Arcane vs. 100 Bulletz [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Arcane]
Lemme get this straight
You took your name from a comic book, that only ran for a hundred issues…
That’s kinda fitting ‘cus in real life Karstens always ran from a hundred issues
I bet he goes to a therapist, the doc has to hand him a bunch of tissues
And try to figure out why he fronts like he’s brandishing guns and pistols
Your life is so conservative you vote for Harper in elections
He’s into so much nerdy shit he goes to Star Trekky conventions
He’s just starving for attention
I mean this bald frilled homo even joined an all male dojo but now his cardio’s in question
You keep those MMA buddies in your circle for a couple supporters
But every time you try angles you choke or stumble and bore us
His body shape is like a sphere I mean that gut is enormous
You couldn’t get this square into an octagon without cutting some corners
So if you supposed to be a hundred bullets, I’m a hundred Russian tanks ‘cus none of your rounds is ever hittin’ it’s like your spittin’ a hundred blanks
Cause every time you rap you always spit it the same
So it’s no surprise bullets don’t got the scope to reach me with that limited range
So all I see is another dead man walking the trigger I could pull if somethin’ slip
It’s like a C-Mag in every one of AR’s 16’s I could drop a hundred bullets with one clip
So with them 30 round extensions I’m dirty out the trenches
I’ll put hands on him and leave bullets at the scene like I ain’t worried about forensics
Yo dude trust me this guy ain’t ever been a G in his life you just play that role partner
Living in those Burlington suburbs nothing you can hold water
Your wifey brings home the bacon, you’re a stay at home father
Watching tree house all day with your 3 year old daughter
So maybe the fact that you act like a plain clothes officer is why you ain’t so popular
So if you see me out in Burlington I’m on plain roads stalking ya
It’s only right he gets slain in a proper town
So I’ll murder this geek on those Burlington streets cause his whole style is plain and watered down
So if I’m aiming at your apple b expect a hundred shells to drop
Soon as I catch the rest of his family in fair-view I’ll have his elders shot
Yo he was finished after my third line, so if I spray chrome I’ll dump his body off the side of the Skyway, on my way home
I’m hundred Bulletz worst nightmare I’m a genius my knife tear where your spleen is
You ain’t even close to top five you five tiers and beneath us
When he goes home to his Burlington bungalow I bet his wife is wearing the penis
We might live 20 minutes apart but on a skill level there is light years in between us

[Round 1: 100 Bulletz]
When you step in this ring of fire you ignite in a flash
Flamethrowers spark a violent attack
Now you see what you are in for know (inferno) what you are son (arson) is a writer who’s gassed
So whether or not I go lighter on you you going to die from this match
There’s no common denominators my wordplay is scary at times
I’m very able to, inverse, try, angles
You barely could rhyme
I’ll reduce you to fractions give this square roots using various signs
Plus your bars ain’t equal to what mine is (minus) we got no parallel lines
How your weak rhymes going to merc me, in ’99 you were 30
And you still spittin’ I’ll put the 9 to your back like whoever got a 9 on their jersey
My bars like I’m so dashing I set a world record
All the ladies love my features
You wanna keep your girl if you saying (Usain) bolt when a hundred meet her (win a 100 metre)
Your biggest moment against Step……Whoa!!
Only proved how much you love Bender
Against Crakk you spent three rounds impersonating [?] members
Ain’t got your own style you have to mimic
So acting like such a massive critic is weird…
Al you get the crowd to react by jacking other rapper’s gimmicks
That’s why they rejoice when Bender bodied you and laid you to rest and cried like my ancestors when a white man took that chain off your neck
Starting with [?] I’ll put your whole entourage in a cast but it ain’t not comedy B for gold I chase brothers and you turtle if I bring drama with me
See, ghost got bodied by this crazy snicker knocked [?] no eighth of liquor Put kid to sleep like a babysitter know it’s red dot left leg like a game of twister
If Arcane is your favorite spitter your probably think that mystique [?] in that [?] picture, Soul [?] is an amazing dipper
And that Hollohan would let me stay for dinner
When you were telling stupid stories I was writing schemes player for that green paper
I draw and put 5 on the side of your whip like speed racer
You’ll see me popup in your window every 15 minutes like a screensaver
I’m here to knock you out swinging one hand behind my back like a speed skater
How you acting like a MACHO MAN at the BIG SHOW claiming you’re [?]
When not a MANKIND been sent to the UNDERTAKER ‘cus you bangin’ a Glock
You pushin’ packs? I dont see them (CM) PUNK you don’t sling on your block
Y’all should put RAW SMACK DOWN if you think you see cain (KANE) with THE ROCK

[Round 2: Arcane]
This dude try to say I bite styles from bender wow that’s real clever
You could say I was showing him homage or you could say I showed him how to do it better
The truth is, bender is one of those dudes I fuck with off rap
But he threw shots at me so let’s just say I threw shots back
Now check this out I think fat boy must be confused It’s like he lives in a fucking bubble
With that distorted self-image I can’t respect this chump’s hustle
He shaves his head and goatee thinking he’s Rampage Jackson’s stunt double
But you look like Eddie Murphy in a fat suit playing Sherman’s [?] uncle
He’s the type you see in a junk food isle trying to get his glucose up
Well since you like to spit those candy bars I’ll have this fruit rolled up
His whole style artificial and sweet no natural raw flavour
It’s bubblegum, that’s why you’re in trouble son if I connect with this jaw breaker
The only times you dealt with bags of powder it was fun dip
Since he thinks he’s smarties gonna go bonkers when i’m outie here with sun chips
So if I pull out those bazookas I’ll open up rappers with ease
Don’t be sour kid you just salty to see this cracker get cheese
I give a fuck how many months or years you fucking wrote for me son
I can’t even think of a single decent quote from this bum
Rhyming a bunch of random things with Lysol and Mr. Clean is hopelessly dumb
But since he likes those corny rhyme schemes I guess I gotta show him how it’s supposed to be done
Let me guess bullets, you’re gonna have Mars bars, soda pops, arm bars, shoulder locks
He keeps his bar charts with his folded socks in an armoire with bolted locks
I beat Crakk with car parts, motor blocks
You’ll need armed guards with loaded Glocks using [?] with large arms like Robo-Cop
Bar for bar it’s over pops, cause Karsten talks like Frodo crossed
With Jar-Jar from Star Wars with [?] vocal box
That bitch you fucking is a donkey I ain’t talking about no barnyard Photoshop
There is so much space when his dick in it’s like he’s parking a smart car on a loading dock
So when you did those track and field bars against Charron… I had a nap took a snooze quick
Then when you battled Twist you said “I got bars and entertainment on deck like a cruise ship”
You’re fucking kidding me right?
So the fact that you made it this far It’s a miracle it happened
But now y’all get to see someone who’s terrible at rapping vs a character assassin
They put another bird in a cage with a beast in a murderous rage
I got a surgical blade that can line him up with a permanent fade
Cause anyone trying to fuck with Caine lately that’s certain danger
So what the fuck y’all thought I’d to this Wayne Brady impersonator
Yo check it out I’m not done, I said yo
I’m half-man half-machine like the terminator
The vermin slayer serving haters in a disturbing nature
You’re a perpetrator the 38. will exterminate ya I’m sure the murder case will be disturbing to your suburban neighbours
So yo this shit is over this shit is over this geek was finished in two
There ain’t a rhyme style I couldn’t teach this bitch how to do
But since you’re the MMA analyst keep the instant review
When you go home and analyze how I just beat the shit out of you

[Round 2: 100 Bulletz]
Alright… Fat jokes
Alright I don’t like your jokes a bit
Quit trying to provoke me kid
I am Wayne Brady, now does Wayne Brady gotta choke a bitch?
Now real talk, honestly you’ve never been impressive with schemes
But that was one of the best that I’ve scene
Which makes sense cause the whole time you were doing an impression of me
And all those schemes you were talking, I used to do those
Reversing punchlines now Bulletz crazy so your punishment’s worse
Say that line backwards, you get
A worse punishment you’re so crazy Bulletz now punchlines in reverse
Let’s do it again
Am I dope, how? Understand you and dose over lines, potent damn!
Reverse that
Damn potent lines, over dose (overdose) and you understand how dope I am
From now on it’s bars over bars and Bulletz do it the best
When I put the scope in your mouth It ain’t improving your breath
Just cause you’re from the steel city don’t mean you’re shooting them Tecs
The only person you ever knew who banged a tool, was your Ex
You ain’t Al Capone, you Al Bundy, hate life and your job sucks
Then again I’m married with children sun bud and my dog’s buck
Knock Knock
Who just let the executioner in Freddy Kuger hot Lex Luther slash Lucifers twin
You must be huffing paint smoking crack taking a [?] and a gin and be as stupid as him to think I’ll lose after getting used to the wins
If I point the cannon at this actor it ain’t a movie you’re in
When I scream action, cut, take two, and start shooting again
All you used to is just lying around
Your favourite hobby probably nothin’ just, lying around
So many stories of head-shots how you handle these actors
Why this cat lyin’, dog (dawg), you ain’t no animal, cracker
I’d never call anyone a wigger, I’ve never called anyone a wigger
But you got it in a major way you’d trade your life for any niggas
Barrack Obama, Flava Flava, The Rock, Shaquanda, Macy Gray, 2Pac, my mama, Damon Wayans, my pops, Kamala, Drake and Wayne [?]
You’d kill yourself if you could come back picking cotton during the slavery days
You’re not a smooth criminal…. Beat it
Or you’ll end up in the alley scared
I don’t rock with you but if this wannabe startin’ somethin’
Scream I’ll be there, I’m bad you ain’t half as nice
You know why you the Michael Jackson type?
Cause you keep staring at the man in the mirror and don’t know if you black or white
You slandered mothers, fathers, brothers, daughters, that won you the chain and a few G
This year you had a promo battle in Calgary and had the nerve to bring up Bruce B
Well since you like talking about dead people
Bruce B how you expect to get the respect you’ve never shown anyone
Well since you like talking about dead people, round three I’ma show you how it’s supposed to be done!

[Round 3: Arcane]
I said yo, your wifey used to come around my block, we made her a permanent rider
I used to call that bitch my internet connection cuz she a service provider
I used to treat her like a wild ho ’till the morning
Through my long cable interface and she took, down, loads, like a torrent
So while you online all the time I got your bitch on my god damn mattress
Just browse her history (browser history) and spy where (spyware) she got mans address
Cause I heard that piece see you mac get viruses now dawg that’s madness
Cause she used to crash when I used to serve her (the server) but now the broad banned (broadband) access
So listen Carlton your whole image is confused it’s facetious
After all that lip poppin’ I finally heard his music and Jesus….
It’s got that wack sloppy lamen feel Rex bros reject
Thats why the black Rodney Dangerfield gets no respect
So don’t plan for stadium fame, trying to expand your Canadian claims
Rapping about slavery and chains when Karstens is a Scandinavian name
Plus you married to a white girl from a rich family so I guess it’s safe to say you don’t keep it a hundred bullets
You more like fifty shades of Gray
So I’ll put him in a graveyard my blade’s sharp and stainless
My trademark is to spit straight bars and slay shit
You need to find a new gimmick to safeguard your fakeness cause the way you always playing that race card is shameless
Me? I don’t discriminate 1st grand Prix I smoked Hindu kush now I’m roasting the sequel
So if I tie sticks of dynamite to him I’ll soak him with diesel
Leave this perp in a cloud of haze so if he call me cracker I’ll light up this clone OG like he crossed with master
Ey yo I know you married to a white girl that’s real nice kiddo but If I blaze that AK-47 I’ll leave him with the white widow
Then I’m taking his seeds out that’s a Jamaican brick for you
I know you don’t smoke weed imma have to explain some shit for you
I just used ten different cannabis strains for dissing you
‘Cus every time you do wordplay you make it a strain to listen to
So y’all remember September 29th the day of the Archangel Saint Michael
Now the body-count’s on the rise they say Arcane is a deranged psycho
I know you’re a religious man Bulletz
I hope you pray to that same Bible
Cuz only God can save you now you’ve forsaken my claimed title
See, Saint Michael was a mercenary but you can call me Dirty Harry
Even in the book of revelations you wouldn’t find a verse this scary
I already calculated the surface area of a hearse to carry this worthless fairy to Church and bury him under the Virgin Mary
And they won’t ever find where the body is located
So if it’s Cheddar in the finals tell his family he won’t make it
I’m the greatest I went from most hated to most rated
So you might as well hand me that cheque right now…post dated

[Round 3: 100 Bulletz]
Alright, anyways…
In your battle with Lil Keshy I don’t know what y’all were beefing for
But you said he molested his own sister is that how you even scores?
Well I still hope your mom comes back to life that kind of good will ain’t been seen before
Plus I know they need some extras on The Walking Dead Season 4
Of course you’re known for slinging mud to damage contenders
Your whole life you’ve been finding dirt on family members
They said don’t bring up the car crash, well that isn’t smart
Cuz I’m black so whips have torn both our families apart
Oh we mad right now, he gonna shoot me with his invisible gat right now
Well I’ve been playing with a Ouija and the voices coming back right now
Damn it’s your sister, she said “I know you really missing me
But heaven is the bomb bro I swear they got the illest weed
I’m smoking up with Hendrix, Bob Marley rolling spliffs with me
I spend every Saturday the same way I passed away hitting trees”
Where them cannons you shooting
Or are you just gonna stand there and make that stupid face Manic was doing
That’s what I thought fall back unless you a fan of contusions
I’m Saint Pierre and Jon Jones mixed with Andersons movement
See I’ve never gone this route I respect the family union
To say that your past decisions didn’t force my hand is delusion
This is payback for all of your bad karma kid I’m a rap prodigy pack harder hits with that Vietnam Hiroshima Nagasaki Iraq heartlessness
[?] a wack narcissist raps sloppy like that’s marvellous
I catch bodies and stack [?] its fact call me the black Spartacus
Facing you I flick that switch inside I’m afflicted I know this i’m sick
Was diagnosed with sadistic psychosis
I pray your clique will die hopeless from cystic fibrosis
[?] ’til every single cell split like mitosis
I step are you retarded I prove the best of your team garbage
I reck chumps, you’ll see me banging bucket like if quest [?] was a street artist
[?] deceased target hang up three targets [?] like cheap carpets at a flea market
And it’s always a white man who wants to talk about who’s black and who’s not
Alright call me nigga one time yeah nigga that’s what I thought
If I give this kid knees to his kidneys he’ll need dialysis euthanasia
If you really want to die [?] and who’s gonna open heavens gates after you [?]
Ch-ch-cheddar understand that you’re losing I just put arcane in a box, family reunion

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