Hitman Holla vs. John John Da Don [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Hitman Holla]

Before I prove why I’m way better, I figured I could help ya
This the round I mold and groom, you hear that?
I ain’t even rhymed yet
And I’m already teaching the lil nigga how to control the room
You should be smiling all fucking night, don’t frown in my presence
You know who else is on this card?
We ain’t ordinary people I put John around legends
Knowing damn well you are not in my weight class Johnny
It’s a size difference
I’m the reason you on this stage, no me
You’ll still be outside in line trying to buy a ticket
When you was Grindtime you wasn’t getting no twitter bitch in the crowd
Trying to find a victim in this league
Get straight on that bullshit he Taj Gibson
It seems like every time you dissed you direct it to me
But I’m confused I’m like why you disrespectful to me?
See I bring in a lot of views so hate it can’t be
Niggas search for Hit and find you, you should thank me
But I ain’t gon take all the credit I mean I’m a let him shine
But just know niggas scroll down the side and watch yours after mine
I started from the bottom even zone by zone
And I got to this top spot on my own
You having close battles with Bill Collector?
Everything I got paid for so those kinda niggas can’t even call my phone
See, I’ll wipe the floor with Qleen he a cheap sauce
I like my food cooked in the same breath I’ll eat Raw
Jones think he Chilla, what am I? A defrost
Why K snuck in the states, I get him shipped crossed
Man these rookies got me pissed off, (?) crazy that’s how I give it up
Yo new York I’m so HD basketball player so please don’t make me
Run up stock, pull up shot, I’ll J C
Now if y’all noticed
I just dissed some of them Proving Ground geeks
Cuz they the worst nerds
And since y’all rated PG I ain’t even use curse words
When you was out trying to get you a name I was hot then
My stock on 1,000 grind mode, locked in
Proving ground nigga ain’t seen the work I clocked in
But it make sense he’s PG John Stock ten (John Stockton)
Are those freckles on ya face? Stop acting like a bad guy
That mag 5 will put him in the air like a bad vibe
Bring him back point blank range, knock the brains out him
Then reload with the bullets that came out him
Are those freckles on ya face? Stop acting like a bad guy
That mag 5 will put him in the air like a bad vibe
That mag 5 will put him in the air like a bad vibe
Bring him back point blank range and knock the brains out him
Then reload with the bullets that came out him
Then then then reload with the bullets that came out him
I’m on some Vietnam shit, Saving Private Ryan shit
All that times 4
Chopper wake the block sound like I’m starting the lawn mower
Cops spot bits and pieces of him they like “my lord”
I’m in Spain by the time that they find more
Have a kid knock in the front, come thru the side door
Money ain’t part of the plan what you alive for?
Four five for you what you trying to give me a five for?
Light the whole stage summer madness July 4th
Cock that 4-5 like fuck it, give em 9 more
Turn his apple to seeds see what they call him John for
Johnny Appleseeds all over bring the pine boy
Shoutout to my nigga free Hollow he ain’t Da Don boy
I know we in his hometown but shit be cautious dude, ask Bill
I’ll still forget his rap and stop his verse like who you talking to?
I’ll put you in the sky or I’ll plant you in the soil
Multiple choice me I got a couple answers for you
I sick them dogs on you it’s over maybe next time
The terminator wouldn’t even come to protect John
I got killers in Atlanta it’s nothing to get him flat lined
So mention me and I’ll have niggas surround the A like a @ sign
I know y’all probably thinking how the first round retarded
Not all, I’m just getting started…

[Round 1: John John Da Don]

It’s kinda hard to spit water but all my versus fluid
I’m a beat Hitman Holla but I’m mad cuz I ain’t gon be the first to do it
Pussy you lost three battles straight what you got to say?
Ya losing streak gon end soon? Nigga not today
It’s the new face of URL coming to take ya spot away
I don’t give a fuck if it was Christmas it ain’t Holiday (Holla day)
We wanted that Street Status, remember
The one with the braids and the rope chain
Which was willing to kill anybody not worried about no names
Not this Hollywood diva punk pussy ass hoe lame
Whose hairline could be the before picture for Rogaine
Now you got everything to lose and no gain
You gave me the shot so I’m taking it close range
I kidnap ya lil man break both arms and both legs
Until his son need four casts like it’s no rain
Hold on I gotta explain that I forgot these country niggas is slow mayne
But I ain’t gon slow it down and steal Conceited shit cuz that’s so lame
But if you take four words like ya son need four casts
And speed up the whole thing
It’s like sunny forecase like what it is when it don’t rain
What you gon say? I stole that all of the above line?
Anything to take away a nigga’s props
But honestly I ain’t know the shit was said before I said it
But the shit was hot so shoutout to Serius Jones
I ain’t trying to take the nigga spot
But fuck him, Holla got to get the same multiple choice the last 3 niggas
That’s A gun in his mouth and have him talking to the snub
Or B fill up his stomach like I’m offering him grub
Or C go for the knees until he crawling like a bug
Or D start from his feet and shoot all of the above
Get loud what you think I brought this silencer for
To make sure this Hitman won’t holla no more
All I need is one shot to put this guy on the floor
Don’t act like you ain’t die from a Hollow before
Remember what Hollow said about his bitch and how the balls played
He ain’t know her but when that D Rose she was like Deng
See that was hard and I ain’t trying to come up with a better scheme
But if you gon be a champion why not run with the better team
Cuz ya bitch said ever since ya hairline been looking like that
You been thinking you King James
So like Mario I charmed her (Chalmers)
And got her open with this heat game
I stuck her with good D had the bitch calling me Shane
The way I was pounding it
She had to ask how much my D weighed (D. Wade)
Two techs duets that mean they gotta sing together
Once again I’m Lebron and D-Wade with that Heat
They gotta (got a) ring together
That remix bar you did verse Verb was pretty clever
But I’m a remix the shit again to make it even better
Ever seen a mac 11 with an AR clip?
And got a scope so every nigga in my radar hit
I keep some NY K’s but it ain’t all Knicks,
That Smith and Wesson for ya junior that’s my J.R. Smith
Ever seen a mac 11 with a AR clip?
It got a scope so every nigga in my radar hit
It got a scope so every nigga in my radar hit
I keep some NY K’s but it ain’t all Knicks that baby Wesson for ya junior
Baby Wesson for ya junior, baby Wesson for ya junior
That’s my J.R. Smith!
How are you a part time blood but a full time fucking punk?
If you gonna rep that 5 you gotta rep it all the time
You can’t claim it when the fuck want
See where’s that red flag at now Hitman? Exactly see you fucking up
That’s how I know you pussy cuz you only bleed once a month
The contract said don’t get physical right, damn that
Better get ya man Smack or get ya man smacked
I don’t give a damn what he claim when that can clap
Leave this pussy blood soaked up, Tampax
You young ass clown with that young ass style
Stop saying you a vet sit ya young ass down
Ball game!

[Round 2: Hitman Holla]

See that’s ya problem Johnny
You sound like everybody else, shit got me dumb hot
Do you know trying to have all bars with nothing else
Is like dribbling in one spot?
This nigga got a game plan like nothing else matters
I could stand right here and do a John type battle
Example, one two three four punchline, one two three four punchline
Than he might multiple choice, one two three man go on
I be ignoring that shit
Cuz real niggas never watch none of that boring ass shit
But me, I got delivery, performance, aggression, that’s a triple threat
I might cross right he beat me there, I spin left
John John lyrical I know I respect that
So now if he rebuttal I could give him a step back
A vet I’m too smart it’s nothing to get wild on him
He knew I wanna shoot, I pump faked to get the foul on him
Point I’m trying to make you need it all to be nice
You gon need more than bars if you wanna win tonight
You proving ground nigga, this is proving ground nigga
That’s a million view step that’s how I move around nigga
I’m a shark when that water come you will drown nigga
“Holla won’t give me a shot”, wear a fucking gown nigga
Wait, let me guess
Another million views changed Holla to a different dude
But I don’t respect that coming from dudes without a million views
Me beating you I gain nothing, stop acting like this win helps
On the other hand I could lose about ten belts
Let me break it down lil Johnny I’m a coach you
I body bag you I just did what I was supposed to
You body bag me, well tomorrow you on Oprah
Ya face on billboards ya slogan on posters
I brought all the food to the table, you a loafer
You just eating off another nigga’s kill you a vulture
Smack called us outside and said
“Holla battle John John and get his fans up”
I said nah, John John said “mannnn”
He was like “man I’m just so tired of people telling me I’m not top tier
I just feel like I’m ready for that big… c’mon Holla
You know what I’m saying?”
He like “I’m sayinggg… if I battle you I’m a get my name up
I get $100 a battle I get my change up
Nobody know me in ATL I get my fame up”
Shut up…. I told Smack said it up, any time any day
I’m a realtor I came to put John in his place
No I’m a realer Tier I came to put John in his place
Y’all shed realer tears when I put John in his place
You remind me of a cop, I’ll tie you to a box
Outside bathroom they’ll find you on the watts
Get me pissed I let shit fly and Johnny on the spot
Cops came to the scene all they found was apart of John
Slow it down…
I said cops came to the scene all they found was a part of John
You a coward you bitch ass nigga, go back to Grindtime
Siah Boy’s trash he ain’t better than Time Bomb
Machete hit his waste he hit the floor palm palm
Split him in two now y’all really can call him John John
I showed up at his house just to prove that he a fraud
The nigga wasn’t there I left the message with the dog
It was three bodies left I put one in the hall
I’m a wizard with the shit the other two on John Wall
New York full of Bravehearts you supposed to be a brave cat
But this scary nigga went and moved to where the Braves at
One phone calls them K’s blat, get em laid flat
That old Holla flow it feel like I got my braids
Choppa hit his wave cap make the nigga …..
Third round coming up y’all know Holla gotta save that

[Round 2: John John Da Don]

Every bar that you ever said was all lame
Matter fact I think the hottest shit you ever said was probably ball game
That’s why ya fans can’t wait for ya rounds end
So they can say it with you
But ball game don’t mean shit to a nigga that ain’t playing with you
Hitman Holla vs Ayeverb, damn that battle shocks me still
Cuz how you let a nigga violate ya father in front of you
And not get killed?
See that couldn’t have been I would’ve cocked the steel
And put it in his mouth so he can talk to my pops for real
You been a bitch ever since ya moms water broke
You might be Big Gerald’s son but ya Ayeverb’s daughter tho
Sounds a lil confusing, I don’t know how the story goes
But I can only imagine if they were to go on the Maury show
Now picture Maury sitting down, you know interviewing Holla’s momma
He saying big Gerald gotta be the daddy
Cuz you know he was cuffin, playing cops and robbers
Now the results come in, everybody getting hot and bothered
And Maury goes “Aye big Gerald” “Yes sir!” You are not the father!
A million people sat and watched Verb take ya fathers place
I swear if I was there I would’ve laughed in ya fathers face
Cuz now you gotta start calling Verb on fathers day
Cuz that nigga sonned you and killed you nigga you Marvin Gaye
I see you shining blinged up with ya ears frozen
But don’t take my shit John John, that’s what this lame hoping
I’m sending shots at his neck til his chain broken
Pulling cig after cig after cig now that’s chain smoking
Now let him come around showing off the shine he bought
Niggas wind up in concentration camps for them kinda thoughts
In other words put that necklace and watch on and try to floss
I’m letting eight off (Adolf)
If I find out how much the jewels (Jews) on holla cost (Holocaust)
Won’t nobody identify even if they do find his corpse
Cuz his face got ate off for his jewels now look what Holla caused
I gather up everyone of his relatives just to knock him off
Kinda like Adolf did to the Jews during the Holocaust
Like I said you shining my nigga, how much you paid for them jewels?
You got 40,000 followers right
I’m wondering how much you paid for them too
Cuz how you got more than Hollow, Conceited and Murda Mook
And they more famous than you?
Hello Hitman, you got some explaining to do
I mean did you borrow them? Did you buy them?
Did somebody lose them? Did you find them?
How all of them got eggs for avatars Holla what the hell?
But you don’t gotta check ya followers to see a bunch of shells
Y’all gon think he worked at Magic city when that chrome spitting
I make it rain til he topless like half of his clothes missing
Get his ass clapped and he ain’t gotta have no rhythm
They gon find him like a strip club
That’s with a bunch of holes (hoes) in em
These bullets like hair gel you know something for that wig
These blades barbeque sauce you know something for the ribs
Like home school I’m a test ‘em when I run up on his crib
This time he get a multiple choice on who he want to live
That’s A) his mom cooking but she fucking up the grub
B) his son playing in the bubbles in the tub
C) save yourself since you wanna be a thug
Skip D) I’m choosing E) that’s none of the above
For that long bread and cheese put ya mother in a sub
Turn son bath water to a puddle of his blood
Open arms will squeeze like I’m coming for a hug
Like the Folgers coffee I got something for ya mug
You young ass clown with that young ass style
Stop saying you a vet sit ya young ass down!

[Round 3: Hitman Holla]

Besides the fact that you ain’t better than nobody I done battled
You ain’t better than nobody I done battled
Ask the crowd? Is he better than Hollow? No…
Is he better than Ayeverb? No…
So let me guess, y’all say he better than Ayeverb, so he better than Big T?
Is he better than that nigga I battled in front of Beanie Sigel?
Aight he might be better than him, but so… Matter fact
How bout you name a nigga you battled that’s better than me? Go
LottaZay? Half Past Seven? Bro…
Yo average ass background seems to only amazes you
If battle raps was education
Ya bullshit resume wouldn’t get you up outta grade school
John John thinking he did something right, he like..
Why you choose me? Nigga, the whole world know I don’t smoke
That’s the only reason I chose you over QP
And for ya F Y I this drama that we establishing
These cannons that I brought to Manhattan not battling
But then I almost forgot let me tell y’all about this nigga
He a over there, over here, back over there, both sides of the fence nigga
See the difference between me and you besides coaching
Is that I’m Street Status turned Smack all in one motion
I battled on another camera once
That’s cuz they gave me $3,000 for one round
My son six, so suck a dick, for whoever hoped or wished
For me to turn that down
But you Grindtime, Smack, back to Grindtime, back to Smack
That shit wack
Now I could’ve told him go on get ya money I ain’t ever throwing shade
But how could I tell him that when he wasn’t even getting paid?
But keep him around URL, peep Smack
The only thing good about a snake is that it eats rats
Y’all mean to tell me it’s no contracts
And T-Will already paid me my cheddar?
Let John John and his brother trip it’s like that 40 and 4-5
Some type of kid how I raise them together
I leave you slumped in the leaves or the sands
When I’m squeezing these cans
Try to block it, hit ya wrist and you gon leave without ya hands
Leave without ya hands, leave, leave without ya hands
Yeah jokes was on me when it was leave without ya hands
Well tonight I bet I laugh when I leave with seven grand
I tried to warn the lil nigga like “Calm down, ya death near”
Fuck who on this card I feel like I’m the best here
Three losses in a row? Let me put that to rest here
If losses get you this, well I’m a lose all next year
Yeah that’ll wake the haters up
Nigga you a rookie, I’m top tier you don’t favor us
Shoot every casket they put you in K’s will bust
Til they stop coming to re hearse you (Rehearsal) David Ruff
Y’all know David Rough in Tempation he stop coming to rehearsal
Anyways, this Big T flavor he took my young nigga shine
I’m just returning the favor
They say I bought followers and I paid twitter to mail out
Now is it just me or do that sound like
Some shit only broke niggas will yell out?
Look here, I tell you to ya face that you tight
But ya performance cheeks, you just under aight (eye)
You got a whole lot of mouth when we ain’t neck to neck
Too much weight on ya shoulders playing checkers on his chest
You need some more arms to stomach my rhymes
So on the other hand you was a waste of my time
I’m back lil nigga, Mook voice “Easy!”
All on my dick, it’s obvious that he need (knee’d) me
Look here, I tell you to ya face that you tight
But ya performance cheeks, you just under aight
You got a whole lot of mouth when we ain’t neck to neck
Too much weight on ya shoulders playing checkers on his chest
You need some more arms to stomach my rhymes
So on the other hand you was a waste of my time
I’m back lil nigga, Mook voice “Easy!”
All on my dick, it’s obvious that he need (knee’d) me
Piss down his leg in Chicago in that lobby
I told the nigga then you need to find another hobby
Defeat him in New York, 10-4, copy
Now that’s the definition of a motherfuckin’ body!

[Round 3: John John Da Don]

You battled Hollow, Goodz, and Ayeverb
And swore that you was coming off
Now you battling me? That’s cuz you fucking loss
I got the upper hand even tho I’m the underdog
Cuz a Hitman is a worker and a Don is a fucking boss
Why are you so gassed off that one battle with Arsonal?
Besides from that second round we can’t quote a fucking bar from you
So to prepare for this third round really wasn’t hard to do
I’m tired of going bar for bar with you
It’s time to have a heart to heart with you
Ya battles be only good live because of ya performance
But when we watch it on cam you got no bars and it’s fucking boring
I know I wasn’t supposed to be on this card
If it wasn’t for you I would not be on it
Cuz you sucked Terrance Williams dick to put up money for it
I got a question, since you like to call me D League
What made you jump down off ya high horse to come and see me?
So that means I’m top tier amongst the elite
Or ya last three losses landed you back in the PG’s
So other than respect I’m really not gaining shit
Granted ya last few battles, yeah you was the main event
My last few battles I was the under card true indeed
But if we’re still the fucking undercard what did you do for me?
If anything you was on my dick you fucking creep
You been blowing my phone up for the past four fucking weeks
And got my name in every last one of ya fucking tweets
And you harassed me in Chicago for nine hours
I couldn’t get no fucking sleep
And you had bars prepared for me, you was shooken than
At least tell me each one of them last rounds you put them in
I really don’t care, I just had to pull this nigga card
But enough talking to him, now it’s time to give this nigga bars
What you got protection now? Choppa knock his section down
Why are you still here didn’t you die in my second round?
If I hear Holla moving weight I bring that Wesson round
And make sure that Smith get his eyes and heart
If it’s anything over 7 pounds
Now I know, I know, I know
I know that reference may have been said before
But so fucking what I’m battling a nigga that’s been dead before
Wanna play games with my chips I’m connecting four
And blacking til its red all over like a checker board
His baby moms Crisada
Don’t understand English so I decided to test the whore
She suck at a verb’s nouns similes and metaphors
Wait do I need Conceited to slow that down
Or have Surf put that in subtitle text for y’all?
I said she suckin Ayeverb now since December
Least that’s what he met her for
It seems like she’s a battle rap groupie that’s who you living with?
As much as I heard Ill been in her I know you feeling sick
And I hit the bitch she was all on a nigga dick
His honey must turd I be dipped so that chicken stripped
I was so deep in that pussy I had to climb out
Stuck my log in, she got my log off, then I signed out
And I heard ya parents separated let me find out
Y’all know I love cougars but I’d rather let this Ruger take his mom out
Keep trying to show out that’s only gon get ya brother slapped
You ain’t gotta wait til Halloween to get ya pumpkin patched
Something like a dyke with that pipe, yeah I’m fucking strapped
Lift my arms up and clap like I’m doing jumping jacks
A million views don’t make you a vet
All that screaming while you rapping don’t make you a threat
You think you J.R. Smith here’s 8 to the chest
I have him throwing up blood like he banging his set
We on real nigga time, you as fake as it get
You been faking as a killa try faking ya death
Either get ya mind right or get it banged to the left
Cuz when that lead get drawn I ain’t making a sketch
Whoever called you Hitman wasn’t naming you right
Cuz you ain’t catch one body one day in ya life
So please don’t say the John if you ain’t saying it twice
And if you don’t add Da Don you ain’t saying it right

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