Charlie Clips vs. Arsonal [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Charlie Clips]

Wale dreads is something you gotta deal with
Waka Flocka, Chief Keef, and the nigga in the wheelchair from Oz
You look like a thousand niggas and that’s real shit
Now I don’t know if you gangbanging or you joking
But how is ya best friend a Blood and you still Crip?
That gotta be one of the lamest groups
You fake ass Game & Snoop
See when you have a son
Here’s some shit ya little man gon have to deal with
Now around the age of 6 he gon think he’s 5ive
He gon come home like, “what up Blood?”
You gon get mad and sit him in the corner real quick
So now you punishing ya little man for trying to be his godfather
And that ain’t real shit
See you’re a school bus driver, well stay in ya lane before that steel spit
Cuz when that tool out, that shit’ll take ya school out
If any nigga on yo field trip
Damn I just threw a hail mary on like 1st & 10, that was a good call
You wanna play hardball brother? Pause
I’ma coach him like the Hardball Brothers
Let’s talk football, if ya man Shotgun play
I’m picking a Shotgun play or I’ma grab the 5th
He run the wrong route and get picked off cuz he’s sad as shit
My bullets hit BIRD niggas like FLACCO when he accurate
I use 49’ers to hit this crab tree like (?)
Hold up, you know what, I got a different way of tellin ya game
You’ll see helicopters with hella choppers, I propeller ya frame
They’ll find Surf next to Suge with a shell in his brain
And then find O next to ARS like I was spelling his name
What you gon tell a bunch of lies? Like how I lost to Serius, right?
Well why you paying me to battle after that? Let’s be serious, right
What I was supposed to do? Go hard and take him serious, right?
Why should I? When he don’t even spell the word “Serious” right
Darell Jones, you’re not a man, you get compared to a dyke
Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act, even ya hair is alike
I mean ya Blood’s house, putting the beam on ya kids, I be airing the pipe
It’ll be little Blood’s all over the pad like a bitch when her period light
Arsonal Da Pebble you not that nice
You just happen to battle the right people
GrindTime you was the man
Taking on midgets and thousands of white people
You play the bully role with them
And that’s the shit that be getting me heated
Since you hate midgets, this next one is for my nigga Conceited
I dare him to front, I’ma put him in the corner, straight back him down
Poke ya chin out, I got a Rocket, shit look like I’m packing Yao
Wait, slow it down, I just dissed him, bring it back a round
I said I got a ROCKET, shit look like I’m packing YAO
Everything I rap is wild, like why would you even doubt and test?
Ars, when it comes to bars, it’s like I’m serving life
Why would you doubt the best?
When my niggas come home, they’ll be all in his crib
Even the mouse gets stretched
So when that thing come off the ankle, bow, the whole house arrest
Speaking of house, that reminds me, I got a little prediction
You gon flip my “guess which room I’m in” scheme
Say I’m fat, that I’m in the kitchen
Well just remember, you gotta flow my scheme, don’t try to talk it
You could sink trying to play in that kitchen, so don’t you force it (faucet)
If I see ya hand reaching for a can, I’ma draw a knife and start stabbing it
You ain’t got a car, you broke my nigga, we know you cabbin’ it (cabinet)
Me and ya girl spoonin cuz she know I wear the iller gear
All I rock is white gold, Ars, you see silver? Where? (Silverware)
Silverware, white gold, spooning? Come on Ars, you so late
How you owning ya own league but ya breath stink, get ya gold straight
Aye Hollow, I aim with that SCOPE, WASH his MOUTH with an ‘08
So for BRUSHING me wrong I’ma send him up to that cold gate (COLGATE)
Aye UW, why you put a fucking walkman against a iPod?
Fendi against Fubu? Polo to a Izod
This ain’t even my city, I got Jersey like “MY GOD!”
This the lightest I ever went, just imagine if I try hard
Round 1 man…

[Round 1: Arsonal]

You original Lionz Den right? You started out with Lux then with Smack
No matter where you rap you still fat
It started on yo neck then yo back
No matter where you rap you still fat
But you could have that… that ain’t even what I’m mad at
Before I kill this nigga y’all… I’ma go off topic
And do a small display this day just to show off logic
URL tried to negotiate at the lowest rates like I don’t know y’all pockets
That’s why I gotta overcharge them niggas now just to show off my shit
See all that he said she said how Beasley throw off gossip
Paying Mook $20,000 to bring him back just to show off garbage
That’s nonsense, they better pay homage
I gave y’all 2 battles, 4 million+ views y’all still getting dough off my shit
So all them subliminal disses like “follow the innovator not the imitator”
That’ll have a midget, Hitman and Smack refrigerator playing instigator
His defibulator then hooked to a generator, I’ll get him later
Fuck being an entrepreneur
He gon need 64 gigs like I’m trying to give him data
Meaning he gon get this work, in the words of my Beloved
Lux threw me in the ring, why can’t I quote the nigga? Fuck it…
But back to you, what I do with a Clip I load it, shoot it and I tuck it
Pull it back out, put it in yo bitch lips and tell her to suck it
Now you wanted Arsonal, but Da Rebel is who you stuck with
That big clip spit shit, bullets kick flip thru yo Trukfit
I’ll snatch yo tongue out yo esophagus cuz you done ran enough lip
Nigga this matchup is preposterous, obnoxious, I’m disgusted
You got a cartoon lifestyle with the heart of a Muppet
I put 3 fingers to yo bitch like the top part of a trumpet
That bullshit got yo memory clogged you better plunge before you flush it
Cuz when my toy lit (Toilet) it’ll overflow
Yo bathroom ain’t the only thing that’s congested
Now yeah, yeah you right, you did a house scheme, that was cool
But what you forgot to mention
Is out of all them rooms you drug a nigga thru
You really made your first stop the kitchen
I know cuz every time I’m in the kitchen, you in the kitchen
And the pots is missing
Niggas like “Arsonal returned,”
No I been/bend back but without my posture shiftin
I hit Charlie on the jack, I said “Charlie I got a proposition
It involves you getting paid while hundreds of people watch you spittin
Gave you detail after detail after detail but what I forgot to mention
Is that I’m yo competition now go ‘head and open yo composition
Cuz nigga I’m here to snatch every bit of confidence from yo conscience
Since you trying to convince the world yo accomplishments
I’m yo consequences
I done traveled round this world, every state, all 7 continents
You’ve never been able to complete that task, you so incompetent
And for the niggas who don’t understand that word just go define the shit
But “Haters Pivot Winners Travel”
Where’s your passport? You will never shine
If I had a chance I’ll battle Satan in hell and in a masjid battle Farrakhan
Nigga I’ll even give Dizaster a rematch in the middle of Lebanon
I’ll battle cancer smoking a cigarette every time
What nigga? This little 9 of mine, I’ma let it shine
Hide some food on yo treadmill bet you Charlie chips he would never find
Then I use the same razor on yo face that bitch
Britney Spears used to shave her head with right after Kevin Federline’s
Now real talk you’ll know when it’s get the weapon time
Baby Loc’s grab them glocks, tell them Bloods go get ya Wesson slime
Heavens ya hotel, my nigga Jesus said “it’s yo check in time”
I’ll have so many Jersey niggas lined up to get the pump
You’ll think that bitch hurricane Sandy hit us a second time
But these ain’t no gas Petro pumps
Only guns get drew, I call em Bletzo pumps
But when that pump on yo tongue you should respect those pumps
If it’s a pump on my tongue then them some Retro dunks
Get it? This what you wanted Clips? Me to be disrespectful?
Put my dick in yo niece fish tank and pour the water on yo nephew
Yeah you said that, but who that sound like y’all?
I started this disrespect shit and I find it real ironic
That you gotta fuck a little girl fish tank to get a wet dick
But let me guess Clips
You must’ve gotten in some type of argument with yo ex bitch
And now yo ex bitch is now X bitch
You mad cuz you ain’t on her guest list
Nigga dead it, let it go, forget it
You better charge it to the game, what you want? Credit or Debit?
I cherish every bar I ever spit instead of regret it
This black history month, Clips got the dream, Ars shot the king
You better hope yo Cloretta’s a medic
Tell that bitch get to operating cuz you gon be the doctor patient
What you trying to bring fat back? On that back?
Nigga you gon need yo posture straightened
I’m just waiting on the green light, the thumbs up nigga the confirmation
Oh yeah next time you try to fuck that little girl fish tank
Please make sure they ain’t no piranhas pacing
I say that to say this, no disrespect my nigga, not for Nathan
But I got a date with the nastiest ugliest bitch on the planet
And I ain’t trying to keep DNA momma waitin
Now Hollow… Hollow… oh Hollow…
You got a recycle fourth verse, yes cuz it was over in three
But I did put on a show in OT, I put him in the ER for trying go against me
Now I just told y’all I was the shooter without you knowing it, see
I said I did put on a SHO in OT put him in the ER
For trying to go against me
Nigga my shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic
Think about this, you can’t spell BARS without putting that ARS in it!

[Round 2: Charlie Clips]

Before I get into my 2nd round and I talk about how that steel clap
Ultimate Warrior had to have the battle in Newark
Cuz Smack would’ve got his shit peeled back
Damn you so gangsta Arsonal… on some G shit I could feel that
But if Trick Trick made you forget what a Shotgun is
Then what gun you gon use to kill Smack?
They gave you $1,500 to battle Calicoe in the D, let’s keep it real scrap
You was supposed to kill Calicoe
But Calicoe saved yo life and that’s real rap
You was so fucking scared you said, “Watch them niggas cuzz”
And you was talkin to a Blood, you gotta feel wack
You almost died for $1,500 now no wonder you wanna kill Smack
But stop worrying about URL or your league ain’t gon see no cash at all
See you be moving wrong David Stern, let me talk to you using Basketball
Ars look at ya squad, they remind me of Charlotte, ya whole team ass
Ya bitch a mascot cuz she’ll Bob-cats whenever she need cash
I’ll give her cum til she gets tired of my sons/Suns, Steve Nash
No free dick, she gotta pay to see these balls, league pass
Ars we squeeze mags and my whole clique dumpin
You think Clips soft til I let a hollow tip off and get this shit jumpin
If you drive by in a Spur, I’ll be gunnin at ya rims, have that 5th bussin
Put it on a windshield and shoot off the glass like Tim Duncan
Now that there was light, but I’ma school him
Cuz I got a grown man delivery
You got a high school flow and ya swag is elementary
You think you got the science, but ya bars and the crowd lack chemistry
Rex exposed ya government, then that Math made you history
But let’s get back to elementary cuz this is the best part
I catch his little man on his way to school, run up let that tech spark
Bury him behind the school, under flowers he’ll be a dead mark
So I give his kin a garden (kindergarten)
When I send him a shot where his head start
Get it? Kindergarten? I’m sorry Ars, this a man sport
You was pussy in high school, niggas robbed you for ya Jansport
Ya bitch was giving everybody top
And you was standing there with that queer look
She gave head 365, so we nicknamed her Yearbook
Ars, look at what a year took, ya career look funny to who?
Ya 30 battles to my 5 and I already made more money than you
Just remember, it’s not the card you get, it’s how you play it
Just remember, it’s not the bars you spit, but how you say ‘em
For example I could take the words “Steeler fan”
And tell niggas how you been on my dick
Since Lionz Den and you still a fan
Or how ya mother was broke with no AC, you had to steal a fan
Don’t wear ya chain cuz we black for that gold like we Steeler fans
Y’all could relax, that’s just filler fam
But these next lines gon make niggas say Clips is the best
Ya bottom bitch got saggy titties, you gotta pick up her breasts
Everybody from Camden, Patterson, and Newark done been in her neck
That bitch throwing back more Jersey niggas then Mitchelle & Ness
Lady Arsonal? I gotta say her name with disgust
She’ll wear a UW T-Shirt while my niggas banging her guts
Then take the T-Shirt off then give me neck so hard
I thought she lost her metrocard the way she got change(d) ‘for the bus(t)
Listen Ars, I need nothing in this world, just my black duffle
Big gat, when that shit clap, it give me back trouble
You stole my Temple Run line that I said against Jones
You must’ve had app trouble
You love my wordplay well I don’t play with words, you can ask Ruzzle
For example Ars, you got goons, but will they clap it off?
Exactly that’s what I thought my nigga you ain’t half the boss
I know bloods too that’ll face time to let that ratchet off
So once I phone 5 he comin to knock ya Apple off
I nicknamed Lux coach K
Cuz without him we would’ve never heard of Duke
You could bring ya niggas in packs Ars, I’ll murder groups
You could try to run but I toke heat, when that burner shoot
I shoot all body parts, I even smoke feet, I’m Murda Mook
You ain’t nothing but a bum ass Crip, on some G shit I really think 6 dirty
I run up on 6, send him 6, he’ll die around 6:30
You think it’s all funny like Martin
Til catch a bitch with that Tommy, let off a clip early
I don’t give a fuck I’m cold to these hoes, Big Shirley
Once again why would they put a motherfuckin walkman to a ipod?
Why would they compare Fendi to Fubu? Or Gucci to a Izod?
Ars you ain’t shit my nigga, I’m thinking my god
I fucked up, but fuck it you can have it my nigga…
SIKE! I LIED NIGGA! … I didn’t time, nigga

[Round 2: Arsonal]

If y’all know y’all history on Ars
Y’all know my 2nd rounds always the heavy hitter
Second round’s approached, all haymakers at this heavy nigga
How the fuck is you top 5 when battles, you got 5?
That’s why I’m only paying you 2k for this bout cuz you not Live
But go ‘head and lie, tell all these other battle rappers you got 5
I bet you won’t swear to god and put that on the day DNA pop died
Fuck you and him, I’m disrespectful, ain’t no limit to what I might spit
I’m evil, I’m a pro with my Eagle, some say I’m Mike Vick
I load a light clip, I aim, I squeeze with a tight grip
You underpaid and all ya guns rubber made, you like a dyke dick
But pause! Gun in my draws hugging my right hip
Shoot him in his face, when he fall give em a light kick
See man made gun so this man won’t have to fight shit
I empty, reload and give yo ass a second shot now that’s a polite clip
Now grown man bars is something you gotta deal with
Funny thing is, the Harlem nigga who’s slogan that is
He don’t know nothing about no real shit
Clips what you know about real shit?
What you know about stealing utensils out yo chemistry class
So you could finally whip that work to make that minimal cash
Hurting inside expressing yo feelings with yo pen and yo pad
Putting in work but covering yo face with yo enemy flag
What you know about violations, nigga? Penalty flags
Standing in circles for 3 minutes while niggas whippin yo ass
Yo fiend uncle stealing from you, steady spending yo cash
And yo best friend, yo right hand man is hitting yo stash
You don’t know nothing cuz you frontin
That ain’t the life you accustomed to
Fuck is you? Ya life style’s like Theo Huxtable
You wasn’t that misfortuned kid, you ain’t had to play that part to live
Ya life was Fancy and heart pumps Braxton P. Hartnabrig
You talk the biz, you don’t even know what a Larkin is
We was all born to die, but unlike you I was taught to live
Now they say the good lord foresees
Our every move and our days to come
If you ever was an atheist or non believer
This battle should make you one
God said no man nor woman knows when the world to fall over
The Mayans predicted 12-21-12 said it was all over
But God seen way passed that
Which means he foresaw this ass whooping
Way before A.I. hit Jordan with that crossover
I said I long nose ya, my aim right but I’m shooting off the wrong shoulder
I shell ‘em, derail ‘em then tell em, YOOOOU!!! Tested the wrong soldier
My chopper sound like when you pull a string on a lawnmower
So many Grapes in the building
All you see is the Color Purple you better call Oprah
You gon need that loan from Ceelie nigga, throw yo bread up
If I ever lend you cash and you talk back you get 85 when that lead bust
Translation: You gon need a loan from Oprah, nigga throw yo bread up
If I ever lend you cash and you talk back you get that Ocho headbutt
Now we in Newark right now, right?! This ain’t this nigga house
I tell my waiter, “I need a container; I’m bout to take this nigga out”
Ya bitch do a lot of ass kissin and ass lickin she probably ate this nigga out
But my bitch Nina, she do the same thing, she send 8, this nigga out
I tell him lets play hide and seek and then I make this nigga count
To 170,000 as I rape this nigga spouse
I cut yo eyelids off then I tape you to the couch
And tell you “Don’t believe me just watch nigga nigga nigga”
That’s how you make it in the south
Now you ready to die?
Before you jump in that coffin go get yo shirt fitted
I’m a lil upset I ain’t gon be the first Newark nigga to kill DNA
Why? Cuz Surf did it
But soon enough he’ll figure that real niggas go in the dirt with it
Martin made it clear years ago that yo Tommy ain’t got no job
So how the fuck you gon put in work with it?
Now I called you a sixth man so let’s take it to the court
I will bang at yo center, aim point precision
The way I travel, I could never play the Point position
I’m on the block and the way I move the rock, the points fuck with me
Now what hand you roll up with? BOW! Take yo blunt
Nigga that’s what I call having joint custody
All I need is an ounce, 10 swishas a pen and pad, my survival pack
All I wear is tru’s, gun in my Billie Jeans
Glove on my shooting hand like I’m Michael Jack
Motor Vehicle couldn’t help you to get yo title back
I been all over this globe reppin US
Meaning the US and every American need to Idol that
I keep two straps in both hands, four arms like when Goro flex
I’m tired of fuckin random bitches, Charlie your hoe next
Your bitch don’t adore yo sex, she played with balls since birth
Before she learned to walk she did a Euro step
Now any battle rapper could’ve started a league
Mine successful cuz I got the larger movement
You was mediocre against Tay Roc
But since then I’ve seen large improvement
I think mine all the way thru, see my visuals got a sharper blueprint
This what happen when you put a high school dropout
Against the IQ of a Harvard student
It’s all confusing, but it tickles my soul, it’s somewhat amusing
You say you got me figured all out, so what I’m using
If I say I’m tired of hearing bars about drugs or what you shooting
I rip yo shoulders out the socket take yo arms and hammer
Now what you using?
I heard when Hollow went down he (Downie)
Tried to start up a movement
But was snuggled with the wrong inmate so now he losing
If I ran thru all the New York and my title still undisputed
I got everything to gain so explain just what I’m losing
I will Clorox the stain in ya brain soon as you lose it
Then take the 4 quarters and start the machine, that’s how you do it
You ain’t sick nigga, you a hypochondriac
I knew how they was gon react, but you and everybody in this building Still don’t realize that I just took you to the Laundromat
Now all these years DNA was missing a tooth
You ain’t think that was a problem and wild?
You supposed to be the big brother figure to that nigga
You ain’t acknowledge his smile?
Rumor has it his moms retarded,
That bitch must be or she just being childish and loud
For actually giving you the responsibility
To try to be the daddy of her fatherless child
Now I ain’t the big nose Midwest nigga
To school niggas about their priorities
But I am that disrespectful black Newark nigga
That tell niggas just how they oughta be
In yo face all out in public cuz yo death I want em all to see
That Cannon bend you, while seven camera angles is recording me
We gon youtube, worldstar, twitvid the whole crime
Eyewitness news, Fox, UPN the whole 9
Two big techs, I’m throwing bullets like its two ticks left
I’m down 6 and I’m on the opposite goal line
I put my paw prints amongst ya offense, nigga the whole line/lion
Ya boss sprints I turn to John Lynch and give em a clothesline
I’m all tense, this crowd is convinced I earn mine
Then I’ma slice you across yo center, you a do not turn sign
Now you bout six minutes closer to death, you got about 3 minutes left
So I advise you pray to your worshipper and take a deep breath
Cuz in this last round of bars, I’ma do a whole lot of exposing you
Wait… I could hear his heartbeat, mannn that’s what it’s supposed to do
My shit is REAL, my shit is RAW, my shit is AUTHENTIC
You can’t spell BARS without putting that ARS in it!

[Round 3: Charlie Clips]

Shoutout to my brother DNA one of the best battle rappers alive
When niggas say that I celebrate, I pop a bottle give my nigga a five
Buy 2 cars, throw em the keys to one and just tell em to drive
When he was running around lost
I’m the one who showed him how to survive
That’s real brother shit, but you and Surf is on some other shit
Y’all ain’t even in the same gang, y’all banging for some other Crips
Y’all don’t even fuck with each other
But y’all be pumpin all this brother shit
What’s up with ya real brother, Ars?
Oh yeah he runnin with Joe Budden’s clique
So we ain’t ever seen Treach or Redman get treated like a sucka
But that’s only 2 niggas out of Jersey, what about the others?
Cuz if you got beef with Joe Buddens and he’s fuckin with ya brother
Then it sounds like to me you got a family full of suckas
I could see mama Arsonal texting his phone
“Hey baby come over for supper”
He walk in with an attitude cuz the first person he spot is his brother
On his way to wash his hands in the bathroom, what did he discover?
A woman kissing on Joe Budden’s neck and it’s ya mother!
Everybody in ya family likes Joe Buddens Ars!
I’m sorry y’all I gotta hit em where it’s hurt
You used to be the million view man now ya views is in the dirt
Ya career’s taking a fall and to make matters worse
Buddens took ya brother out ya life and then he just recruited Surf
Aye Tsunami where you at?! I got some information
It might get you a little heated
I don’t need to slow it down, put it in subtitles
I don’t even need to repeat it
After this call my phone on some G shit, you need it
It’s about a conversation that this snake nigga had with Conceited
See I know who said you know what about you know who
But let’s keep that between me and you
What happened Ars? These bars getting a little close to you?
I could hear ya heart beating, that’s what the fuck it’s supposed to do!
I just wanted to see ya face when all them personals hit
But let’s get back to these bars, I don’t do all this personal shit
If I catch ya aunt lampin in her living room
I’ma blow her brains all over the couch
But wait don’t try to guess which room I’m in
Cuz this time I’m all over the house
I’m even in ya backyard, that’s the spot I’ma ditch my weed out
Got a special spot I bag up grass, call that my tree house
Ars you claiming how you moving keys, you gotta stop it
If you got keys they always to a door, but I ain’t trying to knock it
You said you got knocked for serving an addict but where that case went?
How are you the best seller
And you ain’t know what bass meant/basement?
Look at ya swag, you got the type of style that get ya moms tight
Big blade, I get 6 ate 8 (6’8”) like Lebron height
Nigga I kill you with all filler, Arsonal this gon be a long night
Cuz you was suited before I got to the punch, this is prom night
You know what, Newark I appreciate the love
I ain’t gon go past the speed limit
Aye Jones that’s how you murder a nigga in less than 3 minutes

[Round 3: Arsonal]

Is the Bloods and the Crips in the building? All the hoods
Is the neutral niggas in the building? And all them good
See even uptown in the building, Uptown that’s a Harlem hood
And since I’m battling a nigga from Uptown
I’ma beat you like the best nigga from Harlem would
“And you gon love it… All third verse…”
With you I’m lackin patience, so I gotta go back to basics
False accusations will leave yo face with cross lacerations
I’m ready to eat, but like a pregnant bitch, see I been having cravings
You comin at me for the same reasons Goliath tried to go after David
To make a statement
But what you talking aint speaking louder than the actions that you lackin
If you don’t iron out these problems
Then that increases the chances of you slackin
But you going for the belt
Which means to me that you just headed for yo casket
This yo funeral I just put yo dress pants on you
Now here’s your full metal jacket
Now I don’t need a knife or a gun to kill you Clips
I know how to hunt smart
Crossbow action pierce his face from 100 yards with one dart
This the shakedown once you breakdown you gon need a jump start
Cuz that battery DNA put in yo back ain’t stronger than John Q son Heart
Now let’s rewind back to high school, I’m in a cab, before lunch start
Hiding from the Detectives that’s patrolling unmarks
Skip a few years, lets fast forward to the fun part
Ain’t no Idaho Potato on the barrel when my gun bark
Fuck a potato nigga my barrel got a Mango beak
See I’m Frank Lucas in Harlem soon as Tango speak
Put that metal all in yo face, give him Kano cheek
Yo man Mook was smoking a Hookah out of Django feet
I smoke sour, let a nigga think my lango sweet
I know sign language but think my Ruger ain’t gon speak
I meet you anywhere in Harlem nigga name yo street
Grab Lebron, Bosh and D. Wade, you better bring yo Heat
Now I’m like Mayweather to this battle rap I would say y’all Zab
But he had some good bouts and y’all fights stay all bad
You can’t contest with what’s in AR pack, make my AR mad
So I can murder you then do an interview telling on myself like I’m AR-AB
You did a house scheme, that was cool
But that just proves you don’t get out a lot
Now I’m from Newark, this the stolen car capital right?
Niggas got choppers out the sunroof comin round the spot
Now I’m confused on how you drug a nigga thru all these rooms
When you and DNA live in a one room bedroom right down the block
But now I get it you made all that shit up because it sounded hot
Well I got a scheme for you Clips, what stolen car I’m in?
High mileage and the engine is a monster
Suge already told y’all he the shooter and the driver
But what he failed to mention is that nigga is a boxer
So if I’m with a fat nigga with quick hands, a true street fighter
What car I’m in? I’m whippin in/an E. Honda
What stolen car I’m in now? Snatch bar pop the lock
And I call my boys over
It’s not a coupe it’s a four door but ya poor slores all on my toy soldier
She’s a kinky little bitch, got a vibrator with four motors
Stuck it in her pussy and left it on yo backseat purposely
So you can smell that toy odor (Toyota)
I mean I’m great, I’m A R S O, you tried to steal my style like a Clepto
Well I been at this for awhile I guess I’m Retro
See my last name is Jones but with no relations to Esco
You draw nigga, my gun get Drew, I called it Bletzo
But the fact of the matter, if I don’t get the respect that I’m after
The whole cake get the rest of the batter
Then I gotta flex on this rapper, what car I pull off to the face off in?
I was trying to see how that Lambo feel it’s like I ref for the Packers
Fuck a body bag I put this big nigga in a hefty bag
Ship him down to Atlanta overnight, spend that extra cash
Comeback to New York to disrespect yo Dad
Tell him you’ll find yo sons remains in the south pa(w)
Cuz he done made this lefty mad
I visualize a boxing gym, Clips gon be my heavy bag
I dip, dip, right hook, dip, hook, then a lefty jab
This gangbang central more red and blue then a Pepsi ad
I paid a million dues nigga you need this million views very bad
Now let’s get personal, let’s compare resumes
You got 5 battles, 4 mixtapes, with Lionz Den/Smack background
I got both those, plus King Of The Dot, Don’t Flop
UW, GrindTime, using all that background
My first bout ever was against a nigga named Hollyhood
He caught every clip out that Arsonal that I had ready to body Goodz
Second time round same stage onto the next man
Lux pulled a fully auto at me when he know how quick that Tech jam
3rd and 4th was at the Fight Klub and a pot was a pretty penny
It was an elimination process so I took shots instead of sippin Remy
I used all hallow heads on ya boy Hollow head my trigger friendly
When it round slugs, you better borrow that umbrella from Mr. Bentley
Now my 5th battle was in the Bronx
But I’d rather had kilt that Queens nigga
Gladiators, Ars vers’ Rich, the skinny leg jean nigga
Left hook known to lean niggas
And when I’m in that Shotgun formation I throw bullets
To knock skin off yo dog back I call that play a flea flicker
These all bars, 6th battle, oh I passed you already
Sixth battle over in GrindTime my first trip to the west coast
I battled a white boy he was OK with his WERDZ that’s Okwerdz, yes folks
7th battle Conceited, he was easily defeated
My 8th battle was a Dizaster, the cops came and I couldn’t believe it
Now that’s 9 whole battles, nope 8
Before I ever stepped foot on a URL stage
Number 9 was against Holla, no 9 tho, I had a 12 gauge
That’s when a devil inside came out and all hell raised
Shooting a chopper off is the only reason
A rapper would ever say Darell wave
Battle 10 was up in Canada, King Of The Dot against Pat Stay
He’s a Sucka and he speak to the cops
Battle 11 out in Philly, Jersey we in the spot
I was hopin that E. Ness gave me a reason to pop
So I spoke on his dead daddy and how he in a box
Battle 12 against a lost nigga in need of his pops
Out in Detroit, he expected me to flee from the spot
Same nigga who said he was skinny dipping with six bitches
Aye Ripley, do you believe it or not?
But my 13th battle is when I finally get a home game
Against a nigga named T-Rex who couldn’t protect his own chains
His man Mook was doing his own thing, talkin which is so lame
So Swag choked him and said this Newark nigga
You‘ll lose here/hair with or without the Rogaine
My 14th battle against Illmac, a no name
So I cut his ass like Chinese chicken without the Lo Mein
15th battle with Math Hoffa, a old lame
He like “Ars what you holdin up yo 5th for?”
What I’m holdin up my 5th for? Nigga I think I’m Broman
16th battle out in London, me and Shotty Horroh goin round for round
Where’s ya passport? Oh you ain’t never get overseas money
So y’all could never go pound for pound
17th battle out in Europe and you know I hate midgets
So I shot the Crome, I tossed it, you the Clip that came with it
So this make 18 to yo 6? And y’all thought Clips was my best matchup?
That’s 54 rounds to 16, not 18 cuz he had a one rounder versus X-Factor
So in a battle rap war zone
How can y’all compare Clips to the best rapper?
When every battle this nigga had y’all gave him 7 months to rest after
Nigga in a shootout would you rather 16 bullets or 54 and some?
A whole Arsonal to spray a one Charlie Clip in yo handgun
Nigga when my hammer drawn cut the cameras on
Let’s tape the man one
Cuz Junior M.A.F.I.A. had them cameras on, pointed at Cam’Ron
And we seen Cam run
Now I ain’t ever seen Redman or Treach get treated like a sucka
But I did see Cam and Jim Jones both get ran out the Rucker
Now question, why oh why did Cam not do Junior M.A.F.I.A.
Like he did Mitch in the closing scenes of Paid In Full?
I mean why he wasn’t acting like Rico then?
Started running round like a raging Bull
Answer! Cuz you Harlem niggas is pussy
That’s one of the cards that I hate to pull
But since we battling a Harlem nigga that’s pussy
That’s one of the cards that you made me pull
Now sweetheart I know I’m killin this nigga I disrespected you, I apologize
So I’ma go have me a Coke and a smile and treat you to some dollar fries
Cuz I’ma quadruple what I paid this nigga
For them 3 rounds of all kind of lies
Soon as they edit, upload this video to YouTube and I click monetize
Nigga yo life ain’t worth the tag on my motherfuckin shoe
I put all this together, that you motherfuckin knew
So accepting those 2 racks for me to kill you
Is something you should never motherfuckin do
Especially when you know I’m getting paid off of every motherfuckin view
My shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic
You can’t spell BARS without putting that ARS in it!
Time nigga! SIKE! I LIED NIGGA!
You can no longer eat Big Mac’s with fries nigga
I’m at yo front door with a Big Mac like “Surprise nigga!”
February 17th 2013 Clips died nigga!
Ya bitch be hoeing around, she hoeing ‘round when she slob niggas
3 words before that fat bitch suck dick
“I’m Going Down” she Mary J. Blige niggas
Now I’m a refugee without Wyclef, Lauryn Hill and Prize nigga
I just wild on this nigga, don’t cry nigga
Time! Jersey!

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