Bender vs. Syd Vicious [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Bender]
Now months before the King Of The Dot chain was a bungee cord attached to a cutting board
The title was respected and mine was the one that y’all were gunnin’ for
Now what’s the fuckin’ score Syd? You think you on my level asshole?
I only took this battle so I could finally tell some fat jokes
Now Sid Vicious was a bass guitar-playing punk that overdosed
Not some big-titted disgrace that Arcane would love to motorboat
We all know Sid the wrestler is not where you found your stage name
‘Cause anyone here could recognize Kamala without his face paint
So right here is where I start burying Syd, this mark loves me more then Lamar cares to admit
Bump my CD till your car stereo skips and the bass straight fuck up the hardware in your whip
Pardon me if I start staring at your tits but that large pair is as thick as the arm hair on your bitch
I’m back on my card-carrying barbarian shit, finish Syd Vicious this is a tar heroin hit
And Syd’s ex, looks like Skrillex, a he/she on some sloppy shit
You lick the festering infections from the piercings on her bottom lip
Your new girl, lookin’ tight though, and believe me when I saw her Syd
She broke that piece off quicker, than a treaty on the Gaza Strip
Did her homework, offered me dome first
Call me Pangaea, find me on top of ya’ old earth
Soak the mattress, fuck a Trojan Magnum my prophylactic could double as a sleeping bag for Tony Madness
I did some downsizin’, that’s economics Syd listen up
Feeling king shit but I can’t hand that pink slip to you cuz
My mood’s up and down like the market so if I get in a rut
See who’s boss when that depression hits you the first one getting cut
Canadian porno slayer, I chop your corpse into bits
Mail your torso straight from California state to North Decatur Georgia in a storage container player and I ain’t sorry for shit
I smoke a half [?] of that bath salt, eat your fucking face off the asphalt
And still make it out to the bar to get a round for last call

[Round 1: Syd Vicious]
They say Bender has raw aggression
Well let me ask y’all a question
Should I really feel all threatened ’cause he can talk reckless?
I don’t give a fuck, what your squad’s reppin’ or y’all set is
‘Cause your false presence sends the wrong message like cross-dressers
See he’s all stressin’ ’cause I be with the iron like golf lessons
Start flexin’ and I’m swingin’ more times than a par seven
See he padded his false records with some easy wins
Now everybody believes he is indeed the shit, but I battled all legends
From [?] but only kings have been in the ring with Syd
Picture Ben’ with his black trench coat and a rifle
Grabbin’ a knife too, still mad about high school
Drive to the reunion he’s shootin’ his rivals
Losin’ his mind quicker than he loses his titles
So face it this fag’s soft, blatantly wack sauce
Y’all mistakin’ a rap star for a faker with trash bars
I’m breakin’ his ass off like Kane with the mask off
Stomp his face into asphalt like I’m ragin’ on bath salts
Yo but real talk, he’s a good writer, I’m not debatin’ the fact
But what’s a good writer when his information is bad?
So tonight, I’m ’bout to end the hype by defeatin’ his ass
Provin’ just because you can write doesn’t mean you can rap

[Round 2: Bender]
He tried to build a scene to build his name, but can’t ignore the very fact
That for all he tried to build, the support is rarely matched out in Georgia where he raps
So of course it’s very sad, that he’s built that up in vain more than his coronary plaque
You stepped to Swave he knocked you down a freakin’ staircase
Soul had you shook like a North Korean air raid
Now you ’bout to see this Georgia peach go pear-shape, think he’ll hold his own, no he won’t arrivederci
Young grizzly get gruff with me, leave him bear maced
Buck fifty ya’ gut Sydney, keep the spare change
Fuck with me I pull that spine out piece by piece, spread those discs around L.A. like Machina Muerte
What you thinkin’ lettin’ Ben’ spar with this hefty weight?
Walkin’ Death Star heart’s a depth charge set to detonate
Monitor his pulse if his breath starts to accelerate
Syd, you feel that numbness in your left arm, you meditate
The next carb you ingest could make your whole system shut down
Say you runnin’ blocks, I never bought that story
This man’s music is translucent as Stan Kubrick’s moon landing movie with the flag movin’ just a fraud recording
If I hear another track of you talkin’ greazy on a beat
I will creep up, where you watchin’ TV with your niece
Gorilla pimp slap knock the feces out your teeth and make you listen to a Hopsin CD on repeat, for a week
You make my skin crawl like scarab beetles, from the withdrawal of a heroin needle
Rip that maraschino cherry out your chest, there’s no equal
Got Tarantino’s rare cerebral nightmarish inherent evil
I will, ride up on Syd faster then a fuckin’ pair of Speedos
Came to run his bitch mouth, the way I expected
I came to take this fucking bitch out like a radio edit

[Round 2: Syd Vicious]
You know how I know you’re a nerd?
Bitch nigga you take a Minecraft night class
And fuck Flight Distance I’ll fuck up that flight path till that flight crash
And I’m completely lost on why this geek is talkin’
He been freaking LARPing since Stephen Hawking was even walkin’
If you thinkin’, Zac Brown caps rounds
Sit yo’ ass down, I clap pounds that MAC’s loud like a packed crowd
Need a rap style? They got apps now and it cost nothin’
But I don’t play games so if we were to word feud I’ma draw somethin’
Now I would never say he’s fat to stress him or make a mad suggestion his weight and mass reflectin’ his rate and class
But he’s sheddin’ it crazy fast, I’m bettin’ he’s takin’ crack
Him and Pesci be blazin’ glass like Jesse from Breaking Bad
And his chick’s ugly
Bitch look like Kid Cudi but a bit husky
Normally I wouldn’t let that bitch touch me, but she hit me up wantin’ to fuck me
I said “I’ll holla in a sec”, went straight over to yo’ house, started fondlin’ her breast
Threw the condom on for sex, started poundin’ on my chest
And signed my name on her back, like I’m depositin’ a check
And I could hit her any time
It’s funny how you made it past the border, but still can’t get across any lines
Fuck it, I’m fine like 20th century wine, a Hennessy lime, my rhymes leave you visually blind, I’m physically don
I run up to Ottawa, like the city is mine
Be in the club liftin’ the nine like Diddy and Shyne
Put the hammer to ya’ skull
Give him a catnap, hit his dog with a stray ’cause I stay with the pound like animal control

[Round 3: Bender]
Well let me guess he got that, high caliber wide aperture scope
Might blast catch a, five inch diameter hole
So the, flight path find fragments of skull on the bike path to your home
Before shinin’ a blacklight on the crime after he bolts
Is he really good to hook up those arms deals?
Or is Syd pretending he Ricky Henderson? On what basis you think he pulling that hard steel?
See I can break all that down into a bar that’s far more simple
Any gun he talks about is artificial like a starter pistol
Show me where this man stores the chrome
I’ll put that four pound to my head like a Zack Morris phone
‘Less you auditioning for the hologram of Heavy D
Check your voice before I slap the bass out like Geddy Lee
Anything that he try to tell you people disregard
Syd is sweeter than my great-grandmother’s Christmas cards
This beluga couldn’t lift an arm to let the whistle spark
Said the kid is hard I ain’t feeling shit he spit so far
Think you’re sharp get ripped apart with scissor parts and mirror shards
Prison bars and lit cigars, 50 shards of pickle jars a shiv I carved from willow bark
Six-alarm chili farm pepper spray and, scimitars, fishing barbs, flat serrated Patrick Bateman business cards
Head on Santa Monica, limbs behind the quickie mart
Just discard him with the garbage downstream on a river barge
Or ditched in Rip Griffin Park with more, missing parts than a whip that’s parked between a titty bar and a shipping yard
You’re the only one left at Grind Time now that the cloud burst
They told me put a nail in the coffin, I’d have to dig it out of the ground first
Drect couldn’t sell that channel for a dime of weed, how’d y’all dive so deep?
Grind Time went from a dynasty to a dying league in dire need to a, dried-up scene to one guy uploading bum fights with dial-up speed
Behind a dumpster digging through some crates, no Diamond D

[Round 3: Syd Vicious]
Yo I can’t front, all that multisyllabic rhyme shit was scary
But every Tom, Dick and Harry has a rhyme dictionary
See, all these internet nerds, got this nigga gassed it’s pathetic
On Rap Music, that dude is, practically a legend
Actin’ all aggressive, you’re maskin’ your depression
You’re a nerd, but you ain’t gotta go to class to get a lesson
For the past nine months, he probably felt like his abdomen was stretchin’
As if gas is an infection woulda passed through his intestines
But what he thought was acid indigestion, was actually a blessin’
Like when Mary of Nazareth was pregnant
‘Cause you blessed a Miracle, but couldn’t handle that Illmaculate conception
But I have to give him credit
He has a winnin’ record bound to crash at any second like a massive intersection
I’d rather be, reignin’ in hell than servin’ with the reverend
I be, rainin’ them shells and murkin’ with the Wesson
Commit murder with the weapon, my burner gets to wreckin’ leave you permanent decrepit in the firmaments of Heaven
This is video piracy, bitch I stole the show
Lower your tone ‘fore I pick up that remote control
I could turn the Poconos to Kosovo
With more lines than when you be sniffin’ coke with Loe
Explosive flow, infrared scope with the hologram
So even if I miss I’ll skin heads like Hollohan
Bury your block with Glocks that carry them shots that got a red dot at the top like berry Ciroc
This is like comparin’ some diesel, to American Eagle
I’m deadly and lethal, like when Predator sees you
Flows tearin’ through people like heroin needles
Preparin’ to eat you like I’m airin’ a sequel to Resident Evil

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