Ill Will vs. Johnie Alcatraz [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Johnie Alcatraz]

Now I think this nigga Norbes trying to play me
How many more Midwest flunkies I gotta step on before they give me JC?
Aye, J, I know what you thinking, right, the nerve of me
But y’all niggas far from Detroit, Jersey’s right here
It’s not one shook nerve in me
With the scalpel I make all tops see (autopsy) him get the gas trick
By-pass me then it’s surgery
Dogs never crap where they lay, let me repeat that
In other words I will get this star trekked
If I find out William shat near (Shatner) where I sleep at
But I don’t think y’all got that, that was dope as fuck
SLOW IT DOWN! Fuck that! This fat nigga already slow enough
When I battled Qleen I was anxious like fuck it nigga, I can’t wait
But in reality if I would’ve went second, it would’ve looked like a body
I ain’t wanna ruin his fan base
Hand to God that’s probably something that y’all didn’t know
It’s all good, that battle I played the Bishop role
The pistol blow, I be wilding when that gat spark
And trying to turn a 3D nigga into a flat target
Catch ‘em pickin’ his kids up from football practice
With the mac cartridge, I’ll get to clappin’ the can
That’ll open the back of his van like the Black Market
But he don’t drive a van, do he? He drive a 1928 Delta
The shit won’t even get ‘em to the shelter
The copper lead separate bones, when that toolie fire
So it’s gon be at least two brakes/breaks in the car like a student driver
Now I gotta give another nigga from the D-12, shady set
That mag clap, he flashback like an 80’s vest
That cig burn his ribs like a lazy chef
Aye Magic, we got another nigga that’ll probably rock a jersey dress
Switchblades that’ll burst his neck, you wanna fight? The worst is next
I’ll duck and land a hook that’ll throw his teeth into the crowd
Like DNA vs. Tech
I gave his bitch a shot of the juice, now she need the potion
Grab my package and leave, she wet, I leave her open
That’s cuz my dick like German bloomers
Once I show her the snitxel it lead the hoes in (Leaderhosen)
I pull my dick out and bang her in her soft parts
Ass fuck, tit fuck, I get them boobies trapped like Raiders of the Lost Ark
Silencer on the toast, you don’t know who did it, it’s like a dog fart
All the matchups for tonight looked good
Until I seen this sweet shit on the card, this ain’t hallmark
Nothing positive can come from him getting tough
Except a 50 Cent song, I will beat this pussy up
The chopper cut ‘em down to size if he try to see me
So this tub a lard will lose a foot like diabetes
Niggas that show muscle got clammy hands when it come to the gun
So don’t lob stares at me like you don’t know who I’m is
Cuz if he knicks me he gon have to call Amare
Or at least someone that big
Shells fish for ‘em, have em doing the crab walk when I scallop his wig
I’m fuckin Ill up and as far as that nigga eating
I could take a landslide from a cash just like Calicoe did
Dice gang!

[Round 1: Ill Will]

Aye you know what? You was right dog…
You from Jersey, y’all niggas, y’all close
Y’all probably brought them heaters
Bitch I’m from Pontiac and I ain’t nervous neither
I’m a show y’all niggas why y’all show all fear in y’all tier
Conceited is the best battle rapper out here right now
At least to y’all niggas cuz y’all niggas been sucking his dick all year
Between “Slow It Down”, “Say It Again” and “Priorities” nigga
I mean dog, no disrespect to them niggas
But they got the rest of y’all niggas lookin’ like sorority sisters
So y’all lose by technically for lack of originality
Actually, he’s not big beef he’s just a sacrificial calf to me
Johnie! What up son! You from the slums? Well I’m from the slum slums
I got young guns that’ll throw dum dums in ya tum tum for a hun bun
Spell it out, I got a NEW AR with a K that’ll put J in a ER
So he could SEe why (Y) he shouldn’t of forgot where he come from
My flows is pure but I think tainted
Those who oppose can get exposed to the fuckin heat language
That’s two deep ain’t it, these PUFF DADDY niggas act BIG
But lose FAITH when they see stainless
I want the money, power and the respect! No LOX shit!
I’m a BAD BOY 1-12 would put SLIM in a box quick
Nigga you ain’t no season vet, nigga you’s a teachers pet
One SPECIAL DELIVERY to your home and now this G’s in DEP/debt
And I don’t mean Dep as in debt, I mean depth as in way deep
Cuz me and my niggas been way deep since Bay Street
We don’t bang nigga but play sweet
I’ll take a red rag & crack ya head til the blue blood, now you grape street
Total domination, I’ll make ya whole family victims of ARSON
Then smoke a J, catch ‘em on the late night
Like “Johnie get out that Car-son”
Show me your foot work, we could go toe to toe
But you could lose ya soul/sole so you better heel cuz I’m Achilles tendon
Bring ya foot soldiers, we could go toe to toe
But you could lose your soul/sole
So you better heel cuz I’ma kill at least 10 men
I know, I know, I know, I know, I contradicted myself
I too hated it, but I’m educated, shit I just wanted to show y’all
How to do it better than the nigga who originated it
I’m a straight asshole, chin checker
With Ill Will in front of you, nigga that’s thick pressure
Stop coming at me with all them bitch gestures
How you bust guns and live that life
When you got something in ya mouth
That enhances ya mans dick pleasure?
Is you mad nigga? Well I’m glad nigga
Losing this battle that’s something I can’t afford nigga
I ain’t got nothing in common with these URL niggas
But I’m all about that Math like Norbes nigga
You talk that street talk and that gun talk
But what do he really got though?
I get that vibe that you trying to produce beef
You hear that SOUND CLICK or I lay them BEATS down
That’s that Johnny Juliano
The illest nigga, Yak Town in this bitch!

[Round 2: Johnie Alcatraz]

I’ll lock his newborn in a car on a hot summer day
Nigga I will windmill kick ya favorite aunt on Mother’s Day
Y’all Midwest niggas seem to all have a funny streak
Well bitch nigga laugh at this, it’ll be on 1010 wins
When that mac split his nugget like a 20 piece
When I was younger we used to act, I got a kick out of performing
My whole life changed first time I seen a shell kick out of that taurus
Now it’s sound suppressors on the front of that pipe
That’ll get his body wrapped like ET on the front of the bike
Nigga you must not know who I am, all I do is get obnoxious and fight
So if a fan or battle rapper get gangsta in person
They gon get the shock of they life
Like – I woke up giving daps (?) ecstasy
Stumble and drop his drink while he’s next to me
He wants off so that beam is his enemy
So split before that clique click like team chemistry
When it’s time he rock his chinchilla then the tool dispur
How many times I hit him?
I say 10 (Satan) that’s how he lose the fur (Lucifer)
But I don’t think y’all got that, SLOW IT DOWN!
Fuck that, this fat nigga already slow enough!
I’m loaded up, I be wilding when that fif holler
This bitch nigga is fucked if I grip choppers, I keep a….
Fuck….. just playing nigga I ain’t Rich Dolarz!
This nigga think I come here and choke one step before the main stage?
That main cage get him hooked to a machine
He won’t come out the coma
So the doctor gotta pull his cord like a Beyblade
My gang bang I get y’all niggas next time
No more discussion, Jersey got the best lines
Nigga I’m done talking, he wanna talk?
I let ‘em talk to the machine like the 10 items or less line
Or can grip the knife to hurt you, gemstar slice and burn you
Gangsta and a gentleman, I’m polite to murk you
All baby banana that’ll bomb into another scene
Like the nigga from the Old Spice commercials
You got the option, look at the clock
You wanna die now or wait?
Y’all must not see the whole picture if y’all think ill is straight (illustrate)
Wait, let me illustrate, his name ill but he the perfect picture of health
Thought you was dealing weight?
I asked you something bitch return with an answer
He silent I right will terminal cancer
I wasn’t trying to diss Richie before
I was just throwing bars at this fucking snake
His bitch a chunky skank, she’ll lick monkey tank for a pumpkin cake
But every single he make he be fronting like he sexing a diva
That bitch a meat lover like the Dominos specialty pizza
How much a plane ticket cost from Yak Town to here?
$250? $300? This ass whooping, priceless dog
You got good performance, keep acting hyper dog
Niggas got me feeling like Zeus with this lightning rod
Cuz if I kick in the door with the Calicoe there will be no fighting dogs
I never met this nigga before, but offhand I could tell he’s dirty
Plus it look like a scene from Bad Boys II, nigga how old is you?
Sh.. at least 30
This battle rap shit all strategy and I’m playing the right game
Fuck your slogan, fat nigga, but for those who don’t know mine
Dice Gang…

[Round 2: Ill Will]

Yo you talking about a lot of fuckin guns, a lot of guns dog
But have you ever actually seen when that lead spit?
When bullets fly and a nigga head just blow back
From niggas duck down to them hedges
Or you on ya ducking the fed shit?
That don’t matter to me that just let me know
Once I’m online and hit your site I could get anything I want
From work to ya bitch, you craigslist
My initiation was the start of your deprivation
You death sentence is near Mr. Kevin Bacon, hurry up heaven waiting
You scared like sinners reading pages of Revelations
I’m from the city where they hate the FEDS
When niggas hop out of van with K’s swinging like Jamaican dreads
I could air holes with the Smith but that’s heavy metal
I’d rather torture this fake instead
Take 9 Inch Nails and cut every nerve on ya (Nirvana) then I break his legs
After all that beating and torture this nigga begging me to kill ‘em
So once that thing cock, his head rock and roll
That’s what I call a Grateful Dead
Verb said when he holding them twin 40’s it look like Roman Candles
I mean I got that same double clutch
But when I wave ‘em it look like I’m playing double dutch
We could take it old skool when niggas do that cabbage patch
You do the running man, I ain’t no perpetrator but it ain’t the perculator
When I say that P will put you in the ER when I C you (U) later (LATOR)
I told niggas I’m on SOME OTHER SHIT
Fuck slowing it down, speed it up, I told niggas I’ma SMOTHER SHIT
But let me guess, you strapped you got a 9 right?
Faggot that don’t register thru my mind right
9 snipe, pick his ass up like it’s prom night
But that’s his shit, but let’s talk about his shit
He got a 9 that snipe right? Snipe
And he pick it up like this, ain’t that a bitch
But if that’s the case that ain’t where the shit stop
I’ll pull out that big ass AK out the holster
Let the barrel spin and he get all 6 shots
Nigga you don’t get figures and bust triggers
I’m pissed off at you cuz I had bad ass slick ass line about ya bitch
But it’s just been confirmed that you fuck niggas
You fuck nigga, jump nigga, just give me a reason
I can’t believe this the nigga that you niggas believe in
Just tell em approach me with class or them semi’s will teach ‘em
And I’ll blow chunks out this club scout
And leave his liver in a pool like the city in England
Ill Will nigga…

[Round 3: Johnie Alcatraz]

This for the fans who’ve been asking
Why it took Johnie so long to get to the Proving Grounds
Now for any cock smuggler that think I had to pay Qleen just to get seen
Cool it down, I battle Kev Money money in January
A week later Norbes booked me for March, I had to turn it down
Then he wanted me in Chicago, I had to turn it down
Not cuz I thought that my shit don’t stink
Just wasn’t the right time to move around
Well bitch I’m here now, fuck it I got the draft pick
Mag spit, turn ya bitch off like bad dick
If I catch you know that’s it
With a mag clip that’ll finish his house like the last brick
Wait for him and his chick to get Hitched, then the tech sweep
It’ll kick his bitch in the face like Will Smith on a Jetski
He a pit? Shells knock this terrier over
When my apes throw the barrel at you
Like they trying to knock Mario over
His punchlines: “You salty cuz I’m fly like a seagull”
My punchlines: “Once his fate get sealed his soul will fly like an eagle”
It’s no clothes in the closet, it’s all beams
No sneakers in the sneaker box, it’s all beams
The Taurus shoot, have this bitch nigga leaking slugs
So if you don’t got the right aid (RITE AID)
I turn the wall green (WALGREEN)
If y’all niggas slick for a fix, my homies got coke and the dope
And we strapped, keep live stock, farm animals
My hands nice, I keep a cannon tho
Big AR’s all different size letters like a ransom note
I heard that he scheming
He’s so stupid after the cops fingerprinted him he thought he was leaving
First time he ever been in the station, before that
Only time he’s been pinched is when he thought he was dreamin’
This nigga’ll get his head red, Conan O’Brian
My right sharp but my left side… strong side, Remember The Titans
I barely prepared for this battle, I don’t know this bitch
Guaranteed I still get the last laugh, but this is bigger than us
It’s about us trying to outdo the last class
It’s up to me, you, Chilla, Cash Eatin’, Danja
The white boy that battled Half Past
So as of right now we seen as a unit
But anywhere down the line y’all can get y’all ass smashed
No gay shit, the K clip hold mad splash
Crocodile Dundee knife, it’s legal if it’s longer than 4 fingers
Nigga my shit half past
And the tech land a burst blast, that’ll lift a submarine out the water
X-Men First Class
Clip like this we hold shit like that I give ‘em half like a bad dealer
My old heads moving white, Mac Miller
Pull a pipe he turn white, turn to a gat peeler
Gat whip him til he sees stars like Jack Thriller
That’s why I ignore the tongue ring jokes
You see the motherfuckin scars on my knuckles?
It’s no doubt I live a violent life
Alcatraz soft, he don’t be wilding, right?
Let’s find out, him and his niggas packed in a squad
I’m clappin’ the driver in an iron fight
In other words if my fire go off, that mean I put out the pilot light
Now it’s prior damage, he gon see I’m worser than that guy Manson
When I grab the mac
And swing that bitch around my shoulder like I’m Jive dancing
Dice Gang, Block City…

[Round 3: Ill Will]

Dog you right about the tongue ring shit, I read the comments
Shit I feel the same way
Just cuz you got a motherfuckin tongue ring that don’t mean that you gay
But dog…. You got a tongue ring, nigga you GAY!
That nigga went with him and his boys to the parlor
One man like
“Cuzz I’m a get that “Only God Can Judge Me and a picture of my son”
You got a dumbass homeboy
That probably got a brass knuckles hooked to a gun
Yo faggot ass in the corner like “y’all know what…
I’ma get a piercing on my tongue”
When Norbes called this nigga he was so damn amped
Him and his band camp feeling like the Grand Champ
Faggot ass nigga probably got a tramp stamp that say “tramp stamp”
Juice told me to talk to your tongue ring cuz that’s the problem
This awkward, but “aye yo tongue ring, what’s poppin?
Aye cuzz why you fuck with this nigga?
You ain’t even supposed to be fuckin with niggas
Aye but cuzz, just let him know
He just keep coming with all that bullshit fronting out his mouth
Talking about some shit that he knows nothing about
I’ll cock back wave the steel and throw some of ya cousins in his mouth
This little nigga talk militant he Huey from the Boondocks
I’m Huey Newton from the rooftop
Talk shit in this bitch Johnie and it won’t be good
I mean they say Johnie got bars, I know but he’s Alcatraz
I can get out of them like Clint Eastwood/would
You say simple shit like “I give you niggas from the D-12, shady set
Or that cig will burn his rib like a lazy chef”
That shit was crazy fresh, but lady check
What if the waitress was giving the cook some crazy neck
Her man rummaging thru her phone and shit and find a crazy text
He storm up there soon as he hear about the crazy sex
See the cook break his neck, throw him on the grill chest first
Until he burn his ribs like a lazy chef
That’s some crazy shit, that’s how I would’ve said it
But see I don’t care, you care
When drama on the floor, that’s when I do care
Come to ya spot, shots, I send a few there
Have ya holding ya BM like “Hold on, hold on, hold on” like Pooh Bear
Nigga I will leave this MC cemented
He talking bout he in a circle of gangsta’s but ain’t no G’s up in it
You can’t imagine all of the things Mic Murdaraz TV invented
He’s virgin to the contact, so when I rup on this wise man in that manger
I’ll throw something in his stomach without touching him
But it ain’t Jesus in it
Ill Motherfuckin Will nigga, Yak Town!

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