The Saurus vs. Cruger [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Cruger]

You’re so arrogant ya websites called thesaurus wins
Your emails world rap champion, ya clothings legendary
Yeah you’re the king
It’s like your telling us what we oughta think
But most people just see a fat loser with awful skin
You’re whack at everything your music’s such a sad depressing thing
It’ll probably turn Hollohan back to heroin
Your facial expressions make you look like a fucking weirdo
It’s like you have a mental twitch
It’s like u have turrets
You’re tick is to make your face uglier than it already is
The faces you pull just get me pissed
There’s no need to screw ya face up, God already did
I hate looking at your face when I spit
I hope which ever camera angle that captures ya mangled
Face reacting to this battle corrupts when they edit this
He’s competitive at everything, I bet even when u play with ya daughter
You never let her win in board games
And cheat in every card game that you taught her
Quit this world rap champion attitude, Illmaculate carried you
You’re a bad excuse of a rapper, don’t act like you gamble too
Cuz you split the money in finals when they handed you waps and juice
Out of everyone there you split 50 grand with the wackest two
What kinda gambling man are you
I find it odd you even started panicking that you’d lose
And couldn’t gamble in the easiest battle you had to do
But I think you need to gamble less cuz if you keep on having bets
You’ll overload and won’t be the only Greek in massive debt
And the tracks thatyo u do are even fuckin’ wacker than usual
I know you respect me but the respect you have isn’t mutual
So when you hand me ya CD for free I’ll be happy you do
So I can throw that shit on the ground and give it my stamp of approval

[Round 1: The Saurus]

I’m glad you came all the way to Cali
With a whole crew filled with your cunt friends
Your shirt says silence is golden, so shut the fuck up then
It’s Freddy Cruger, London native, some would say you’re underrated
This is like putting The Rock against
“It doesn’t matter what your name is!”
Let’s talk about your alter ego just in case it doesn’t make it
He’s more like Harvey Dent, you got a couple faces like a double agent
Battle Rap Comedian, Horror-core stage performer
Necro worshiper, painting portraits of rape and torture
In mom’s basement screamin’ angry tortured tape recorder
Bitches all describe Cruger with two words, “Restraining Order”
Now I don’t believe a word you say, he isn’t very threatening
He’s just introverted skinny Freddy, shit is real depressing
Now in Britain they’ll be checking the obituary section
Cuz the blade is leaving Cru (crew) cut like a military veteran
Now you real soft but you still talking
With kill shots I’m a real problem, taking your bread
Plate in his head from the meal cart you get wheeled off in
If it’s real close than I will rob him til I field goal like I’m Phil Dawson
And if he ain’t got nothing to steal off him, I’m a steal on him
Fuck Phil Collins, I’m Phil Jackson bitch! Let me show you how…
A player from another era going back to coaching now
I hold the crown, what? You think you can expose me clown?
Talk about my broken down ex bitch in your closing round?
Look he’s panicking, that info wasn’t supposed to be found
It was sorry pussy, I’ll had her do was show me around
This is my one time slowing it down
I said, “Sorry pussy, all I had Eurgh do was show me a round”
Friendship over.
[Round 2: Cruger]

Your albums called all I know is that
I don’t know the tracks, all I know is that
But we all know ‘mac makes the sicker music
Since hell never put you on you put him on some shit that you did
So you finally done track i guess he ran out of his excuses
And thought if it’s on a Saurus album at least no one’ll listen to it
Most successful rappers that battle it’s obvious there
Doing it as a step before they get that song on the air
Battling for ten years or any longer is rare
You’re stuck on the first step
You’re too fat to even climb metaphorical stares
Ya clothes stretch cuz there tight, whatever the size
The only thing you fit is the American stereo type
Plus your facial texture is like an American pie
I’m talking the one that got fucked in American pie
You ain’t swag dripping ya sweat drippin’
You’re a fat sweaty troll
With man breasts and bad breath to go with ya bad breath control
But the way you fall in love with every chick you met explains
Your breath control in battles cuz I guess it takes ya breath away
His x is Canadian, his last girlfriend is Australian
You get whipped outside of ya own country like racism
And underage girls are the only ones dating him
Cuz they got something in common, problems with facial skin
But at least before you get the engagement ring
You can talk to their parents on the level
Cuz you’ll be the same age as ‘em
You claim you win but you lose respect every time
Ya lose ya voice every battle and lose ya breath every line
But with laws all the time, you’re losing ya mind, you’re such loser you fly
8000 miles to lose battles for loose pussy, you’re losing in life
She’s a 19 year old Australian battle groupie it’s stupid that you loved her
But now you’ve got beef, cuz real talk, Uno Lavoz fucked her
And she said when she came to visit you
You locked her in the house to stop her coming out
You don’t have a job and spend all day slobbin’ on the couch
Her family hated you and never wanted you around like
I can continue, but I need a lot longer than a round

[Round 2: The Saurus]

Bringin’ up my ex chick isn’t going too far
But Uno told me he didn’t fuck her
So either one of you’s a lying bitch or both of you are
Now you need to check yourself, I ain’t ever held up
Lesson dealt, every hole in ya head is swelled shut
Freddy Cruger fares well with the fairytail stuff
But his whole set disappears once the director yells “CUT!”
Please cue the theme music, your entire scenes stupid
Be real, we ain’t wasting this clip so let’s reshoot it
Dude you’re finished, actors studio you’re just a student in it
I’ll pick apart this Freddy Cruger image like a movie critic
See he catches people sleeping, that’s kind of a known thing
So I kept that shit in mind when designing my own theme
I’m Cruger’s idol so tonight I provided a smoke screen
To finally kill Freddy inside of his own dream
I’m wide awake for y’all to witness this sonning
A heart to heart talk about the man he isn’t becoming
Shit it’d be funny if you really were considering ducking
Since history has proved that the British are nothing!
Now let me finish discussing how much I hate Freddy Cruger
My name’s Reggie Miller, I’m the game ending shooter
This day couldn’t have came any sooner, I’m a plane headed thru ya
Like it’s aimed at the Trade Center, Cruger
I’m fat cuz I stay fed, J. Edgar Hoover, it ain’t any rumor
I’m taking away Freddy’s future, we don’t have the same sense of humor
Your punches are joke, mine are Mayweather Junior’s

[Round 3: Cruger]

You are the corniest human being alive
With cheeks lookin’ like you smoke weed til you’re tired
And fall asleep on the grinder
Why he can’t make it that evening on fire
Cuz ya face started dripping in grease to the lighter
In every battle you say “you’re a faggot”
That’s soon gotta end
You made the word faggot so uncool, you do not offend
In fact you’re probably the gay community’s friend
Cuz you’ve turned people like me off ever wanting to use it again
You’re the biggest scam
Your battle with Mac Lethal was like how acrobats catch people
In any trick they land cuz every flip was planned
When he was King of the Dot he couldn’t zip his trap
Hollohan put up his chain on the day, so boasting about it’s pretty sad
Considering it wasn’t a company decision and
When you got it you couldn’t defend it a single match
Two time winner of everything, what kinda everything is that?
You couldn’t even get a win against the guy to win a chance to win it back
All the angels you take fall flat on ya face
When u battled PH you rapped bout his age
Said he’s fat, outta shape, trying to hang on to fame
Doesn’t deserve a match for the chain, only relevant back in the day
The fact that his name carries no weight
Wait, fat, old, washed up, and desperate for the title
You and his problems sound exactly the same
2 time winner of everything what about everything that you lose in
What about Diz, Illmac, Porch, Diaz who do you think that you’re fooling
When you won Scribble and Jumpoff it was a different movement
You’re not the two time winner of everything
You’re the winner of two things
5 years ago and both of them competitions got ruined
Cuz everyone freed and you were using writtens to do ‘em
So it’s all a big hoax but I’ll put an end to the myth ya persuing
Cuz this won’t be the first time I came to the west to kill an illusion

[Round 3: The Saurus]

We’re perfect instances of why not to judge a book by it’s cover
But I’m still thankful as fuck that we don’t look like each other
How do you look like a pedophile and an adolescent child?
He just thinks about himself and his vagina get’s a second smile
But somehow for one of us to win this, it’s a good look
I said somehow I think that I can win this, with my good looks
See he’s too shook to talk to women, Cruger gets embarrassed all day
Bitches exit stage left whenever Freddy stares a broads way
It’s beyond gay to write verses about whores I fornicated
My pipe stay up in organs (Oregon) like a Portland native
For you, talking to bitches is a foreign language
This faggot should’ve been aborted
Before he was ever born in Cambridge
I thought you would be more creative or bring some shit that was new
30 English men are with him, not a single chick in the coupe
So if they think you’re winning it’s cool, but let’s put things in perspective
You live in England, my dick has been in more English women than you
Now speaking of vaginas, Don’t Flop are cunts
Y’all need to stop the front, I’m sick of all your stunts
I almost lost my lunch, a grand prix, a magazine
Your champion’s an obnoxious drunk
How ‘bout come up with your own thoughts
And don’t bite King Of The Dot’s for once
I mean, what’s next guys? Don’t Flop: Fresh Coast Division?
Let me guess, Mum jokes are what the west coast’s been missing?
That means the planet wasn’t 3 quarters water

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