B Magic vs. Chilla Jones [Lyrics]

[Round 1: B Magic]

Well let’s start with disrespect, you a hoe nigga
You’ll catch a hollow (hologram) on this stage with this colt, Chilla (Coachella)
Two arms cocked on your chest like a slow nigga
I’ll throw you a couple bucks like a broke nigga
Magic got these bars let’s get straight to it
Steak knife if Chilla play hype I’m a shank right thru’ em
Nina full of hollows that’s a tip drill, I’m from St. Louis
Smack threw Chilla in the fire like Frank Lucas
What ‘chu think that he superman an action hero?
Let’s see these capes when I slide up in that black Camero
Clock his chest he gon’ see that Flash like Smack apparel
I’ll give em all he can eat like a Cracker Barrel
See Koch Records couldn’t drop this kind of gem (Jim) Jones
I blade guys I bet your face slide like Sprint phones
Better yet I bet your face lift like Kimb’ Jones
Heat rock a meaning how I fire ‘til your brim stone
He got Gusto to see these bars trust us I dead mics
If we see war you’ll get these big ass biscuits
When he sees 4’s his wig’ll curl under his skully like CB4
Pull a strap on me it’s on fool
That 32 in that Jag let me tell you what it’s gon’ do
I’ll let them shells run in backs that’s all because Jones drew
You talkin’ to a killa you ever seen Phone Booth?
Chilla sound kinda Charlie, yo Clips they cloned you
Heat blast, freeze tag, I bet you he won’t move
Catch a flying fist of fury no lesson in Kung Fu
All that barking I’ll open your top if son woof (sunroof)
This nigga gonna die for actin’ deadly
Snub nose ring on a rapper like Makaveli
For actin’ scary I’m in your hood like this not ‘cho block
So call me James Earl Jones when that Roscoe pop
Pardon me when I palm her it got a joyful noise
Pop in the clip and I’m flippin’ on ‘em like The Hardy Boys
I mean this blazer I got don’t come in Corduroy
The gun’ll pull your front’ll hang out like a corner store
You think you fuckin’ with Magic you must be smoking wire
This round here could tell y’all who the dopest writer
I hit this boy scouts camp just to forty five ya
This marshmellow’ll get s’more if I open fire
I hope you die when your round done playing gutter
Smack you done sending these scraps I’m demanding supper
The can’ll blucka any fucker wit’chu that came to root
Get 21 when I buck it like a game of hoops
Don’t panic brother you’ll say somethin’ then run
If its beef at steak I’m A-1 then some
Fuck talkin’ if you want them techs (texts) i’ll send some
Magic shots flew like H1N1
I’ll let a 380 spray on these baby ape
I’ll put Jones in a box you better say your grace
You know Grace Jones, Jones Box, say your grace
That Tommy leave (Lee) Jones Men in Black like Agent K

[Round 1: Chilla Jones]

Setup, punchline, punchline, name flip
Every time I see you my nigga, it’s the same shit
12 battles in you rarely ever change shit
That’s why ya name Magic you only good for the same trick
So let me guess, in the Lou you bang with real guerillas
And Jones a clone cuz you can see the “ill” in “Chilla”
Or maybe bullets a fill a dome when you peel a chrome
To kill Jerome when you put me on ice, that’s how you chill a Jones
But like perm head ‘Verb said “name flips, that’s an amateurs move”
That’s what you amateurs do, now let show you how the animals do
For that BULL I’m BISON, that’ll show you nigga Jones the G.O.A.T.
This CAT WILL (CATTLE) die here from a cal (COW) tucked in my over coat
I bare (BEAR) arms and BUCK for the DOE when I hold the toast
So if you dare (DEER) SNAKE my DOGS
I oughta (OTTER) go for (GOPHER) broke
I’m supposed to joke? Nah I’m a use schemes to break you
But since you reppin’ them C’s then to the seas I take you
Ya ex say I’m ill (EEL), that’s a bad trick
She fish for compliments I tune her (TUNA) out, keep my lips SEALed
And that’s it, you pipe her on a (PIRANHA) bed
She don’t howl a bit (HALIBUT)
Mad stiff so, baby doll finna (DOLPHIN) wail (WHALE)
Like she never had dick
So that’s land and that’s sea, but in case I ain’t clear
Let’s go to one last place and I’m a take you thru the air
Now all ya ex chickens wanna swallow a cock or two (COCKATOO)
So while you sippin’ HEN (Henessy)
I’m a have them coo-coo PIGEONS HAWKing you
So DUCK if them two cans (TUCANS) squawk at you
Blue tooth so I’ll (OWL) take the EAGLE and pair it (PARROT)
And watch it talk to you
Stop it dude, fans raving (RAVEN) like you go hard
You’ll see HAWKS cuz foul can (FALCON) get ya throat scarred
Start robbin’, snatch ya CANARIES when I bow god
BNE flow I just hit you with some CROW bars
I’m Larry BIRD when I grab my waste
Reppin’ Boston with 2 Tre’s (32) to shoot in MAGIC’S face
With them eights my team BUCKS no Wisconsin
And you PG sophomores be slick talkin’
Trying to BULLy who? Us, the freshman? Heh, well I’m shit starting
With two eights (28) behind the locker like Chris Johnson
I’m bout to flip, told John John to dash out
Seen Ciddy and JC and had them mags out
And Magic still took this battle but should’ve backed out
With this Virginia tech I’m taking that whole class out
See CATS doubt I can win like it ain’t worth one try
Since they all lying (LION) guess I gotta hurt son pride
Order the blazer, one tie, a white shirt HUNG dry
So when this DICK head get cut, a suit for sir comes sized (CIRCUMSIZED)
I sigh, but at least you got a Tux when you die
And who bettin’ on Magic?
Good so you ain’t the only one putting bucks on this guy
Homie shoulda brought Harlem with ‘em
Cuz it’s gon be a murder with CLIPS unless lucks (LUX) on ya side
Get struck from the ride til you d.i.e. (Ready To Die) you small minded
I’m bout my B.I. G, but wait B.I.G., put it together and make a word now
And hold on to it ‘til I get to the third round
Absurd sound in ya apartment of clapping
The neighbors talking to the sergeant and captain
All they saw was 20 out that black and silver
Like they watching (washing) McFadden
And a body on magic carpet like they watching Aladdin
Imagine the better man lose, try to throw a combo
Get John Doe’d before you ever land two
You getting’ clocked, watch, it’s time to reprimand dude
So fight ours (HOURS), a minute before ya second hand move
Gun drawn, he freeze like “Chill, I ain’t the war type”
But which body part should I hit? I ponder more like
I’m thinking the knee, BLAOW!, he hit the floor, yikes
I’m thinking the chest, blaow!-blaow!, I hit his core twice
Then I walk up on the body put his face on my four
Sike (psych), now I’m thinking the head
BLAOW! Now that’s four sight (FORESIGHT)
You hear the crowd roar like “WOOOH!” that’s why they hate ya BOY
Cuz having FLAIR that ain’t even in ya NATURE BOY
Ya X wet (X-MEN) cuz I’m a BEAST like Hank McCoy
The way the toy a kill these (Achilles) men I bet you think of Troy

[Round 2: B Magic]

B Magic vs. Chilla Jones, who can rap better
I’m knowing this a sayin but fuckin with this crack nigga
you gonna end up dead or behind bars I’m that nigga
Pitch bullets to your stomach your homie gonna be your back catcher
I’ll spin ’em til it jam like a club song
You dead wrong Mia Long wouldn’t Love Jones
You must be blind you lookin’ for I where (eyewear)
Glasses frame off contact ask me if I care (eye care)
See I’m prepared for any punch that he may land
Instead of getting bucked in sections like a pay plan
You gon get these arms stretching like Space Jam
Right hook you’ll get rocked to sleep like a caveman
I can’t stand this niggas schemes I don’t get the chump
What thug rap about solar systems like that shit is crunk?
He say a bar an slow it down like we missed the junk
We gonna call Chilla Johnny Cage cuz he split the punch
I’ll tell you what, if he got to trippin’
These cans’ll open up bustin’ if I got the biscuits
I can teach you something nigga you gotta listen
So pay and hope that I school you he got to wishin’ (tuition)
Let’s turn it up I get the ratchets to clap him
What bastard gon back’em after I start this massive attack
You got burners then clap’em cuz Magic be blastin it after’em
Get a cap to his chest like the National Anthem
Now these some mothafuckin bars let’s get this through
It ain’t a damn thing broke when I get the tools
You’ll get alarm(ed), clocked if I hit the snooze
When you battle a Star Jones you get The Views
This nigga probably call the cops and have a telethon (tell-a-thon)
I ain’t never lyin, I’ll beat the shit outta Elton John
I’ll walk up on this bitch nigga with a mega 9
That nina blew (blue) around heads like MegaMind
This B Magic mothafucka acknowledge me
Big straps that’ll take that back like apologies
And honestly we can throw those hands I came to tussle
Serious (SERIUS) I give JONES some CLIPS he can’t rebuttal
This motherfucker be on some make believe rap and shit
Homies ask Chilla to ride he start acting sick
But you follow niggas with the choppa ain’t that some shit
I’m at the window with the choppa I’m Malcolm X
See watch it G, bounce back like 2 squares
Mohawks (more hawks) then cool hair, can it ball like Poznar
You’ll get a bulldog under your mug like root beer
If you wanna die Ill book bags like school gear
I’ll roll up at night night you a dead nigga
Two K’s (2K) take him out the game like Reg Miller
This round Chris Brown take it to the head nigga
Leave your homies SMOKEY on your porch like CRAIG nigga

[Round 2: Chilla Jones]

Setup, punchline, punchline, name flip
Every time I see you my nigga, it’s the same shit
We two rounds in, you rarely ever change shit
That’s why name Magic you only good for the same tricks
It’s either name flips or punchlines back to back
Well I could do it too which makes the next round action packed
That ‘matic clap, let ya can spit they aim to trust
Them RIDERS trained to bust (BUS) like public transit
My fans stick in the building I’m now known
And when this connect (DISCONNECT) all he gon hear is a dial tone
Clown Jones next to ya broad, I’m letting 20 fire
Shoot and knock JUICE from ya APPLE, now ya blood beside her (CIDER)
Thugs could be riders until it’s bombs away
Only time son pullin’ my card is on Father’s Day
Look I see thru pussies like Lingerie
The fif’ clap it get the kid napped like John Benet
No being calm today I’m getting cocky on ‘em
But still on (STALLON) my SLY shit, ROCKY on ‘em
Ya crew getting air lifted when that shotty on ‘em
That’s the only time you seen a choppa with bodies on ‘em
I’m warning all they partners
Cuz it hard to get BLUE up out a pussy like BEYONCE doctor’s
How they thought they’d stop us?
Soldiers in them hoodies let me find out you bold enough to push me
Only cuz them crips rollin’ with you like you Tookie
Make you tumble now them crips rollin’ with you like you took E
But how he look G coppin’ plain clothes like a undercover
Dudes I brought with me got semi’s like a bunch of truckers
See I ain’t nerdy like them other suckers
So if you don’t watch ya STEP, POP! That’ll be a MOTHER fucker
Niggas tough til they get that phone call
I got ya girl trapped in the bathroom, I’m bout to kill her fam
I know you got work here Magic, I need a MILLIGRAMS
Give me a HEADACHE, them cals involved
CAPS will peel then I’m a leave (ALEVE) her bare on a towel and all (TYLENOL)
That’s what you do to niggas right? You be robbin’ ‘em and deadin’ ‘em?
Well how it feel to get a taste of ya own MEDICINE?
See ya death was an expected fate
See money was sacrificed to the god like a collection plate
Oh ya protection great? I’m the department of housing
You’ll move out as soon as you get ya section ate (8)
I know what you thinking, you should’ve had somebody help you right?
Well I agree, you should’ve had somebody help, you right
Better yet, you should’ve had somebody help you RIGHT
I STRETCH MARKS the best bars he try to sell you lite (CELLULITE), right?
Well FAT chance and that man could get a backhand too
That led clap if he don’t get his head wrapped like an Afghan do
You’ll see inside his cap fam that’s what these cats can do (CATSCAN)
But damn you, nigga Chill’s the one
If you the bar for bar king, I’m a punch until ya grill is numb
A body shot release the oxygen that filled his lungs
I leave the king with no air (HEIR) like I killed his son
Oh you above king? I pulled ya cards and they all fake
I’ll JACK ya QUEEN to leave ya blood on the wall ACE, wait…
“WALL,” “ACE,” put it together, make it a word now
And hold on to it ‘til I get to the 3rd round
I heard clowns talking saying I ain’t a match for you
Heh… I am (M) A G, if I see (C) A L you gon’ need something MAGICAL
In case you can’t spell let me run that bar back for you
I M A G if I C A L you gon need something MAGICAL
I’m tactical and right now I felt the need to show it
I just spelt that word out and you and even know it
Boss town…

[Round 3: B Magic]

Scheme, scheme, scheme, scheme and some lame shit
Every battle I see this nigga he be doin the same shit
I’m raw pussy fuck your thoughts like cybersex
Trippin’ I’ll run up on this nigga like a flight of steps
Have them hoes running out the truck like where the fire at
Pull out and leave this mark in the street like tire tracks
Boy it ain’t a Heat fitted when I fire caps
And you couldn’t get this title back with title match
With that bullshit you got money to burn if you buying that
A G strapped you’ll get de-capped like a Tigers hat
This guy is wack I win(wind) chill and breeze passed
You soft don’t make me get this nigga from the Bean bagged
Your bitch gimme long face like the Scream mask
She light up my joints like a Dreamcast match
I love it how your bitches daughter seemin’
I had this nigga pushing daisies like Morgan Freeman
You think I’m playin’ ‘til that semi blam your dome
So lego (let go) of them games this ain’t Indiana, Jones
Fuckin’ nerd you never let the weapon spit
My whole team been locked up for possession like the Exorcist
So nigga miss me with that choppa burstin’ extra shit
You my son (Mysonne) I ain’t gonna have none of that extra lip
I say its game time you’ll get every punch from Tekken 6
I’ll tell you what get sent back if you was Heaven sent
Put money on it I’ll murk him for Jerome lettuce
In other words still a bus if Jerome Bettis
Kill a nigga on stage when I’m on
Feel the tip of these 44 and I’m takin your mic Jones… Who? Mike Jones
I’m takin’ your life homes, Glen Johnson over hand right if we fight Jones
Boy you fuckin’ with a heavyweight, ya soul lift
I mean Magic make him levitate
Your bitch can die just for pickin’ up your celly late
I’ll put a couple in his top like a Wedding Cake
Got somethin’ this cat’ll lack (Cadillac) if it escalate (Escalade)
This nigga couldn’t whip a vet if it was a Chevrolet
See I bring the peace (piece) to him like he meditate
Just know I will fire (welfare) and give your section 8
Let’s get it straight when that AR blucka
you’ll die wet when I buck it (bucket) like Ray Charles brotha, brotha
But let me rephrases that bar that I was tryna say
I’ll rock your frame with the heat like a fireplace
It’s Westside of St. Lou bitch dont get bagged
You wouldn’t fuckin with E but now you gettin cash
I’m strapped with that screamin eagle like Six Flags
Stretch ’em soon as he hit the door like gym class
Do something besides schemes which yo bitch ass
I want this mothafucka to jump get mad
Then big mac Rolling Stones like Mick jag
Black eagle 5th to his chest like McNabb
I told him once this mutha fucka scared
I’m from the mothafuckin Lou thats how we mothafuckin play it
Beat me can you believe what this mothafucka said
Must have tripped fell and bumped his mothafuckin head

[Round 3: Chilla Jones]

Punchline, punchline, name flip
They say I’m one dimensional too, here’s where the game flips
Fuck the schemes and punchlines let’s look at facts here
You said Real Deal’s a teacher and YK’s a cashier, who cares?
So you think when a nigga work we must get a 9 to 5
Just to get how a trigger work
So when you say you on ya job with the 9 in ya grip, well me too
I’ll breeze thru, squeeze tools, lighten ya strip
And still make it back to work just in time for my shift
See punchlines is the shit but a mix give you that perfect style
Instead of using that one trick try being versatile
What else you got for the fans? You a disgrace to the game Magic
Earving Johnson played every position, you a disgrace to the name Magic
He could pass, shoot, rebound and play defense
Continue to improve and get better every season
So I’m a make it tragic cuz I’m alone and I to y’all
Since he saying he sick I ain’t gon play with Magic
He couldn’t hang with his neck in a noose
Every punch I black on this bitch like domestic abuse
See the truth, you want more money and think URL is hating you
This out ya class
They named the DON KING and don’t let you get a pay per view
But if sonny ain’t listing (SONNY LISTON) me top 10 he’s crooked fam
Soon as I threw my hat in (HATTON) the ring, he shoulda ran (DURAN)
Survive, you may, whether (MAYWEATHER)
I weigh when we tie son (TYSON)
But ain’t you the (JUDA) same dude that said I would die son (DAWSON)
Listen, not one right nor 10 bows (BOWE) could slow me still
We know who top 3 in the Lou is (LEWIS) so homie chill
You cold though (COTTO) but MOSLEY reel
But Jonesy peel with that four man (FOREMAN)
I leave bullets in every hole he fill (HOLYFIELD)
Show me skill, show me skill, do something different
Shit I ain’t stoppin’ you, but you can’t
So you ain’t fuckin with JONES JR. that’s why I’m BOXING you
A shot or two make a G new car spin, but ‘fore you use ya blinker
Bullets goin thru that black T you (U) are (R) in (N)
But wait…T U R N, put it together and make a word now
And hold on to it, wait… this is the 3rd round
Ayo Magic where ya strap is at?
You SIEGFRIED and turn ROY when my CATS ATTACK
He grab a pen and tell a (Penn And Teller)
Young chick to call cuz they gotta chill
See Magic don’t even card tricks before he cop a feel (COPPERFIELD)
Now those words to remember, who know what those 3 be now?
Don’t matter, he bout to die from one punch Houdini style
Don’t say shit or my clique could make it get painful
Act big while it’s my turn (BIG, WALLACE) and meet Chris Angel

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