100 Bulletz vs. Kid Twist [Lyrics]

[Round 1: 100 Bulletz]
He named himself after a mobster
Who’d shove an ice pick through his victims ear
But when the cops got him he sang like a bird
The real Kid Twist became a snitch for years
He was pushed out a window dropped to his death
And no one shed a single tear
Ironic, you’re also a bird known to flip
Who’s about to fall off and disappear
How you King of the Dots Ex-Champ and they consider you a rap vet
You been battling 5 years and I ain’t even heard you rap yet
Blackout 2 was the first time Twist wasn’t making jokes
It’s funny how in a battle with Knamelis you shoulda been takin notes
Even your fans will admit it was a brutal rape you let ’em down
According to the Knamelis 2.0 judging system, you got 8/ate every round
And I watched your battle with Dumbfoundead
When you won I was dumbfounded
Especially since the whole time you were doing a style
That Dumb founded
Lookin’ like a college professor giving a comedy lecture
If your pen games on lock, you got a pocket protector
You belong in the New Zealand National Parks twist
Right next to the Kangaroo’s
Cuz Alex Larson is a kiwi, he’s a bird and a fruit
The Ellen Degeneres of battle rap, same hair shape and tight linens
But I did notice a slight difference; she’s funny and actually likes women
Some people said you fell off but I have to disagree
You got left behind when you stopped being active in the scene
Now Rich the champ, Big Mac’s back and he a beast
Hollohan is the most popular rapper in the league
Dumbfoundead makes a living just rapping on a beat
360 got signed and went platinum in a week
Every battler that you’ve battled is now asking for a fee
Except Bartone and you paid $150 to get massacred by me?
When I compare you to a faggot in a locker room
It ain’t just words I say to clown you
Cuz I bet it gets hard watching everybody change around you[Round 1: Kid Twist]

I knew you’d break down my past opponents
But you’re black and proud and you fight that bigotry
So why’d you turn this battle into our school system
And just study a white man’s history
So you’re 100 Bulletz, I’m just wondering how far these rounds reach
Cause if you’re a hundred bullets
I guess they weigh about three pounds each
And it’s like your spine retracts
cause your shoulders and head are together
So when I say you have a turtle neck its not to reference your sweater
I hope you get drunk, vomit in your mouth
Then hold your breath for forever
Cause its only right this Syd Vicious clone chokes to death on a Bender
If you got one of those old URL intros funny would be an understatement
Up next we got 100 Bulletz his biggest strengths are
Pronunciation and punctuation
It’s a fact gotraps.com is the address of his old site
So you should be running Smack
Cause you’ve rapped on a URL your whole life
You can’t afford a haircut so you shave it right off at home
Hey, at least that’s one free-style that lets you shine off the dome
And it’s very doubtful that this magic eight ball shook me
I’m just surprised they found enough glitter to vagazzle this bald pussy
He’s such a nice guy no devilish thoughts
Old white ladies cross the street
When they see you, but you help them across
So don’t act like you’re blasting wild, leaving caskets piled
You won’t smoke me with the Cig bullets, you’re black and mild
And it’s not tough to use your ammo up in big amounts
Any idiot can fill a clip dump and then bounce
A marksmen takes a single shot and slumps ’em unannounced
So if you 100 Bulletz, I’m the one that really counts!

[Round 2: 100 Bulletz]

You keep using fat jokes, keep going it’ll leave Twist hurting
Dog, you look like the thin version of a Tim Burton stick person
I know I said bars over jokes, but honestly it’s never that
It’s better rhymes, better jokes and all around better raps
You confused if you think I’ma lose to this toothpick
See I got entertainment and bars on deck like a cruise ship
This limp wrist boney dyke always lived the sober life
Til he was Fed-Ex/fed X, now he services mail/male packages overnight
And you said your girls 6 feet with a deep twat
Now I’ll admit I’m a science rookie
But basically what you’re saying is that you’re
Both attracted to giant pussies
Its rap over everything, shouldn’t be a mystery
100 Bulletz I make comics book you shoulda checked the history
Dose, Twist, Corey Charron aka Triple C
The Dark Knight killed a Penguin, this Joker and Mr. Freeze/Frees
Charron’s Mr. Freeze like spitten frees
What? Sayin it twice gets you aggravated?
If these sharp lines go over heads you would get decapitated
And don’t ask if I really keep the heat near my belt
Its metaphors but you might not leave with your health
Cuz if I phone four G’s you’ll need serious help
There I go again, I gotta keep repeating myself
I said if iPhone 4G’s you’ll need Siri’s help
Now as a writer you have some growing pains
Now every rapper’s got your number here
So JET SON, this RUGRAT ain’t been the KING OF THE HILL
You must have had some FAIRLY ODD PARENTS
For them to raise such a mark
Plus you get goose bumps around niggas, are you afraid of the dark?
I think it’s time boy meets world, but see I dug up some info
You write children’s books for a living
It’s no small wonder that how twist flows
But you know what’s older than the Flintstones
Your childish humor and dick jokes
And if you paying attention you’ll notice that’s all kids’ shows

[Round 2: Kid Twist]

So he said it’s not bars over jokes its rap over everything
But you’re just a nerd clowning other nerds
I’m corny your whole style is making words sounds like other words
You think anyone who actually bangs in the streets with ratchets to aim
Shoots a guy and thinks I left that mark messy eh
And Mark Messier sounds exactly the same
You got that voice only nerdy fans would love
So you’re scared to battle thugs
How is this jerk chicken, but white people find him bland enough?
Your BMI is on the unhealthy side of average but
Until my minute and a half is up, you are fat as fuck
You eat food like it just came out
Your gut’s a lazy teenager, you feed it, you clothe it, but it just hangs out
But look on the plus side of being massively fed
If there’s any raps you forget
You’ve always got a couple of lines in the back of your head
They didn’t come to see the tough guy lose to the know it all
They came to see the bowling pin finally get revenge on the bowling ball
This fat dudes a disgrace so you can’t be that choosy in taste
Your bitch looks like Daylyt
But she can still get my spawn tattooed on her face
Yeah you beat Charron
That’s like beating me on easy mode with the code saved
But now you’re facing a boss on expert
With your thumbs swollen and both sprained
So I’m exposing this old lame as the coin in an arcade machine
That’s broken and won’t play, a token with no game

[Round 3: 100 Bulletz]

All these fat jokes you spittin you still getting killed where you stand
Dog I ain’t even fat, it’s called being built like a man
You said believing in God is just like having an invisible friend
And told Uno that he couldn’t use religion to win
But there’s proof of a higher power so just sit real tight
Hollohan aka god has sonned you/God his son Jew
So he is real aight/Israelite
Now that you’re known for the excessive losing
A Rosary is your best solution
In 5 years of battle rap you’ve shown the least progressive movement
You haven’t changed a bit, it’s like this joke MC to test improvement
How you call yourself an Atheist but clearly don’t believe in evolution
If you can’t rap in a rap league it’s time to find a new hobby
It’s crazy how this dudes scrawny, but they’ll say I caught a huge body
100 Bulletz, two shotty’s wet your block up, Pool Party
Then give you ten for/10-4 talkin reckless then it’s, Crrsshh!
Over and out do you copy?
Come through poppin one two drop ’em
Blow your roof off like a Tsunami
Kung-fu chop’em take them shoes off him
And send them back to Tom Cruise mommy
You gonna lose dummy, listen B this kid will be in disbelief
Throw fits and leave, quit the league
And come back to put the kid to sleep
I’ll treat his eyeballs viciously, Pine-Sol, Listerine,
Lysol, Mr. Clean, he’ll cry, brawl, kick and scream
Knives, saws, ripped in three, Tiger Claw missing teeth
No hydrosol, histamine, Tylenol, cyprodime
The next time you spit a free Twist you’ll be somewhere in between
A twisted scene from Hilter’s dreams and the Nazi Scientific Team
You think you better than us, I hate faggots that chirp like you
I bet a talkin parrot could put together words like you
And your degree in Creative Writing don’t take a nerd’s I.Q.
But of course you look down on the battle scene
You got a bird’s eye view
Alex got arson in his last name so I ain’t gotta aim the ratchet
Alex is on fire I want this Emo banned for being a flaming faggot
Now he’ll die from a slit wrist and blast two in your brain
I just put Kid Twist in a box… and left room for Arcane!

[Round 3: Kid Twist]

I know it’s gonna get offensive if I mention his skin
But you’re so dark you use SPF -10
Even African American activists can’t stand ya
Black Panther, you look more like a black panda
On a serious note I think its racist to say this guy sounds white
Then I heard you drop the n word against Dose
And it just didn’t sound right
Pronouncing that ER could lead to big catastrophes
And your n bombs have enough Eurgh to run a British battle league
On Friday night he searches Church Street parties
For a Romeo to give Bullethead like the kids on Steve Harvey
Is he a G? Hardly, if they thought that he’d harm me
They’re giving Bullets too much credit like the shots from Lee Harvey
Speaking of Harvey’s
All those carbs he eats are leading straight to heart disease
Whoa slow it down not my bar I mean
The blood flowing through your arteries
You could start a boycott by sucking dick through a glory hole
Cause you’re gay, black, and wish you were white, you’re a rainbow Oreo
Compare him to my standard contenders
It’s the best in the world traded for Ground Zero
Like the crash in September, so you’ll collapse at your center
You gave your maximum effort but show cracks from the pressure
So I’ll have him going back to the minors like a relapsing molester
But I’ll leave you one shot so you can feel this loss to its full extent
And kill yourself, barrel in your mouth no bullets left

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