Rone vs. Blizzard [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Blizzard]

Yo, everything in my bar pile is ganja
Wearing that John Perry’s proof that you’re a star-spangled wanker
I’ll stab you with my instruments that they have in the alley
If you were in a rock band they’d be called Spandex Bally
Ayo, Ayo, Ayo, Ayo, Ayo, I’m describing it all!
I can beat you with these freestyle rhymes that I sprawl
If I embarrass you right now I know that you won’t like it at all
Your body won’t be working like them lights on this side of the wall!
Welcome to the UK man, on the real, when the fuck are you leaving?!
This crowd cannot relate to the stuff that you’re speaking
If you were at home right now, you’d be bullied; for breathing!
And for thinking with your big eyes that you’re underachieving
You thought you’d come and win today with that American stuff?
Wrong, you’re gonna find the angle incredibly tough
Cause now a white kid’s in your face telling you stuff
And your kind of wishing Eurgh would present you a bluff
Because you do this back at home a lot, you battle all the time
People idolize you and they call the crap out of your rhymes
You battled 360 and Protege who get massive hits combined
Now look who’s crawling to the UK to grab a bit of shine
Trying to take something that’s adamantly, I laugh at your demise
This is a mind with a tall mannequin with a bag over its eyes
You stay static in the fight then I jab you with a right
Cause damage to your sight
No free health care all the bills staggered in the price
Tell me how the fuck are you managing this flight?
Apart from Daddy’s bank account, you will never see this man paid
He’ll try to say that he’s more successful than me, well I’m slayed
You should go on tour with a rock group
Who knows you could come back laid
That won’t be the only time that you’re asking for a band-aid
Because I’m tighter than you
I can kick a better cypher than you
Irish blood so I can handle more cider than you
More arrogant, more laid back, and I’m hyper than you
Darker Heart, yeah I’m more fucking whiter than you
See there the kind of abstract rhymes that he’ll spew
Fair played mate if that’s what you’re inclining to do
But don’t hate if I come to King Of The Dot ass naked with a shotgun
Cuz I’ll shoot the fucking daylight out of you!

[Round 1: Rone]

Like he said, this is my overseas debut, so let’s start it up
For those of ya’ll that don’t know me, I rap it dark as fuck!
For those of ya’ll that do know me
Well my last battle wasn’t really up to standard for me
But I still took the win home unanimously
And now I’m back on your scene with raps packing the heat
So how the fucks a little Blizzard gonna stand a chance against me?
This whooping is long overdue, I’m finna Hulk Hogan you, bulldozer
Blade of grass into a lawn mower you
And I know the crowd and staff all probably fawn over you
But in a scrap, I would probably pick a fawn over you
But I still took him, so that there’s homage to his confidence
But I still cook him, so this whooping is a back handed compliment
Blizzard… you need to exfoliate your moldy face…rapidly
Bradley Green, you badly need some acne cream
His face has more holes than a thimble
Or it has been sprinkled with shingles
Or your skin doctors got you swindled in simple
Cuz even that strange little dimples have pimples
So you’re a breakout star
But what were settling today is what has more blemishes
His record or his face
Like in your last battle, you done took the grimy route
Using dead dad jokes for entire rounds
But aren’t you the kid that’s raised silver spoon inside the mouth
So a father is something that this bitch could not survive without
You went from 2.5 million views, to 300,000 views, to like 70k tops
Holy shit your just a teen brad and already falling off
In schools were blatantly dissed in your statements to Grist
But complaining about this only makes you a bitch
And now you’re taking a piss in the game of a whist,
So this is me filling you on the education you missed!
And after all that shit you talked about schools
Well now you’re going back
I heard the facts, I though “Damn how hypocritical is that?”
And I thought that that was bad, until I saw a vid that had
You making fun of folks in hats, while you wore a fucking hat
It’s shit like that
That makes me think that we can’t get the kid out of you
I’m trying to teach you, not to take the fucking piss out of you
So you gonna take it, I’m not taking any lip out of you
And to throw it in, Justin Bieber would beat the shit out of you!

[Round 2: Blizzard]

Your music’s wack, and you’re never grabbing shit of it
If I’m actually honest
Your attempt at mainstream backpacker rap is moronic
You should take my advice Adam and stop it
But I get, America is a very Religious country
So it makes sense that your only after a prophet/profit
Your style is one of the worst I have ever known
This is the 4s to the rotary telephone
You rapping should be illegal
I’m out of your class b, I suggest a new method, Rone?
You style is sway orientated, Distorted and jaded
And you rap like you’re always sedated
Hearing your accent has me bored and frustrated
Now let me pick apart bars of yours that I hated
One of his bars was: “See when I flow it’s an explosion like a firecracker
Plus I came with that flame I got that fire cracker!”
Very cringe worthy coming from a white rapper
And he also said, “my shit too hot, like Papa Bear’s porridge”
What the fuck was he thinking when he worded that line?
Is your brain working okay, are you certain it’s fine?
I now feel like battling this person’s a crime
Cause he compares his bars to porridge, porridge from a nursery rhyme
So you wanna rap then, ok cool
Stop the bollox, I ain’t on it
So much poison in my blood that I’m gonna die from it
And I’m not a nice topic I’m a (?)
Pick me and Satan that sells like when Monos I got it
Take me off my pedestal, not on my wallet
I won’t pay you any dues unless there’s guap in my pocket
Me and Grist topped the views like you want try, stop it
This is Don’t Flop if you’re not willing to colonize, drop it
I don’t know if this is below any belt and I don’t know if it helps
But Welcome To Birmingham, Go Fuck Yourself!

[Round 2: Rone]

I’ll talk about other rappers girls cuz they’re what I’ve actually done
So act like I’m rapping for fun and it can have a son
But you call an ambulance up if you done jammed you thumb
So me hurting his feelings, might casket him up
Example: Facebook told me that you’re with a girl
That’s called Erin Pretty
Must be a fake account cuz that bitch isn’t pretty
That thick biddie isn’t a bitch skinny
She got a fat waist thin titties and a snout nose like Ms. Piggy
And this one here will crush you, cuz even though you’d love too
I promise bro, Zara Khalik will never fuck you
See even before I heard of you, folks wanted me to murder you
And since you’re such a grimy rapper
It wasn’t hard for me to find dirt on you
Like how you got your buzz of your cousin Shifty
It wasn’t you who did that
And it’s a shame it took Shifty’s car crash
For your career to make an impact
Or the fact that you don’t inhale when blazing trees
Which is just insane to me
So from pot smokers everywhere, stop wasting weed!
It’s shit like that that makes me think this kids a re-tard
He thinks the act of smoking means that his image is hard
That’s like ordering then pouring out a drink at the bar
Or just loving the feeling of an empty syringe in your arm; it’s stupid
Yo but we can do it, rap with hands, I’m sure the crowd doesn’t mind
We can really see if Brad is greener on the other side
Fuck a green piece, a green thumb, cuz Green ain’t the man,
I would rather serve Bradley; Green Eggs And Ham
And you can have your American Idiot bars lined up on replay
That shit would be Dukie and today would not be Green Day
Fuck an ignorant American, you’ll never find a G as wise as me
And I’ll win for being me and you can chalk it up to irony
I’m not fat, don’t watch TV, I’m intelligent, shit I try to be
So there’s a million reasons to hate America
But none of them apply to me!
But how about you bro, your names Bradley Green
Son that sounds Yank as shit
You light Yankee candles, and rock Yankee hats
And fucking yank your dick
Yo you’re a fake man you fan or at least a phony in comparison
But today you’ll be just like one, Owned by an American
My attack; Van Persie, My D; Ferdinand
If someone confronting you and your gran in the streets
You defer the nan
But I’ll be off steer, yet strap them off near death
This is fascinating faces verse a lawn chairs depth
This a top tier threat vs. a not near vet
So you might get here someday, but you’re not there yet

[Round 3: Blizzard]

This guy Rone wants to beat me
So he’s gonna say anything he’s gotta say
And yeah I like Green day, well your gonna be feeling a Blvd of Dreams
When you come back from your Holiday
This ain’t a battle anymore, it’s a counseling session
I heard some shit happened back home
When you got out of that depression
Let’s flashback to Penn State, let’s say 2007
I bet you never had your track teacher down as a felon
Rone did track himself, all the way up til he graduated
He used to write for Penn State news, he was infatuated
His teacher Sandusky asked Adam had he maculated
And that’s when he started to get a little to fascinated
I’m fucking bringing it back with these lyrics I rap
What the fuck is this shit on your hat?
I’m fucking freestyling cause I forgot all my bars
But that’s OK because right here I just forgot who you are
Apart from being touched by a man triple your age
I could imagine an all deal would only fill you with rage
But let me turn to a different page
Your trauma with Sandusky is the reason
That you’re so eccentric when you spit on the stage
He’s looking up to god now so he can seek his answer
Trying to avoid the question that peeps are gonna ask you
His fauna makes him wish that his teacher died of cancer
Well Stockholm Syndromes making him have feelings for his capture
Psychology bars; time

[Round 3: Rone]

So aside the fact, that you don’t have any hair upon your balls
I just heard an Irish Roman Catholic
Talk about pedophilia now I’ve seen it all
So what you losing focus?
You ain’t think we notice it’s the third round
And Blizzard has yet to spit some cold shit
I guess your judgements getting clouded
With people saying Blizzard is dope
He’s getting flaky, soon enough he’ll be addicted to snow
Well expect flurries from me I hope you can’t sustain bunches
I would never hail Blizzard, I would rather rain punches
And if there’s a Mrs. Blizzard I hope she doesn’t stick around
Cuz if I find her on the road, than that bitch is getting plowed
I heard women are from Venus, so the penis she catching
She a Saturn to a monster truck the way that I’m smashing
Said how I get in Uranus, you won’t be able to stand it
I made the Mercury rise, and I didn’t even plant it/planet
See I don’t have to act sick, motherfucker I am sick
And I’ve been the man since I was younger than Brad is
Growing up damn I was such a bad little bastard
That I lost my virginity, before my dad did
But whenever you come aggressive, well sonny it’s unimpressive
You think that it’s something epic, but really it’s just a pre sense
You only shine and grime, your whole gimmick is one dimension
You only started rapping cuz you got booted from One Direction
I said you’re a little bitch boy that’s that shit I don’t like
Little rich boy that’s that shit I don’t like
Blizzard? Nah, thats Snow White, He’s all bark and he’s no bite
Yeah he is not the Rone type and that’s that shit I don’t like
I’ve never seen someone so obsessed with themselves
Really it’s just disgusting
Every morning he wakes up, takes a shit
And then Instagram’s a picture of it
So should I call him a try hard for his style and clothes?
Or should I call him Donald Glover for his Childish flow?
Like, Pow, that’s one jab to the chest
Watch how I don’t be smackin’ his head
I would hit him in the chin, but if I hit I hit him in the chin
To him it might be snappin his neck
Beast in the fletch, I’ll be the best from the east to the west
This will be the echo of the very last lego
But instead I’ll be the one to put the B’s through your chest
I really want to fuck with him, but then again he’s just a kid
So instead of sucker him, I’ll just fuckin’ tuck him in
So done have some dope opponents, but none this sick
You had some fans but now they wanna jump his ship
I fuck with the UK, Brad can suck this dick,
So God save the Queen, but Fuck this Bitch!

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