Dizaster vs. QP (Quantum Physics) [Lyrics]

[Round 1: QP]
I said, the first time we smoked with a mutual friend, it was awkward
No I said the first time we smoked with a mutual friend it was Okwerdz
I had dinner with his parents I assure you it was proper
When I know Dizaster’s father occupation; ssssh it’s a doctor
He’s got ah, crazy type of style that’s bizarre
He don’t even gotta write it down, but when he does…
He got a talent with the bars it’s bizarre he don’t got to jot or type ’em down
But if he did, we can all imagine how he might’ve sound
Instead of jam packing lyrics when we hear it, he would jot it down
With a silent style that’s so quiet now
He’d have to yell it, no, he’d write it down
I said he’s quite the count rapping his bars so fast to the point he that he could hardly speak
He got that elevator flow, once I hear his music I know the bars is weak
So when you start getting crazy the crowd with you see it ain’t hard to see
His opponent no showed and was black, he using some of his DNA bars for me
But it won’t work because clearly I got all my teeth
Diaz, Cadalack Ron is weak
JK, {spanish} my apologies
I said honestly you really think in front of me with a straight spesh’?
You really think he sat down and wrote for me in a day fast?
Gay fag it’s straight that you’re garbage cause you straight trash
Expect boos if you come with the Jin shit you came against A-Class
I said I straight laugh if he ever say he clapped a tooley
Be for real, you really got gats to shoot me?
What else? You get surrounded by packs of groupies with matching jewelry
Matching kufis, funny ain’t a single clip real in this Dizaster movie
I said this faggot’s fruity
Look at his cap twisted I don’t care if he had a Snapple
You sound like a fruit based on projections out your Adam’s Apple
I’ll turn you to a vegetable since you a fruit, that’s a bad example
Tossing salad’s ain’t fruity neither but it’s something that you faggots handle
I say your man’s [?] when you exhale your breath smell you bust a rhyme (Busta Rhyme) then violate her (Violator)
So duh (soda), your girl ain’t give you much sugar like the diet flavor
I’ll get on your helmet leave you with a patch now, you’re like a Raider
Show the world extreme cage fighting, swing then do your eye a favor
You lying faker, if your clique is down you ride bitch
I’m a plumber I can get around inside shit
Krack City don’t get a mention now, why’s this?
And how come only black people in your circle is around your eyelids?
Despite this, he’ll still look good in disguise, I use a potato as a muzzle til it cook and it fries
It being heat, it’s no secret that the bullets arise
You don’t gotta be Einstein when I pull it, surprise (Pulitzer Prize)
If you’re putting your eye on any of P articles, put it together
I raise heat, you see particles
Just cause I dump cans does that mean I got a garbage full?
No, that just means I school kids on how to bust (bus) like Arsonal
So you all know I like him as much as Kobe don’t like Shaq
I want a piece of his girl cause she got doe and a nice rack
I’m fucking his bitch I said, “I’ma tell her” she said, “No he won’t like that.”
I said, “What’s he gonna do? Hit me? It’s not in his DNA. We all know he ain’t like that.”
You can catch me where the bright lights at
Right there where the moth flew
Okwerdz I’m putting your man in a graveyard; shhhh that got to him (tomb)
I find out by the cast you’re making (Jamaican) it rain with
I’ll come visit the monsoon, put him in the skys for free, at no additional cost to him
In disguise for free no costumes
In disguise, free, no cost to him
Disguise and costumes is the same shit
Free, no cost to him
I said if anybody try to say I lost to him cause I said “I dump Glocks”
I’ll get on the phone with my president and fellow S.O.N. Fox
Like, “Life’s a beach. You’ll see/sea real shells when I dump Glocks.”
Bucket (buck it), leave him real pale/pail like a lunchbox
Bucket, pail, lunchbox
Bucket is a pail, pail is a lunchbox
However bucket is not a lunchbox
I said, so after this, battle rap history will say
“QP is an animal for taking three niggas in a day.”

[Round 1: Dizaster]
He said, “He should’ve looked me in his eyes.”
You’re dead already homie why the FUCK did you accept this battle?
This shit right here…is getting hella real
They said you should go slow on ’em cause he choked
Ha ha ha, now he knows how I feel
No pity homie, you look like you could never get in no club
You wearing that shirt is perfect cause you ’bout to get toasted like Quizno’s Sub
I don’t got no time for no bitches
All of your squad is nothing but snitches
That’s why your boy came here dressed up like the shit was Christmas
Hold on I’m ’bout to start ripping this brother
But before I go into the Soul Khan impression you should see how these two faggots started kissing each other
{Dizaster does his Soul Khan impression and puts on glasses}
“Now honestly I got something to say
I left your army defeated
I swear to God I won’t lose to you but if I do I’ll let you call me “Conceited”
I got a file in my hand you can call that I’m fatal
I’ll swear to God he gon’ throw up like DNA, plus his mom is disabled
I put this on everything I love, plus my Hanukkah dreidel and all of my bagels”
I don’t even need these, I’m ’bout to start to rip again
His man Fox looking at the impression like, “Oh NOT HIM AGAIN!”
There’s nothing you can ever do to stop this
Wait a minute I don’t gotta spit no written shit right, Ok’? I fucking got this
But if I do, man I’m tired of your weak flow
My rhymes inspire these people, I don’t gotta fire an Eagle
But if I wave my finger like this, you lose the top of your head cause I’m Sylar from Heroes
Stop shaking on your head, don’t get all bossy on me bro
Wear your stupid fucking hat, I’ll Jeffery Dahmer your ego
You fucking Jackass you should’ve partnered with Steve-O
I bet your mom looks like a Somalian Don Vito
I never had no regard for no people
I’ll rob your father’s Casino even if his name is Robert Deniro
Found yo’ stash and we took yo’ cash and yo’ c-notes
Police recovered half of cream though
But all you got was a quarter back like Dan Marino
Your man gassed you, ask him, he know
This ain’t a match around, shit, for me though
This is like a fucking…a black Danny DeVito
Getting his ass kicked by an Arabic Debo
And after he gets his ass kicked he gon’ have to retreat home
The homie’s gon’ leave me a message on the answering machine phone
Like, “He crossing Atlantic City. Caught up to him trying to flee yo.”
So I pulled up in a jet ski fast, crashed into his speedboat
Hopped out with the Mac rapidly let three go
And automatically blow a hole in your back the size of Pamela’s pee hole
He can’t do that to me though
Cause his life is like Grand Theft Auto and he don’t have any cheat codes
Your dad has an anteater beak’s nose
How you the baddest on the scene when last you was seen froze
On the camera screen getting your ass beaten in Avril Lavigne pose?
You have a face that says, “B.E.T. cancelled my dream show.”
You’re a trans gendered emo, FAGGOT ASS, staff member from Kinkos
Before you beat me, it’s like getting Roseanne to the backseat of a Pinto
Psychological warfare, you know I was gonna obviously go there
Something me and Illuminati commonly both share
So don’t front cause you know you’re scared
You’re battling Goku with that golden glare
My aura is like a solar flare I am colder than a polar bear with no more hair
I’ll show up to the front steps of your home and wear
Regular employee clothing wear
Ring the doorbell like, “Bing bong. Hello you there?
Yeah man we came to fix your broken chair
{gun cocks} We’re with home repair.”
I act like I’m not focused but I’m so aware
Soon as I see her coming down the steps and approach the stairs
Open the door, I give her the coldest stare
Then pop her in the vocal box and walk off and leave her croaking there
Vocal cords exposed to open air
That’s my rebuttal to choking, there
Shouts out to Arisu for keeping me GQ
Y’all want me to address DNA?
Everyone scream, “Fuck DNA!”
Everybody get for an Earthquake
This place deserves to be trashed cause we were ’bout to welcome back
A cat that was never even welcome in the first place
You turned your back and went to Smack and left Poison Pen and them at first base
So you could go to URL and reserve your place
You failed now you want us to welcome you back like that nerd Ma$e
It ain’t gon’ happen you turd face
And if you keep on tweeting and tweeting you will get stabbed in your birdcage
They say I’m the one who’s taking it far
I don’t give a fuck if the streets can relate to his bars
Grind Time basically made you a star
The way you betrayed us showed us how ungrateful you are
Your debut on Grind Time, what happened?
The fans loved you the staff was glad to meet you
Yeah we put up your videos fast, we backed you up with each view
PH and Pen gave you clothes and had your back when you had to eat too
And kept giving you better match ups even though cats would defeat you
See what was happening, he was climbing up the ladder and everyone was happy and peaceful
Til you switched sides on him cause Smack deceived you
Now knowing to them it’s just a business move more than the fact that they actually need you
See loyalty and respect they’re something I have to teach you
This bastard needs to understand this ain’t even a battle this whole acts a preview
Of how you get your ass beat when you bite the hand that feeds you
You got cracked teeth from backstabbing people
You a weak clone your gnome patterns are see through
For stacks of cheese you be acting evil
So it’s destined to be a rat, it’s in that faggot’s gene pool
He went to Smack and started throwing up
And all that throwing up made his neck hurt
You went there to try to become the new Earl Sweatshirt
And you hurled on your sweatshirt
Because of you they should change URL to HURL Network
Your mom is a paraplegic chick and you left her
I don’t know what type of condition she has cause I’m not an expert
But if it’s any kind of genetic mutation I hope scientists one day find some real DNA that can help her
I’ma start stomping your crew
Knocking ’em too
Oh, my bad, I forgot about you!
You can already say the west has hired an assassin
You’ll gon’ see the top dude on the east gon’ beat me?
How? When every time he be rapping he gon’ fire the Magnum
Then finish it off by sounding like he’s crying when he’s rapping
You little puss’ face, your man is a bitch, you too
Yeah, don’t be talking through my shit
I don’t give a fuck cause the shit will never end
Yeah, have you crying again like, “Trese hold me from my back and kiss me on my chin.”
Cali’s mine I go hard I go hard in the south
Crowbar to your mouth
Get your jaw wired like Omar if you shout
You wanna be a known star but you won’t budge from the couch
And all the accomplishments you’ve got is turning fucking Charlie Clips whole car into a couch
It’s a local party he wants to roll out
But his go-kart won’t start so he pouts
Your growth chart is so down
Soul Khan put you so far in the ground
That I’ma need sonar in a boneyard just for your skull shards to be found
Your battery won’t charge cause it’s down
Four shots spin him around, blow sparks from the pound
Psych, I’m throwing blow darts at this clown
Get your skull worn off to the bottom low part of your throat
And both arms get torn off to the ground
I’m a roadblock you’re never walking around
I’m a megladon shark in the water
Ripping the fucking motor off your boat even your coast guard is gonna drown
Then I’ll send your parents a postcard to the town
Like, “We having a blast out here. Both of y’all should come down.”
I use my Hattori Hanzo sword to bogard through the crowd
My flow’s sharp like Mozart with the sounds
Since it’s already over and I’ve killed him there’s only one thing I gotta say to you

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