Hollow Da Don vs. Goodz [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Hollow Da Don]

I hate being predictable when people know what I’m bout to say
So fuck it, let’s get the underarm jokes out the way
The way he was sweating rivers it’s like he had canoeing on his mind
Like it was playoff time, clock 0.9 and Ewing’s at the line
At his last battle all the bitches was like “look at Goodz”
Cuz unlike Brad, them pits (Pitt) wasn’t looking good
Then I heard Goodz got a gun connect, he gave ‘em the chrome credit
Goodz said, “thanks for the arms!” Dude said, “don’t sweat it!”
Then he want a stack from Rich Dolarz but he was still stressing rhymes
Him and Lux jerked Mook but he swear he had the better lines
He like, “I beat Rich fair and square, I swear that cheddars mine!”
Now he think he getting close to the god
Just cuz he get his bread and wine
Set the date and set the time, I separate his head and spine
Levitate, let him fly, leatherface …nevermind
I got some other shit set aside, who think Goodz is tough?
Good, cuz ima show you Goodz ain’t good enough
I’ll wait for him to get a deal, run up on his white hummer
Give ‘em five like the Jackson’s
And leave him on the will like Mike’s mother
Even he said don’t fuck with Hollow he’s a pipe buster
He’ll be the first to let it fly, you right brother
I’ll leave him baffled and shocked, I throw tantrums a lot
That pipe with me, rice crispies, I snap, crack you and pop!
Black mac stashed and a glock, nevermind
Let’s talk about how he stare at the crowd for reactions
Like they ain’t get the rhyme
I mean what you say is gay, cuz you pause after every line
Then he said Conceited is sick with that house in Virginia
Why you talking so Malice?
Like we don’t know about your apartment in Dallas
He the overprotective type
He looking for a bitch to spend the rest of his life with
I’m lookin’ for a bitch to spend the rest of the night with
Your wife, shit we play good cop, bad cop with that trife bitch
Cuz you hand cuffed her and I gave her the night stick
I mean, I didn’t wanna hit his bride but it was wetter than a slip
And slide and I just slipped inside
Now why you say you battled Cassidy, but he never say the outcome
We know Cass got a deal, he got left without one
Hooked up with Swizz in early 2000
And that’s when he got with Cass and then dropped your ass
Damn, we thought he did Mashonda bad
But it’s on to the next one, on to the next one, so I’m on to the next one
I can’t forget that hoe Rex, that rap like he get more checks
But last time I seen him
He had a boost phone that’s so old that it don’t text
And he rap about G5’s when he battled Okwerdz and had to go west
No jet’s but they coach Rex
And goodz gon play Mark Sanchez and start jettin fast
Cuz I’m a come with that Cal to see him (coliseum)
And make sure the metal land (Meadowland)
Now I know that last bar wasn’t like super duper duper duper cold
But it is if you compare that he the Giant and I’m the super bowl
LOM, you Snow dattttt!

[Round 1: Goodz]

This is exactly what I mean nigga…
Matter fact I can’t say that about Hollow
He one of them extra baggy jean niggas
Last battle I was sweating crazy, respect, I’m hood
But that was a $300 shirt, that Burberry made that sweat look good
Now Hollow can spit, but lets make it clear tho
Besides the fact that Hollow can spit, he’s a motherfuckin weirdo
I deal with O’s, I deal with pounds
I deal with bricks with some to share tho
It’s absurd the way I get rid of them birds, I’m a motherfuckin’ scarecrow
This bitch had the nerve to ask me was I prepared tho
I said, bitch! I be killing these niggas drunk, you think I really care hoe?
Truthfully I don’t even think that this is fair tho
To put a nigga that got so much style against a nigga that’ll wear those
It’s nothing you could do with me Hollow
If you called a Uhaul you ain’t moving me Hollow
Used to think you was nice, but now you be losing me Hollow
How you gon pull and shoot at bullet proof?
To kill me y’all gon need a few of these Hollow’s
I take oozes and make movies for the best actor
Call my gun nem, you see that dot? I X factors
All these battle niggas wanted to battle who the best rapper
I don’t give a fuck, long as them rounds is done I get that check after
But you lost to Arsonal, CLEARLY! NO DEBATING!
In my five battles if a nigga say I lost CLEARLY! You know he hating!
But Hollow don’t grip tools, we know he ass
I really played the block, skip school, wouldn’t go to class
I always had street smarts, never ran on niggas
So I ain’t have to know Math to put hands on niggas
Disrespect and shatter ‘em
Had to shit Conceited out just so Rex could battle him
Now in the streets I’m a kill you cuz the street peoples knows
I’m what you put ya money on
But you the stripper cuz you might only beat me on the poles (polls)
Ask Heez, he shoot the shotty, I move the oxy’s
But he is losing sloppy, wish he could disappear
I said yeah can chew him properly
This ain’t a battle this a wake y’all just here to view the body
I done diffused a lot of plans
If y’all niggas done heard one of Hollow Da Don’s songs
It’ll be like when AC’s first came out cuz you’ll lose a lot of fans
That’s why I’m sleeping on Hollow, a lot of snow
That shit you do, I mean it used to be cool but now it’s boring
I’m a need a freak in here with a fat ass that bleeped ya hair
Hard statements, god patience and Jesus ears
I’m a need Henny, Remy, another bottle of Henny
And when that’s half past gone
I still won’t be able to listen to them wack ass songs
Now that’s mad wrong but you don’t just snitch
You test the equipment, you get ya lab rat on
Y’all could view horror yell
Be happy you here to witness this the view slaughter hell
I got a prediction for this new Sparta, well
My prediction is, you gon take so many losses in the ultimate rap league
That U R a L
Buck 50 cross his face and his skin
If I don’t like him that’s when the trouble waiting to begin
Suffocate him til he die, suffocate him again
They say why Goodz always drinking while he battle?
Cuz I’m already celebrating my win!

[Round 2: Hollow Da Don]

Now if I go to my writtens right now I’d definitely murk you
But I’d rather come with fire off the head, Mike Jack’s Pepsi commercial
Nigga talking bout Hanz like you nice with these
Niggas call me Hands cuz they can count on me
This nigga said my songs is terrible and he said my beats is trash
They don’t care how I sound on the beat, as long as I beat yo ass
Then I heard Goodz got bags
I went to the BX to see how much for each pound
They said goods, bags, what you looking for Key Food or C-Town?
He send niggas for me now, I send niggas 6’3” now, caught him on the rebound And slammed his ass without looking like D. Brown
His man, Charlie Clips, did one battle and he think he’s top 3 now
How we supposed to believe Charlie got clips
When we only seen three rounds?
The shit about you that’s hideous, ya neck got baby fat and it’s sickening
How I’m supposed to believe you spitting clips?
Quit with all that jibbersish nigga ya neck is still ticklish
I mean that’s where grandma tickle him
Make him sandwiches his breath start smelling all pickilish
She feed you ridiculous, so when he talking beef
He ain’t talking bangers burners and gang murders
When he talking beef he talking flame burgers and frankfurters
So the day Goodz hold the semi
Will be the day Oprah host a show for Biggie
Or Suge Knight chauffeurs Diddy thru Corbert city
But the day I miss a step will be the day Goodz gets a neck
Any day I step on this nigga’s set and say fuck what y’all niggas rep
Cuz if I’m vexed, put him to sleep drag him on my jet
Just to make the picture clear, put the picture in the air
Make it clear it’s a hi death (Hi Def)
Now let’s look on the bright side at least he can’t die no more
I heard about you in the interrogation room when they bodied bol
I wasn’t hundred percent sure that Goodz dropped a dime before
So I let that thing start ringing and if he start singing
Than I’ll be sure (Al B. Sure)
He screamed on Conceited cuz he small
Got in Tech 9 face cuz he from out of state
But he battled Ice in Harlem and gave him a lot of space
He even laughed at his bars, it was tiring and sad
He looked like a jolly go lucky son was admiring his dad
Than he invested in a CD and tried to get cake
Rent came and got evicted with a mixtape
Should’ve bought a toilet and a ruler and tried to get your shit straight Shit face, that purp I need a gallon a jug
Or half a gallon goods and lose a gallon of blood
My niggas aim and squeeze when we bust these arms
He tried to reach and was spitting out blood cuz he brushed me wrong
Then I’m gone, then I’m on to the next one, on to the next one
Aye Goodz why Swizz treat you like a stepson?
Always let you hear a beat, never let you catch one
You mad cuz all my dogs fly like Jetson
And I keep a gun in the crib for if intruders creep
You’ll scream, “who’s there?” I shoot than speak
I could run in your shit and cock the ruger piece
Cuz you ain’t got no heat in ya house, your supers cheap
And you super cheap, can’t renew your lease
But when you rap houses are nothing you got two or three
Truthfully I do it to, divide the cake, nigga who are you?
A hula hoop cuz having you a round’s (around’s) a waste

[Round 2: Goodz]

Ya last battle I was sweating crazy
But I got no regrets mayne, check game
I put these bird niggas under my wing, right by the sweat stains
Grab Hollow throw him in a head lock while I’m trying to break his neck
He like “yo Chamberz help!” I’m like “shutup lil nigga, take this sweat!”
You’s a dick rider Hollow, no man I see
Get the steppin’ cuz it’s clear you joined NYB for protection
I mean I just don’t get it, you got a name, you spit it like it’s true
You a well known battler, I mean you get a lot of views
Okay here’s something I wanna ask
Why would you take a fraction of ya career to do numbers under Math?
NYB the heat, Hollow Lebron, Math is Wade, it’s still the same theme
Cuz you couldn’t do it by yourself
So you went and got help, but it’s still Dwyane Wade’s team
Don’t get me wrong y’all all aight, but just don’t go together
Don’t act rowdy
Cuz I ain’t trying to approach you niggas to roast you niggas
I just might have to coach you niggas, I’m Pat Riley
Normally I don’t do this but, I said let me watch one of Hollow’s battles
Try to get some life from him
So I put on Hollow vs Okwerdz and started to write for him
Now after the 3rd round I fucking hated I watched him
Cuz all they was doing was yelling back and forth
What the fuck y’all had a relationship problem?
If he saying he popping, he stuntin’
How y’all gon put half a gal of Goodz against this nigga with a weak stomach?
I gotta riddle for y’all, if I got two races and he won it
When I slice ya just think Chrysler, buck 50, buck 50, 300!
Y’all can’t tell me Hollow ain’t a dope head
What y’all think he be leaning of the lean? No Hollow get his nose fed
He set a scene with promethazine, don’t mean to shock and play you
But how you spit thinkin you sick
Drinking something that a doctor gave you
Me and my niggas play like the doctors play too
Cuz we lay niggas down and give em shots like they do
Ya dry thought’s will show in the end
I Vaseline all my bullets, make sure they go in his skin
Aim low for the shins
He catch darts from that Macy Gray four four blocka
It’s like cocoa butter I stretch marks and make ‘em fade away
Who wanna take his place? Y’all rappers play rounds scared
I keep all of them in they place
I’m like the gel ya bitch use I make em lay down here (hair)
I mean do y’all really listen to the way this nigga rap?
I tie you to a chair by ya hair and make you disappear
Hollow that shit is wack
Why you rap like you constipated? But think you trying to flip out?
But then again I think your raps are constipated
Sound like it’s hard to get ya shit out
My crib got a bar and a big couch
You look like you live with ya moms, got kicked out
Y’all think hollow the rebuttal king? Well you in trouble bitch cuz I’m a show them When you got time to think it’s easy to rebuttal shit
Now it might be a freestyle to y’all
But while I’m rappin all he doing is thinking of bars
This is actual fact, no fibbing for a gimmick
He just gon take those same bars
And put em in the beginning of his written
So before I let him do everything I just said, for the love of the sport
I got one question for Hollow
How the fuck is it gonna feel to rebuttal a loss? Faggot!
[Round 3: Hollow Da Don]

Did y’all hear Goodz writtens?
Those were some good writtens, now good riddance
Nigga them bars was trash
I should reach for the waste and dump, and get rid of all this trash
Your garbage ass belong inside a garbage bag
Chop you up put you in zip locks and will all be glad
He said I don’t rebuttal in the middle of the writtens
He said he’ll put me in a headlock
I got sharpshooters with head shots, BANG! BANG! BANG! Craig’s pops
You kinda new but niggas tired of you, what you an old amateur?
Run up on you and yo manager
Flip no spatula or I hammer ya like the old Gallagher
Got glocks that slang so it’s not a game when I said I soul calibers
How you compare a glock to a Dillinger? A drop to an Avenger?
And since I brought that shit up and first I was like I’m not gonna battle ya
I should’ve did like a dodger and charge ya
Cuz this challenger is not in my caliber
But then I said fuck it, but then he turned mad puss
He knew he’d get his ass cooked, you knew it’d be a bad look
I put the pressure on him like, “Do the fucking battle!” he was mad shook
He knew that I was fire
So I damn near had to strike him just to get a match book
Then he tried to hit me with the side story
He said you know my boo Sue?
I said yeah, ya boo who? He said my boo Sue she just got cancer
I said get over it, boo hoo
Out of spite have niggas run in the crib, rape his booboo, the baby crying
Pistol whip him, they got a lil booboo
But I was tight my niggas raped ya hype
But I ain’t polite banged her twice
Bust a nut up in your pregnant wife
You know just to make sure the baby’s lite
He came home took a shower
Smelled something when his face was wiped
I use ya towel as my nut rag, nigga them my baby wipes
Now he claim he nice and hustle hard like Ace Hood
CO’s invested, dropped it, straight wood
Now that label wish they could go to the 1700’s if they could
And trade Goods
Wait, Goodz lets not get it misconstrued
This ain’t the BX versue QU, this is unnnnhhh versus oooooohhhh!
This is yayyyyy!!!! Versus booooooo!!!
This Hollow Dininon in the spot queens represent, versus youuuuuu
Cool, ya bitch I supplied her with ten
Big dick, his bitch thought I was high off extends
Nigga that’s for calling my boots Lugz that’s a lie they were Timbs!
For gambling with his life with one dice he gon die with his man
Now cool this is the plan, clip him then start clipping his man
Grab the 4, go loco (4Loko) than get rid of the can
Now with the 6 crackin’ Goodz gon turn true blue
With 5 poppin’ Goodz gon leak sue woo
Now think about them last few bars and let the numbers mix
Goodz just got his head cracked, 4, 5, 6
And earlier I ain’t call out Clips and Rex
For a battle I just felt they crossed a line of disrespect
But I apologize to the fans cuz if I want a battle
I ain’t gotta ever ever ever ever gotta call y’all name
Ball game! Where he at? Ball game nigga, BX! You snow that!

[Round 3: Goodz]

Wait a minute, his man talking bout BQE
He wanna brag on a rack
But no one from New York still wear tags on they hat
You must be dreaming, who you think you better than?
I saw you smack boxing with the rookies now you swinging with a veteran
Hollow rep LOM and they keeping him for President
Do y’all know what LOM mean? Leaning Off of Medicine
This has got to be the cleanest you have ever been
Beasley why you keep giving me these dirty niggas?
Hold up smack pause all the cameras
Hollow one of them niggas every time you see him they filthy
Shit I thought you was an auto mechanic
Back to back warring with cannons I got two arm shells
Get his bitch the whole magazine, Blu Contrel
Fuck this rap shit, I’m riding, we shoot arms well
Nigga hollow never roll, he got that new car smell
And we ain’t stopping til the war is done
To beat me y’all gon need Math, Cortez and Hollow all in one
I’m hurting em, I start to squirting ‘em
That’s word to my daughter that slaughter come if I grab that water gun
Back to battle I saw what was going wrong
I wanna say sorry to my fans I was gone so fucking long
But I was thinking of who to battle thinking of all the stories
Knew Math and Rex ten years each, clips my fucking brother
The rest of you niggas bore me
I thought about battling Ayeverb, but that nigga’s so fucking corny

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