K-Shine vs. John John Da Don [Lyrics]

[Round 1: K-Shine]

This whole battle’s gon be based on
A bitch that lied in a form of getting me back
On some homo shit on my Facebook when it got hacked
I wasn’t the nigga writing it so only a homo nigga would listen to that
But let’s get into the question of how the fuck am I here
If rumor has it I was finished with Smack, let’s get into that…
Beasley hit my jack and said, “Shine I found you a match”
I said, “hopefully in translation that mean you found me some racks
He said, “You already sno I got you Da Don, nigga
How you feel about that?”
I said, “Now you fuckin’ thinking nigga, when the fuck Hollow get back?”
He said, “Not the D-d-d-don, da other da don”
I said, “Other Da Don? There’s another Da Don?”
He said, “d-d-d-duh, he’s name is J-John”
I said, “he d-d-d-dead if you send me them ones!”
Now I’m bout to give y’all niggas a performance to make ya mind blow
Calling up the coroners now before the time go
They ain’t go remember this nigga after his Shine go
So Beasley set it up so y’all can see him get John Doe
They ain’t go remember this nigga after his Shine go
So Beasley set it up so y’all can see him get John Dough
I’m gripped up, I’m probably with a 9 or a 5
So inch up, I’ll have you in that pine with a tide
Them niggas that’s all by ya side like they ride
Make me wish I could bring Chris Lighty back
So you can be the first violator to die
Now Rest In Peace to Chris Lighty cuz that’s all due respect with that line
But y’all trying to put this nigga against Shine
When I think of a Don, I think of a leader such as yourself
That can conquer anything using they own brain
A nigga that built a legacy using they own name
He stole the nigga whole identity which is so lame
Can’t call him Da Don, he don’t know what a Don mean
He deserve that shot tossed with his top off when that palm spring
Specs on with wig in the air if they ever say that Don King
You supposed to be a leader nigga, with heat that’s yours
You don’t steal a nigga identity soon as he get gone
And they still think of Hollow when they say “Da Don”
Cuz they can’t give this MC the gusto
Cuz he ain’t nothing we ain’t never seen before (CB4)
Straight Outta Lowcash stupid lil nigga named John John
Twin 40’s gotta hold ‘em like Palm Palms
Have him stiff stickin’ up, Einstein
Six clap push his wig back, (?)
I’m none of them niggas you battled, this is past aggression
But it can B(e) Magic when I past the weapon
Gun shoot for a half an hour, right at that section
So it be tickin’ for 30 minutes to 8 like it’s Half-past 7
Fuck a vest, nigga yo head better have a steel protector
Cuz when it Hit-man you’ll be on Worldstar lookin’ like Bill Collector
Speaking of Bill Collector, didn’t you choke when you battled him tho?
That’s crazy cuz you told Sim for 5k you’ll finish me off
I say, “What?! Nigga I got Fiiiive on it” let’s give him a call
He said, “yo I gotta get my money together”
But you took Bill Collector and choked, that was pissin’ me off
I hit you back, “you stupid motherfucka! I got this money!
Are you ready for war?!”
You said, “umm, umm, yeah, umm”
It’s funny how you get a loss for words
Every time some punk ass Bill’s is involved
So I don’t know who this, John John or JJ? They say they reppin’
Well John John or JJ better spray they weapon
Cuz if John John or JJ get this AK lesson
He’ll be Scratching For Survival, JJ Evans
If y’all niggas ever walk to the grave of the site
See this stupid nigga dead from me taking his life
Rest In Peace John John, y’all can say the shit twice
But if y’all niggas say Da Don you ain’t saying it right!

[Round 1: John John Da Don]

Ok, it’s time to pay me what you owe K
Cause I got an old K that’ll turn to the letter O, K
I’m Da Don, play me like I’m Lil Jon, nigga OKAY!
Since K so average he get KO backwards, nigga that’s OK
See, wait see, OKC? That’s loud city
You ain’t heard me? I got that Thunder with me
You better have more power than a surge (Serge)
And have indoor rants (Durant) if you runnin wit me
But I stay on point like Westbrook
But you wanna know why I’m a reppin soldier
I always start even tho I shouldn’t like Sefolosha
Now I know them OKC schemes may have been said before
But so fuckin what, I’m battling a nigga that’s been dead before
You drowned in that Tsunami, you get it? That’s a metaphor
So when I’m lettin off don’t act like you ain’t been wet before
I watch ya battles, all ya rounds got skipped Shine
If you ain’t cleanin my shoes, I don’t wanna see you spit, Shine
Them guns like pawning jewelry the way they flip Shine
I’ll give ya CarMax, if you give me any lip, Shine
Who play poker? Who wanna bet or check if I can fold him?
Show him what a pair of tech is (Texas) let him hold em
That’s two 9’s, so you better hit the deck when I pull out
Call em the Olsen twins, they’ll fuck around and flip a Full House
That’s poker shit
Other then the fact I was probably gambling when I wrote the shit
I wanted to call your bluff, that explains all these poker flips
I hold a fifth that can leave a hole as thick as a poker chip
Now if you never played the game before, here’s a few more poker tips
Ace, play king, tell ya queen that I’ma get her
If she don’t flop you better hope you can find her on the river
I’m a jack, damn near a ten of ya soldiers bucks
Now that should get all of ya dreams of being royal flushed
All my guns came with a dot, you’ll get ya mob hit
When I say that eagle comin for ya dogs, it is not Vick
And that bird follow you like Twitter, if you don’t block it
That pound will be the reason you trending wit ya top picked (Topic)
So for all my weed heads, here’s a set up y’all can relate to
I split his guts like a dutch that I’m tryna stuff with haze, who
Ever act sour and get diesel can get blazed too
And like a nigga on probation, I’m smokin K-2
So you won’t die alone, I got something for the rest of dots
Every bullet goin thru you and Mook until Rex get shot
Ya’ll share the same grave, there’s no need for a separate box
I’ll put y’all all in one, see how I connect the Dots
But that’s hypothetical, if the dots try to mob on me
I’ll turn to pac man, start eatin every dot I see
I’ll throw Mook in the trunk, show ‘em what Ruff Rydin’ mean
And they’ll find Rex bones under rocks like archeology
I heard he hustle, so while he on that base grind
I’ll have my dogs sniff them drugs out that give K-9
Wait til about midnight to pay a visit to K mom
Tell if she wanna see her son/sun-shine again
Better wait until it’s daytime
But wait shine, like I told Calicoe, nigga its game time
Just watch who you talkin to, pretend we on facetime
Before bullets leave my K and watch it enter K leave you slain shine
When I’m unloadin it’s like I’m reloadin at the same time
So it ain’t no way I would ever think this niggas tough
In the Rex vs Verb battle, I seen another man grip his butt
So take Rex dick out ya mouth and hop off that niggas nuts
And when you put it back in his pants, don’t forget to zip em up

[Round 2: K-Shine]

Y’all I remember Beasley hit Rex and said,
“Rex! Rex! John John is the missing dot”
The nigga put his phone on speaker and said,
“Beasley! Beasley! No the fuck he not!
You gotta put in work if you trying to get that spot
Ain’t no Free Willy’s and well/whale you’ll never be over Roc
You wanna know why you ain’t get that spot? Cuz you ain’t hard bruh
How the fuck you gon have that cut
If you ain’t got a good bar, bruh (barber)
You need to shape up, them finger waves don’t look good over here/hair
Cuz all ya sharp lines fade away
You would’ve had it locked
But the only thing dreadful is your decisions made
We try to tell that corn, roll with the niggas that paved the way
But he wanna have his part on the side rather than make it straight
So the only time he seen in that chair is if he goin to get braids
Cuz he’ll never have a wave cuz he goin against the grain
So go ahead and give me that talk about you blasting yo glock
If beef come you posted with the mask and the stock
That stupid talk will get yo stupid ass in a box
With the same multiple choice that yo last niggas got
What he say? A) somethin’ somethin’ somethin’ somethin’ with a blood
Or B) somethin’ somethin’ somethin’ somethin’…
C) see, see, see, they laugh at your shit John
I mean they don’t feel it, it’s just not spiritual
I mean the idea was genius! But the bars were just pitiful
So when they talkin’ top tier, this is why they don’t consider you
Cuz a nigga like me would’ve did it more lyrical
A, Attack his art armed with ammo aimed at all
B, Break his brother and his bitch when it bust
A bullet from this barrel will have bile filled with blood
Or C, Chill, I ain’t gon get the cuttin’ on this cuz
I’ll use this DE, and shoot all of the above
So I don’t wanna hear that talk about how you be on yo block and…
Trappin’ 24 hours a day watching them cops spin
You never did a bid, half of ya time boxed in
You don’t know the value of a dollar from a pot hands
Put on little shorts John, I give ya whole stock ten (Stockton)
Twin automatics, I’m using ‘em cuz the tech will jam
Right hand dumping on anything that is left of him
If that don’t work, I switch and get the rest of him
It’s cigarette smoke, being around a nigga pullin
Will make ‘em die off the second hand
10 seconds surrounding his crib, where this John cat?
20 seconds, they from the front to where the line at
30 seconds, they inside ready to bomb that
We RAID in sets (INSECTS) if niggas looking for COMBAT
Sooooul Train, I’ll have y’all dancing in a line when I palm the biscuit
You’ll get lugged with a piece like a soul in the palms of spirits
You want the lead to the show, show’s you non religious
Cuz that’s suicide, so you will die
Not John John Da Don but Don Cornelius
So if y’all niggas ever walk to the grave of the site
See this stupid nigga dead from me taking his life
Rest In Peace John John, y’all can say the shit twice
But if y’all niggas say Da Don you ain’t saying it right!

[Round 2: John John Da Don]

I ain’t gone lie, I’m not hype I gotta battle you K
Cuz I can’t stand you, I much rather be smackin you K
But I’m tryin to avoid the death penalty that’s why I won’t clap at you K
Since the feds upper case, my punishment gone be capitol K
Wait! Upper case, capitol K, you ain’t catch that?
That’s why you need a key board to catch what I say
Thinkin confused, if I hear you shift or pack it today
You getting pressed for that key, that’s’ how you capitol K
He pussy, it’s nothin’ for me to get that nigga wet
If he was a ref and somebody disrespected him
He wouldn’t get that nigga tech
If he was a personal trainer, he wouldn’t get that nigga stretched
He’ll just run to his daddy and scream “Get that nigga Rex!”
Why is you here? Go and get that nigga Rex,
So I can ask him “Who is K Shine and where’d you get that nigga Rex?”
He talk loud but aint makin no noise, I don’t get that nigga Rex
But if this hammer clap, it’ll slam his hat, I’ll get that nigga Rex’d
How you want it loud mouth? Silencer, quite the sound out
Show up to his town house, bringin all kinds of rounds out
Round clip with a round barrel that’s a round mouth
Make a nigga spin when it kick, that’s a roundhouse
Them guns clap like Cubs hats, in other words you see (C) caps
His top gone be M.I.A, now that’s a Heat cap
Before he sprint, aim above his shin and give his kneecaps
Then add a bullet like battle footage before he drop he getting recapped
I said I’ll make him eat a bullet, have him callin it his grub
Try to be brave until he holdin in his guts
I see them Jumpman’s I’ll fill his Jordan’s up with slugs
Then I’ll let that D-E shoot all of the above

Wait, maybe I gotta slow that down, sorry Con I gotta hold yours
He just got the multiple choice and he ain’t even know it
I said I’ll make him eat a (A) bullet have him callin it his grub
Try to be (B) brave til he holdin in his guts
If I see (C) him jump, man I’ll fill them Jordan’s up with slugs
Then I let the (D)(E) shoot all of the above
Not another multiple choice
I know ya like John John runnin outta shit to say
So I thought of how I could test him is a different way
You see the lead is number 2 cuz first I gotta give him the shank
To leave holes then I let ma bullets fill in the blanks
So write ya SATs down cuz ya ACTs right
Or S-A-T down if you don’t A-C-T right
That gauge strapped, you’ll get laid flat cause I dump off
Till I get aired and tired, what you think I brought this pump for?
Dome shot if he owe guop, pay up
Or get ya head rocked for a dead president. Mt. Rushmore
Head rocked, 4 dead presidents, Mount Rushmore
But fuck sayin it again cause now I wanna rush more
See Tay-Tay ma nigga, so I know he don’t want one
Plus Roc already knock for getting called for Mt. Rushmore
The proving ground John John is back
But this time I ain’t got shit to prove
And you all hype so beside ya life, you ain’t got shit to lose
Nigga you ain’t no New York Giant
But just to get shit confused I make him catch a bullet
So we all can see his salsa like Victor Cruz
Now it ain’t no way I would ever think this niggas tough
When in that Rex vs Verb battle, I seen another man grip his butt
So take Rex dick out ya mouth and hop off that nigga’s nuts
And when you put it back in his pants, don’t forget to zip em up

[Round 3: K-Shine]

You make the worst life decisions, for instance…
Why the fuck would you lose on 106 & Park, John?
You just did good in front of Busta and Puff, that wasn’t smart John
You put in all them extra hours and they ain’t even pay you part time
You see how yo decisions have you tracing yo steps
Nigga you went to work and got laid off AND they ain’t give you yo check
You a African American that lost to a white man
On Black Entertainment Television
Do you see how yo decisions make you a measly rapper?
If you wanted a Hitman with cheese you should’ve had Dizaster
But you’d rather put everything you have
In a bag goin at Ritz from a cheesy cracker
You make the worst life decisions, for instance…
You give us all this bullshit about not givin’ a fuck
About no battle rapper cuz you zippin’ ‘em up
But every time you spit a round you spittin’ our stuff
So how the fuck you gon have this attitude of Pac if you BIG’in us up
You make the worst life decisions, for instance…
He was like, “yo, now I’ma rhyme like Shotgun Suge
So you ain’t gotta battle this nigga Shotgun Suge
Cuz if I was Shotgun Suge…. You dick sucker
But since you sucked on his D and you feel that nigga
I’ma kill you the same way I kilt that nigga
Another 6 foot nigga with a death wish!
Sawed-off Shotty that shit shootin’ out breadsticks
Headshot, aim at the noggin and let his neck twitch
Walk up to the body, give ‘em that “Is he dead?” kick
Then fire again
He ain’t gotta be from the land of the dreads to get yo head twist
You make the worst life decisions, for instance…
When I seen that shit I was like, “damn, that was NECK”
I say, “Fuck it, he a new nigga
He trying to pay homage just to get some respect
Probably do it one time and get back to the wreck”
Instead of doing it one time and getting back to the wreck
You make the worst life decisions
You say, “next I’ma rap like my nigga Tech”
Now Tech 9 is my nigga, but with all due respect
We can’t forget that battle that he had with Rex
But since you such on his dick and you feel that nigga
I’ma kill you the same way Rex killed that nigga
I roll up like a Philly, grab his bitch, 76er when I spray my tech
The extension on the shot have a shit on neck
Soon as you think it’s right, I switch my step
And shoot with the whole other arm on strap
I’m reminding them of A.I. (Allen Iverson) left
You make the worst life decisions, for instance!
Why the fuck would you do a blog talkin’ bout you fuck with Solomon?
You wanna get it straight, okay, let’s get the Ironin’
Cuz now he’s the nigga lookin’ for employment
For not being on his job when Mook put him in retirement
In other words, a nigga got him hired just by firing
But since you such on his dick and you feel that nigga
I’ma kill you the same way Mook killed that nigga!
Remember Mook told Solomon he reminded him of a nigga
But it took some time for him to get to him
Then somewhere like in the last round
That’s when he finally remembered him
But this the same situation, the only thing that is different is
I remember this cocksucker soon as this nigga mentioned him
I remembered you John
You had them niggas walkin’ around holdin’ them long Shotty’s
If push came to shove then fuck it, you catch ya own body
Everything was plain and cool, you was gettin’ long Broccoli
You wasn’t with the fame, the jewels, you did it all properly
But when you got booked they ain’t give you depth so you got on cocky
So like Sammy that Hitman was Bull
Cuz you was hangin’ with the wrong posse
That send a shooter death by bars nigga, John Gotti
You make the worst life decisions! For instance!
Like talking about a life but not really being about that
These niggas ain’t gon pop on sight, John, I doubt that
Open up them blinds, entering where that couch at
I want everything dead, from the plants to the house cat
Sit him on the chair where the back of the house
So now you see everything’s at stake when a nigga’s sitting out back

[Round 3: John John Da Don]

I remember when Rex told me
John John you need to get down with the winning team
Til I thought about how you lost to Surf and Calicoe
And couldn’t understand what winning means
So he thought, K-Shine will come beat me and make me claim dots
Fuck do I look like? Tay Roc?
Don’t get it twisted, I fuck wit Rex and I fuck wit Mook
I even fuck wit Tay Roc, but never have I fucked wit you
You been sleepin on me, so I hope you got comfortable
So let me make the clear (Clair)
Soon as this crowd get rooty (Rudy)
Ya whole fam goin off the Cliff like the Huxtibles
Wait that aint clear enough? Let’s try a hi-def
I light one blunt up in the air til I got high deaf
Put that blunt out in ya ear until you high deaf
And after this blunt you get aired, die in a high death
That chopper get to choppin like a AXE in ma fuckin palms
Ya feel is OLD SPICE like 3rd DEGREE burns from a fuckin bomb
Now if you ain’t notice how I used deodorant in ma last few couple bars
Then that should give me the RIGHT GUARD to put you under arms
Not tri-ceps, not bi-ceps, not even forearms
I’m talkin M-16s AK-47s, ready for war arms
Tec-9s, ARs, just to name a few more arms
Y’all should be alarmed cause y’all not at all armed
Alarmed, all armed, you aint get it stupid nigga that’s wordplay
You been writin that shit for months, I just wrote this shit last Thursday
That’s why these simple bar havin ass niggas
Couldn’t see me on ma worse day
So be lucky if you get this silver medal
Cuz you wasn’t gone beat me in the first place
You said this was gone be a classic and I thought you was serious
But who do I need to call? Cause I know you delirious
But what would I phone for if I knew who serious?
I said what would iPhone 4 if I know who Siri is?
It’s been about a year since we heard from this clown
Smack, why you ain’t tell me theres a circus in town?
You got killed first and second, but you dying even worse in the round
I gave you bars but it’s time to get personal now
But I ain’t gone talk about ya Chlamydia like Surf did
But I do got a few questions about ya sexuality
You right, ok first is: wassup wit you hollering at transsexuals?
Nah nah cause I’m just tryna understand
Cause if you not gay, why you ask for the number
After she told you she was a fuckin man?
But you acted like somebody hacked ya twitter
What you tryna get a fuckin Grammy?
Nigga when Frank Ocean came out the closet
He ain’t try to blame it on his fuckin family
So I don’t wanna hear how you clappin niggas
Cuz ya burners and ya pumps be handy
Nigga you clappin niggas cause you burnin and you fuckin trannys
You probably fuckin Randy, that’s the shit you do K
Soon as you think you’re up (Europe) I’m comin to see you K (UK)
At ya wedding catching bodies like flowers
So you better protect ya boo, K (bouquet)
You still thinkin that you Live then you can get it too K (2K)
Now in this battle shit, I admit
I haven’t had a fight and Dot Mob known to get it in
So yall can run wit ya lil braggin rights
But let one of you niggas come my way, trust me, If I have a knife
I will poke a dot just (polka dot) for thinkin I can’t match ya stripes
So like I said it ain’t no way I would ever think this niggas tough
And in the Rex vs Verb battle, I seen another man grip his butt
So take Rex dick out ya mouth and hop off that niggas nuts
And when you put it back in his pants, don’t forget to zip em up

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