared like a bitch
Come here Tez I’m a get you to be a reenactment
So I’ma be myself right, you gon be Dizaster
I said “Ayo, walk with me to the store dog, we gon shoot right back”
This nigga said, “Ayo, ayo yoyo we just gon walk thru the hood like that?”
I couldn’t believe me ears, fucked my head up
Did the double take, looked in his face, seen he was dead up
Would’ve thought he was a cold blooded killer
From how he be rhyming
You went from that Al Quieda column to the cowardly lion
True Story, I reassured him everything was alright
And taught ‘em the proper way to breathe when you in a fight
You don’t speak from experience, you don’t live your words
You cleverly put words together, a fucking nerd
Me? I got goons everywhere, my niggas live off the payroll
They’ll give you a halo and send you back to the City of Angeles
I take these hard life stripes I earned in these Harlem streets
Translate ‘em thru 3 rounds by 32 bars a piece
At the end of the day we all know talk is cheap
So if need be I’ll rip ya head off and throw that shit across the street
Question for any Diz fan hearing this, I’m curious
The fuck y’all see in this nigga? I mean how do y’all take him serious?
You know what you remind me of when you rap?
When you project your tone
You remind me of a nigga with turrets syndrome
Fucking faggot! Faggot!
This motherfucker’s such a racist at heart
10 bucks says he’s afraid of the dark
You bitch made, you better start playing ya part
See you right your first rounds, we chambering ours
Gunning niggas corrupting ya sweet little suburbia
Backyard barbequed breaking bread with murders
Niggas that won’t hesitate to put 10 in ya turban
And send this fake terrorist to his 70 virgins
Team Homi nigga…

[Round 3: Dizaster]

GrindTime rappers, I spoke to 90% of em on the phone
Y’all got bitch made embedded in ya genetic code
You’ll never be better just let it go
Swevah tho, you treated me like an older brother dog
So I’ma respect you yo
Don’t talk between my lines so I could let it go
I said I treated you like a older brother and I respect you bro
And just in return I’ma let you know
Them so call legends in this circle and the friends you know
Will never give you this opportunity to shine
Cuz they wanna be next in line to get the dough
See when you ask for a top tier opponent from a local person
They gon say they on another level bro
Putting themselves above you on a higher pedestal
Which to you usually exceeds way beyond what their efforts show
So in return of them not battling him here
That’s why he developed slow
And y’all gotta fly me out from the West Coast
Just so I could help you grow
Who I are? I raise the bar and discinigrate the envelope
Let’s see how ya weapon look when ya fuckin neck is broke
The chopper like a helicopter propeller, I’ll let the Wesson smoke
The doctor will hear nothing but acapella thru the stethoscope
Y’all gon think it’s The Incredible Hulk
The way the nurses gon be consecutively checking his pulse
I grew up listening to Snoop Dogg & 2Pac
You grew up listening to U-God and Umbak
I grew up watching Michael Jackson moonwalk
You grew up watching Neil Armstrong moon walk
Crusty ass toes, no damn socks with his shoes off
Faggot ass battle rapper with the same swagger
As the grandpa from the Boondocks
Probably still got Rappers Delight jammed inside of his boombox
You never blew up back then cuz no one gave a fuck about you
It ain’t technique it’s them other dudes that grew up around you
Speaking of Grizzle, you told me a bunch of raw shit
Or how Cam’ron and Mase were a couple of faggots you used to ball with
Sounded kinda jealous, salty and all pissed
That’s why they put ‘em down on that long list
Of Harlem kids that got blackballed bitch
And you fuck a black bald bitch
This faggot is fuckin’ lame, he told me a bunch of stories at Grizzle
Trying to throw dirt on Canibus’ name
Come on, tell me the truth, really? Really, that’s not all that?
You didn’t really tell me that
You were gonna hop on him on that one track?
And got all pissed off cuz the motherfucker never called back
So he started bitching to me telling I fucked Canibus’ sister
I fucked Canibus’ sister, I don’t give a fuck if you fucked Canibus’ sister
When you see him you’ll probably ask him for a picture
Time to expose Swave Sevah’s cover
As a child sending you downstairs
To borrow sugar from Mase Betha’s mother
I said y’all used to chill at that building they called it the stash spot
Un Kasa was downstairs flipping that crack rock
Back when Head Ice was sporting that flat top
And if you looked out the window from Cam’s spot
You could see little T-Rex playing in a sandbox
You thought you was just gonna punk me and I was gonna back off?
I grip at the fucking cannon and then clap off
Large cig that I strap to the back of ya pants off
I turn ya man into clam sauce, strike like the back of a matchbox
You get ya whole fucking pants shot
Like you was getting ambushed by black ops
Bullets flying thru the curtains fold ya back like a laptop
You get passed for a basketball mascot or a black Sasquatch
He was in the living room watching TV
When his pops hopped out of nowhere with a fast block
Followed by a reverse backdrop
That’s when he started yelling
“You’re not in class, Dad stop! I’m trying to watch Matlock”
I’m like fuck that, that was the last straw
I don’t care how tough you are I wanna shatter your glass jaw
Run in your house, grab your mom and start tapping her ass raw
Kick your fucking damn dog and beat your cat with a hacksaw
I’ll run in your living room and get a handjob from your grandma
And start stabbing your grandpa with a retractable hand claw
You make me wanna fuckin snap on you!
I mean what would this faggot do?
He’s strong in a scrap, that’s cool
But if you start talking shit I’ma rapidly start stabbing you like Daddy (?)
Treat ‘em all like bitches man I fucking smash your face in
I get rid of your fucking family like my name was Pappy Mason
I mean, I don’t gotta be a gangsta but if the lead be bustin
You will end up in the Hudson with ya family gone like Jennifer Hudson
When you talk ya sound like Chewbacca
You look like a super huge lookin Un Kasa
Fuckin lookin like Nuborn’s father
Fuck that shit, well fuck you too!
I don’t give a fuck that’s what’s up with dude
Fuck around and make me have to snap to smash people
I fuckin came out here to get rid of your town hero
And before I leave best believe I’m building a mosque on ground zero!

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