Calicoe vs. K-Shine [Lyrics]

[Round 1: K-Shine]
After Suge, Beasley hit me up like, “How you feel about Calicoe?”
I said “that nigga aight, he got a nice lil style and flow”
He said “Good, cuz he next up so I hope you got some rounds to go”
I switched my whole shit up like “nigga, FUCK CALICOE!”
All them rhymes about him gripping his hammer, letting his mallet go
Make me slide up like a dancer, howdy bro
Slap the shit out of him, slam him, let my caly blow
Do more clapping than a gamma at a talent show
This y’all “Detroit Monster” the bully in the ring?
Keep cool, mask on, hoodie with his gauge
He laid back waiting for a nigga he could taste
He a Kool Aid nigga cuz there’s sugar in his tank
Now I can’t even imagine you sprayin fo’s and aiming toast
Nigga… ya name is Terraineo!
How the fuck I’m supposed to believe he let that 80 go and laying folks?
Nigga… ya name is Terraineo!
Now I can’t even give him the benefit of the doubt and say
Maybe you let your flamer go
Nigga… ya name is Terraineo! Nigga… ya name is Terraineo!
I ain’t never heard a Terraineo bad as a motherfucker
I just know with a name like Terraineo, I’d be mad as a motherfucker!
Automatic but when I pull it’s like a machine gun
Have him jumping ducking the bullets giving the rerun
Hawk ‘em down, better be masked up with a mean gun
Seeing you masked the only way they say the D won
You a internet blogger, we grip these tools
I sit you in the trauma, ya lid’s removed
Need a vistors pass just to get you views
Cuz all that internet talk will only get you tubed
Another 6 foot nigga with a death wish
I could make you six foot deep with ya head split
Give a fuck what color he claiming when that tech spit
I put them colors together, clear that whole block
That’s a tech trick (Tetris)
They put a grain bred pit against a poodle
A motherfuckin pure scotch sip against a yoohoo
Me, that motherfuckin shit versus doo doo
A motherfuckin April Fools trick versus Voodoo
Now I’da kilt him last year but I was sitting up top
I had to do a bid and I seen the nigga pops
I tried to give ‘em dap but he was cleaning niggas socks
Or sitting by the bubble with his finger in his crotch
I said “Ain’t you Terraineo daddy? Ewww yo
Why the fuck you so nasty? Ya son say y’all kill folks”
He said “Tell Terraineo shut the fuck up, he ain’t never let no steel go
He ain’t a rapper and a vibrator the only way he getting a deal tho (dildo)
I replied “He said you was BMF and you was out there flipping pies
He said “That’s what I’m trying to tell you man, his mom be lying
I’m here for child support, I don’t even think that nigga mine”
You a fucking liar Mr. Hightower, you ain’t pushin’ lead
Only time you droppin them shells is when you cookin eggs
Slap the shit out of Lavida, give a foot to Ced
Put the 40 cal on Regina, give her a hook instead
Elbow to the fat bitch, mush her head
Mr. Hightower be gone like Romeo when I hit ‘em with this Bullethead

[Round 1: Calicoe]

Calicoe versus K-Shine, you trying to get your stripes back, I got mine
You from the hood where they Harlem Shake?
I’m from the hood where a glock 9 can leave him at a stop sign
He from a hood where they say
“They’ll put you on the water like a scuba nigga, you done scuba nigga” Stop lying
Every nigga I came with strapped like they ready to rock climb
The whole Dotmob will get rotten dot com
For them chickens when I got the biscuit I Pop-eyes
It ain’t ya best battles when I give yo top 5
Cuz it’s gon make New York one eye witness and fox 5
Y’all know I’m not from out here, I know them channels and I’m not lying
It ain’t gon take that much to get rid of Shine
I send a couple shots at Mook, X already X’d out Nemesis
Fuck Rex cuz DNA already finished him
It’s gon take more than Gatorade to replenish them
Since you acting like you rich and the cash bathe you
Smack security tight I hope the staff save you
Only reason Mook signed to a Cash label
Is cuz they felt sorry about them 12 staples
Ah shit, was that something that wasn’t supposed to leak out?
Well I ain’t with the dry snitching so ain’t nothing left to speak bout
Last time I was here a nigga told Big Proof to rest in hell
Therefore respect is not an option that lesson failed
Hopefully them Dotmob niggas will get the message well
When AR clips ripping his chest and his vest as well
See I’m trying to give ‘em a clip like a blooper nigga
Call me Carlton I’m coming alone I don’t need a group of niggas
Murda Mook thru ‘em at me like he was a super nigga
Everybody battle the rookies he choose to battle a vet? Stupid nigga!
For some reason when Harlem niggas get slack
They talk all this crazy shit in their slick raps
They talk all this money shit like they get stacks
Like packing a mac in the back of the Ac’ man that shit wack!
Why the fuck would I pack the mac in the back of the Ac?!
In Detroit we ride with in our lap!
Just like I told Nuborn, little nigga you just a middle man
Rex is under Mook, you under Rex, so what that makes you?
The little man’s little man?
One question, how the fuck yo big homie got a big homie?
Against Suge he said
“When he see that Tommy he’ll figure (Hilfiger)”
I said that against Nuborn you tried to clone me
So I’ma clone myself a young nigga to get respect like a OG
So when that 40 bust I ain’t freezing no OE
Remember when I first came to the league and I battled Yung Ill?
And everybody underestimated me they ain’t know that I had skill?
Then Ill said “who is this nigga?” off of that one line Ill got his fame
Y’all forgot? Me and my nigga Ill had a classic and I did my thing!
Nigga relax, it’s cool, you stole my Tommy Hilfiger line from me
So I stole that from Mook
I know that he’ll say this y’all gon think I’m a wild guy
But don’t he look just like that lil nigga from How High?
Aye Ness, it’s the skin mark of Buddha
Y’all know he in Dotmob but he swearing that his mags pop
And got a dot in the middle of his head and using his ass for the mascot
For cash/guap I’ll leave Shine with a smashed top
He drop thru Jersey and Baltimore, this his last stop
What you bout, 5’3”? Looking worst than Nuborn standing beside me
It ain’t gon be no need for a doctor and a IV
Cuz who the fuck can I identify him
Once I start beating ‘em worst then a (?)
Snatching out this guy’s teeth and I’m stealing his ID
He don’t wanna try me, I let the glock fly three
And let these bullets park in son (Parkinson)
And leave him shaking when I leave (Ali)

[Round 2: K-Shine]

This knucklehead been dead, I was just waiting for the drop
To treat him like parking and give whatever’s vacant, a lot
Ya block booming I send them goons in raiding ya spot
With all heaper don’t think that it’s wolves/wall street
When they raising the stock
Cuz for that D I run Miles with that Heckler Koch
Duck tape Calicoe, get the rest of them shot
Let Big Mac go, bring Marvwon to a stop
Play tic-tac-toe and put X in a box
Now real niggas do what they want so we don’t play by rules
All them tough niggas you rap about, they not you
I make sure all of y’all dead when I spray my tool
Or I’ma come around again like Déjà vu
Now this on true, Mook got a nice call about this dyke whore
To enlighten y’all to get in tune with his life more
Now he live outside of Detroit at place call Brightmoor
In a nice house with white doors
Red picket fence, lifeguards and a nice shore
Nigga you living on the beach, where the fuck you let that 80 go?
You ain’t even from the D, that’s probably why you shady tho
You ain’t ever grip shit, switch clips, make a daisy grow
Think you Trick Trick nigga? Ya name is Terraineo
See I knew what you was gon do? Be just like the rest
Say I get my rhymes from Mook, the punchline vet
How I switch my style up so I think I’m Rex
How you gon sing to ‘em, squeeze 10 and leave them stretched
But y’all pussy cuz I ain’t hear a dutch rhyme yet
They can’t compare me to you, we too different
For instance, I make it rain in order for them to get it
You, hate the rain cuz it be pouring in ya kitchen
Me, I open up my 40 get ‘em lifted
Nigga you open up your 40 and get a ticket
I be balling for New York without the Knick drawn
You ain’t ballin in Detroit, you just getting pissed on
I grip arms til its gone then I switch that
McDonalds, you could see number one and see the Big Mac
Get ya whole leg cracked, that grizzly talk skip that
I put all you bears/beers in a box like a 6 pack
Where the fuck is Smack? Y’all know what I’m about to say, right?
You always come up with this dumb shit
Last nigga had stage fright, now y’all put a wrestler in a UFC cage fight
He a dolphin with one fin trying to swim with a great white
Nigga you don’t take shots, nigga you take pipe
Nigga you don’t love to fly, nigga you take flight!
Better watch what you say like, cuz they might, hold them ‘K’s tight
Go shot for shot at that line like they trying to break ice
I’m a brand new clip in the Nina type of nice
You a birthday card to Sharena type of nice
You say “K-Shine” they think of bringing heaters to a fight
Slugs flying, somebody ain’t leaving here tonight
You say Terraineo, you think of “I could sleep him with a right
Put both hands around his throat, squeeze him out his life”
Most of my battles be 5 grand, I had to settle for a stack
Cuz even tho you light fire, you’ll never be a match
Shoutout to the nigga that sent Rex that damn text
Easy way to get your camp stretched
Planned death, after this shit we on a lear jet to the Midwest
St. Louis nigga on bedrest, they’re next, ZIP EM UP!

[Round 2: Calicoe]

So I was getting my Facebook on right, you know my pimpin game good
Hoes keep talking bout my battle with a nigga named Suge
So I put it on my status like every other man would
And I got a inbox from a nigga named K-Shine
He like “what’s good” I’m like “nigga, I’m chillin’”
He say when ya next battle, I say you the next victim
He like ever since I been out man ya flow’s been thru the ceiling
I mean I killed Shotgun Suge but nigga you KILT him
You know my reply to that was “look at this wack ass nigga
Always talking bout cans but never got stacks ass nigga
Swear he got the bag but never seen with packs ass nigga
On Twitter he the “I followed you so follow me back” ass nigga
You know they talk about matches living a trap ass nigga
Swear they don’t like you
But when they see you they give you dap ass nigga”
If don’t nobody know what I’m talking about
And happen to ask y’all niggas
Just say it’s them “packing the mac in the back of the Ac ass” niggas
This what he had URL first
I want the crowd to help me thru my situation
Like I’ma be K-Shine, I want y’all to react like Dotmob
And show some crowd participation, let me get to character
“So if he roll up, I’m letting off Brazy if he do
My flow sick it belong in the crazy institution
But none of that really matters cuz with that 80 I’m elusive
The wrong stare will get you rocked they should trade me for medusa”
Ever since I could remember I was a ruthless child
Dotmob was relevant but they useless now
So if I catch Shine lurking, you fuck around and hear “poop, poop, pow!”
For being in my projects I’ma turn that coo coo cow
I’ll shoot the pound, try to see a nigga brains ripped
That’s the tip my hood used to be on when today they on the same shit
He hustling backwards, never making them profits on the cocaine shit
Therefore he in the streets pedaling for nothing, his chain slipped
I bang fif’s so you better keep a llama with you
You gon need government assistance like that shit Obama get you
Everybody getting touched when that drama hit you
Fuck with us? Nigga we shooting even if yo mama with you
I wanna see my son make it, I’m a focused dad
After 8 blow you’ll never know how man eggos my toaster had
But when he boast and brag knowing that I toke the mag
He look just like the How High nigga so I’ma smoke his ass
So what ya life like nigga? Mine quite hype
You push my buttons I might swing I’m on Fight Night
I’m trying to change some shit around to get my life right
But after I black out you couldn’t see me with a night light
I’m confused, this clown still trying to say we related
When Miles been told y’all back in the day these fags dated
Mook was the one giving it, Rex was the one taking it
What Miles forgot to mention was Shine was the one taping it
You fucking homo’s claiming to be so cold
If Smack had plaque’s these pussies wouldn’t go gold
All of y’all bitches y’all should all wear Manolos
And in the future he might be the better rapper
Cuz I bet you he have a hot 16 after these 4-4’s
Zip ‘em up!

[Round 3: K-Shine]

You ain’t consistent with ya rhymes, ya talent like a seesaw
You see fast cash and react fast, you a Jackass Ior
You talk violence but you ain’t with that drama shit that we for
I’m a tour guy with that Desert bout to take ‘em on a Detour
No, I mean a D tour, first stop Detroit
I’ma get on my X-Factor shit with him
Walk on his porch in a tank top and some slippers in
Drag his punk ass to the shore, dip ‘em in
Missed a first shot on purpose to see him twitch again
Missed a first shot but I bet you that I won’t miss again (Michigan)
I find him in LA do his bitch like a fisher, bayer
Give her friends 24 like Kobe, take her
With that 40 like Ron Ron, trade her
To get to you I side by side face her to the water
Load up, Pow/Pau lake her/Laker
You get ya apple picked when I click it on a hater
You’ll be Indianapolis when I put you on a pacer
Take you to the A where that Trey pound spark
They don’t need cocoa butter just to take out marks
They don’t need a 22 just to lay down chalk
They’ll throw that deuce up and get you A town stomped
(?) on deck, I’ll let it peel all night
KOS all my nigga Kill On Sight
Send them tech’s just to make you feel all light
Swervin like Paul Wall put your grill on ice
You from Brightmoor, that’s probably why you napkin soft
I’m from the side of New York where niggas letting them ratchets off
Big headed fucker, easy for them to clap it off
From the Big Apple where they turn that big apple to apple sauce
Nigga said “look out for DNA” I said “where? What you a doctor?”
I said “what happened to that Spanish nigga?”
He said “Jo no say, he don’t want nada, he all sweet inside”
I said, “Si pinata” so I leave him alone (?) de nada
I’m hungry for a dollar when that block hot like lava
I make the fiends cop on a bite like Estrada
Cortez drunk off that Puerto Rican rum and that vodka
That Puerto Rican chopper go que que que que pasa!
As far as DNA, I hate yo fucking style
I hate yo fucking hairline, I hate yo fucking smile
I hate that fucking Mexican always in ya shadow
And I hate that fucking hoodie you wear to every fucking battle
Now back to Terraineo cuz this shit here is paid time
But for the record I’ll kill both of you niggas, at the same time
I was taught if you don’t catch ‘em, do a driveby
You was taught “if they don’t catch you if you drive by”
I ring a BELL like RAJA
And for them chips I’ll put you in a bag, wise guy
Your triangle cheesy, y’all Dorito made
Onion rings around his eyes, you gon need those shades
When I popcorns don’t let ya eagles stay
Better pull a dipsey doodle or get frito laid
You better have them goons when I’m holding a tech
I’m hitting 12 like noon when I roll on a set
I don’t care about them jewels that’s froze on ya neck
Like a pirate for that treasure I’ll open ya chest!

[Round 3: Calicoe]

I hate when lil niggas talk big, that shit be having me thinking yo
Like you too small to match up with any of us
So what the fuck is you speaking for?
Say for instance I ain’t had a mag I bet this jab will leave you leaking tho
He’s not my friend that probably explains why I keep a 4 (foe)
He’s supposed to stay on that shallow side he came deeper tho
The bars I got kills niggas call that the grim reaper flow
He so small if he put his arms to his waist he’ll damn near reach his toes
Therefore I ain’t gotta smack him or shoot him
I’ll throw his lil ass in a sleeper hold
Like “go to sleep lil nigga, get knocked out like Rex and Mook used to”
It’s probably new to you but trust me
This something that Rex and Mook used to
So we supposed to believe you gangsta serving ‘caine and got the kush up
Cuz you did 6 months in a boot camp and you look rough?
Nigga you was locked in a place where ya punishment was a pushup
And you was eating steak you don’t know about the cook ups
Moms and pops weekly putting money for ya books up
He had a job call ‘me anytime he needed a cookup
Nigga was Master P I swear he had the- no, he just did everybody laundry
I know it ain’t rhyme but who gives a fuck, this nigga suck
Goodz took time out to bury him, I’ma dig him up
Always on Murda Mook dick trying to big him up
After I clip him up I bet they’ll really have to zip ‘em up
I got this acrobatic matic that’ll flip ‘em up
And trust me when they seen these (CD) burners it’ll rip ‘em up
So listen up, I be reading these niggas
Always talking bout the streets but who believe in these niggas
When I look at them it’s something I don’t see in these niggas
I’m on my momma I don’t think it’s this much of G in these niggas
For the simple fact they roll with clowns like that light skin nigga
Making frowns and dancing around, what you the hype man nigga?
Well I’ma show you niggas what mags do
Fuck around and blast two, have one of my niggas drag you
Until you leaking Ragu
The shit gon be looking sad too, call ‘em the body bag crew
Matter fact that song might happen after I body bag you
Yo niggas against my niggas, let’s have a standoff
Mook was at a club at Detroit called Luckies, I swear to god ya man soft
I was in the club showing love on my momma this what ya man saw
Me chillin with 20 niggas and rolled out like a quarterback after a handoff
I hate niggas that be fronting for the booth
When it’s danger I drain ‘em, put a gutter in his roof
Who is Dotmob? The fans don’t know nothing but Mook
With that Heat I’m Eddie House, I don’t do nothing but shoot!
9 bullets for 9 lives I kill cats
My life like a game of Jenga I build stacks
Try to roll up on me but ya wheels flat
How you living that Jay-Z with Meek Mill stacks?
After a nigga battle me I make him feel wack
Cuz it’s a difference between metaphors and real rap!

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