DNA vs. Eurgh [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Eurgh]
Ayo D, is that a tooth in your mouth? Let me borrow that
You’re only popping tags if it it’s slang of the spots you have
Wanna back out now? He should say “yes”
We’ll find out who the daddy is if DNA tests
Your name is an acid, you switched leagues to make bread
So I know that you’re weak cause you see PH less
Punch your mic around is the old slogan used
Engineers punch speakers when you’re in the vocal booth
He wasn’t giving info but when they put Diz’ close to you
Like a warped view, Diz’ taught you a lesson and disposed of you
Who remembers when he said, “something, something”? I do
You’re wedding vows will probably be, “something, something…I do”
See if you freestyle now, what we’re expecting most to hear
30 somethings in your bar like an episode of Cheers
Something, something the queen, now let me hear something different
All these unoriginal Diana lines, you all got fucking tunnel vision
So it’s clear that it’s easy to do what Eric writes (Wrights)
You say, “It’s getting hot in here”…that’s a fucking Nelly line
And when you try, you never hit the target
Your attempts to be smart bomb every time
Never mind, just resort back to stealing from Hollow
You’re like a Tumblr account, you just reuse shit from the people you follow
Every time I’m on your Twitter, I see something that means nothing
You need to watch a tutorial to take you through each function
There’s “direct message”, “favor”, “reply”, they keep coming
There’s other shit to use apart from the “Retweet” button
Oh, and one more thing, getting a wack grey t-shirt, stamp and a pattern
Doesn’t fucking cancel out the fact that it happened

[Round 1: DNA]
This dude’s shirt right here says “Dope”
So when I air y’all out and deliver this crack to this crowd
They won’t wanna hear you from here on (heron) out
The Saurus said they you told him Cruger’s rhyme
If you did, you should be repping your hood better
But if not you’ll snitch to cover your ass, you’re like Henry from Goodfellas
Before this battle, they just looked at you as the dude with bars
But after this you’ll get a name and a fan base and might become a super star
So if you all follow the genetic code of the human body, then you should understand why his career be moving far
Cause after this battle, DNA will make up who you are
You ain’t never have 3,000 people move when you rhyme
Or have Drake go crazy when you spit a line
You only known in the UK, I’m nationwide, I get views all the time
So Eurgh, even with the correct letters your name couldn’t be “huger” than mine
And I’m about to catch a body bag Organik and send this immigrant to the coroner
Plus I ain’t like the way you act since (accent) you came to America
So I’ma put the four in Eurgh (foreigner)
Slow it down, I’ma repeat that bar for ya
I said, ain’t like the way you act since (accent) you came to America
So I’ma put the four in Eurgh (foreigner)
And judging by your swag and your style, it seems like you wanna be black Eur’
But you can’t because I’m black-er than you
I battled a lot of that’s wack Eur’
But never battled nobody wack-er than you
Since you wanna be Dizast-Eur’
The King Of The Dot would rather give me a battle with Dizast-er than you
Now it’s a wrap Eur’
Cause in this battle I’ma just prove I’m a better rapp-er than you
Remember when you told PH why you getting crazy with me?
Cause I’m that English man that brought that medication for free
That bar was hot but I was listening y’all
Cause if you brought the medication you only proved Americans always been sicker than y’all
So tell me how I said, “something, something” against Diz’ and “time flies loud” and how you gonna put this rapper in the coffin
And you only gon’ show that you good for one angle like your battle with The Saurus

[Round 2: Eurgh]
You said I want to be black, yeah I thought so
But you wanna be white cause it fucking looks like you bought Rone’s wardrobe
You must have a really expensive medical plan
Looking like the Elephant Man crossed with Elephant Man
DNA, he said it stands for Deadly N Action
Forget words you need to improve your spelling a fraction
On your “official” Youtube (seriously) you missed the “i” between the “c” and the “a”
That spells “offical” but you should leave it that way
Cause you’re a fickle guy, he’ll easily change
Diamondback’s logo, D is a snake
Nah, you a buffalo, for collabs people are speeding away
When you gonna charge if Eric’s costing they immediately skate
Look at him if you need proof, not to bite the hand that feeds you
And if you do it 50 times, it’ll knock a couple teeth loose
He probably spat on your father’s grave when you didn’t even mean to
That gap was the size of a penthouse, now that’s what I call a “suite/sweet tooth”
You ain’t gonna win D, I’ma breeze through
And Charlie Clip’s Bars, it’s really nice to meet you
When they’re in the club macking, you’ll squeeze through
If he sees a chick winding on Clip’s/Clipse Grinding he jumps in like “me too”
Yo, you said “invisible like Madonna’s tits”
“Invisible like Rihanna’s tits”
How about “invisible like your creativity in battle’s is”
What about that wheelchair bar
That you bit from that track with Clips
You and Fred The Godson, you even bite who you’re collabing with
And I’m sick of hearing you switching syllables like “cinnamon” “send him in” and fucking thinking it’s fine
Your reputation is very different to mine
I’m known for what comes out of my mouth, not what was missing inside
Yo, he wants respect now he’s back normal like recovered alcoholic
Oh you in love now you got a tooth?
Well I’ve always had mine so I fucking want some too
And one more thing, I can fuck your girl, she’s any groupie I’m sexing
The bitch will go down longer than a UStream connection

[Round 2: DNA]
You mentioned me and Clips, and said, “we [?] me too”
But every time you look at them and you don’t look at me
In URL I already gave X a diss so I’ma run up on you and push your T (Pusha T)
Now my man Calvin told me not to talk about guns against Eur’
He said he might get the best of you
I told that nigga, “Why not? Cause in Canada and L.A. that shit is acceptable.”
So if I spit a metaphor about a gun, don’t get mad when I tell y’all what my Tec will do
And Okwerdz close your ears cause this is about to be one rhyme, gun line, punchline festival
You already know I don’t play, Pen, so if he spit a line
I’d advise y’all not to boost or cheer (booster chair) or it won’t be safe here
I got a crazy formula when I’m in for mils (Enfamil), so like a baby let’s get something straight here
Let’s say I see Eur’ and his girl but his infant get in the way
I’ma still let the eight flare
Now that’s some crazy shit, but they would’ve told their baby “sit” (babysit) if they care (daycare)
Once I win this battle, we can shake hands and dap it up
But I ain’t Slick Rick so if I/eye lost you know/no we can’t patch it up
I don’t see y’all seeing it right, let me back it up
I said I ain’t Slick Rick so if I/eye lost, know/no we can’t patch it up
But if you owe me bread, let’s try the vegetable approach
You better not let us catch you in the P’s/peas cause we ain’t on some calm shit
You must heard (mustard) we peel back onions when we don’t wanna squash shit
Your girl, I’ll sell her E, put the potato on the barrel and get this bird touched
And you’ll just get robbed for your ten karats/carrots and catch the beats/beets if all my money don’t turn up/turnip
You remind me of a bike, you can’t handle bars even though you love rap
When we spoke you should’ve followed the chain of command and trust that
I will run up in your flat, give you K’s (UKs) when the snub clap
Now you’re breathing in a tube so I hope you put your wife on the will (wheel) cause she’s about to get a hub cap
I done battled the best, went toe to toe with vets while the rest got scared
Been the main event in every league and got millions of views so respect top tier
What I’m trying to say is the level I’m on is just not fair
It’s like you hit puberty ’cause in other words you just got it hair/here
So before you spit bars and try to say you rap and I die
Nigga, me and Dizaster got more views than all your battled combined
So I aim at your eyelids and start clapping the nine
And it’ll be like be like Kurt Russell trying to Escape in L.A. with a patch on your eye

[Round 3: Eurgh]
Yeah, you and Diz’ got more views than all of my battles combined
It was an hour long battle and you spat about two bars that actually rhymed
Listen, and yeah you know when I’m rapping I’m nice
You might be good but you still get your frame ripped apart though
You spat about 16 bars on vegetables, eh, tomato/tomato
It’s just recycled concepts and tracks that he’s performing
Cause no one ever listened to that actual recording
They are not how music is supposed to sound
So anything I hear D compose/decompose is being broken down
Your music includes so much room for improvement
If I put a beat box in the middle you would be useless
I could cover my ears and judge only using his movements
And still manage to flow way smoother than you could
If your style is like the sixth sense scene with that cupboard in the stairs
Cause he’s trying to force something that even HE doesn’t think is there
Or you dumb it down for the crowd, ehh no that was complete shit
And if you believed it for a second you’re dumber than he is
You are not intelligent
It’s like a cake and a stripper kneeling inside
Something big you needed to hide so your delivery is a disguise
Clearly for this battle, the company brought you out
Not to socialize, once we’ve done this you ought to bounce
Call him later, he’ll say, “Is the money in your account?”
“Yeah but do you wanna chill?”
“Nope! We got nothing to talk about.”
You really flopped in front of Eminem, that was some choke
It’s only right you dug yourself a hole in Rabbit’s burrows
You really work for your school paper, got love from the faculty
And that’s the closest that he’s ever come to a magazine
The only rat shit you’ve seen is animal droppings in the kitchen
You found
The only thing getting burst is that bubble you’re living in now
Quest McCody, M.O.B., what the fuck were you bitching about?
He thought he was behaving like a pro teen/protein by chickening out
He backed out of L.A. with Diz’, ain’t as gangsta as he says he is
So I just don’t believe in you, I’m a D.N.Atheist

[Round 3: DNA]
You another to mention to me about Detroit, that was some of the biggest quotes
But since you act Shady, once I give you this Em/M-16 I’ma put you in the scope (Interscope)
You said I mentioned vegetables, tomato and tomato, you was repeating it crazy
What you should’ve said is I mentioned vegetables cause a few months ago I had the same teeth as a baby
But you don’t do that
But you and Cruger the co-presidents of Don’t Flop
In the U.K. that might be the biggest league, but you don’t put people like Sensa or Shotty Horroh on
Cause if you did y’all might have the illest team
But you don’t tell ’em they can’t battle niggas like me and Arsonal
You send him to do it
So if y’all sleep I’ma wake you up and show you what I really mean
It must be a Nightmare On Elm Street in London cause you send Cruger to kill nigga’s dreams
You don’t put on for your country, you put on for yourself
That’s what I call a clown
If ya niggas couldn’t swim to make first place you make sure they all would drown
I forgot the name of this one song, but I recall it now
Cause off the moves you make, you the main reason why that London Bridge is falling down
And you from Britain, U.K., that’s the gay capitol
I question the shit y’all niggas do out there everyday
But what disturbs me more was the slang y’all use is very gay
Cigarettes are called a “fag”
In New York, we say, “Can we get boogies and get that with matches.”
You know you gay if you can go to the store and ask for “a pack of faggots”
And y’all dessert is called “spotted dick”
My question #1 is, why do they call it that?
And question 2, is how do you look a waiter in the eyes and order that?
I mean and out there they say “Randy” means horny
To me that’s just insane
How you can feel comfortable every time your girl gets horny she says T-Rex’s name
But let’s be serious, if King Of The Dot was a stylist they would look at your image and say “it’s hard to win”
No women sweat Eur’ so why would they invest in putting you on the card again?
Slow it down, I’ma repeat that bar again
I said, since no women sweater why would they in-vest in putting you on the cardigan?
But I came to fuck up this event on some Dizaster shit
They ask me can I bust, I told ’em “Trust, this Arsonal is Illmaculate.”
I would give him this K-Shine without Pass cause I’m the reason this event is what it be today
So take out a pen and pad and try spelling out “Vendetta” without a “DNA”

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