Blind Fury vs. Artisan [Lyrics]

A-yo, I’m looking at the lamest chump
You had a good run, but your two minutes of fame is up
All that “YAGA YAGA” Boy that’s all caca
Face like Chewbacca, I feel sorry for your mama
Ay, but you don’t really realy want the drama
Me and Chris Brown will make a movie with your mama
So don’t tell me what not to do
Me fall off? Impossible
I’m sick when I bit my chop in two(?)
Go Nicki Minaj on you
I’m sorry Mr. Fury, you’re looking kind of aggy
And I didn’t use protection, so I’m probably your daddy
Ha ha what you want boo? You MySpace, I’m Facebook
I got everything you got, plus more
You soft, you remind me of RuPaul
You was cool, now you lost
Go on back to Lugoff
We all know I go harder when I spit it
Now we looking at the reason why a condom was invented
Incest, dig that, your flow wiggety-whack
Pull my hand back and smack the crap out of Midget Mac

[Blind Fury]
I’m killing retards again like Artisan
Representing wackness to the fullest
Boy you stupid, all my music make dogs get ruthless
Dropping the Graffiti, you catching Exclusives
Drop the deuces, kind of like Breezy
It ain’t easy to beat a boy Fury on TV
I make you wonder, you should have picked a perfect rhyme
Look at him Jimmy, his eye vision’s worse than mine
The Las Vegas B.I.G.? You don’t believe me? Look at his lazy E-Y-E
He looking that-a-way and he looking this-a-way
And I can’t see, I think the camera is that-a-way
Shh, I don’t really even know but I’m gonna kill him with the flow
And then I’m flipping like, you know
I got my man Terrence, and you should be apologizing to your grandparents
Boy you just scare us
Get off the TV talking ’bout people’s teeth stink
You mad cause your girl be leaving in my sheets

[Round 2: Instrumental – “Success” Jay-Z]

A-yo You ain’t got a harder scheme, son you ain’t winning
You must be smoking on that Charlie Sheen
Cause your whole flow feces
No way that you could beat me
A better chance seeing Mo’Nique in a bikini
You know everything I say true
They say God don’t like ugly
Well he sure must hate you
And I do it like a gutter do scrap
This the first time I ever heard a [censor] rap
Dumb Fury, you’re a lame, my style you’re admiring
Don’t be mad, Pathmark is hiring
Because I’m sicker, sicker when I spit her
“Artie just whipped me” update it on your Twitter
They feel bad, so they acting like you hot
But that ain’t the pity that’s gon’ get you to the top
How you gonna stand there, try to take down my shine?
I’m the best round here, homie that crown is mine
I don’t think you should win, it’s pathetic you do
Cause I look, rap, and dress better than you

[Blind Fury]
Said “let it breathe” I’ma let it breathe
I already win, boy you better leave
You ain’t never gon’ do nothing like this
I don’t even know why you up here like this

Check it
I beat you in the first round, and I ain’t have to drop profanity
I put the curse down and I can sing a song
And you’d be better off getting along
I’m bout to hit you like I’m hitting the [bong]
Oh, I’m wrong
But let me get, you talking ’bout Charlie Sheen?
It’s too bad, in Nevada, I’m messing up your dreams
Cause I’m a gambler, straight man-handle ya
Flow ice cold, you should call my style Canada
Watch me get into my Moon, I’m a goon
And you don’t want to see me son, you like a cartoon
Little Artie, call yourself A Game, you’re C Minus
Look at Terrence and you oughta stand behind us
Back there somewhere, I’ma tell you
You can act scared but I won’t care
Cause I’m still here, And I’ma kill it
I’m running raps around you in this Olympics

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