JC vs. Rosenberg Raw [Lyrics]

[Round 1: JC]
Wassup lil fat nigga, I know what you thinking right, the nerve of me
The problem is you alone, I’m at home there’s not one shook nerve in me
Welcome to the Midwest, Yak town we in here?! It’s game time
See we hate guys with fake lives
About 10 minutes out here can change lives
We live what you rap ‘bout, shit you act out could get yo brain fried
They won’t find you
A stack could turn an amber alert into a First 48 crime
Most I could say, you average, not a lot to say, that shit stops today
My flow too toll booth, you cross me you gotta pay
I hope you listen, cuz being too hood niggas known for slippin’
I seen ya type, no one’s different, if you street than I’m Road Commission
Fuck ya life, you in my state I could get you touched tonight
Talk that shit, my goons gon be on yo ass Huggie type
I already know your approach
You gon talk about how you slanging them drugs
You got killers on deck, you hang with them thugs
But you already lost to a nigga from the Mitten, you OJ Simpson
Niggas thought you was the killer but the shit ain’t look the same
When it came to the glove
Welcome nigga, you see thru
I could get you glad wrapped and trash bagged
One finger this shit open, I’m iPhone app fast
Dipshit, my clique sick, misfits when that shit spit
Ready with Rockets, get out of pocket you better be Vick
When shit get thick, out here reppin’ time mean weapon time
Tools out, big metal, shit could fold a Decepticon
I don’t care what lane you in, if you in my street I’ll swerve into ‘em
Heat to his scalp, put that burner to him and perm it thru him
9’s up, see how I cut, I bring surgeons to ‘em
Please b, yo act TV
Out here you don’t ask about real niggas, you come see me
See right now you look uncomfortable
And you know what happen when I was battling him
So jumping in fires after him won’t help either one of you
You wanted that street shit, and all the way now you felt tough
So call home, tell ‘em you got beef with them glove goons
And see how fast ya help come
Research where you at, before you get to yelling, witcho fat ass
You jump in between that bread niggas will know jelly out yo fat ass
My niggas ride different, we catch you in traffic; raid ya van
Shots to his brain change his plans, every nigga I hang with blam
I’m armed with the cannon like MegaMan
I don’t gotta aim it man, to box y’all up, I could pay shooters
Then like Frank Lucas have the bitches chop Raw up
Welcome nigga, let’s make music I got that AR-16 with the rockets flying
Breeze thru, make him eat clips (Eclipse) to stop his shine
I’m trying to shootout that class of 2011
And right there I wasn’t trying to rhyme, I meant literally
Shoot out class, I will Columbine every nigga on that dotted line
Shit get personal when them curtains move
I’ll put up that purse for you, it’ll hurt to move,
Security won’t work for you, you about to get broken off
I do not mean like paid, I mean like literally broken dawg
I’m hoping y’all got the endurance to endure
This shit that I wrote for dawg
Example; I catch ya whole family on the sofa Raw
Kick in the door, children and hoes, I run wrote them off
Ain’t no celebration but I brought the toast for y’all
Ya bitch get tore up like warm-ups when the coaches call
See you provoked this Raw, you know this shit hot
Since yo kids tied
The only way they escape that heavy metal is if they Slip Knots
If not, then nigga I’m bussin’
And I’ll get rid of this big bitch family faster than Jennifer Hudson
You just lost round 1…

[Round 2: JC]

Something told me yo fat ass would come at me like this
Sucks for you fat nigga, Round 1 was the light shit
Now it’s time for that vice grip, put an end to all that trife shit
Cuz shit get crucial
Ya style so fucking generic, I know it better than you do
Example; the street approach, we’ve seen it, take a different route
All you doing is trying to convince yourself
That you this nigga that you spit about
Change ya pitch, ya words goofy you sound strange as shit
And nobody believes the four’s will dump
If you sound like Forrest Gump when you say the shit
But back to us, I got dollars I automatically dump
I call them savages up, niggas that approach y’all static with pumps
They’ll attack that area where you stashing ya lunch
Then put a hole straight thru you
Now yo niggas can watch yo back from the front
That’s real beef, they for real eat, my guys bring harm
Move eights, it’s too late to find an alarm
Y’all remind me of Ray Charles, the shit get ugly
It’s clear you don’t wanna fuck with it just by the size of the arms
We body bringing, shotty squeezing, yo fam in a lobby screaming
ER got doc’s trying to jig saw body pieces
They will kill, keep tools clappin, while dudes acting, Hugh Jackman
I’m real steel, I’ll show up to ya hometown
Ready to ride on him, no Polo now
Four four knock yo hoes out with that can I black out Four Loko style
You know what time it is, this is what real life rhyming is
And though the line is thin, this is exactly what define us men
Niggas like you create that image, try to buy your fans
Real niggas see the image but it’s just a hologram
See my niggas will go where I’m at, they stay ready to squeeze Uzi’s
Problems? I’ll have my whole set on the road like that Speed movie
These groupies remind me of bitches, y’all got the same symptoms
Claiming y’all loyal to the block, y’all got that thang with you
But when money coming off that white, loyalty the last thing in ‘em
Them starving hoes turn Mario
Soon as you hit that brick you see the change in ‘em
But let me find the pigeons fly off yo block and it ain’t a dumb front
We loading trucks up, hitting that bitch ready to duck hunt
And see I ain’t getting halfway mean
Nigga I will put out a blunt on ya face to keep my ashtray clean
I will show you niggas how to act, take you to where them ridaz at
Let ‘em run in ya shit while you asleep and give ‘em a stocking cap
Let me a drop a fact, I don’t know a nigga cold as me
So it’s gon cost checks to the nigga I cross next (necks) like a Rosary
I’m ready for whatever
That tool will melt you and any dude that helping
These knuckles will make a G buckle like Gucci belts
That shit with Time Bomb was a warmup, y’all still got to see me spar
He got to talking, I had to put the live shit at a pause like DVR
So if I’m too deep, I’m loaded, so is the man with me
Pringles style, when you pop don’t stop til the can empty
You just lost round 2…

[Round 3: JC]

Niggas like you get on get shine & immediately get to changing they style
That’s that fraudulent shit
The cloth that my clique cut from not available now
It’s called real, niggas that don’t know how fraud feel
Y’all come ride with ‘em
But you niggas? Jumping in oncoming traffic to collide with ‘em
You not street, you ever had a nigga who knew every block rule
Pop tools and stayed on the block deep?
Nice hand game and can box sweet, but could look you dead in yo eyes
Point blank range, pop heat and not blink, yeah nigga, you got me
A young nigga that ain’t scared of shit, I embrace this shit
I could bang a clip and flame a spliff while the barrel lit
You could get hit with all types of bottles, we live by that Nike motto
The name is real, talking will get the nigga you came here with killed
Cuz they blaze the steel in the time it take for you to say you will
That’s that Yak shit, niggas blast, shit get bad we turn the cannon
I throw my hood up they leave all you (oil) leaking like ya engine bad
You a “would do” nigga, all these stories about what’s gon happen basis
Honestly it don’t show that you hood, it show imagination
See real niggas laugh when lame just talk about the matics blazing
But you should know hood code, we on the “wait til I catch you” basis
All I’m hearing is Rosenberg Raw is vicious
Dawg just listen the boy be spittin, but they meant literally
Fat boy got that lisp, them “s” words is what cause all that spitting
But see that’s another bad buy to a hood nigga, dawg suspicious
Round here niggas who can’t control they tongue, we call them snitches
So know I’m doing what I can to make these niggas not rush you
Before you speak on a hood nigga
Realize you got all the hood symptoms to make niggas not trust you
Now I done caught fat boy on a doze off
There’s lanes in these streets you don’t cross
I will send a slug that’ll throw him thru the sky
And then stop by to heaven to drop his soul off
You think muggin’ get my people scared? Muggin’ is an evil stare
They follow you home the 1st time, the 2nd time they’ll meet you there
You don’t know the type of shit I’m in, my men
Will catch you at ya mom’s house and leave Rose planted in the garden
He’ll fit right in
I could give a fuck if you dig me or believe me, hell
Most niggas don’t understand til they feel it, it’s like reading brail
Losing gon be a win-win to you niggas, it’s a fact
To y’all broads, I’m on-star, you lost but I’ll still get you on the map
Speaking of maps, you in my house
So know it’s nothing to pull a homi in the club
And know this, there’s no prints when you catch a body in the glove
Right now I’m for all types of action, bites and ratchets
Snipes and stab him
I put the glove on, then slide out like I’m Michael Jackson
It’s like that, long range snipe that, get a blade, slice that
Or put pumps on right where they pump life at, I’m a fucking specialist
Catch this pussy unexpected, we know he don’t tuck the weapon
Don’t RAW mean unprotected? I’ll bust the Desert, then the fif’ slide out
You are in a city I know inside out
The clip blaze then the switchblade leave his insides out
My men ride out, so if it’s disrespect
I’ll get this homo pop when this can peel, I’m a man steeled like RoboCop
Please Rose, 2nd mic with that 4-5 I squeeze Rose
Thought you was the one, that BULL shit don’t fly in the D, Rose
You got did dirty in Jersey, then washed my Kleen rose
This shit pitiful nigga, I gotta kill all y’all, y’all ain’t even hospitable nigga
First Time Bomb, this ass whooping meant for you nigga
I am all over PA like a Principal nigga
Lie to these niggas, tell ‘em how you grip and blam oozy’s
How you in the 7 with the Eagle, you just a Vick fan, truly
If it’s real beef, my goons is in that big van cruise
And hop out waving that AK like a fan in the sixth man movie
You just lost the battle…

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