Loaded Lux & Arsonal Freestyle on Sway In The Morning [Lyrics]

[Verse 1: Arsonal]

I grind, grind, grind when I rhyme
See I’m Einstein in his prime and my minds trying to unwind
You know I’m in the hood, I’m like Won Ton and the Swine
My minds trying to unwind and I’m Bron Bron at the line
I’m on the road to the riches controlling my bitches
Holding my biscuit, extorting niggas with they nose in my business
And I’m Kevin Durant when letting go from a distance
I’m guaranteed to hit my target, I’m exposing a witness
From where the good die young, the young die younger
All these crabs in a bucket pulling one guy under
Dirty Jerz got a whole lot of unsigned hunger
Since I’m number one, everybody want my number
But I am never intimidated, they can never stop me
If you know what’s best for ‘em, I say they just better watch me
You start to press the issue it’s the pistol or the Tommy
Pop, pop, pop, that’s all over ya body

[Verse 1: Loaded Lux]

Bow ya head good folks these are praying times
Preacher man running that line more than the cable guy
Cousin needed bail, Aunt had Real Estate at the time
Then it’s fuck a bail, house gone, she Amy Wine’
Where the love? Feel where I’m going, could paint it blind
I play the line, can’t talk to you til you walked a day in mine
I know the struggle where nigga’s hustled to stay alive
Government ran out, fuck it then, we creating jobs
I lay the eyes on the tables, labels be playing God
But it was Jesus who took the water and made it wine
I’m a recorder, I take the order, that make it mine
Yeah they can rhyme, I just got the shit that the game rewind
The thugs love, yeah, the ladies vibe
I fled home in my city, that’s state of mind
They ain’t ready, I’m dead nice and my stage be live
Drop heavy, they/day light, I’m just trying to save you time
I’m from a cold whole other life you ain’t nothing like
Money tight, hunger strike, man just happy to hug his wife
Gambling man rub his dice, backstabber, bloody knife
Drunken fights, ugly nights, judge gave life to my cousin Mike
Shit, talent you find it where it’s raps on the finest
Take single tracks and rewind it, bring it back and design it
And youngin’ wanna rap, got a pack in a jacket lining
He’s stuck between the doors he feel likr jacking and shining
The Nickel is, broke niggas used to a little bit
Ignorant to the dollar, piggy back let you follow
Mama slipped in the paint, leaving pickups she can’t
All the workin in the world and ain’t got shit in the bank
It’s my house, wrist taped on the quarters
Mixtape for the bloggers, my hip ache from the orders
You stick weight niggas ain’t fit shaped for the slaughter
I’m finna run thru you niggas like water
Artists they spending they bling back
For sending them green backs
They can all turn out like vending machine snacks

[Verse 2: Arsonal]

Picture me rollin, chrome wheels swollen
I’m from Newark, New Jersey so my whip probably stolen
Everything that glitters is not golden
Nothing that I spit on is ass, I’m not colon
Crack on the same stove that the pot roastin
White collar crooks, G Money he’s stock broken
I got the key to success and the locks’ open
You know what time it is nigga, ya clocks workin
A cash addict, I’m addicted to that green bill
I’m hustling that vinyl and I’m still pitchin them E pills
Bitch I’m a boss, I ain’t Ross nor Meek Mill
If life’s a bitch I’m just trying to get my free feels
I been a bad man, I’m smoking on that Afghan
My dick in a yellow bitch, we fuckin on that black sand
I’m trying to get to that pussy, I need a catscan
You muffle and you gon meet the knuckle off of my backhand
I been bad before the pen pad
All I want for breakfast is some strippers
And some swishas in a gift bag
A .38 special revolver without the kick back
They gon be like “that nigga’s crazy but yup, he did that”
These niggas softer than some baby dicks
You wanna listen to me? Breathe, you gotta pay for this
Who am I? I’m Da Rebel, I’m niggas favorite
The flyest nigga to jump out the pussy back in ‘86
I owe it to my city now, my life ain’t got no limits now
Passenger getting chauffeured, don’t gotta drive to get around
Souls up in heaven, they want the life that I’m living now
Making deals with the devil hoping Jesus will send him down
Ain’t no squares in the circles that I been around
And I been traveling since the first time I put my pivot down
I’m so thankful, I could see my mama living proud
And live to see Obama catch Osama ass and sit him down
I’ma Jersey nigga, oh, it’s such a different sound
These lyrics that I’m spitting got ‘em twitching
Soon as I hit the mound
Watts Baby Loc, I’m still a Crip but with a different style
Adapt to all environments from all the shit I been around
I’m thankful, nigga’s know the name
Arsonal Da Rebel, battle rapping, that’s the lane
Big brother Lux thru me in the ring in ‘08
And yeah nigga I ain’t…

[Verse 2: Loaded Lux]

I’ve lived the life of death and death is still a palace in between it
I be rollin thru New York City, California dreamin’
Allies over adversaries (?) over grieving
I’m just happy to be breathin where the pastors ain’t the greenest
I’m speedin, still avoiding the traffic and the precinct
I’m cassette, killin em over the net just like Serena
You bet, my ex was offered my texts, I’m a cheater
But when heart is hell for a heaven, who do you believe in?
Rappers trying to squeeze em but I’m studying the opposing
Player I’m a natural, sit my stature by the coaches
Walked out just candid to my ex to see me rollin

[Verse 3: Loaded Lux]

I knew that guy slide shaggy vines cat daddy vibe
Black caddy ride thru the ave drive where it’s live
Battle cries of the city where the skinny nigga died
Ain’t no pity they took em slim or wide when he high
Late night, Knight like Arthur
Middle life, many authors sit and write
Pin my knife quite sharper than you carvers
On this wood and on this paper
For the reader I’m a cleaver like (?) where hell lives
Or where the wealth leads, dig for gold rubbers them hoes love us
I post up the block from the number hoe run the spot
Where homes shuttered me out to them cold gutters
Froze tupper, bone structure like no other soul brother
No mother, father was a martyr to the dope smothered towns
You denounce, was a throne for ‘em snatch that royal Rol’ from ya
Po’s being tested, do you abide by it or fold under pressure
I done seen souls get sold for lesser
Ya loyal niggas wasn’t, stood tall so we adore you in the public
Your case turned lawyers into judges
Back home sidelining like a cornerback, want his corner back
Cuz he Warren Sapp, blocks to that royal stat
Find goldmines in the story stacks, every core is rap
Hit struggle with ya 4 to dap, recorded track
Like slide I ain’t trying to sell it like you live
But in the process of doing me, just gotta tell it like it is
Now dig, Catch 22, due to the obvious it’s logic this
Episode wasn’t built on my expense, but besides events
You don’t find profit in common sense?
Rather hear stories to be told and for no one to acknowledge this
A dedication to the past and how I wish
Our educators could’ve last to help my generation grasp this
Hunger for knowledge that my belly aches to have
Cuz they don’t wear white hoods or hold up confederation flags
I tell the gangstas and they laugh, the ones doing time
Young blood kill em, king pin dreams of moving pies
This shit is suicide being we ain’t unified
One nigga go down get his whole crew/crucified

[Verse 3: Arsonal]

I get it, yup, yup, I get it
Allergic to being broke so that money I travel with it
I remember them ice cold days in December
Needed Timberlands but I was too broke to become a member
But now they watch me spend it every second, every minute
Attracted to pretty women, henny shots, a hint of lemon
Now we riding no I’m lying cuz we flying
Yup I did it, got introduced to the business
Middle finger to the critics
Ladies suck my d-dick, I hit it just cuz you did it
You with it cuz if you with it, let me know so we can get it
Poppin and crackalackin I’m tired of battle rapping
I got the eye of the tiger, I’m higher and flyer swaggin
Then all of these other lames, I don’t play the color games
Me and all my brothers bang, we ain’t like no other gang
I get it by any means necessary, priorities never come secondary
I got 10 racks on my right wrist, hater niggas don’t like this
When I squirt a nigga die quick
When y’all bitches squirt it smell like piss
Stay high on that fly shit, groupie hoes like to ride dick
Mary Jane is my main hoe and that bitch Molly my side chick
I’m poppin pills, droppin’ bills, pockets green like a soccer field
Disrespect me I gotta kill and my bitches sexy, I gotta feel
And her name is Nina, and I caress her as she’s busts off
A pound of Keisha on that dresser
That’s what all them dutches for
50 thou off that bread, 50 thou off that kilo
Scarface was a crackhead so me I’d rather be Nino
Hide the nigga body pick the jewelry like I’m Debo
If I hide that nigga body, better chance of finding Nemo
I be in the trap, find me, chicken shack grimy
Red got that Ruger cocked while Surf got that Mac-90
My nigga Suge will put that Shotty to ya body
Me I’m up all night and I’m trying to hustle like a Zombie
In Jerz we play, we like that
The South where you lose yo life at
Wanna knuckle up? Fuck it I swing and connect
And now you gone need an ice pack
I’m crippin for real and I’m grippin my steel
Arm out the window I’m twisting my wheel
Bending them corners in Newark
NWK and that’s stand for niggas that will kill
My dough been growing making money off of apps now
And tomorrow making 10 more racks clown
I own my own league, I got it back now
I got Newark, New Jersey, it’s on my back now
I get it

[Verse 4: Loaded Lux]

Got many names but Loaded what I go by
Google me baby, Tianna, tell her cosign
Feeling like I’m the one that’s finna go the whole 9
That’s a Hawaiian greeting, I just made Aloha
No lie, got the apple like home pie
Bad man but lyrically bean pie, bow tie
Life’s a bitch, tucked her in the truck like (?)
The whole ride, road like a 70’s dope line
Know why ribs (?) in the fridge coolin
My home court is just cold water and fig Newton’s
I’m starving like Pac, give me that big loop and
Engineer, no back up the mac when the rig movin
I just had it with who to battle with
It’s embarrassing to prove to you like it’s new that I’m talented
I’m just trying to saddle in, niggas thinkin I’m challenging
They don’t wanna sign me, they wanna find me comparisons
No shows like Ma$e in Horse & Carriage
I just try to open up for a nigga like Clariton
I just came to rebuild Babylon, ya babbling
The ladder went from fixing the roof to building palaces

[Verse 4: Arsonal]

I get it, I pop a shot any minute
I drop the top and my engine is roaring cuz it’s exquisite
I’m calculating my digits, eliminating these midgets
I’m pushing it to the limit, your wrist where it be frigid
I do the shootin, I’m teaching them you the student
I’m leaking to you the blueprint
And preaching to you the movement
Heating up in the hood so I desperately need a coolant
Higher than a Giraffe ass that mean I’m Zooted, it’s
More than a hobby, gotta take care of my mommy
I can’t move off of her probably, got a scope on top the Tommy
Catch him in the lobby leaning off his Whitney & Bobby
Pop it, it hit his body, they declare it as a Homi
He gone, that’s a lesson, if you ever get the testin
We could both raise arms if you wanna start up the questions
I’m the cocaine don and you ain’t even got possession
It’s a bad man’s world, you get the message
Respect it, I’m turned up daily, some say that I’m crazy
Is we fuckin bitch? Maybe, never free, you gotta pay me
My trunk be on that bang shit, my gang is on the same shit
My dreads be on that swang shit, these hoes is on my slave shit
Red bottoms cost me a first month’s rent
Smell that Kush cologne that’s my new damn scent
Cop to have a pound that’s bout to bands spent
I told the judge I’m going straight but I was too damn bent
I got locked up on 2010 on a Warrant
Bailed out, went home, packed my bags I started touring
Grabbed a cup of ice, I started pouring
Mix the snot with the purple drop until it turned orange
Whip game foreign, I’m balling like Spalding
I fuckin changed my number on her, how this bitch calling?
We don’t know ya shorty, but next time
You probably have some better luck
On this side, Lux and Ars, we get leveled up

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