Calicoe vs. Arsonal [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Calicoe]
On the real Smack, we finally had the battle in Detroit
Somebody bout to get killed Smack
I told niggas they was good if they came thru, but to keep it real Smack
Only thing I told my goons is don’t kill Smack
See I’m supposed to put the goons around Randy
But fuck it Darell can get it cuz I know he can’t stand me
I can improvise, pull out that swammy or I can slam him
But this clip is gonna feel like a hit from LaRon Landry
See fuck Darell because he staging, an actor
Tsu Surf number one Jersey he just play as his back up
But either one of them niggas get tough I’m a start waving the clapper
They think im good, but I don’t throw bottles
I’m jumping in this crowd like I play for the packers
Aye where Shotgun Suge at?! It’s crazy that he aint come with y’all
Cuz every nigga in this crowd was waiting to gun him off
I smack everybody in ya house from ya brother, sister, mother, dog
And the way I keep hitting his daughter you’ll think I was his son in law
Bitch nigga always talking like you clap lead
Arsonal Da Rebel one of the reasons that rap dead
Come to me on some coked up shit and get a cracked head
You in Detroit them Jersey niggas find you in the trap dead
I hustle every fuckin day so I can stack bread
You a snitch probably get on the case an attach feds
But when the Mac spread it’s gon’ hit back head
And if you don’t die you better lay down and act dead
But I doubt if he survive the poppin’ and pointing
Cuz after I give him these shots
I’m following up like a doctor’s appointment
So be a good patient and sit still for these clips spill
And I can show you it can get real now that’s how a crip feel
And for not taking this battle as a big deal
You gon end up battling in the proving ground against Big Will
You in detroit you ain’t got protection now
Chopper not his section down, grab him by his neck and drown
Hitman! Out here we don’t wait til the second round
Landslide, we been in the streets I know you heard of that
I’m from grape (?) where the young niggas will serve you at
Or I can get my Joy Roll niggas that’ll get you murdered slapped
Trying to get a double cheeseburger from the murder map
My school craft niggas will catch him at universal
And my Dexter niggas they be torturing for they murk u
And that ain’t half the niggas in Detroit that I fuck with
In other words I ain’t one of them niggas to be fucked with
I even got some Mexicans out in southwest that love to cut shit
and some vice lords riding thats clean paper and (?) bitch
So was the black and gold reads wrap they black and chrome mags
You a grape street crip right? It’ll crack his whole crab
No disrespect to the crips tho I just hate niggas that’s faking
Cuz there’s real crips in the building that’ll give him a violation
Back in the day I heard you was a look out man
Now I ain’t saying when niggas put in work you actually looked out man
But when it was beef and they grabbed burners they was like
“look out man”
So do your job and watch out before I bring blocks out
If anybody says one word they get knocked out
They got me and my nigga Big T battling crips
The URL feel like a league I’m ready to drop out
The only reason we over C’s because Lux and Mook was in a lock out
I know y’all tired of me speaking on Lux and Mook, but fuck them fruits
Any battle rapper that purposely put himself
Below them is a dumb ass nigga
Plus them niggas is broke I got more money than them bum ass niggas
Last time I saw Lux at a battle he was talking lame
Bummy as fuck, smoking a square and when he left he caught the train
I guess everything he say ain’t slick cuz we was in a whip
So the fastest way to Harlem ain’t the A train, bitch!

[Round 1: Arsonal]

All the tough talk save it cuz that really isn’t you
Me being away from home that’s regular this shit really isn’t new
You told Math yo pops actually killed niggas right?
So either you dry snitchin’ on daddy or that really isn’t true
And he liked Martin and Eddie Murphy
He doin life for a murder that he really didn’t do
Nigga once again I’m here I’m in another nigga’s state
I’m in another nigga’s stage…. up in another nigga’s face
I went to Canada just to disrespect another nigga race
Machete blade across ya rib detach ya stomach from ya waist
You told Ill niggas is scared to battle in Detroit cuz of the murder rate
This look like we in mothafuckin’ Detroit
And right now it feel like I own the place
You remind me of the cowboys quarterback with ya 9
Cuz you ain’t throwing straight
And you’d rather run from niggas instead of letting bullets fly
Same mistake Tony made
I got all bars no jokes, you gon think this prison after the job done
I sit back and reflect on all the damage that I’ve done
I took attack on a little person, Conceited never grew to see 5’1”
Calicoe wouldn’t throw a bullet
On Madden 12 fourth and long out of no shotgun
You, X-factor and Miles…. you dirty motherfuckas
Y’all the new Chauncey Sheen and Dayshawn
Don’t get me wrong y’all three of Detroit’s best ever
That niggas the state to take a on
But once my shank drawn I cut him from ear to ear, get my shave on
He’ll be Rip Hamilton of the crew
Before battle he’ll have to put his fucking face on
Nigga I sit back, I observe with a blunt and some popcorn
O-Red and Surf got that Ruger cocked, my nigga Suge got that shotgun!
We in that 2004 Indiana Pacers state of mind
I’m Ron Artest I got that glock drawn
Let one of these niggas act up
And everybody in the crowd getting’ popped on
I will Shane (?) this nigga, snatch his soul out his body fast
You probably mad cuz my bitch body Buffie The Body bad
I’m Rocky fast, Jason hockey mask, with a Nazi flag, one shot he blast
It’ll probably knock the tumor out Armani ass
I came I saw I conquered this nigga
I super Nintendo spread gun Contrad this nigga
I even tried Hulkamania leg droppin’ this nigga
I told him 8 words make Ayeverb, man I hit him with every shell in my clip
Then bought another box for this nigga
Now should I put the gloves on and start boxing this nigga?
Turn into Mook and put imaginary dots on this nigga?
Or should I earn my fame like Math and just pop on this nigga?
Don’t worry Jersey y’all know I got the drop on this nigga
I don’t audition to make bands, I fight, I don’t shake hands
Talk tough I break both the lenses in ya Ray Bans
Tag my name on ya front door, leave the spray can
You come out rowdy, you getting stomped with the same Jordan’s
That nigga Mike had on in Space Jam
Then I’m a run in ya trap house, snatch the bricks off of the night stand
Put ya mother in a head lock under the left
Give that bitch a nookie with my right hand
Then head to ya bedroom where I’m sure to find your hype man
And knife him on some jail shit, I make the shank out of a sprite can
Now respect to Bill Collector cuz I feel that he’s the next to blow
Niggas saying, “They got the burner! Got the burner!” out in Mexico
“Well Ars, he got the burner and the bullets and I’m letting go!”
I got on OJ glove and I got the burner from Plaxico
OJ Glove, Plaxico dirty glock
Extended clip sticking out so that make it a 30 shot
I show up to ya house, get to the front door, turn the lock
And hit this nigga with a Mac blacker
Than the one they buried in Bernie box
Now whatever happened to when you see me you robbing me?
Obviously you ain’t half the man ya mommy tried to be
Ya sister right in front of me, ya auntie on the side of me
I told all them bitches drop low and suck my balls thru these boxer briefs
I put big balls on ya nanny then shove dick all in ya granny
Mush Terraneo all in the face with the discharge in her panties
You ain’t tough motherfucker I been calling you candy
T-Rex nigga you next I been wanting you Randy
I already know how you feel Smack
Why you don’t wanna have the battle in Newark?
Cuz everybody gon get killed Smack
You and Beasley fuck around and get peeled back
But I can’t control 3,000 bloods and grape street crip niggas with steel macs
Nigga that’s real rap…

[Round 2: Calicoe]

Did y’all just hear this mafucka in his round say he don’t shake hands?
I’ll smack yo bitch ass and turn around and smack yo bitch ass
We ain’t gotta always talk gangsta talking bout how a clip blast
Let’s talk about how yo bitch ash gave us head til she whiplash
Or we could talk about how you say you get cash
But you only got them dirty ass dreadlocks in the rubberband
Nigga ya whole life is only worth a couple grand
This is what Wale would look like
If Rick Ross ain’t give him another chance
Nigga ya flow is played out as the running man
I show up to his house no mask gun in hand
If he bottle in the other acting like a drunken man
Somebody pulling up I say oh shit that’s his mans
Could’ve let a clip fly but the neighbors would see a barrel sparking
So I pistol whip the window, broke the glass, Darryl Dawkins
Jumped in, his daughter in the backseat as I clutch the four
Look at him let the glock blow, touched his soul
Look back, I could’ve let the fucker go, but fuck the hoe
Put the car on cruise control, tuck her roll than tucked and roll
But let him owe me and not pay up
I don’t wanna see no new clothes
I don’t wanna see you shopping with no new hoes
You can’t run forever nigga you still gotta do shows
So he gon end up like Kobe
Even if he change his number he still gon get ate (8) with these 2 4’s
I said 8, 2 4’s, his number was 8, now it’s 24, however 8 is 2 4’s
What you bout 5’9”? It don’t even matter he still from grindtime
I’m crushing all y’all greats until y’all fine wine
I When I was battling Shotgun Suge ya bitch ass needed some palm palms
Tried to walk up on some gangsta shit
When he heard me pursuing his name
But you fell back quick when you saw Mo Dirty doing the same
But we was strapped in NY with a few of them thangs
Ever since Surf been hot you only worth being a coach pursuing the game
I wish Conceited was here to slow that down I said since Surf been hot
He only worth being a coach, put Tsu in the game
My hand will cock and he’ll be worthless as the Lions
D. Lion without (?) or (?) in the game
I mean lately niggas been draggin you thru the dirt
They got the rebel lookin like a horse shoe in the game
You can snort coke, pop pills, sip lean, whatever you off
You a crip with bandanas on ya head that’s gon get it blew (blue) off
I know they looking like damn that’s too tragic
So from here on (Heroin) we just gon call it that blue magic
Already killed Shotgun that’s two caskets
Verb and T got y’all other grapes making a fruit basket
I swear to god I told Yung Ill that I had a glock nine
But now I got a chopper man
When these shots flying you’ll be on ya block dying
It leave you with a hot spine
A bullet so big when I shoot the bitch it could stop time
J (?) and I’m not lying, I swear to god when I’m standing with this K
Any nigga can get it if they standing in the way
I pull out bang it start damaging ya face
You a crip I ain’t a blood so just to disrespect you
Red flag in ya face nigga I’m challenging ya play

[Round 2: Arsonal]

I’m tired of niggas talking this grind time URL shit to me
My one Smack battle got the most youtube views in URL history
How is it I only battled on URL one time
And got a million views in 5 months?
You couldn’t do that shit sometimes
Me myself I prefer bars over punchlines like slugs slide thru son spine
As soon as you cross that gun line
Ya punk ass daddy did one crime, one time
Now he only get an hour worth of sunshine
You want yo corn bread lil nigga?! While he standing on that lunch line
Now I just caught two bodies and I got off twice
Smack fuck the time clock, I’m non stop I got all night
Told you when I catch him I’m a beat his ass live on sight
Video chat and make ya mother watch it live on skype
You got a skyper rifle right? What the fuck is that?
I got a glock but the gage better, it’s bigger it’s made better
You think that bitch you pulled on stage at Summer Madness
Is hotter than suede leather?
I mean her body was made clever, I forgot he a lame
Never would he realize that bitch voice no higher than Swave Sevah’s
You keep fucking these dirty bitches nigga, I’m a tell ya mama on you
I’m a visit ya dad in jail and tell him I’m a pull the llama on you
He gon get mad hit the glass look down his dick and say
“I should’ve threw a condom on you!
Cuz what you shout out, ya name Terraneo grew up to be pussy
Now them real niggas is riding on you!”
Grand mama in a wheel chair
This when my disrespectful shit need to stop
Cuz I don’t give a fuck if that bitch pigeon toed and her knees are knocked
I’m a sit that bitch 50 steps give her 30 seconds to reach the top
I don’t need a watch I’m a jump in a G ride, light a blunt
Bleed the block, I come back she ain’t gone half way up
I’m choking that bitch ‘til her breathing stop
And I wish ya punk ass daddy was there so he could watch
When the fuck he coming home nigga?
You getting all this battle money when the hell you bailing dad out?
I know he got a phone nigga, text and tell him he getting bad mouthed
Tell him on his release date, I’m a wait at the gate, slowly pull this flag out
And hit that nigga harder than the nigga that knocked Joey Jihad out
Now you said you wanted to fight at a Smack even right?
I’m in ya state, you got the drop on me
I’m all up in ya face now all you gotta do is pop on me
Math did it to Dose and instantly he got his name up
Let Terraneo try that with Darrell I guarantee he don’t have the same luck
Cuz I’m a see it coming, look at my coach he signaled change up
So I audible the formation, you know I start to rearrange stuff
I even put a man in motion so that other nigga can’t rush
And threw a bullet at Cal and since you playing Safety, you can’t bust
Now what you know about 50 big in a shoebox
And shooting at cops like midget did at rooftop
I’m in too deep a god pass me the oo wop
He bout to get Jam Master Jay’d, Biggie and Tupac’d
That’s two shots from a new glock, I knock legs outta tube socks
I swear to god
I wish death upon the nigga that got Big L and Big Proof popped
Rest in peace Proof ock, you ain’t nothing like dude
You an animated cartoon like the kids in the boondocks
I run in the diner one in ya head like you flicking thru the jukebox
Fuck this battle, fuck this ring, I got my guap right?
And right in front the camera I got that infared spot light
You think that beating Math mean you made it to the top right?
Beating Math gon give you the Herald treatment at the stop light
And all the blogging back and forth and the small talk
That’ll get you cut quicker than playing spades having all hearts
Gun in my stashbox as soon as the car starts
Nigga I ride with that nine iron, but I don’t own a golf cart
You got that DNA dirty nigga swag and everybody knows
You smell me? I know X Factor do he got everybody nose
Y’all niggas been filthy since overalls and a snotty nose
Them chucks, them kicks wouldn’t be fly at a dojo and karate clothes
Now let me ask you something, have you ever been on MTV HIVE?
Have you ever been on MTV U? Even though I lost that competition
My video still on rotation right now on MTV 2
Do you got 40 worldstar videos and an iphone app?
No? No? Then you somebody nobody really knows
Nigga I’m all of the above, I get all of the love
Off my name alone ya bitch wanna suck my balls in the club
And I’m a tell you again, I already know how you feel Smack
I know why you don’t wanna do the battle in Newark Smack
Cuz everybody might get killed smack
You and Beasley will fuck around and get peeled back
But I can’t control 3,000 blood and crip niggas with steel macs
Haters pivot, winners travel, that’s real rap
That’s why he still in Detroit that’s where he steal (still) at

[Round 3: Calicoe]

I just saw you shaking when Trick Trick offended you nigga
But you ain’t peeped how I controlled 3,000 motherfuckers
Cuz I’m a general nigga
You claim you can beat me, you say words when you play with ya pee pee
You got a brother name Bebe and a sister named Gigi
Whose pussy smell like seafood and pizza from Sici
That’s the type of shit he rap about
But I say some shit like, “all of ya fun can stop today when I cock this K
Pop and spray and put him in a scope like Dr. Dre
Everything he talk about it bores me, I told y’all I’m a Regulator
And he can end up with Nate Dogg if we warren g
If cash is up I blast the pup you fags is fucked
Blast it and leave nothing but ashes now that’s (Daz) corrupt (Kurupt)
In other words if he’s snooping on my dogs while we all rounded
That only get him a couple strays and get his dogs pounded
You talk about that video you got, we all clowned it
You put the link up on ya twitter that’s how we all found it
I mean I heard of MTV Jams, shit I even heard of MTV2
But your shit came out on MTV U
I mean I’m not even sure that’s something that MTV do
What the fuck you just went and made ya own lil MTV crew
Oh that’s why they calling it MTV U (You)
But fuck the jokes if it’s beef I bring a riot thru
Anybody talking that dumb shit then they dying too
I thought Big T was the only one repping the quiet crew
Then you battled a nigga named Holla and he silenced you
I mean I say there’s a difference between metaphors and real rap
You one of them niggas that ain’t got metaphors or real raps
I’m one of them niggas that throw my metaphors in a real rap
That’s I’m in the streets with them metal fours and I still rap
Why’d you go down to New Orleans?
Did you get a promotion on that bus driver shit?
Or did you just get stuck in New Orleans on some typical bus driver shit?
Well I got a clip that don’t discriminate it even bust driver’s bitch
So even if y’all riding with shotgun y’all ghost riding the whip
Toast outta the hip so even if he decide to dip I decide to trip
They find him on the east side and clipped
So if he got the bricks and don’t bring back like they Retro
The day that after they do he getting clipped he a metro
Yo bill due, kill who? Don’t even start bro
I catch you on the block and run ya pockets like a Narco
Y’all be dressed in all that fucking purple but ya skin the color of charcoal
Since she love the color purple I’m a beat ‘em, I’m Harpo
Be smart bro you niggas should’ve took the way out
He should know that he can die now if I take this K out
I said he should KNOW that he can die NOW if I take this K out
He the type of nigga that’ll try to play me and I let the shit play out
And a half hour later he tied up in one of they house
That clip hanging like a fat ass, J. Lo
You never know what’s popping out this toaster, Eggo
When lead flying he making headlines, they know
Drake I say when lead flying he making headlines
They know, they know, they know
I get this grape popped and capped twisted he a (?)
You already know how I feel Smack, you finally had the battle in Detroit
Ain’t nobody gon get killed Smack
I told you I’m a man of my word I’m real Smack
Did you see I just had Uncle Trick Trick to chill Smack
After a nigga battle me I make him feel wack
Cuz it’s a difference between metaphors and real rap

[Round 3: Arsonal]

You a bitch ass nigga, let me tell you why you a bitch ass nigga
Cuz you think you a heavyweight cuz you just beat a bitch ass nigga
You only Smack new front man cuz Hitman dissed that nigga
And said fuck URL cuz Holla ain’t no kiss ass nigga
I’m a break it down right now, this round is so fucking true
Every Smack event the main event was never fucking you
I only accepted this battle cuz me, Smack, Beasley, Chico and Norbes
All signed a contract saying im getting paid off of every fucking view
I know I wasn’t supposed to say that but fuck it, not cuz you deserve it
Not cuz you just surfaced, think deep you stupid little motherfucker
It’s a plot to my purpose
You ain’t hot we just all know you getting guap behind ya service
I was like Jackpot soon as you decided to sign that dotted line in cursive
Don’t ever question my gangsta nigga
I’m crip what you thought? I can’t help that
If I’m grape street crip in New Jersey than I’m grape street crip in Detroit
If I’m grape street crip when I’m in Cali
Then I’m grape street crip in Detroit
I come to ya family reunion and all ya folks can get pitched with a fork
But today I got some red rags I brought some Piru Damu’s
That’s ready to leave ya blood in a (?) machete line
And that’ll be all you get no Ken or Ryu
Just a hospital bed with a pissy cup beside you
Hit you with all lefts I swear to god I put my right hand on the bible
I chalk you out without the blackboard, ya life is on fast forward
You wanted it so you got this ass whooping because you asked for it
I slap the shit out you with the same intensity as Lebron
Slapping somebody shit up against the backboard
Now you ungrateful motherfucker you should learn to say
Thanks Ars for this million views I’m a earn today
And to show my appreciation here’s some ounces for you to burn away
I came to Detroit I’m thinking that’s the type of shit that I’m expecting
For you to turn and say
I’m a turn away, burn a J, and say
“Alright, alright, alright motherfucka now you gon learn today”
Now you was supposed to wake up this morning
Brush ya teeth and take ya vitamins
Put on ya suit and tie and search to see who was hiring
On every job application it’s a box for occupation
Yours will read “On Loaded’s dick trying to bring Lux out his retirement”
I don’t think that’s cool tho
And I also think you know me and Lux is in a league
You wouldn’t even make it to Juko
Remember how Ice gave Rex aka Tango some face time with a tool blow
Well I’m a do the same shit to you bro and broadcast it on oov- no
Not Oovoo, Smack I’m searching for a new show
Nigga my Spanish fans love you too send this battle to Telemundo
Make sure they close caption the lyrics cuz I’m a get on the mic
Joe Jackson his parents, bury his body
Snatch out his soul I’m even toe tagging ya spirit
Now last smack, no joking, I fucked you up on some G shit
Now I’m a do it again in yo city and call it the beat yo ass in the D mix
Then I’m a break down the alphabet down for you nigga
On some street shit
Like A B I’ll roc yo bitch boat until she sea (C) sick
My D E don’t play no F’ing games on some G shit
I rob you while you getting H I
Steal ya J’s on some thief shit
I let off that K while twisting up an L on some sweet shit then think about M’s While I’m headed back to NO on some fucking Master P shit
Quick (Q)uestion who are (R) U
Froggy walking round with that S on ya chest that stand for small feet
I got big guns choppers on deck with the long beaks
I got cali dro and a real calico tucked under that long T
So if U even think about a Victory or a W, I’m a X you out,
Why (Y) to let them fucking Z’s hover you
I put you to sleep nigga my bars really trouble you
And being Ars just for a day is something you’d love to do
That was an alphabetical order slaughter
My shooters is starving they’ll kill ya mother’s daughter
For a plate of steak and a quarter water
You ol lame ass nigga, Terraneo’s his name ass nigga
Type to get a nose ring ass nigga, Young Calicoe defines fake ass nigga
Type to let Math touch all on his face ass nigga
I break every bone in ya jaw make sure you never eat again
I swear to god I’m done with the written now
This just up off the top now I don’t ever need a pen
Didn’t you just die last round? You won’t yo ass beat again?
You like who, what, where, why? You really need a win
You wouldn’t impress me if you had 11 kidneys
And said that heaven sent me
Had enough money as Floyd Mayweather and all of Ray J’s 7 Bentley’s
These niggas in this crowd would be stupid to bet against me
My bars go way over most niggas heads its dougie
It’s funny they never get me
You already know how I feel smack, I finally came to Detroit
Cuz I knew I wasn’t gonna get killed smack
But it’s a difference between metaphors and real rap
Calicoe you still a lil pup nigga so chill scrap

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