Murda Mook vs. Iron Solomon [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Murda Mook]
Yo boy I know you from somewhere maybe I’ll figure it out in my next round
I know y’all all confused like “What’s up with this picture?”
Cause y’all like, “Aight we know Mook, but who the fuck is this nigga?”
Nah, we all know who Iron Solomon is, the Iron Solomon kid the math/Math wiz
Who can multiply, add, subtract fractions
Without a calculator and his calculations be 100% accurate
I’m not talking ’bout that shit
I know y’all all confused like, “What’s up with this picture/”
Cause y’all like, “Aight, Mook said he retired. What the fuck is up with this nigga?
I mean, first it’s 25K or it’s 50,000 downloads in a day
Now we know he ain’t get the 50 in a day that’s a fact
Wait, he must’ve got that $25,000 from Smack.”
I dunno, let’s take a vote
What you feel?
What you feel?
You see Smack, I knew the public wouldn’t believe that
Give Mook no $25,000 we all seen you tweet that
Matter of fact, take y’all Twitters out, relapse, read back, you gon’ see that
He said, “Mook is a legend son. He did so much for me, Smack
But son, giving him 25 grand, shit I just can’t see that.”
So imagine how that make me feel
Coming from a nigga you come up with from the gutter
You say “Mook” you say “Smack”, you say “Smack” you say “Mook”
Nigga we made our name off of each other
Plus I ain’t get a dollar off none of them DVDs you sold to these motherfuckers
So to hear him say that I knew exactly how Able must’ve felt about his brother
Now niggas got the nerve to say, “Mook asking for 25K. He a sucka.”
Well so what?!
Ever since I battled Yung Hot and they didn’t give that doe up
I said I’m overcharging niggas for what they did to the Cold Crush
But we back cool, right Smack?
So I’ma let the cat out the bag
I know what I’m about to say gon’ make a lot of these battlers mad
Eh Solomon, what they gave you? Ten?
They gave Jones ten too right?
So both y’all niggas add up y’all half that be exactly what they gave me nigga
$20,000 in cash
And Calicoe said, “Mook coming back cause his career’s on the decline.”
My answer is “No.”
Calicoe, Mook coming back cause I know platinum artists that don’t get 20 grand for a show
I didn’t come here to talk a whole lot of popping tools and how many guns I’ma use
Solomon, I came here to strip every piece of integrity outta you
And break you down to your last molecule
Now at first, it appeared to be a curse
These battle rap niggas taking shots at me
But then I got to see there was a gift inside it
Because now, everything you got to say to me has already been acknowledged
These niggas already know I played ball
They already know I went to college
They already heard about a Math story that was clearly one sided
They ran into the ground I’m Ruff Ryding
But I have yet to drop an album, shit
Thanks to these niggas your whole Arsonal is public knowledge
To be blatantly honest
I’m anxious to see what kind of fly shit you gon’ pull out the closet
See, if I was you I would joke about my moms being on crack when I was young
I would joke about me waiting by the door for my pops but my pops never come
I would joke about me having no heat, having to go to sleep in one bed with four children
But see that wouldn’t be smart of you Solomon
Cause then you would be dissing damn near every motherfucker in this building
Early in his career, we overlooked a lot of shit cause shit he looked like MC Serch
And he was scrawny
But I’ma tell you a secret that most of us have been keeping
Nigga you are tight roping…a thin line…between being funny and being corny
He told Ness his breath smelled like Bigfoot’s dick
Now I don’t know which part I’m more uncomfortable with
The fact that you thought it was clever to rap about a character that’s on some fictional shit
Or the fact that you thought it was cool to rap about a character that’s fictional’s dick
And then y’all minds should pose another question, if y’all ain’t that type
Where would your face have to be in order to know what a niggas dick smells like?
See you remind me of MC Gusto if he was white
You don’t care if you’re forgiven
He will do or say anything, I mean anything if it means he’ll fit in
Example again then
He told Ness, in 33 AD Jesus and Judas died
So in his 33 year E. Ness gets crucified
That shit sounds cool but you Jewish, right?
So why would you try to insult our intelligence?
Nigga Jews study the Torah
Jesus don’t appear until The New Testament
See, you a fucking fraud
Matter of fact, Jews don’t even believe Jesus is the son of God
So here’s a nigga that will go against his religion to win a battle, that’s scary and that’s fucking odd
But see, I know what happened
He figures since most of us believe in Jesus he would use him to adapt to his demographic
But that’s blasphemous
You gave every rabbi in this world yo’ ass to kiss
And your family ain’t reprimand you so they just as bad for this
I hope y’all all go to Hell and have to walk around with gas shoes
You ain’t got no fucking right to be exploiting Christ
You and your family Moissanites
Y’all are some FAKE ASS JEWS!
Listen, let me point out some shit he do for security
Little tactics to distract y’all from noticing his lack of lyrical ability
He tells a lot of jokes in funny octaves
And at the end of his bars to make him sound hard he raise his voice
But you don’t really be doing nothing but making noise
I bet the students in your class wanted to beat you to death
Cause it’s obvious to [?] to the teacher, he was the pet
You know that nigga, you KNOW that nigga
That be crouching all on the desk
With his arm like this trying not to let niggas cheat off his test
Til one day he got proud and tried to walk in with his glasses and pad
The bully said, “Nah nigga.”
They dragged him to the back of the class
He said, “Alright guys I just wanna do my work and actually pass.”
“Now shut the fuck up and add up this math!”
Now let this round conclude
You a fake Jew, you suck Bigfoot’s dick, you a fraud
Man this shit is incredible cuz
But we can’t blame him cause that’s what that nose medicine does
I guarantee that if Dave Chappelle and Rick James were right here professing to cuz
They’ll be telling him what?
Cocaine (is a helluva drug!)
Easy nigga!

[Round 1: Iron Solomon]
I don’t know what E. Ness was talking about before
But I AM bout to rap ’bout the background and origin
About how we been ‘posed to battle but tonight is where the story ends
But first let me talk to the folks ’bout bars over jokes
To me real MC’s who spit hard can do both
I got punchlines, personals and rap with conviction
So the slogan I’m upholding is facts over fiction
No reason to lie son
We both agreeing that I was just defending my title
The final season of Fight Klub
You backed out like a prudish square playing Truth Or Dare
Knew you’d take a dive like a tourist wearing scuba gear
Gave a cheap excuse we ain’t buy like a souvenir
How I end up battling some random rapper who was there
Told the crowd I only battled this bitch cause Mook was scared
Mook didn’t say shit or do shit and you was there!
I wait a few more years while you prepare
And now you just pop up
Well I’m only battling this bitch cause Hollow got locked up
Then I seen Murda Mook on Murtle Ave with Murder Gang be at
I was certain he’d be strapped or serving crack the work a pack
I said, “What’s up Mook?”
I thought he’d say “What’s cracking?” or go “blllatt”
But instead he said “I’ve been taking classes up at Pratt
You was looking shook in Brooklyn want me rolling through the ghetto with him
He thinks Iron is a copper so nobody will metal/meddle with him
I said, “Fuck protecting rappers” after what happened to Shawn Po
Since you think I’m po’ nine I’ma beat him 5-0
See even though I look the part I actually hate police
Get heated when I be around the pork like bacon grease
You wouldn’t think a white Jew goes HAM but I do
This guys too sick to lose til pigs fly, well swine flu
You a sheep in wolf’s clothing I’m a wolf in disguise
When my teeth is all showing I pull wool over eyes
I might look like the type to the Pulitzer Prize til I pull it SURPRISE and I bullet your eyes
See you talking that bullshit is just a bunch of cow crap
If there’s real beef that’s at stake/steak let’s take it out back (Outback)
You’ve been sheepish since a kid but now you scrapping with a man
Cause Solomon the G.O.A.T. and you a sacrificial lamb
Mook if you don’t follow all of Hannibal’s demands
You see a cannibal is just the type of animal I am
Back when Mooky Mook battle rapping with him fam’
Now packing pistols and selling crack and pitching grams
But then he practiced jump shots and passed all his exams
I was going coast to coast from Smack to Scribble Jam
After stacking 50 grand, I took action with a plan
I built a studio to subtract the middle man
Now I ain’t a slave to labels got the masters in my hand
But somehow, some people think you’re actually the man
I guess we’ll just chalk it up to us having different fans
Here’s something factual again
I put this on my life son
We was suppose to go on tour in London with the Fight Klub
Whoever traveled international? Or been in any airport ever
You know at check in they be asking you, “Is it business or for pleasure?”
This fool said it’s pleasure running foreign game on gorgeous dames
Big business got the tour arranged I do this for the fortune fame
With no work visa
Fuck is wrong with your retarded brain?
Either you’re insane, smoking crack or snorting ‘cane
You always lie ’bout having work
Coke and pies and packs of surf
We never seen the evidence to actually support the claim
Then when you do have work that’s overseas a visa we all know you need
With no permit you won’t proceed they never let him board the plane
Either way you look at it we look at you like you’re a lame
Cause even when the story change the outcome is still more the same
It’s like you striking out in every single sport you played
Until you going bowling and can’t get a strike in forty frames
The point is that you losing Mook no matter how you score the game
You think you going hard in the paint ’til you in Jordan’s lane
We thought you got your watch in Switzerland, we heard that you was touring Spain
It’s starting to look like Murda ain’t been further than the shores of Maine
The thing that I don’t understand is why you aren’t more ashamed
Looking at yourself inside the eye should be a source of pain
You could be the hardest in crib, the hardest on your stoop
Try to be the hardest on your block, the hardest in your group
But you a coward with no heart so the hardest thing to do
Is just to be you Mook, that shit is the truth
So you see, I got punchlines, personals and rap with conviction
So the slogan I’m upholding is facts over fiction

[Round 2: Murda Mook]
This nigga had the nerve to say that him and Math battle was the best battle that ever was on Smack
See how many niggas wanna smack the shit outta you for saying that?
Shall we reenact?
Shall I state the facts?
Shall I rub it in your face like you do Proactive before you take your naps?
This suppose to be the battle of the legends
So fuck what Charlie Clips said about you nigga, when I look at you I don’t see a legend
I see deception
Why don’t we take a closer look on why your status of being a legend is in question
First off, comparing your resume to my resume
That is literally putting an atom bomb against pepper spray
Nigga technically you don’t even belong in the same breath as me
Let’s just say you conned your way into being the legend that you are today
Let me make y’all understand what I’m trying to say
Now your legendary battles consist of a nigga named Shirt N Tie
And a nigga that ain’t have on a shirt at all
It’s like animals that only eat leaves cause most his opponents we ain’t heard before (herbivore)
You gotta watch this guy he’s an opportunist
All this “legend” does is use
He didn’t battle Math for the competition he battled Math to steal his views
Cause he knew dudes would wanna see the dude that punched the other dude on the tube
But he forgot to factor in one equation…that he would lose
You came up off of nobodies
Smack, this is the “legend” y’all chose?
The irony, that a nigga could get a name off of John Does
Eh, eh, eh quick, give me three legendary battles you had on cam’
Remains to be seen like fossils in museums
Maybe if he didn’t diss battle rappers in his blog with Vlad
Then niggas would probably give his career more props than it has
But see, it’s evident your own negligence towards this culture caused you to become irrelevant
And here I am figuring that you would have some better sense
But then it hit me
It ain’t you, your stupidity is really embedded in your descent
It’s in your genetics it was meant
So we really can’t take offense because he Jewish
So it’s already in his blood for him to act like he ain’t got no sense/cents
So aye, Solomon, come here boy, come here boy
So you battle me but you ran from Lux
You know what you did?
You know what you did?
You got away from the nigga trying to shoot you in the head and got hit by a bus
Either way you dead you fat coward
For civil rights I’ma put out your lights; black power
Aye, you wanna take money out my pockets you better relax patna
Cause for those presidents I could act fouler than Jack Bauer
I know your game, you figure since black niggas took over damn near sport white man created
You figure since blacks created rap this’ll be a get back, you’ll infiltrate it
In hopes to become the greatest
Then that way you can open up the floodgates so all your white buddies can invade it, right?
Well if that’s your plan you are highly inebriated
Or somebody ain’t tell your dumbass Eminem already made it
And speaking of that
His online interview, I am clicking through the pages
This nigga had the nerve to say if
He ain’t at least better than Em’ then him and Em’ are on the same wavelength
Ain’t no way in a Jamaicans tank top you could compare this nigga to Eminem
First of all, Em’ is German, he Jewish you already know what they did to them
Put it like this, if he had to move his furniture from his old apartment to his new cordial loft
He’ll be terrified to ask what the U-Haul will cost (holocaust)
Now you wanna jack my swag?
I should smack yo’ ass
You must be on E for thinking you Em’
He a clown
He wanna leave with the W but he dyslexic, nigga yo’ upsides down
You only an Em’-poster (impostor) so switch yourself around
And you will see, fucking with E
You ain’t just trying to be Em’, you trying to be me
Completely off topic, if my brothers Kevin and Tony Durant
Told me to describe his wife by using a game of ball
I would tell them niggas his missus is the first three misses if a nigga was playing Horse
Why you looking stupid boy?
Everybody know what she known for
First, her head is one pill short of a medicine cabinet
She letting niggas squeeze they mayonnaise on her lettuce and carrots
She begging to go raw
She a slut and a whore, that bitch is a cold slaw
And if you feel some type of way about that then play the floor
And I’ll smash this cracker marshmallow to a S’more
Aye, this nigga had some nerve to say that this was Jordan vs Bird
You fucking kidding me?
This is practice, this is Jordan vers’ Kerr
And since you on my team here’s how I’ma have to do you
Spot your ass in the corner and wait til I pass it to you
I bet my bottom dollar he was that annoying little toddler you wanna beat in the street
The one mommy can’t control, he gotta get walked with a lease
He don’t never get hit, she just give him a speech
You know, “Sharing is caring Aaron
Be fair to your parent’s Aaron
Come off the chandelier, let’s stop having these tantrums Aaron.”
You see Ms. Murkin when these little bastards don’t follow your rules
They grow up to kill movie theaters and shoot up the whole school
Now let this round conclude
You think you better than Em’, you a fraud this shit is incredible cuz
But we can’t blame him cause that’s what that nose medicine does
I guarantee that if Dave Chappelle and Rick James was right here professing to cuz
They’ll be telling him what?
(Cocaine is a helluva drug!)
Easy nigga!

[Round 3: Murda Mook]
How many niggas came here thinking lil’ Aaron was gon’ win this?
If they did they’d be the same muhfuckas that’ll prolly call Stevie Wonder to the stand as a witness
Listen, I wanna see if y’all catch some shit he be doing every rhyme
Cause a lot of y’all be caught with the same trick every time
Look, he listens to a niggas verse
Then he picks some shit within the verse
Maybe a line or two that be hard, it hitting it hurt
He feels humiliated, so naturally the feeling needs to get reversed
So he takes the line he flips it first
He adds some of his different words just prepares
Goes over in his head what he’s just rehearsed
And when it’s his go he uses it on his opponent so it can hit ’em worse and it works!
Until now
See, a four to six bar rebuttal to spit the shit you wrote to me that’s cool
The problem comes in when you lie and say everything after the rebuttal was a freestyle too
Cause that’s exactly what you do, I got him quoted
He said, “I don’t really prepare much for my opponent, you know cause I just get caught up in the moment.”
Okay, so if you freestyle and you trying to do is portray to them is that you freestyle
It should be nothing for you to freestyle all three minutes of your next three rounds
And see, I ain’t talking that 8 to 10 bar shit that you start with
Nah bitch, I wanna dive a little bit deeper in the mosh pit
See, it was his image that got him over
Cause he was a corny looking white boy
So when he rap he added a little black swag
We’ll give him more credit cause shit for a white guy, he wasn’t half bad
See, but it’s like the white guy that just get on the court
You know the nigga
Got a headband on, two wristbands on
Knee pads, knee braces, a mouth guard and some tight ass shorts
Immediately, what you do? You write him off
Like, “Shit damn. Fuck ain’t nobody else sitting up in them stands?
Well fuck it, we gotta ’em we only got nine need a tenth man.”
So after what, like, forty possessions they finally pass it to him like, “Let’s see how he do.”
Niggas ain’t expecting much, they like, aight at best he prolly can shoot
What yo’ nigga do? He start guarding him, taunting him
Like, “Aye white boy, show me how you hoop.”
He fake a show, do the give and go, catch the alley oop
We like, “Oooow!”
White boy got game
See it’s a shame, let me explain how this story and his story are one of the same
And how the color of his skin can dictate the amount of credit he get
Because the very next play, a black nigga caught that same alley oop but it was just REGULAR SHIT!
If it’s a line I’m not supposed to cross I’m scraping that line out
Cause right now I’m about to say some shit you thought nobody would ever find out
And may my daughter drop dead if I’m lying
Please look at this nigga’s face the whole time
It’s a small world Solomon I’m telling you
Aight, you remember Isabelle? Well she got a friend that used to mess with you
Long story, me and shorty at the bar she had about six or seven brews
I showed her my battle she said “Wait a minute this is what you do?”
I said, “Yeah” she said, “What a coincidence that I’ve met with you cause I know a guy who does the same thing and he’s incredible.”
I said, “Then who?”
She said, “Does Iron Solomon ring a bell to you?”
I said, “Nah” she said, “Well then I won’t feel guilty telling you.”
I said, “What’s that?”
She said, “One night I was gonna sex with dude until he confessed to me he only has one testicle.”
I said, “No, wait a minute bitch, that’s some shit that’s supposed to be sacred.”
She said, “Well some years back we dated and that’s reason we didn’t make it.”
Well I say that to say this, and here’s what I wanna see
If you got one testicle
Then what the fuck gave you the balls to stand in front of me?
If your niggas getting hype, you better told ’em slow down they speedometer
Cause if shit get hot niggas pop like thermometers
And they don’t give a fuck they’ll run up in your synagogue on your eight day of Hanukkah
Yang yang yang! Three shots in your yamaka
Niggas act like I was doing something wrong letting them foes hit ’em
His name “Iron” he supposed to have holes in him
Aye, nine years on my dick, it was pitiful, every blog, every interview
He would mention Mook and then he would see me in person and be hospitable
I remember in Harry’s office running into you
He tried to give me dap and come in for a tight hug
But I brush him with the shoulder like, “What up?” give him light love
And then, Solomon decides to try again
But see we can’t blame him
Cause he ain’t been in the streets and did no crime so we gotta explain him
So we can help him see the signs cause
Being from his side, as tough as it prolly got, was the Huxtables
{Smack calls time}

[Round 3: Iron Solomon]
I can’t believe I just heard them words come out your jaw
This dude just did a whole fucking verse about my balls

[Round 4: Murda Mook]
Hey Solomon, this round I’ma give you a pass
I’ma take a couple minutes off from kicking yo’ ass
I figured this way we could better your odds
Besides, I’m already up on the letter man cards
Now the moment we’ve been waiting for
Where the fuck would these battle rap niggas be if there wasn’t no Mook?
First off, no body in the world would know DNA didn’t have a tooth
We would’ve never heard Suge say that bullshit about Proof
And Surf would’ve just been another dirty nigga with his pants in his boots
Aye dirty Surf, dirty Surf, where you at?
Aye, put me on with your fashion commander
Cause how the fuck you be having on new clothes that look like they just came outta the hamper?
You look like you wash up with a brand of soap called Never Clean
I swear to God you are the fliest, bum ass nigga I ever seen
What?I gotta put it in subtitles or something?
Do a nigga gotta put on them gloves by your or something?
Do a nigga gotta let out the snub by you or something?
Have the body snatchers take all you love by you or something?
Aye Calicoe, if there wasn’t no Mook, right now you would be in Detroit with your pack
Trying to win a freestyle battle using another nigga’s raps
Aye Captain Planet, I think I hear some rhymes recycling
I always knew something was fishy about you
I should hook your jaw for all them lines you biting
Aye Arsonal, Arsonal, when you put that flag on you look like a purple goof
You told Illmaculate you was gon’ have your man do to him the same shit he did to Murda Mook
Well what the fuck did he do?
When I wasn’t looking he put his fist in my chin I smacked it down
Five niggas holding me back I’m ready to scrap, get wild
Your man Swag moonwalk to the back of the crowd
How we was all in your town and wasn’t backing down?
Then why don’t he say some shit that wasn’t on the tape
How directly after that I was screaming on him with my hands all in his face
And he ain’t swing or nothing, so miss me with that tough shit
Nigga we know you fronting
See, it’s just like these faggots, they only tell half shit
Then never talk about the consequences of their actions
And since we on the topic of consequences and niggas actions
I feel it’s bout time that we get into this Math shit
Now, I ain’t got no beef with Math, that’s the same exact shit he said about me last Summer Madness
After he said that wack shit
Well after this, that’s it, I’m done
But I feel like, any real nigga would feel like if you one nigga fighting two niggas and one of them got the gun
And you still getting busy, they don’t knock you down, you don’t run
You don’t get shot, have to go to the doc, then you won!
But see, it’s just like these faggots, they only tell half shit
They never talk about the consequences of their actions
Now rumor has it, your boy Mathematics caught in a clothing store in Harlem called Jans and got his ass whipped
Reliable source says young boys caught Math in the store
He got surrounded on, he know it’s over, waiting for them cops is what he’s counting on, but that was wrong
He got hit with racks of True Religions, racks of Paper denims
Even the racks off the fitteds
They say your boy got pounded on
Do y’all wanna know how bad they said Math got pounded on?
They said they hit that nigga with so many racks of clothes when they was finished he had a whole new outfit on
I said damn Hoffa, that’s more hats, more gats, more bats
I bet you prolly shit in your drawers when you hear the song Racks on racks on racks
Aye Solomon let’s speak
Why don’t you tell the world what happened with you and Immortal Technique?
Oh don’t worry, I got it
Back in the days him and Tech’ had some beef, they bump into one another
Figures, he wants to iron things out but it wasn’t nothing to discuss a
Now tell me if I’m lying to these motherfucking brothers
Immortal Technique smack the shit out of him in front of his motherfucking mother
And ask what he did when his face met that pound
Stood there with the same look he got now
Really though, you should’ve had a television sized Tylenol when you made that Spring Fever video
I promise, this nigga was dancing with colorful flowers and rainbows behind him
When I seen that shit, I kinda understood why he was so infatuated with Big Foot’s dick
If Solomon is killing Murda Mook right now is your thoughts
You will go home, watch that video re calibrate your thinking and say he lost
Now should we conclude this round?
Should we conclude this fucking round?
It ain’t never gon’ change with Surf he always gon’ be dirty and old looking
Thanks to Calicoe, lot of rap niggas got they quotes tooken
Arsonal? He pussy, Math Hoffa got a clothes whooping
You got smacked in front of your mother, this shit is incredible cuz
But you can’t blame him, cause that’s what that nose medicine does
I guarantee if Dave Chappelle and Rick James was right here professing to cuz they’ll be telling him what?

Cocaine is a helluva drug!

Easy nigga!

[Round 5: Murda Mook]
Yo, I commend you for your courage dawg, I ain’t gon’ lie
Cause all jokes aside my goal tonight was to make you cry
I knew eight years back you lacked the skill it took to mess with me
I ain’t even battling you Iron, I’m battling my legacy
This ain’t about me beating you, nigga, this is bigger than any line said
This is about showing these niggas the crown only belongs on my head
But I’ma take it off for a second and I’ma let you wear it for a minute
But now you gotta wear all the negative shit that come with it
Now that you got that on a million battle rappers got your name in they lyrics
Cause this thing you got on your head they all trying to get it
Picture every little mistake you make getting blown outta proportion
A thousand Tweets a day, fans telling you that you lost it
And soon as a battle rapper go on some kind of a streak
They automatically become that nigga you can’t beat
Then every week it repeats, it repeats it repeats
They can’t wait to catch you by yourself in the street so you gotta keep that heat
See this thing made you famous, I see your head nodding, it’s getting kinda heavy ain’t it
You gotta watch where you eat, fuck, sleep, shit, park, you can’t be drunk at every place you at
Nigga, I’ll give you a day with that, you’ll be begging me to take it back
Nigga give me my shit! Break whatever spirit you in
And I hope you enjoyed that cause you won’t ever get to wear it again
I had a lot of gas on my chest
Rex said, “Mook, light the fire then.”
That ignited a question, of why you would decide to name yourself Iron Solomon
Alright, aside from the obvious, I know “Solomon” is your middle name and “Aaron” is your first
So you figuring, Aaron/Iron, Iron/Aaron, I’ll give you that it works
But see when we think about Solomon I’ma have to spin this a different way to get you convinced
I’ma have to give it to y’all niggas in the biblical sense
Now what they teach is that Solomon was a king and he was one of the wisest men
But what they don’t teach is that it was a flip side to him
He indulged in a lot of sin
A lot of [?], he had so much wealth and power that the devil got inside of him
And he turned his back on Yahweh cause he started thinking God was him
Now why would ya mama then, in turn decide to honor him
And name you after that king, King Solomon?
See, she cursed him, from the name she gave him when she birthed him
And that’s why I’m on this stage for one specific purpose
I’m God’s son, he sent me down to do his dirty work
And wash this motherfucker up because he’s a dirty person
So don’t blame me and act all hard
Blame this ass whooping on your mother for naming you after somebody that turned they back on God
What happened to your old crew the Svengali Brothers?
Oh you ain’t think I got the word?
You ain’t have nothing more that you can use them for so you kicked them to the curb
I remember clear as day, “The Svengali Brothers, this the crew I’m riding with.”
But see a problem hit, when they realized you was only trying to be the first four letters of Solomon
You ain’t really want to put in the last two letters of Iron
So when you used what you could use well you just let them the first three letters of flying
Am I lying?
See that’s why I find it hypocritical of him to use my music to win in his verse
And I don’t blame y’all, cause you ain’t really know how this music industry work
Aye Puff, when you first come in this game they try to play ya
You gotta act like everybody’s neighbors, it’s a favor for a favor
They smile in your face but deep down they want to slay ya
See that’s why in this game I’ll prolly never be a player
Cause that facade I won’t do it cause I never was a faker
Shit, if I love you then I love you but if I hate ya then I hate ya
I think we all know this tune from listening to Jada
See that fake shit, I might never be adjusted
I might never get to blow, who know?
Nigga fuck it, but unlike you I’ma always stay true to the niggas that I fuck with
I guess I’m stuck with, what I’m stuck with because I don’t suck dick
Wait a minute, there it goes, now I remember him
I’ve been looking for you Zimmerman
{Starts pouring Skittles on Iron’s feet}
I’ve been looking for you Zimmerman, February 26th you took my life
I know you racist even though you trying to say that profile ain’t right
I know your mother from Peru but your father is white
And every son wanna be like what they father is like
I remember clear as day I’m in the middle of the street
Why you following me mister? You giving me the creeps
You rush me in my defense I started giving you the beats
And then you shot and all I had was some Skittles and a tee
And your apology was bullshit, you ain’t mean what you say
Cause you said if you could do it again you would react the same way
But hey, in the south the shit happen everyday
I’m just a lucky case they let most of these bastards get away
But Mook got me so while I’m up here laying in God’s grace
I got the same hoodie on and this look of a hard face
And I can’t wait til next year the day that they put your trial on
Me, Emmitt Till and Yusef Hawkins got our popcorn
Hope everyday you close your eyes you gotta see me
Hope no kid gotta know what it feels like to be me
And when that judge bang that gavel, yell “guilty” do you greasy
Mook, what we gon’ yell at that TV?


[Murda Mook]
It ain’t over yet, I want y’all to give this nigga all applause
Cause tonight is the night this Jewish nigga really became a man, nigga; mazel tov

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