Blind Fury vs. Moon [Lyrics] (106 & Park: Freestyle Friday)

YAGA! Check!
Look Blind Fury knock it off
I’m the reason why you here, Artisan wasn’t prepared to knock you off
Go on back to Lugoff, we all know that you soft
For that 5k you’ll get air? like the play-off
Hoping God feel ya pain, he can’t save ya though
Ya mom feeling my swag, told her I’m a playa though
You better not see ? at my neck, wrong
Cause I can leave you neck hot like my next song
When there’s war, put a vest on
Cause if you don’t, how you think you gon look when ya chest gon
When the tech goin, everybody get low
That thing live, bend backs, no limbo
Mess around and get ya ass stretched like a limo
You ain’t know, here it go, take it this the memo
Moon been hot ever since you had Nintendo
Make girls feel good like when its hot and the wind blow
My thoughts so incredible, yours so simple
It’s simple, your temple the target to end you
I don’t use doors, me I’m crawling through through your window
Brawling like I’m Kimbo
Sorry homie, just know, wherever I go I got money like a boat
And if it ain’t about money Fury I don’t wanna know

[Blind Fury]
Shut up son! really, shut up alright!
Look, check it out, yo
If my lyrics is fists, you’ll get your face all cracked
And when I’m done, they gon put me where J Parks at
Them cats you battled are straight up wack
And this isn’t my opinion Moon, this is straight up fact
Quit all the yelling, lay down, take a nap
You gon keep jumping around and get slapped
And you really think that you found your match
I’mma tell you now your freestyles is trash
And I’ma get it in the bag
I’ma give you the beating that your daddy never had
And while we on the subject, he up there with the angels
Your pop named you Son cause he ain’t wanna claim you
I mean Moon, I’m hotter than in June
Your boy’s a bowl of cereal, wheres the milk and the spoon?
That’s right you messing ’round with a goon
I’ma be Diddy, and you can be Loon!
Cause uh, you ain’t coming off of your dome
Go to Atlanta and start selling Boost phones
While I’m in the studio rapping with Jim Jones
Take that to Playing Field and keep it at home, chump

{ROUND 2 – “Ruff Ryders Anthem” by DMX}

[Blind Fury]
Yo, the level is good, everything is good
Yo, ayo
Once upon a time there was a wannabe goon
He grew up in Playing Field and his friends called him Moon
Nah, lets be honest, his friends called him Ernest
And I ain’t have to go to Jefferson High to learn this
The only thing we got is hunger for the bread
Keep following your idol and you gonna be ahead
And keep battling with me, you gonna end up dead
And I ain’t gotta yell at you, you heard what I said
And while we on the subject, do something with your breath
You rapping to the blind, you ain’t spitting to the the deaf
And I’ma tell you son, your raps is all soft
Like Jada I can go AHA! and walk off
You wouldn’t do nothing you wild as me
You smoked son, I got more styles than P
Yeah, and you woulda get a K.O like Ace
From all the cats you seeing, you punched in the face
For real though, I’m a hard act to follow
I had a turkey burger, you was eating McDonalds
Homie, did you enjoy your kids meal
Now you got dissed by me, you know how it feel

Yo, check, your boy Moon
Call me Mr 106
Fury I will take your life than turn around and take your chick
Everything I spit is crack, you should come and get a fix
If you don’t I bet your girl will, cause she love the way I spit
From the rip you’ll get chipped if you disrespect mt team
Block Boy NEC you know we getting green
Pop mine silencer and it got a beam
Run off at the mouth, I leave your tongue up on your jeans
You a grown ass man, up here looking like you young
When you rapping move your hand, you be looking like you dumb
I’m a beast I’m a dog, yeah moving a problem
Yeah, i’m done with a mixtape, I’m working on my album
I’m the hardest rapper in this ring, yeah no arguin’
You don’t like that, goin’ make a song then
See if I don’t write back, this is straight goblin
Wouldn’t wanna ? ya boy?
If he try to run, Terrence tell him I’ma follow him
Chase him through his crib, while he sleep, I be robbing him
Wake his ass up ?



Yo, ayo
You’re know looking at a vet in his prime
Only way you’ll catch me slipping is if I’m slipping in your mom
The crowd love you, but it’s only ’cause you blind
Since you can’t see picture this up in your mind
I am in your face with your finger out
What you gon do, that is something you should think about
Terrance, I don’t play fair man, i rep like the air man
You should call me fair man the way I got him scared damn
Ya boy, moon and I’m straight outta Jers’
I don’t rap Steve Norris I’m just good with words
Yeah, I spit some lyrics, when people hear it I make ‘em fear it
I got crazy swag, girls love to get appearance
Apparently you are mad that I’m on my grind
Came home at 5 when I really had a 6 to 9
It’s time to grind even though I do that anyway
On anyday I let it rain when that semi spray
K-N-O-W-N everywhere
Name a place that ain’t hear about his name or his face
I be on the paper chase, grinding with the number 8

[Blind Fury]
Yeah, waddup
Enjoy yourself up here Ernest
I want you to have a good time alright

BOOM! Look what stepped in the room
Your flow straight butt, that’s why they callin’ you Moon
I’m the hardest in the whole Platoon
And watching you rap is kinda like watching cartoons
Ernest saved Christmas, Ernest went to jail
Then Ernest dropped an album but his album didn’t sell
So anyway, that’s why you gon go to the house
Keep my Twiter timeline and my name out ya mouth
You ain’t know, you ain’t ready for the Drama
I’ll punch you in your face and I’ll put that on my momma
You better get your finger out here son
I’m a rapper and a singer, you just outta here son
And I’m number 1, flow Big like Pun
Best believe this chain feel like it’s weighing a ton
And I’m hot like Bones Brigante
And I’ma eat you up like a hero with Pastrami
You cannot follow me, I’m all in the lobby
Watch Nick at Nite, pay attention to Cosby
You kinda funny like Richard Pryor
I’ma get you fired like Donald Trump
I’ma tell you Moon, you just a punk

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