Charlie Clips vs. X-Factor [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Charlie Clips]
How the fuck is my swag off, fag sauce?
When you called Rich Dolarz handsome twice?
And was the only one who knew he played football with his pads off
That means you’ll go to a Lions game in a Vikings helmet
Wearing Jacksonville Jag draws and buy Old Navy shirts
And call Calicoe over like, “rip the tags off”
You the 4th dirtiest nigga in battling, you 3rd
But got the nerve to tell niggas they swag off
And it’s been 5 battles straight and you have yet to take that hat off
Now either Blind Fury is ya barber, he nicked you and took the back off
Or you have a hairline that’ll make Lebron happy but piss Smack off
You know what, fuck the jokes, I ain’t got time for all the extra kidding
So I don’t wanna hear how you been hard
Which one of y’all niggas got his SIM card?
Cuz his texts/techs is missing, not mine
I got MOBS, throw that extra clip in
You’ll get Roc’d cuz I let my ‘K Shine without Rex permission
Aye Mook! He wanna be a Ruff Ryder
Y’all should let this bitch take Eve’s spot
Knock his wig off, he’ll get the same scalp Jada and Styles P got
I show up in Detroit with a gun that’s big enough to take Sheek’s spot
So when it’s shooting you better tell everybody in the D, block
Before I kill you with more lines like that it’s some real shit I gotta address
X-Factor, the new old nigga, I’m sorry y’all but I’m not all that impressed
Cuz in order to be a champion you gotta defeat a champion
Be ready to give and take a beat down
And under no circumstance do you get scared
And demand to go under 3 rounds
Smack and Beasley called your phone, am I lying?
And you was like, “I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean
I’m not fearing shit, a fat bitch bungee cord snapped on Richie
So I’m not scared and shit
But it’s just it’s Charlie Clips we’re talking about
And I need a whole lot of time to prepare and shit
You bitch ass nigga, you gotta be ready to give and take that contact
Smack and Beasley should have a meeting and then jump you
Cuz going 3 rounds was in our contract
But you begged to go one
And then you asked if I can only rap for 5 minutes
My reply, “5 Minutes? Suck my dick! I rap until I’m finished!”
They paid $100 per ticket, plus tax, everybody in here gotta be hating you
But this ain’t the first time you did some sucka shit X
I been seen the fake in you
DNA said let’s battle, you said “no”
Then when 2 weeks left you said “I’m taking you”
You made ya 3 rounds, yeah, and you accepted the challenge
I see the snake in you
DNA only had 2 weeks to prepare
You had a whole month, he was flaming you
Cuz you had to get the priorities theme
From (?) to even make it debatable
You know how many niggas wanna battle me?
How many niggas dream of killing Clips?
I give you the fuckin opportunity
And you ask for one round, you fucking idiot!
So for the fans that wanted you to kill me in 3
And was hoping to see ya stock rise
You subconsciously stabbed them in the back
And for that, you will never be top 5
Now back to these bars… ain’t you a reverend or some shit?
So what you know about throwing that chrome on styling?
Or ya moms buying Idaho potatoes
But you using them to put ya chrome on silent
No sound it’s just … I let that chrome off smiling
Cuz when it ring he’ll get the text but never know it
Like his phone on silent
This is what you wanted nigga? You wanted me to be disrespectful
Put my dick in ya niece fish tank, dump the water on ya nephew
I Tsu Surf lock pick the door, like “errrr” show ya family what that tech do
Put ‘em all in the sky for cheap, my hammer Jet Blue
Little message for you Detroit niggas that wanna get Clips
Scope on, one eye open, but it ain’t Slick Rick
I don’t wanna hear how y’all go in y’all Arsenal
To grab Shotgun’s until they click click
Cuz the only nigga that went to Arsonal for that Shotgun was Trick Trick
Arsonal and Shotgun would probably knock you the fuck out
So I don’t wanna hear how you grip the glock
Youuuu bird ass nigga
Since you a chicken I’d rather kill you using a chicken’s pot
Like you better ROLL if you don’t pay me, I throw that IDAHO on that 380
Them shots steam, send you to heaven with HOT WINGS
We feeling on ya CHICKEN’S BREASTS but you in love with that old whore
And you be snacking on her BOX but you don’t know she a COLD SLAW
You ain’t nothing but a old chicken that Smack threw in some new grease
Against a new beast that come with that biscuit, I’m like a two piece
If I catch you in that drop, I throw that biscuit to ya top
You get ya memory fried
Since you riding like John F it’s only right I get Kennedy fried
You mentioning me in ya blogs and ya battles
It’s like you can’t go a day without me
So I called Ms. Cleo & she told me, “every ting you plan ta say about me”
He gon be like, “I blame bloah again and soak him up like shamwow again
And make him suffer, how you plan to get a deal? You fat motherfucker
You wore Salmon Pink against Ayeverb,” but I’m still good in the gutter
See I’m a hustler
So I wore salmon to let you know I was good with the butter
He gon be like, “you ain’t got no haircut in ya blogs
How you expect to get ya chicks wet?
We always see you in Harlem, but never see you with the Dipset
You got the image of a plumber
That’s the only way you giving bitches pipe
And in ya battle with Verb you got more dislikes than likes”
Now that’s true, I do got more dislikes than likes, but that ain’t shit to me
My 2nd battle
Got paid more than you and 10 other niggas that night, I made history
You know how I’m that nigga?
Cuz in ya last 2 battles you had to mention me
You almost lost to Surf convincingly
So I made you battle DNA and Rich Dolarz just to get to me
Little nigga, how you expect to hold it down when you gon correct me
And tell me how Street Fighter 1 ain’t never had a bonus round?
It don’t have a bonus round, see I be saucy when I say things
So if I fuck up a Street Fighter line
It must make you think that I play games
But if you do wanna play games, let’s just make sure it’s all action
UFC type of game where it’s kicking or all cappin
We can throw the gloves on, play Fight Night with all jabbin
Cuz if I throw a bullet you’ll need a Raven’s Defense on all Madden
You might wanna hit Clips cuz these offense lines get you mad as hell
But if I grip that hit stick, ya helmet fly, you get a shit bag as well
If I bare/bear arms, you better turn Devon Hester running fast as hell
Or get this red circle in ya head like Hines Ward in Madden 12
I am not a Game Boy! And you blacker than a PSP, you never seen cash
Ya flow 16 bit, mine 32, that’s why it seem fast
Catch ‘em while he asleep, PlayStation 3 on the way that beam flash
Headshot, let his brains rest in his pillow, now that’s a Dreamcast
I’m the controller, I leave squares like you so dead
So if X plan to try angles/triangles like Verb
He’ll get an L 2 and have to battle O-Red
Say it again? I said..
I’m the controller, I leave squares like you so dead
So if X wanna try angles/triangles like Verb
He’ll get an L 2 and have to battle O-Red
Speaking of my nigga O-Red, “manana, malala, manamama
Mala, malama, manamama, manana, malama, manamama
Mama, manamama!”
Now my niggas behind me is like “what the fuck was my man saying?”
My bad it’s only two niggas that can speak this language
I’ma hit y’all with my translation… I said
Lil nigga you better get low as possible before I let that mag hit you
ICU, ya monitor on but ya shit showing mad scribble
Ya soul leaving ya body, cuz that’s what happens when a mag hit you
So you brain dead, don’t even know you traveling
You Lebron when he crab dribble
Now I done murdered you bar for bar and exposed you
The crowd was applauding me nigga, but it’s something I forgot to do
Not the translation, I did the Lebron shit, now I remember
I gotta address ya Priorities, nigga
Two weeks ago I put you in my top 5 and like ‘that’ I was in disbelief
And had to take you right out of my top 5
Cuz I found out that he a fuckin theft
Remember when he told DNA, “you fake sick
Get a facelift when that 8 spit
Cuz it’ll blast and put DNA in a bag like a rape kit”
Now at that time I was like “woooo!” cuz that line was certainly fresh
But I realized you stole that from Dizaster
Cuz he said he told Swave Sevah
“I’ll put DNA in a box like a paternity test”
DNA, paternity test, rape kit, we all watch Law & Order SVU
That shit is the same my nigga!
So for you being black stealing punchlines from an Arab
This makes you a lame my nigga!
Next time you wanna steal bars get some authority nigga
I’m not trying to be funny
I’m trying to help you with your…. PRIORITIES, nigga!
Or how bout when he told Rich Dolarz, “I run up in ya state property
Properly, you ain’t hot as me cuz when it flash
It’ll put Rich Dolarz in a bag like a bank robbery,” right?
Now when I heard that I was like, “woooh!” cuz that line was crazy then
I realized you stole that from DNA cuz he battled Rich and said
“My shotgun will take Dolarz out like an ATM”
Dolarz, ATM, Bank Robbery, we all seen Set It Off
That shit is the same my nigga!
So for you being 40 stealing lines from a 20 year old
That just makes you a lame my nigga
The next time you wanna steal bars, just get some authority nigga
I’m not trying to be funny, I’m trying to help you with your priorities nigga
You fucking theft, you should end up dead in an alley like Raheem
Since you don’t know how to keep it real
How do you ever expect to be Bishop if all you know a Steel
Just cuz a nigga rhyme hot don’t mean you show go rap it
Just cuz a nigga bar cold don’t mean you should go and jack it/jacket
So the next time you wanna steal bars, just get some authority nigga
And I really freestyled those last 4 lines but I hoped they helped you with
Your priorities nigga…
Now this priority right here is some real shit that I gotta address
I thought you was a great father, but the way you treat your son is a mess
Remember when you wrote on Twitter how you be getting drunk
And be getting saucy off the dark
And you got so drunk that you lost your little son in the park?
Or what about when you battled Amzilla
And you said how you crazy and something wrong
And how you’ll punch your son in the face if he stare at you for too long
You look like you get drunk
Beat your son and then leave him with the neighbors
Since you whipping yo son ass, I’m whipping my son ass
But doing yo son ass a favor
So the next time I hear you fucking with him
Or you raise ya hand to fucking hit him
I’ma take a flight to Detroit
Pistol whip you and have ACS come and get him
So the next time you wanna beat him
You call me to get the authority nigga
Cuz he’s not yours no more, now he’s my Priority nigga!
I hope you got a whole new scheme when you go to battle me nigga
Cuz the priority shit is worn out now, it’s time for reality nigga
If you battled Nemesis when DNA had a tooth
Then that means that was awhile ago
You been under Miles and Marvwon for years
And out of nowhere came Calicoe, you trying to be top 5 in battling
You not even top 3 in ya own city
If they redid Bad Boy in Detroit, he’ll be Biggie you’ll be an old Diddy
You had ya chance to be Biggie, then Miles took on T-Rex
You lost to Nemesis then got demoted to G-Dep
That nigga Miles got destroyed by Loaded Lux
We all seen the expression on you and ya boss face
So you did have ya chance to be Biggie cuz that night you lost Faith
So I hope you go to do ya thing when you go battle me nigga
Cuz if you lose tonight, JC will be over you by tomorrow
And that’s reality nigga
You said Rich Dolarz got on a stanky Yankee
I can’t believe this is the same cat
In 2 blogs and 3 battles I caught you wearing the same hat
Type in QP versus B Magic he got on a black and purple Coogi sweater
Looking aight, so I was like, “yo my nigga getting his change better”
Then I typed in X-Factor Summer Madness recap
And the dirty nigga had on the same sweater
Now for all my hustlers in the trap
Y’all know wearing the same clothes twice ain’t no thing
But they zoomed in on his sneakers and his Air Max had no strings
You wore the same sneakers, the same hat, and the same stanky Coogi
But I know you don’t know no better
Smack, lend him $250, buy a metrocard, go to 14th and Main
Tell ‘em I sent you and put you in a Polo Sweater
Go burn that fucking Coogi the next time you come and battle me nigga
Cuz now they all know you dirty and that’s reality nigga
I’m glad you talking to me while I’m rapping
So now I got this lil tune that I’m hearing the same
About how you ate Shooney the Rapper’s ass
From out of Queen Of The Ring
You know what’s funny? That’s not even a joke, that shit is real fact
You ate a bitch that got bars than you, that shit is real wack
I’m a freak myself, but under no circumstance do I feel that
A man’s tongue should hang in the same hood that (?) chilled at
So I know you gon click and spray
You probably got a rhyme for every different day
I mean you eat ass, I’m pretty sure you got some shit to say
I thought this nigga here….
You know what I fucked up, I forgot my damn line
Sike! You must be out your damn mind!
What do I look like choking? Tell this nigga, that’s not cool
Get in a battle and go, “I fuck with the boy Surf” Nigga I am not you
So the next time you go to choke when you battle me nigga
Bizarre will never co-sign you again and that’s reality nigga!
Now I want you to get on Twitter right, tell ‘em how you killed me
Tell a lie to those folks
But you know what’s gon hurt you? When they watch this whole battle
And realize I ain’t ever crack a nose joke
Time, nigga! Sike! I lied nigga!
Listen, don’t worry bout why I ain’t do 3
Why you keep talking while I’m rapping?
They wouldn’t call you if they wanted to see they Father rap
My bars is crazy I make Detroit niggas have heart attacks
Now I said sike, I lied nigga, ya nose look like a field goal’s good
That shit is “this” wide nigga
It look like you could take a deep breath and smell what’s outside nigga
If ya nose is that big, how could you tell ya niggas, “good lookin?”
Hold on see y’all niggas keep talking while I’m rapping
In the hood I learned to slaughter this work
He the first nigga that got on a Phat Farm Nautica shirt
Get Calicoe? I mean y’all told me that awhile ago
Math said you ate Ms. Hustle pussy on her period
Nah, I’m just joking, I’m just joking… I mean serious
Now I’m back to the hood where my troops control the block
Cuz I just fat bitch bungee cord
Cut that shit short I got a Superbowl to watch

[Round 1: X-Factor]

I swear I’ma put an end to this bitch
And he lied on 90 percent of that shit, and you know that right
Ya fags off swag sauce
You got a fat back, skinny legs with man breasts that sag off
With no bitch so Charlie Clips gotta rub a stick to blast off
X-Factor versus DNA, shit, my bad, I mean Charlie Clips
But I already off DNA using Charlie clip
Since we all know DNA be on Charlie clip
I give you a different way of looking at it
See I run up on Charlie like “what’s popping?” Charlie Clip
Up that 45th and snatch that ratchet off of Charlie hip
Smack the shit out Charlie’s lip, probably knock the tooth out him
He spit it out, now we see DNA in Charlie Clips
But that’s only the half of it, now it’s blood all over that ratchet
So again, you’ll see DNA on Charlie Clip
I’m a motherfuckin’ veteran, varsity, Letterman
He all talk, Letterman, Verb, who let him in?
I’m on every fucking top 5 list to every men
On a list with the veterans, all niggas you’re not better than
Mook, Rex, Lux, Miles, Math, Solomon, all niggas that’s ahead of him
Fat gut chump, I give a fuck cuz NY rank him like he so live
You got 2 battles on camera, I had that in ‘05
Now add that there, imaginary deal with Cam
Fam what? Chuck Philly so major?
But you know me, fuck is you? I’m doing the favor
NYC all I ask is y’all give a nigga props
And if he say some shit that’s hot and it’s hot, then let it rock
But if he say some shit that’s not hot and y’all gas it and give it props
The cameras never lie, so the fans gon see it’s not
Now I’m not battling Charlie Clips because I think this nigga nice
It’s cuz the fans got em hype and to me you just aight
But I had a talk with my conscience in public, fuck it
We was deep in, I’m reasoning with these mafuckas
Cars riding by beeping, but see the talk I had with my conscience
My conscience spoke a lil knowledge
The reasonable me said he was nice
But the arrogant side said he was garbage
Reasonable me: “X I ain’t gon lie, that boy Charlie Clips is nice
And if you take that nigga lite, he’ll probably put a end to ya night
And you done came to far to be on top of this battle shit
To battle Clips and not let that whole ‘matic clip spit at average Clips
I said, “you right” but before I could get a word out
The asshole tapped me and said, “X can I please have my words now”
He said, “man that nigga trash, that nigga butt, that nigga ass
He couldn’t see you if you lived in a crib in Times Square and it was glass
You did legendary shit, killed DNA and bodied Rich
Priorities nigga? That’s a hit, how many rounds he had? 6
And see 3 of which he battled a nigga that was sick
But take to the 2 year break so he swung back and he didn’t hit
The other 3 in which he battled a nigga that had some shit
But Verb didn’t just battle Clips
But like 3,000 fans that was riding this nigga’s dick
I said, “shit, y’all both right, and take sides is kind of hard to
So I’ll take advice from both and show niggas I’m impartial
I’ll give ‘em bars like I’m bout to go 30 rounds with Marshall
But still feel you don’t deserve these small bars that I’ve (?) you
Now bars I got ‘em often, he been doing a lot of barking
He must be HIGH so it’s only right he’s taking an L for talking
Jump in that 40 it’s hearse day
Ya trunk that’s where ya skirt and ya purse stay
That .38 special, a retard 2 years before his 40th birthday
Clips is on that walk of fame, putting in a lot of hard work
But be careful what you say out ya mouth spitting them bars jerk
Cuz if it’s beef and my niggas peep you in that car first
They Dial us/Dallas we come with them cal boy/Cowboys
For thinking we candy I’ll leave that Star-burst
I bet you 10 times outta 10 under ya left titty stink
And since you’ve waken, you’ve eaten, 5 guys about 5 times
Wendy’s fries and a big mac
I’m off the hip, two cans when I blow, so if that first one miss you
You kids will die from the cig off that 2nd hand smoke
Uh-oh, I’m back on my shit again
Clips done took that bait like a fisherman
Reel ‘em in, what’s on my waist mean black can sing, Aunt Vivian
You see uncle phil, I’m fresh and the prince of Michigan
I told my killer Jeffrey I’ll give you (U) K’s, now send him 10
Hit him from his waist to his neck
You button then I’ll bend ya men (Benjamin)
You’re not a man in my eyes, your vagina trying to play hard
When that 4 on me, no sorority but I’ll cap a (?)
I’ll ride thru Harlem comfortable with them guys with me
Charlie’s nowhere in sight unless the bakery’s giving pies for free
But if you do see me, be easy giving that eye to me
Because 16 from that Charger will bust, no Ryan Leaf
I take the pound, run up on him, lay him down, face the ground
I figure he ain’t build/belt so why would I waste a round
I say Conceited slow that down
I take the pound, run up on him, lay him down, face the ground
I figure he ain’t belt so why would I waist around
You a fat nigga buggin who ain’t seen below his waist since a kid
The first time he saw his toes he thought they was chicken nuggets
Fat nigga start spazzing, damn near had a heart attack
Cuz he couldn’t grab em
I got bars, I got jokes, my stage presence is a gift
I control that crowd beautifully, I planned ya eulogy for the 5th
He tried to run and was open so I blew one in his shit
And told the judge, “you aren’t supposed to put bullets into clips”
Start a show and I’ll get to clappin
Tonight it all ends, I’m bout to silence this nigga, Charlie Chaplin
Leave that whip smoking til it’s rolling, it’ll look like the Marley’s passing
Run up on it, break the glass, clap half his back in
Til his lap catches his abdomen and that whip slip and hit, crash and bend
You the type to get mangled with them bars
Fuck around and wanna tangle/tango
Well I’ll send you dancing with the stars
In that court singing, get carried/CAREY’D when that CANNON going off
Then I’ll squirt until it birth, my seed planted in her jaws
I be going ham, up dumping squeezing that pump
Clips be going ham, add bacon, cheese, …
No remorse I’ll even slump his lil cunt
Let that fif swisher, sheesh I had to be blunt
From what I heard you be beggin bitches to get off in they vagina
But I also heard bitches is never on ya tip cuz it’s tiny
Just ask ya whore, she love when I slam her raw
She told me when my thing get rocked it’s what I’m fantastic for/4
Fuck this battling shit, you’ll think that chrome was his clone
The way I’ll have Charlie battling Clips
I’m usually mild mannered but act in this damn place
I’ll slap this man face til his jaw snap like blacks after a handshake
I won’t even put the heater to him
Niggas start yapping to the coppers cuz they’ll be locked up
Before the choppers get to squeezing thru ‘em
Now I gotta skip town, a couple pounds I bet C’ll do him
Cuz soon as I touchdown TD, Jakes, he’ll be preaching to em
I tried to listen to his album, Calicoe was like, “why fam?”
I’ma keep it a buck and a half, it’s trash, I ain’t gon lie fam
I said “fuck it” I even tried to listen to it (?) then
I played 2 and 5, damn near committed suicide
I couldn’t feel/fill his high
I got that Shotty in, I’ll let that Shotty spin
And let his wig hold the whole clip like a Bobby pen
My bottom bitch thick as a steak, boy stop that
You saucy cuz ya A1 bitch couldn’t top that
I’m at my girls house watching battles
I said “come here baby, this bout to be some shit”
She said “ohh, Fatman Scoop?!
I said “no, that’s Charlie Clips” but anyway, that nigga there can spit
Halfway in his 3rd round against Ayeverb
That’s when I witnessed some shit
Now it was all some gay shit but he said Verb be on some gay shit
And right after Verb say some gay shit, he licks his lips
Now that’s when I seen some gay shit
But you said Verb lick his licks every time he say some gay shit
And right in the middle of you talking all that gayness
Charlie Clips turned around and licked his lips
As y’all see I’m getting bored with this nigga
But y’all know I wasn’t gonna end it without addressing at least one
Of his priorities nigga
Against Tay Roc – 200, against Verb – about 305
Nigga that’s growth at a rapid rate
Easy on the cheeseburgers and chili cheese franks
These ya niggas right? Y’all down to ride? Right there letting that 380 fly
Who gon be down to right with helping this mafucka stay alive?
No that’s real shit, I’m being honest, that’s my word A
You got no kids, you’re not married, I know you want that in ya old age
But at the rate that you’re going you’ll probably die in ya sleep by 38
High blood pressure by 31, diabetes by 33, congestive heart failure by 36
I’m saying you my mans and I’m just worried Clips
But you been in the gym, I can tell you trying to get back
Pullups for ya delts, dips for ya lap
I’m backing you 100 percent, that’s all I gotta say scrap
But just remember just because you’ve ate fat you don’t have to stay that
Now soon you gon walk in that spot and see cones with the ice creams
Freshly baked German chocolate cake topped with the icing
Now for you that’s probably hot torture my nigga
But before you go make a slice and take a bite
Think life and how you got to live a lot more of it my nigga
Now I’m not saying this to be funny
Or try to wipe the floor with this nigga
But I feel like this is real life and Clips it’s PRIORITIES nigga
When that mac buck duck you lil fat gut fuck
As y’all see I just spazzed on this nigga and y’all niggas know
I just fat bitch bungee cord snapped on this nigga

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