Tsu Surf vs. K-Shine [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Tsu Surf]

Bow ya head, close ya eyes
We are gathered here today to mourn and then to bury
The grim reaper hit my beeper he need a body he need it in a hurry
Pay attention as I read from this obituary this bitch should worry
Round 1 let me teach you survival when you swimming
The real OG’s taught me never change when you winning
So it’s not about who got the wilder flow we got a few rounds to go
I won’t use this Shotgun I’m bout to use this Calico
I run up with the pumps in mind run up things across ya spine
Tissue ripped, coffins flying, everybody awww and I’in
First his chest then his neck, neck’s across this barbwire
It’s about to get badder than the Cavs when they lost Lebron
If you strapped than I’m strapped more
Clapped then I clap more, cause and effect these eagles equal that floor
By all means I think you should tune in if you that sure
And I promise I ain’t get these angry birds from the app store
All my shooters like fast food whichever homie I grab yo!
I say come, soon as you see that nigga let that mag blow
I wait till all his bitches sleep and that drug money moving mad slow
Then park at his place
Then when he take that board walk hit em with 200 like he past go
Now I understand why Calicoe say you ain’t gotta rhyme
Cuz at 9 minutes 10 seconds Suge versus Shine, Mook slapped yo ass
It’s them packing the mac in the back of the ac niggas
I see where you feds at
I just never met gangsta that mag clap and ass slap
I mean that second round shit was cold
But I had another football epiphany when I was writing
Like you up in that Charger, hit em with the lightening
Dressed like a Raider but do it like a Viking
Larry (?) All it takes is ten to see (Tennessee) him titans
I know you wondering why I’m calm, ya aggression just don’t push me
That and the fact that when it come to niggas who act
It’s no reason to be hard around pussies
I send ya moms to the park with them bad kids
I ain’t bring a costume, I came as is
I stand there for a second cuz her ass big
Then let that 40 make Waka adlibs
I’m a lurker, late night flow you definitely going down
Up is where you might go, I see you, you see me
Pause and the light blow
You better have a hundred bodyguards on Geico
Cuz when I fix up my jacket I think of sss.. All wrong
When I think of ya jacket I think of Thong Song
Parole see my jacket they see drugs letting that tech peel
Ya jacket more forever 21, wet seal
I can honestly promise I won’t miss the shot if I’m moping
Whoever most outspoken gon catch this J before K think I’m joking
What’s all that tough shit you said about Jers? Say it now
You deuce deuce, me, Smith and Pound
You only mad cuz you heard about ya mama and how she get around
You yell zip em up! She say zip it down
Just pay attention while a real nigga talk and stop trying to be tough boy
You would actually have potential
If you wasn’t associating with these fuck boys
Thought I’d wake up after the Calicoe battle I’m still sleep
That little pretty pink fairy jacket you had on, real sweet
Tell smack send a double, I’m Kobe I need real D
Like he gon need K and Ill to kill me
Dino the guard dog you’ll get ya bed rocked
I wore oven mitts, cuz the lead hot
How could I explain 100 shots from ya head to ya ankle
When that lead pop, it’s like baseball, Cleveland versus Boston
In the end (Indian) all you see is red socks (sox)
Round 1 straight bars, I ain’t trying to get rid of you yet
Cuz I ain’t talk about that light skin niggas tongue ring
Ya big homie getting knocked out or that Chlamydia yet

[Round 1: K-Shine]

He’s too predictable, I know what he gon do
Say lines about Funeral, lines about Rex and Mook
But let’s see what he gon do when I say some shit that’s true, for example
I was on the subway my lil cousin asked me a question
But I was looking a different direction
So she asked again, tried to grab my chin
I said wait wait, give me a second
Cuz it’s this poster above the window and I vividly read it, and it said that
Anyone caught with a loaded weapon will be sentenced
To 3 and a half years in bold letters no exceptions
Now the first thing I thought of was Suge
“free my brother Surf on that strap charge”
But 2 months later he on a smack card, talking bout im back y’all
Now either that’s odd
Or that’s the fastest 3 and a half I ever seen for a gat charge
Now I did a bid and a half in a max for some crack
He did a week in a half at the max for a gat
So that explains all the Donatello’s and purple flags wrapped to the back
Cuz every ninja turtle had one leader and that was a rat
But honestly I like your rhymes Surf, how you come in with your fif’
Call you nick twin cans drumming with the clip….
Woooo! That shit even look cool
How you come in and you spit
I just can’t believe it’s true that it’s coming from a snitch
You got undercover from Akron with a bop that’s mean
Y’all seen In Too Deep he showed him all his spots, his seed
So he made it look believable when it was time to pop that thing
But when it was time to ride hard he dropped a dime on god
You ain’t no cop Jay Reed
We driving racks to the water got a few of them dumping
Nigga pool parties, got a few of them trunks
You doing too much, that explains why Surf got a Tsu (sue) in the front
I catch Surf when it’s time to re-up trying to buy pies
Flare put his connect in the air like wi-fi
Pick a place in the United States you wanna die by
I sync em right thru the US B (USB) like an ipod
The llama toking, that drama’s up
I squirt four’s the demolish him
Like Hollister all they finding is Surf clothes
As far as lust for a rat, it ain’t none,
This nigga rather drop down a sentence before he take one
A pack of newports to give a statement about you
And this the nigga y’all all giving me doubt to?
Heart? Nigga I spray it up out you
Tsunami Surf… heh… nigga ain’t nothing wavy about you
You had your pants stuffed in your boots
Talking bout you had that work tucked
I give 9 to 5 if they get a nigga worked up
Loud as thunder, it’s cowabunga the way I put that Surf up
Now let’s get a little personal shall we? I got a lil busy Newark
Hey Roxy, I said you know Surf? She said who? Tsunami?
The nigga with the goatee that be throwing all the parties
I said parties? You talking bout another Surf…
Sorry, the Surf I’m talking bout this nigga catching bodies
She said, “he got a 16 year old girlfriend?” I said pausey
She said “he be on Smack doing raps all cocky
Four sweaters on trying to act like he stocky
Always waving his hand like he gon clap somebody
And he wears boots in his pants,” I said that’s him, copy!
She said you battle him next? I said yeah, she said body
And tell em Asia father said he gon kill em
Next time he catch him in that lobby
Asia Dean… hmmm… Asia Dean, that’s the name of that lil bitch
You pressure her for kisses in that lobby on Elizabeth
Rub up on her body, see her father and a nigga dip
Always give her lies like he gon take her on a business trip
But her father said she can’t go nowhere without a permission slip
This motherfuckin pedophile y’all say this nigga tough?
Fuck DNA, what’s my slogan?

[Round 2: Tsu Surf]

Now ain’t this some shit, if you look at the Rex versus Math battle
T-Rex clearly said
If she old enough to cross the street she old enough to get hit
It sound like the pedophile’s in ya clique
Twat mob, so it’s evident y’all the type of niggas that’ll make a gang
Difference between us and y’all
We don’t gotta chicken noodle soup and clear it out to make it rain
What you know about laser games? (?) games
Save this for the Jungle, monkey’s versus orangutans
If I cross K with his cans out it’s K’s up
Toss the K up or K’s buck til ya K’s butt
Woosaaah here I go getting mad again cuz I don’t feel these people
It’s cuz they got mouths like they grew up in the jungle
But the swag of the village people
He going straight to the bottom of the ocean, he a anchor
Put in work, I been thru more K’s than a banker
Lay him straight on his stomach let the 40 cal bank her
Hello, 911, we got another planker!
I ain’t trying to get on the court when I’m coming at the next lil nigga
I let all y’all jump me, pause, but it ain’t checkers it’s chess lil nigga
So why you try so hard for Rex, you really just a pawn to Rex
You gon take this Knight for a Rook, try and cross a vet
Cold word Bishop shoot at both sides, thoughts connect
Oh I see, I gotta kill the queen to put the boss in check
They protect ‘em, soon as you see him running around a screen
Holla “(?) for deck” that’s when I start shooting at his king
We had words back and forth everybody get around
Unusually the asshole starts to be bigger now
Walk away like they ain’t beef then spin around
Lift up and hit em with 4 more before he hit the ground
Mook will be jumping at any minute now
Now why in the fuck should I compare ya gang to my gang?
When Mook see Math he still get migraines
Aye Mook how that head feel? Must suck between that and that gay deal
I know, I know, I know, I know enough of saying Mook and Rex
Well y’all should feel my pain
Cuz when they battle Ars, Suge or Red they say my name
(?) smoking
Sub zero mask know I be for the loc’n
Gloves for my hands and you see it’s for the motion
Lock pick in his door but it was open
Everybody (?) full kitchen full couch
So I let that choppa get dumber than Kimmy in that full house
All my guns from Atlanta, low prices I get more for less
Aiming at them bright pink and yellow jackets with these Georgia techs
Tough guys, what guys?
I wouldn’t even stay but I rather in my own house stay in buck eyes
Nigga I definitely don’t have no problem laying that steel off
That Calicoe jammed the second round and you still lost
100 shots fly Twat Mob when I spray shit
I’m a go nimb, I’m a go shine I ain’t doing none of that gay shit
And Rex, you’ll haul ass before you ever get a bruise on you
I heard you ain’t wake up til Friday when Ice put the Cubes on you
And to top off, all of that cake with the icing
The head nigga do the running, and the dog do the biting
All the shit sound the same but I don’t who do the writing
But I know Mook Vick he let the bitches do the fighting
That hoe of yours told me bout ya moms crib
And told me bout ya pops house
Daddy was around so they gon take they pops out
I let that thing ring I’m Mr. Clean with that mop out
Find em by the river, y’all better get the Doc’s out
Fuck rap it proves only (?) til the roc’s out
Show up at the Rucker long game with the glock out
Til the shot up tell ya squad nigga blocks out
One second past late, that mag bake
And have that whole squad running like a fast break
This jail bars lil nigga and I do foul
Middle of the projects yo hood, two pounds
And if I ain’t strapped y’all better do what y’all could do now
When Mook scream “Dang!” I hit em with that loowow!

[Round 2: K-Shine]

Punani Surf I was waiting to leave that pussy stretched
I call you punani cuz you got loose lips and get mushy how a pussy gets
Well I whips pussy it’s nothing to get pussy whipped
And all it ever took was a finger to get a pussy wet
Now Shotgun Suge aka Baby D, (?)
Oh y’all don’t know Baby D? That’s his sister
The lil sister that’s bigger than the big sister
The first sister look pitiful, I fucked her whole career up
So another WB will have those sisters identical, Tia and Tamera
My fif still holding 8 x 2, so I don’t need my 9 (My9) just make y’all news
All I ever do, drive thru, pay my dues
Take ‘em home in a bag, take out food
I wait for another wack dude to make my day
All these Jersey wack fools that come my way I slay
Ya raps cool but it just ain’t my taste
Y’all Papoose sound better getting played by Kay
I wouldn’t give this sweet nigga a shot, insulin
Put this cupcake in a box, Entenmanns
But I don’t know he go to the precinct to jot, incidents
So I don’t feel right with a threat unless I’m whispering
I’m sickening, (?) all on his crew
Like he the army ready for combat, pants be all in they boots
This nigga staying like this boy won’t shoot
But when the pistol fly it’s like the rent too high, nigga they all gon move
Tsunami Surf, Tsu Surf for short, or TSU
Running around Newark in them cheap as jewels
I’m a Harlem nigga but move like a BX crew, because for that Cuban Link I’ll TS you (TSU)
Lord knows I get to squeezing them arms it’s like a physical
That llama blams like a sonogram show the bitch in you
Got a 16 year old girlfriend ya miserable
Guess there’s no limit to shake that ass, Mystikal
I catch him picking her up from school, throw a hook and a jab
She grab my arm say Mister why you whopping his ass
I say touch me again I’m a put this foot in ya ass
You only 16 he old enough to be yo dad, she said (?) I’m sixteen in a half
So I slap her take all the books out her bag
She thought I was NYB the way I hook her with Math
Now I go back to Surf while he on the ground scared
Stomp him thru the earth
Up on the ground smear, go back to Asia grab her by the hair
Tell Rajon I do the zipping around here!
You soft you ain’t never let a tool off, Ru Paul
You wouldn’t throw a scratch out a blue hall
Two fours knocking at his door right in Newark, the 8 clear
I make it rain dear (Raindeer) like Rudolph
He say he wanna kill me I been up at this stage before
One question, what the fuck you waiting for?
That llama spark have ya body parts breaking off
Ya blood and ya puss all on the floor make him sulk
I don’t clap when that semi fly make it deploy
Treat his head like a private titty bar, take it off
I don’t shake hands when the game over, I ain’t a sport
That four put a hole in one and I ain’t playing golf
New 80 kicks like a new baby
Can’t shoot lazy cuz the Aftermath is too Shady
I ain’t worried about this nigga, (?)
Hopping out on kids riding gun, school safety
That thing drawn, aim strong, get you lames gon
Heavy blickers, either get the picture or ya frame torn
Highway to heaven I can easily make a lane for ‘em
Have his thoughts pouring everywhere, brain storm
Stay calm with what y’all say in them damn songs
The right tune will pop up anywhere I’m like state farm
I put the (?) with a jab that’ll (?)
He’ll whoop ya dog ass he Uncle Willie soft
Long llama, cemetery, here he come mini guns
Put a number zero in anyone
New cannon come with a stock and extended drums
All y’all can come in a box, ya whole cinnabunz
I’ll probably spotted with a four that’s camera size
Maintenance, custodian, janitors gotta sanitize
Front line soldier in combat, I handle mine
Ya army ain’t seen when it’s war nigga, camaflouge
Freeze, nobody move when that weapon rise
Let it fly, stretch every thought you wanna exercise
Bark out nigga, I’m spraying that propesticide
Put ya whole family on the floor like the electric slide
Zip Em Up!!!

[Round 3: Tsu Surf]

That lil fan base you got you might not lose that
Pause but I’m the reason X-Factor got his groove back
Who hired these fucking actors and let this man on the set?
You let soft ass Mook grab ya head, cuff it and lay it on his chest
I should spit on you and all ya goddamn help
How the fuck you feel protected by a nigga
That can’t protect his goddamn self?
For the next few bars ya health is all I’m spitting about
If you look at the Surf vs. Shine blog
You’ll clearly see he had a cyst in his mouth
That’s cuz he had somebody dirty lil sis in his mouth
She had Chlamydia, cock, balls, dick in her mouth
And you the nasty type of nigga that kiss in the mouth
She passed it off, now you got a assist in ya mouth
So ladies if you ever feel he trying to get his neck on
Please remember, you don’t need lights to see he get his clap on
Calm the fuck down Keisha, all ya neck rolls and wrist snaps
That Tina Turner shit will really get a bitch slapped
I really wanna wild out but nah I’m a just kick back
But if I did snap, I would take ya chip rack, whip that
And break it down in candy for you kit kats
Bullets the size of twix I (?)
They know I’m out the blue so I’m dressed like a Twizzler
Hose with the stock I squirt and then stop
Out the window I’m trying to put these nerds in a box
Ask DNA it won’t grow back it ain’t a baby tooth
Aye Rex, this ya son? Well I’ll dump some pumpkin seeds in ya Baby Ruth
Y’all the cleanest, dirtiest, richest, broke rappers
Laffy Taffy’s in my hood we laugh at joke wrappers
I start swinging them Ray Ray’s somebody getting pierced if I spray green
I wanna be his man, but I crushed his KG
Yelling and filler is all you spit, grandpa old 9 but a all new clip
All y’all ride together well all y’all hit
Wanna be a street fighter, well a sonic boom is all you get
Let me break down why I know you don’t put them fours up
Cuz if you, Mook, and Rex bout to smoke, who gotta roll up?
Wait I got more questions cuz I know you don’t clap heat
If all three of y’all riding was in a car, who gotta sit in the back seat?
You, you, so where ya real nigga watch cuz I keep mine
We both was locked up, I got love but I never heard Free Shine
That’s why all that gangsta shit is beyond me, cuz with all that being said
If y’all was bunkies upstate you would have to do the laundry
I know ya whole rap street, ya father wasn’t there
Ya mother was a junkie
You and Rex shared clothes you a Dot Mob flunky
You do not hold guns, you was locked up for crack dude
I’m trying so hard to not say that bitch name you gave the clap to
Anybody that’ll believe a nigga with pink leather is an extreme fag
You would go out with about two punches if you anything like these fags
That dick riding shit y’all do will get you and ya man murdered
Beef? Don’t worry I brought the helper for that hamburger
You know them full aggressive bodies? I put those on the map
Ninja fucking turtles, shells, I put those on ya back
I be in ya hood selling rest in peace shine shirts in the trap
It’ll look like Derrick got traded to Atlanta
The way you see the bird in the front with the Rose on the back
So who card you trying to pull? Not mine
This could lead to stomach shot, shit bags, tops flying
Pull up at that stop sign and leave that whole twat calm
I just bought some big shit that could stop time
Car full of Razors, C4’s, Glock 9’s, lamp shades, sunglasses
Shit I got blinds
I even bought the paper work when Puffy started crying
So you can start yelling but I don’t know how you can stop mine
Cuz I bought everything in the world I can think of to stop Shyne

[Round 3: K-Shine]

The nerve of this perv, he deserve his whole camp shot
With a bitch that’s 16 and he trying to make they pants drop
Now I don’t understand ock, you don’t get no damn twat
How the fuck can Tsunami Surf in an asylum house
Talk work I’ll run up in his grams spot
Toss him like Hancock, if he ain’t got a key out for good, slam lock
Silencer don’t let ‘em hear a shell when I blam shots
Cannon, hold for the flash, cam shot
Arsonal said he gon use squidwards clarinet
How the fuck y’all running with he? You fucking cartoon rappers
You don’t dump when it’s beef
Nigga Ars can get it too, no flute, nigga come with a heat
Or Mr. Krab gon find ya pineapple under the sea
The apple don’t fall far from a tree and you a ratting lil son of a bleep
Watch the next tell (Nextel) find out where he at
Boost mobile, sprint to ‘em
Make his head float like Cingular when the fif’ to em
Check em like Verizon before I squeeze my tech
Why you only got a metro for ya PCS?
But since he got the (?) phone he’s local
Til this nine have his line on hold longer than t-mobile
Another twitter nigga trying to google or (?) the right tweet
Will have him in box like a DM, couldn’t wait to see him
Bitches is like a blind date
So he can Surf for her online
But he’ll get his face booked for violating my space
Now if we was young I would probably kick that nigga
Mush him all around
Get mad nigga, I think of funnel cakes when you say you six flag nigga
Cuz you a sweet funnel cake bitch ass nigga
I quick fast, grip mags, zip bag niggas
Throw a bullet from the eagle quick pass, McNabb niggas
Three years before you battled, I handled my shit
You watched K-Shine and you ran with my shit
We both get mad even spazz at the cam when we spit
Get aggressive when y’all ain’t understanding our shit
Spitting ill punch lines about cannons and shit
Only thing I never do like you is rap with my hand on my hip
So his raps sound nice, but when it come to the kin
You Chinese rice, you’ll always be under the wing
You know how you school instead of ball everytime when he play you?
He do a bunch of moves but never score, he trying to just shake you
But at the end he pissed off
Cuz he lost but you don’t want him to hate you
So when that day come he finally think he can take you
You bring him to the park, let him get his shit off
Couple shots for confidence
Soon as he try to get off, throw his lil ass in the post move, spin off
Pump fake, put him in the air, off the glass, shoot
Give buddy them hardcore spalding on ya motherfucking ass boots
Now look, you should use ya head before I clap it off
Y’all should bounce, all of you niggas fabric soft
Be stretched on visible when I flame it off
Mean with that thing I give you a fantastic four
ZIP EM UP!!!!!

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