Chilla Jones vs. M. Ciddy [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Chilla Jones]He was supposed to battle Stacks just a day ago
He didn’t show up and you won by default, way to go
Well I hope you came to flow, prepared, mind clear and calm
Or they gon see me running thru Ciddy/city like a marathon
Now how this dude here belong went against Smack rappers
This is loss three
You ICING but my GOLD (goal) was for us to FACEOFF
See you never been a STAR with the PENS, knock it off G
They should’ve told Cid (SIDNEY) that I ain’t the one to cross, b (CROSBY)
But why you think you can top my bars, b
BINGO cuz how’s he ROULETTE, you fill SLOTS to help ya ego
You ever DICE flesh or JACK-POT to get a key? No (KENO)
So when he see the poca (POKER), he craps cuz he no (CASINO)
But me? I’m in that spot imposters wanna be in
For following get put in boxes like a DM
Them Jamaicans got choppers if you see ‘em act proper
They shottas and I control them rastas (ROSTERS) like a GM
So we beefing in my town, Ciddy
Well with that .45 I’m like a tour guide
I’ll show you A-ROUND City
Ya music it sound shitty so I doubt you get clout rocking
You wouldn’t see a real tour (Realtor) if you was house shopping
But since you out lockin’ in the lab making joints for the radio
I’m a experiment with this periodic table flow
You trying to cop a (COPPER) nickel (NICKEL) bag? Oh you buying weed?
Well I bet ten (TIN) from this LEAD get you high for free
You drive by in that MERCURY I’m a fire three
And push ya wig back like a Lebron’s (BRONZE) just for eyeing me
Try and see bro look at this MC’s eyes (I)
You’ll need double these (D’s) bars to against me, why? (Y)
Cuz I’m a beast when I wannabe and I don’t even show it
I just spelled ya fuckin’ name out and you don’t even know it
The way I flow it, seasoned, food for thought with a foul flavor
So with that tray/tre I’ll serve you like a proud waiter
An appetite for destruction? Then I’ll cater
I said, an appetite for DESTRUCTION, I’m AL QUEDA
My style greater, hater, I got the game scared as shit
Cuz everything I’m writing the BOMB I’m bout to tear a wrist (TERRORIST)
And Big Kannon already exposed you, they don’t like you where you from
Cuz you fraud as shit plus you MILK niggas for views
Then whine (WINE) for respect like YOOHOO and ARBOR MIST
It’s hard to miss with that 9 beside me
So when I’m palming the flare
I’ll put dram in the air like the sign behind me

[Round 1: M. Ciddy]

Look Jerome, for tough tones get a struck dome
I don’t think you’re up to par, what the fuck ‘Rome?
With bars, my vocab enough homes
So the (SODA) words gon’ CRUSH Jones
Ya luck blown for that lying shit
You’ll get a T HAWKed for going overBOARD how you GRIND ya strip
You hope that I aim wrong when the iron lift
It’s unknown that a nine’ll miss (ANONYMOUS)
You VAGINA, BITCH! All you clowns is rookies
I’m giving you the risk (UTERIS) if you down to push me
Stop coming out ya LIPS cuz I’m foul with bullies
Over reasons I gotta breakdown this PUSSY
My fans say I’m dope cuz I spit crills
So they give credit for crack like tip drill
Chilla get real, you’d agree (DEGREE)
I’m cold so you know I’m gon win chill (Wind Chill)
A big deal, I’m Raiden cuz the game I’m a shock it
My outlet crazy as sockets
I command troops and they pull when the 8 is in pocket
I’ll get the rest cued (RESCUED) like I’m saving a hostage
I said it’s FRIDAY, Jokers all act like they wanna fight
Ezel, get a cracked head if I buck a pipe
Catch strays like Willie Jones if you dummies hyped
Two will squeeze on they (Day) men, I’m Money Mike
We buck at night, it’s evident
Ciddy moving, I pop you late in ya residence
Reverse that then you would get me
Residence populate when they move in city
You dig me? Ya whole style’s insubordinate
Cross lines, y’all attitudes in accordance
Reverse that then you could get ya mind involved
A coordinates, latitude when them lines across
We MINUS y’all, I’m on a roll (HONOR ROLL) cuz I’m past average
And PLUS he trained wrong so he back track it
So I Murda verse Jones like a Smack classic
You wack bastard, hammer pants when the heat spin
The pair will shoot (PARACHUTE) cuz the barrel’s blue like Mystique’s skin
Defense, press and get steal if you reach in
The bullet can’t wait to get to Chill like the weekend
Before I end my round, I don’t like this faggot
You should find a knife and grab it
Before you put ya life in casket
Type ya suicide note on Facebook just so I could like the status

[Round 2: Chilla Jones]

The reverse punchline, I know where you got that from
Don’t pretend bro, but if you get the W
It only means if you win bro
You gotta share half that win with Innuendo
For dead presidents I bring the boy hell
So if it’s men roll (Monroe) I’m washing 10 (Washington)
Get me mad or som’ (Madison) I brought more shells
You sell BUSH? Well if it’s true, man (TRUMAN)
Then that HAZE got a poor smell, you gettin’ pairs
Bet you feel more pokes then a doorbell
Ya whore, well, no voting but she on my pole (poll) definitely
Playa Lewinsky on her knees, he thinking please let it be prayer
But I’ma bring ya camp pain (CAMPAIGN) a bean sent me to slayer
So now I gotta run city, Pen elected me MAYOR
Now you can hate and say my last 8 was a pile of shit
Which only proves my point, the game is all POLITICS
Now if I call ya chick a cheerleader, well you’ll be pretty vexed
So just listen for the point and this story ‘bout Ciddy ex
Now shorty was worth a mil or so, one KID(D)
She always bought her daughter clothes, the crib Inland (in LIN)
She called her own with plenty of space to park her (PARKER) Rove
He did her wrong tho (RONDO) one holiday with an intern at the studio
His girl heard he tried to nail son (NELSON), so to charm her (CHALMER)
He gave her a ruby, yo (RUBIO)
But truly bro, adultery is daring, something we call a sin
She had a sis (Cyst/assist) in DC so she went and moved to Washington
You’ll have court (HALF COURT) for a restraining order if you call again
And now she’ll never let you run ya JOHN thru her WALLS again
Look y’all, it’s him Derrick McGuire
Well I’m prepared for this, let me guess
You here to see if everything you hear legit
Should’ve never walked this way, cuz I ain’t scared to Blitz
You better run, D MC before I air a Smith
It’s clear I’m sick, I handle B.I. stop
Ciddy drinking Diddy vodka, can’t see (C).I.ROC
I squeeze my glock, a G what you trying to be more like
But couldn’t bare (BEER) to POP a CAN, I guess ya cores light (Coors Light)
Well here’s more spite, velocity and animosity
Them bullets need a barrel with speed and velocity
I’m bout to let you have it for real, generosity
Cuz Chilla known to kill a cat like curiosity
Ya brain only has the capacity for simplicity
You’ll need audacity, tenacity, and intensity
I’m varisity, my authenticity be offending Ciddy
Common link between all these words, they end in city/sity

[Round 2: M. Ciddy]

Honestly I ain’t get paid the larger figures
But I’m sick of twitter talkin with ya
Pick that coffin Chilla, I’m a prove that my bars is sick
And start this word play off and put HEAT to this BOSTON nigga
Fraud we differ, me I’m black hoodie mask
You, way older than me but in a rookie class
And this pussy mad, I told Pen don’t pay ‘em
Cuz his last battle wasn’t good with Cash
I’m mad, these dudes foul and I see the flagrant
Cuz it’s envy (NV), Nevada when abbreviated
Hard stares I see the hatred
Weak guys we despise (diss spies) like secret agents
It’s blatant, you take styles, I been iller
It’s a mystery man, y’all been stealers (Ben Stiller)
You better call PETA cuz I been Triller
Cuz I’ll jack it (jacket) with a coat and put a 4 to ya chin-chilla
Bitch nigga, ya big sister into porn sex
She got a Poison Pen stomach and a Norbes neck
I said fuck rap, I’m trying to get a Forbe check
Reign (rain) supreme I mob soon (Monsoon) cuz I storm best
Yup, I put my mug in the screen
It’s a horror flick when the glove hit the scene
The Midwest (Wes) Craven I’m rough and obscene
Be silent, be SILENT, he’ll (HILL) still feel THE GRUDGE in THE RING
I’m mean when I’m grippin’ the ratchet, you just here filling a casket
Beef is like a television broke when I grip it and clap it
I intend to pull out to get rid of the static
Is you kidding little new cat?! Church clothes
I’ll address you (a dress shoe) if you slack
I’m ahead with fire, how do you match?
Only way you could pass Ciddy (capacity) if a room packed
A true fact that Chilla hate, he been a fake
Did a battle on sharktank and wasn’t getting’ paid
And that route wasn’t getting cake, I’ll express
He did it the free-way verse Interstate
Wait, you’ll die just (DIGEST) nigga hike it
I deliver (LIVER), I’m cold and (COLON) I spit the nicest
And for questions and testing (INTESTINE) I wreck him (RECTOM)
When I write it you can’t STOMACH that a pen decide this (APPENDICITIS)

[Round 3: Chilla Jones]

Did you actually watch my battle with Interstate?
I’m curious a lil more nigga, cuz I said as a rebuttal in the 3rd round
Ask Sammi, I get the door, nigga
So how you trying to spit some shit by me
And say I don’t get paid when sharktank is my league?
Now we gotta have a talk before I ever do a crime with you
Cuz if you get bopped alone, you on ya own once the swine get you
And them questions is terrifying if you never faced ‘em so here…
Let me map it out, here’s what ya sounds like an interrogation
Did you know them rich men be conquered all them boys he hit?
We heard an iller noise (Illinois) he thick, he rally troops to get his
Boss ten (Boston) in that Lincoln with the toys he grip
Then Jack son (Jackson) for a LITTLE ROCK, now he employs the strip
Saw back the CHI and hand over his location of which trap you in Ciddy
So just tell us Chilla did it all for the Capital, Ciddy (City)
Now if you snitch then I’m clappin’ you city
And you ain’t leaving walking, rookie of the year
I’m the reason why they believe in Boston, why’s you even talking?
I’m a fan favorite, I could let a chair speak for me like Steven Hawkin
But let me proceed to chalk him like I actually killed him
This AMERICAN DAD pleading like please don’t hurt MY WIFE & KIDS
We FRIENDS but I still gave him wings (DAMON WAYANS)
Once the knife was gripped, kill everybody even THE NANNY
Since his FAMILY MATTERS, he’ll come home from THE OFFICE
And try to damage me after
Sorry, the GOOD TIMES and HAPPY DAYS gotta end Ciddy
But I punch like Fraizer (FRASIER) so sit calm (SITCOM)
Or one hook will make you spin Ciddy (SPIN CITY)
My men gritty, one phone call them guys sliding
So if anyone you know try riding, we side swipe ‘em
If it’s pass words and that nap sack, two nines hiding
So that pair will shoot (PARACHUTE) out that backpack like I’m skydiving
He tried lying and say his girl OUT OF THIS WORLD
But let me break it down easier
It’s cuz she use ass steroids (ASTEROIDS)
To make her booty look meatier (METEOR)
I seen her BLACK HOLE she put her pants down exposing the shit
And MOON me in front of son (SUN) like a SOLAR ECLIPSE
Now did she plan it? (PLANET) No comment (COMET)
That’s something we may never no, you mad cuz she see I’m a STAR?
But I ain’t TELESCOPE, I told him blame her ZODIAC
His gal a Leo (GALILEO), but he ain’t a believer
He got mad and said,
“You tore us (TAURUS) apart, you gotta leave bruh (LIBRA)”
She’s a diamond if you ever go (VIRGO) in my gym and I (GEMINI)
Serious (ARIES) but Ciddy I ain’t hearing it
So I’m a cap a corn (CAPRICORN)
To show niggas what a queer he is (AQUARIUS)
Now clearly it’s top tier that you plan to make it to
I turn Cash to Spongebob, but you animated too
Like Bart, cuz you’re a SIMP-SON, can’t compare ‘em but I got to
Cuz you don’t own a home or (HOMER) lease a (LISA) whip
Tell me it’s not true, I’m quick on a draw, turn you to MARGE if I pop you
So even if you holding that MAGGIE I get ya top blew/blue
Ayo I’m hot, so if I rock and the crowd showing no love, it’s cool
Cuz that footage captures it all like a gold glove
Battle rap is like baseball, I’m changing the theory
And each round equivalent to each game in a series
Well Chilla came to sweep all 3 that’s what the vets say
Cuz every battle Ciddy fail (Citi Field) where the Mets play
Now watch this male (MAIL) go POSTAL
Bodybags if I get bold so if I ADDRESS him
No matter where Ciddy stay (CITY/STATE)
He getting zipped cold (ZIP CODE)
Now this exactly how I planned it, I spit and you guys panic
Cuz what I’m shooting twice will put crews on ice like the Titanic
Boss town…

[Round 3: M. Ciddy]

Man… Chilla Jones thinking that he can grab this mic and see me
Nigga you only seen Magic Mike in 3D
It’s easy to make this scene bad lookin’
Cuz it’s sad that you texted me and asked for this ass whooping
I said 3 rounds, 3 minutes, I’m with it
I misspelled a lot of shit, but I sent it
Then I knew that this guy’s timid, cuz he replied like I got writers block
Let’s change the time limit, I understand cuz I know how MC’s prep
Look in that mirror all tough with the mean flex
But it seem you trying to cheat death
Cuz verse Cash you said you only need 2 weeks prep
Question, question, how can you prepare in some weeks
But you had a whole month to prepare for me
How you gon battle rookies and scared of Elite
You need to back up the answer like Aaron McKie
It’s apparent to me, you just like top prospects
Get in the league and can’t ball cuz they non threats
And battle fans was overrating ya context, thinking that you complex
Cuz you all concepts, I bomb best so I’m visioning ya fear
You was quoting my bars even mention ‘em to peers
I’ll stay low tier shit, I don’t care
Take the first pick but you’ll sit on the bench ya whole career
Yeah, it’s blatant you a fraud
You think a one rounder really making you a star? Ungrateful
Every time you thinking of ya bars be thankful
For MC’s who made you who you are, you cocksucking fuck face
You always say the same shit
Thank B Magic for showing you how to name flip
Thank Bill Collector for showing you how that ‘caine flip
Thank Rosenberg for showing you all this lame shit
I seen you and Cash eating you was going wild
You did the scheme about odors, so profound
Then you repeated the bar, oh we know it now
Thank Conceited for showing you how to slow it down
You notice clown in my first round, when you heard rhymes
Fuck slow it down, I reverse mine
So stop saying it again, how you burst nines, cuz I’m not stupid
I got the shit the first time, you the worst kind
Shit I seen you as a kid
I taught you everything, how to meet up with a chick
I taught you how to hoop, bought Addidas for ya kicks
Workin’ on ya jumper, leaning with ya swish
I taught you how to rhyme putting meaning in ya shit
How to punchline scheming when you spit
I’ma smile when I see the achievements that you get
And be proud cuz really I’m the reason you exist
I’m pissed, a lot of fans hate me and I’m baffled
Why they overrate these little rascals?
Chilla Jones got the game locked and you said he got the shackles?
This the same nigga paying JC for a battle!
You asshole, I swear that’s the gayest shit
Cuz you paying for a battle, not paying rent
But let ‘em call me like, “Cid we got some crazy shit!”
You could battle Big T, maybe Clips
But send Charlie some money *click* I ain’t paying shit
You degrading shit, I’m shocked you got the circuit board
Benzino couldn’t get you a source award
I’ll put yo face in the pave if it’s worth the war
See J’s on the concrete like Jordan 4’s
You know what, I had your bitch in the crib with her pants off
You shark tank but ya bitch had the damn jaws
And that damn broad is a tramp
I jump off then bang in that hole like slam ball
I hit her with the night stick when I’m in the sex
Bet if I cop a feel, he would get upset
And I’m sure if she get neglect, then she tired of you cuffin’
You need to give that bitch a rest

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