Dizaster vs. Arcane [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Dizaster]
Alright buddy
Time for your end buddy
Alright, let’s play a little card game Arcane
Let’s see if you can call my bluff on the spot
I’m gonna give you a chance to clear this shit up you can answer and talk
Do I or do I not, have these Paypal statements where you paid Caustic in my back pocket, or not?
Oh, I don’t have them?
Is that what you gon’ say bitch?
You gon’ say that that is some forged document and that I made this?
Well if that’s true, then how do you explain this?
If the Facebook messages were a bunch of fake shit
Then what about the fucking Paypal statement?!
What do you mean? What do you mean?
Ayo, welcome Daniel Stefani
December 1 payment from Alex Drake sent, $225 Canadian
You are fucking garbage
You will never ever release a hit
Your music is trash and that’s the reason cause you’re a piece of shit
After this battle you don’t even redeem yourself you need to quit
Cause you a cheating snitch
You co-depended on other peoples dicks, you licked their penis tip
For every single scheme you spit
And every scheme you spit is made up of someone else’s 16 you bit
Okay, this guy is really good at playing it off and acting like the fact ain’t true
But then you went and told Chedda that your girlfriend is a stripper that works on Wednesday afternoon
Where on your mom and sister that that was you!
What?! What?!
Go ahead, what about the cracker barrel line
And how you told ’em you gon’ clap the tool
Swear on your father that that was you!

That’s really funny cause I actually got the file that Caustic sent him too
It’s like no one wants to hear me anymore even though you already lost
Stupid motherfuckers are making me feel like I’m weird now cause I use this to get my point across
But I never lose, everywhere I go, you know I’m a boss
But to think about it, I’m on the same on the same card as Uno Lavos so that automatically means that I lost
What you gonna say bitch?
At least rebuttal what I said to you
Say something back that they can relate with
Or are you just gonna dick ride Drake like DNA did?
I mean, what did you do?
Alex Drake!
What the fuck are you even rhyming for?
If this guy got any older and he couldn’t stand up right no more
He’d probably call up Caustic like, “Yo, let me borrow your spinal cord.”
This dude has arthritis he can’t even write no more
He has writer’s block which I’ll give him the title for
I’m thinking minus scores for every time he spit a line before and lied before
Our very own eyes and said the line was yours
Can you imagine this motherfucker trying to fight a war?
He’d stop in the middle of the battle like, “Yo homie, let me borrow your rifle cause I ran out of ammo and need to buy some more.”
I don’t give a fuck if you guys think Arcane is killing it
You know why? Cause I woke up today and wrote my own shit
I know, that shit is amazing isn’t it?
Putting your own pen to the page and inking it
That look on your face as you come up with the phrase and think of it
Like, “Oh my God. I can’t believe my brain just did this shit.”
I know Arcane, that feeling is amazing isn’t it?
See there’s a major difference when someone gives you a basic reference
Then you take it and use it in your own way to recreate the sentence
Then when you blatantly take someone else’s shit, spit it in the same shape it was given
I mean, you didn’t even rephrase it a little bit
With the same style, same cadence, I heard it before
The way Arcane just admit the shit
Caustic spit it the same way you spit it
You didn’t even change the way he delivered it!
Then this fucking fraud went on Facebook and told his fans it was straight up coincidence
Two hours later he’s on the phone with Caustic like, “How could you make the England trip
And not tell me the same day you did the shit?”
All of a sudden, out of nowhere, against Chedda his bars where crazy sophisticated and intricate
But that’s not thanks to your penmanship
That’s thanks to Caustic cause he wrote like 80% of it
I’m sorry but your fucking friendship I’ma have to put an end to it
You guys had a perfect situation, you were like friends with benefits
And I’m the one that’s ending them
So I’m sorry Caustic after this, you and ‘Cane will never be able/Able to be friends again

[Round 1: Arcane]

I’ll leave this motherfucker Dumbfoundead
When I drop you out the battle scene with a single spinning drop kick
You’re a fucking idiot Diz’, I don’t care how you spin your logic
You try to say I stole some bars, bitch you stole a win from Caustic
I don’t even have to mention that bullshit you pulled with Jin and Locksmith
Yo, that’s why last month I became the undisputed two time champ
I’m outstanding in my field
Last month what was Dizaster doing?
Making his own crop circles, literally out standing in a field
I guess this motherfucker was waiting for the aliens to come and get him for his rapping
Well it’s funny we all expected a big disaster December 2012, but Armageddon never happened
See here’s the thing pussy
First time you went to New York you battled Swave I heard you was treated quite foul
But the last time you were there you Tweeted, “Math and Holla are my favorite people right now.”
Hold up, you told me when you seen Math you was gonna fuck him up
Like you would reach for the Cal’
But you went from beef to BFF, I guess you don’t keep it halal
Yo, that’s how I know this L.A. Kings an impostor
Just check the L.A. roster
I called him out two years ago, you more like an L.A. Dodger
So now I’ma eat yo’ dinner
I know the Lakers is your team but judging by those eyebrows you gon’ need those Clippers
So I’m saying, what do y’all really believe in?
Fact or fraud?
See I’m a natural disaster you ain’t no act of God
You think about where he actually establishes his fame from
It’s like the 9-11 conspiracy theory, this disaster was manufactured from day one
Listen, listen, let me explain, let me explain
See there’s a reason some battle rappers get more exposure than the rest
Just look at the template his homie Lush promoted in the west
Diz’ cried till he got battles with Canibus, Arsonal and Rex
He’s views went up, too bad I can’t credit your bars for the success
I know you got a lot of Twitter fans, well I give a fuck if some hate me
I’m just saying this spoiled brat’s had a little too much fun lately
You don’t bust guns daily, you a trust fund baby
Matter of fact, you should be wearing a custom t-shirt that says “Lush One Made Me”
Yo check this out, check this out, check this out
Yo, Plus we all know Dizaster’s dad is wealthy and influential
He’s a pillar back in the community
But that don’t mean when you come back to Canada you got some kind of diplomatic immunity
You think you gon’ lift a ‘matic and shoot at me?
I hope you brought enough clips to clap at the crew with me
I’m from the University Of Hard Knocks it’s time to take him to school with me
That’s why I don’t give a fuck if you bring your set
I should ring your neck for driving around Malibu in your little Pink Corvette
I bet this diva feels too flashy in the Cadillac
Well all that cash he has to travel maps
Matter of fact, you might be the Kim Kardashian of battle rap
Yo, this fucking diva, wanted to live closer to Drake so his dad bought him a house
Mail order bride, his dad copped him a spouse
No furniture in his place, so his dad got him a house so he could sit on Twitter all day and rap off at the mouth
But Diz’ was never that hot
He just pretend he the nicest
Well I’m a cold blooded killer I leave my enemies lifeless
This verse is just a testiment to how pathetic your life is
You’re just a spoiled rotten Arab-American going through an identity crisis
I’m saying, you have such delusions of grandeur how can your therapist stomach it?
Your shit on your roots with stereotypes and embarrass your parents in public
He’s always playing the role of crazy Arabic terrorist and loving it
Perpetuating the same false narrative as the American government
So I guess you must be conflicted between your two sides fam’
Cause you demonize your people like the media do Iran
So is it King Of The Dot or URL?
How many times is Diz’ switching?
You ain’t no Bin Laden, more like been whining and been bitching
Yo fuck that, I brought a machete to hack his limbs off
{​​​​​​​​Time gets called and the crowd starts booing. Organik, Dizaster and Arcane start arguing about the time limits}​​​​​​​​

[Round 2: Dizaster]
Ayo, that was the biggest garbage ever
Oh, but you said I was a disaster since day one
See that was my fucking point
Now he gon’ think every thing you’ve ever done is fake son
Because that line was really great son
But now how the fuck do we actually know where it came from?
Yo, you should go hang out with Drake instead of me
You guys together would ball out
I mean y’all some bosses in the club, y’all could see each other floss out
But Drake, it’d be hard for you to compete with a boss like Arcane cause you know soon as he steps up in the spot he gon’ buy all the bars out
Ayo, before this battle, one of Arcane’s faggot ass fans walked up to me told me, “Diz’ I hate you.”
And I was like, “Why?”
He’s like, “Arcane is gonna scrape you.”
And I was like, “How? Name one line you could relate to?”
And he was like, “What? That ‘square cheese Kraft Singles on his own’ that line was great dude.”
And I was like, “For sure homie. I’ll tell Caustic you said ‘thank you’.”
You don’t roll around with no Packers
You ain’t whipping around in the whip with the Green Bays
You don’t spit what you live about
Everything is scripted out like a screenplay
So now you think he’s gonna kill me now?
Cause his verses are delivered out in a clean way
But what y’all didn’t figure out is that he’s quick to steal around like Green Day
I said, I shoot out his lower back and have both of his discs spinning around like I was getting down with the DJ
When we bust our ‘matic it’s like rush hour traffic you see his brains just sitting around on the freeway
I’ll roll up to the house, to his door and kick it down in a G way
Seen him sitting down seen this clown fishing around shopping for lyrics-for schemes off of Ebay
That’s when I let the heat spray
When the pistols out you will get a round/around quicker than he say she say
Wooooow, I accept it, I accept it
I already know I’m a real motherfucker so I accept that fact that you boo me
If y’all want your champion from Canada to be a faggot that ghost writes outta Casper the movie then be glad to do it
You stupid fucks! You be acting all spooky
The last ghost writing session you had got broken up by Shaggy and Scooby
{​​​​​​Some of the crowd continues to boo}​​​​​​
Really?! Y’all gon’ fucking-y’all gon’ disrespect me when I always defend you?
Really, back in America when anyone says something about King Of The Dot I respect you
I’m the one that defends you
They wanna let you hold the belt too
I said, it’s all good, I guess this is the person you want to come to the rescue
So I guess that’s why I left you
But it’s funny, how Canadian can you be to get to the same place as me you needed an American to help you
Let me tell you something bitch
You don’t even do the things that average Canadians do
You let an American read your writes/rights how Canadian are you?
Man seriously man fuck y’all

[Round 2: Arcane]
My last name is Drake, so we might buy out the bar
But I ain’t the type just making money off of Sprite commercials
Still Diz’ make no mistake I am that Drake, just the type to murk you
So I suggest you better sit down Slim
Where’s Notes? I might have to send Notes with that bottle cut his face open like Chris Brown chin
That shout out to Young Money
My style dirty like new money
You making those old jokes Diz’ but 30 is the new 20
And you pushing 30 yourself now so I would watch what you say buddy
The way I put Dizaster’s head on a stake/steak is rare it stay bloody
And you keep trying to call me a fake gangster but that’s a massive misconception
Really you’re the fake gangster just trying to add to the

Yo, World Domination 3 you tore your shirt off in a room full of dudes so you could flash your tats
Then you started an internet beef with Classic Pack
And called him a faggot for doing exactly that
Well I watched your battle with Rich, I noticed another sad actual fact
Diz’ is flexing for the camera with a motherfucking Barb Wire Pam Anderson tat
So I just gotta say, what the fuck where you thinking getting a Bay Watch tattoo Diz’?
Were you braggin’? Were you boastin’?
Were you running down the beach with David Hasselhoff in slow motion?
Most rappers might have a song on iTunes or at least a Bandcamp with a track
Not Diz’, he got the Pam’ Anderson Barb Wire tat
Looks like it came with a tramp stamp in the back
Now look, I know a lot of people want me to show him how it’s supposed to be done
But I ain’t even trying to do that tonight, I just came through to roast him for fun
I did that in the Grand Prix to show how easy I dispose of these chumps
But I’m starting to wonder if that whole scheme is getting overly done
I know some of y’all want me to mimic Dizaster’s style, start decomposing this bum
On how he stretches those violent multi’s schemes and goes in these runs
Rhyming a bunch of random filler just for rhyme sake, well that ain’t poetry son
So matter of fact, fuck it, for old times sake I gotta show ’em how it’s suppose to be done

Yo, you know how Diz’ do, first he starts walking back and forth, acting like he’s a deranged murderer
He’ll show up in your apartment and start rearranging the furniture
In a fucking, in a fucking, in a fucking black ski mask like he’s some kind of crazy burglar
Sift through your kitty litter with his bare hands until he creates a perfect turd for ya
He’ll fucking, he’ll fucking, he’ll fucking place it on your pillow while you’re sleeping without disturbing ya
Before he flies out the window on his magic carpet because he’s The Prince Of Persia
Yo Diz’ when you spit that shit, I know you think it’s real clever
But to real G’s that sounds like the worst fucking home invasion ever
Yo, this how I do it
You bought yourself an AK, that’s cool, I brought the AR with the C mag
100 rounds per clip ready to spray off if it’s jihad
When that 8 spark and my trademark is to break arms and then kneecaps
You won’t even see me coming on your radar when the heat blasts
Cause I got schematics of your building and I’m coming through the air ducts
So when those big arms get to squeezing I ain’t talking about a bear hug
If I say I have him dropping pints, nobody’s shattering a beer mug
I’ll air slugs and have Bachir’s blood splattered on his prayer rug
Yo, so if you want that home invasion shit, homie I was made for this
I’m launching tear gas, you ain’t in my tier class stop debating it
You ain’t a Muslim extremist, you a docile atheist
Quit fronting home you softer than a hot pile of baby shit
Thought you had a hot style, my style craziest
In the Grand Prix I got wild but I stock piled grenades for this
I’ll show up on your block with a pack of hostile Canadians
And blow up every building within a five mile radius
Cause the way you recycle bars, that’s a cop out, laziness
Your shit sound incomplete like The Lox without Jadakiss
Lately, fucking with ‘Cane, you better watch out it’s dangerous
This is like putting a rottweiler with rabies in a babies crib
So y’all can tell Dizaster felt the wrath before he fell to ashes
The way I bring that heat to your kitchen I’m fit to melt the plaster
Your punches telegraph I’m well adapted before you even smell the gas
You’ll see me in a welding mask and a balaclava
This battles mine, at least you can say you were a participant
I’ll give his ligaments scar tissue for thinking his star’s infinite
Catch him slipping while sipping hard liquor and barbiturates
I’m carnivorous I’ll carve into him with sharp instruments
I put Diz in a hospital bed with the bed pan option
For Avacado and everybody behind the red cam’ watching
Y’all already know my slogan
That’s a dead man walking!

[Round 3: Dizaster]
I was gonna start flipping back at his lines
But then the verse was over really fast and I didn’t have enough time
I was gonna put it in a rebuttal, you know wrapped in one rhyme
But you look like such a fraud I don’t even need to rebuttal you standing there is just fine

You suck on rappers salami
Faster than Gandhi
You have a tattoo on you that says “This ass here belongs to Daniel Stefani”
You be acting all cocky like you mastered karate
But you just Daniel Son and he’s your grand daddy Miyagi
So quit telling me you’re gonna clap with the shotty
You ain’t blasting nobody
Not when you got Caustic playing both daddy and mommy
Bro please, appear before the king as a spineless rat
This is judgement day for every single fucking line you jack
For acting like you’re that guy but I’m not surprised from that
Cause even in wrestling Cane used to hide behind a mask
This guy is a con artist, he’s a lying beaver
Caustic breaks down compounds and compositions for him like a science teacher
He takes orders from him over the phone like some type of leader
Behind the scenes he’s the one that writes your speeches
This is like an episode of Oz, a lot of dick sucking going on behind your bars you’re Tobias Beecher
And I dare you to try to say that you’re lying either
I’ll play the phone call back that I had with Caustic over these giant speakers
Ayo bitch, if we were both shoes
I would be a Louie and you would be the fakest Nike sneaker
Cause everything I do is hand made and you got made in China features
Listen bitch, you a fucking lying cheater
And the biting of other people’s lines get’s deeper
I wouldn’t trust this guy rhyming around you either
You’ll leave a rhyme laying around and then he’ll take it and say it
And when you ask him why he’ll be like, “Finders keepers.”
He says I don’t take the title shot in King Of The Dot serious cause I didn’t write for it?
Y’all know me, not writing is part of my writing procedure
The fuck would he be mad for me that I didn’t write for him anyways
It’s not like he had to sit down and write for me either
You are not a man, you a hologram, you are not for real
All the Caustic bars you jammed yeah they had a Caustic feel
You must be a welder Arc’ that gotta be your job for real
That’s why they call an “arc welder” because you hide behind a mask
And the only reason you got spark is because of the bars you steal/steel
I had a lot of lines like that but thank you for fucking it up for me
Anyway, I can spit metaphors like that all day and make the crowd go wild
But excuse me if I don’t like being a faggot and I prefer to keep my own style
The man over here wouldn’t know nothing about his own style
You know how I know how?
Look at his flow then and look at his flow now
It’s obvious, I’ll never let you hold the Dot chain
You will catch a miracle cold cock cold chop to your jaw ‘Cane
Defeating me gon’ be harder than trying to box Bing with both of your arms sprained
The scene is overstocked
With a lot of your phony local spot lames
Rapping about your 40 Glocc
Until I show up and the bolt action 30 [?] bang
Sending bullets the size of Coke bottles the cross hairs will cross your whole lane
Then I reload it back with both of my arms crossed
Shooting over my own shoulders I got Robot aim
That .44 revolver would chip the side of you skull and cut the corner’s off
Like I sent it to a photo shop frame
Watching his body drop was like being in an audio shop cause you looked on the walls and saw his organs all hang
I will drag his body up and down the hill like I’m part of motor cross gang
Dangling from the side of the motor while he’s tied to a rope by his ankles ’til he’s lacerated and maimed
I will drag him so I expose his top and expose his raw brain
If you would’ve seen his autopsy from long range you would’ve been the Ninja Turtles and swore to God that you saw Crane
You went from Scarborough, you’re from Victoria Park ‘Cane
Just know your position and know your part ‘Cane
Stop saying you got animals with the 40’s on deck with you and that’s not who we know as Arcane
Go to war with me and you get torn apart
I’ll leave you with a broken heart, you’d have to replace the ish with motor parts like Tony Starks Cane
Keep it going to four minutes like he didn’t give me the same
Arcane, even if you open up a fucking arcade you couldn’t open a box and insert another token
This is where the game’s over I’m not playing
See from date- see most of y’all never bothered to look up the definition of ‘arcane’
It means “hidden secret”
So from day one I knew there was something he’s not saying
But you know that that all changed when I found out the amount of bars this fraud claims
So in the long run you’re know that he never chose a smart name
Because judging by all the shit he rocked you clearly don’t know who you are ‘Cane/Arcane

[Round 3: Arcane]
Alright look, every time I hear one of your verses
I feel like I’ll never get that hour back
The way you always stretching out the round times that’s a coward act
So if I say I’ma put those flashers to his wig, no shower cap
I know the whole scene must’ve been sleeping on the kid, but that was a power nap
See I heard Diz’ got a photographic memory
That means he sees things in flashes of black and white like a pessimist
Spends a lot of time in a dark room, always looking at the negatives
Your lack of focus makes me shutter though
Cause most of us know, your memory might be photographic
But your style is underdeveloped and overexposed
Listen, that’s why nothing you ever do is symbolic or ground breaking
I started underground, cemented my spot with a solid foundation
I built the framework
Your shit will collapse like a house of giant cards
My structure is concrete and that’s reinforced with these iron bars
See I’m an architect with lines and angles
So flip a quarter, pick your torture, get your shit in order before these Diz’ supporters skip the border
With that piss poor structure I don’t consider you a big enforcer
You built your house with twigs, I built my shit with bricks and mortar
So listen, when you took that chain you promised Organik a gleam of some hope
Said you really wanted to rep the brand but did you mean what you spoke?
Cause since you became champ
All you done is treated this league like a joke
Now Smack is the only label you seem to promote
But what goes up must come down
If you studied this equation it’s clear
I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation Bachir
You got your head stuck up in a clouds, he thinks he’s in a different stratosphere
Until I bring him crashing back down to Earth and watch him burn up in my atmosphere
Yo, see y’all awakened a sleeping giant
I’ma send this diva flying
I beat Loe Pesci and The Saurus back when I wasn’t even trying
That was the beta version ‘Cane, he was just trying to get his feet wet
Now I climb to an elite vet’ and I ain’t even peaked yet
That’s why I could already tell at Flatline when I called him out that Diz’ was shook
Until me and my crew showed up in his kitchen that’s when his sister took shish tawook
I didn’t ask if the bitch could cook
But I falafel (felt awful) for her morbid face
Cause the way your lil’ sis’ could bob (kebab) when she hum us/hummus
She got that extra white sauce when we shawarm’d the (swarmed the) place
Who’s wack? I earned my stripes on this battle field
I’m a five star general
You couldn’t even write your verses unless you high off chemicals
So just keep pretending you freestyling Diz’, that’s why your lines aren’t credible
But for these chains, I put in pen time like my bars federal
That’s why next to all your bullshit filler, I spit that first rate material
I sent the last seven bodies in a hearse straight for burial
And now you think you King Of The Dot? Unless your birth place Ontario you faking B
So facing me was your worst case scenario
Cause after this, his price is dropping
Ain’t nobody buying stock in you
You got some psychological issues I’m trying to talk to you
I should run electricity through his body like fiber optical
Get to shocking you before I gotta drop him buy a hospital
I’m unstoppable, you can say the flow is highly volatile
Like a single electron loose inside of a molecule
I’m a biological weapon just try and follow my style is diabolical
I’m a giant to all of you
Wow, so y’all already know who won this battle
Just listen to these rounds back
This is Dizaster’s execution I was just here to play the soundtrack
When you battled DNA, you called him the American Arcane as part of your little clown act
But the funny part is you like DNA’s dentist, thanks to you I’m finally getting my crown back
So deja vu, when I step in this ring that’s the feeling I felt
Cause the last time a Fresh Coast vet had the chain the league needed my help
They said I’m the one Canadian capable of retrieving the belt
So I guess it’s funny what they say, history has a strange way of repeating itself

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