K-Shine vs. DNA [Lyrics]

[Round 1: K-Shine]

I was 16 when I started off in the Lionz Den
I was rhyming against a nigga twice my age but I was fire then
Before you, Yung Ill, Cortez, even Rich Dolarz
I was the first young nigga melting niggas, I gave y’all motivation
So if this ass whooping you taking
Is your way of showing ya token of appreciation
For me helping niggas than the pleasure is all mine, you’re welcome nigga
Now you from Queens right?
So why you ain’t stay over there and get it started nigga
Why you had to come all the way over here for a father figure
All that motivation I gave you
The only thing you grasped was to go into Clips?
That go to show this ass kicking ain’t gon bother nigga
Cuz it’s right back where you started nigga, being a son of a Harlem nigga
Now you was made by something that goes inside a gun
Clips, gun alright so it’s semi automatic that you supposed to have ammo
And spit all crazy, but when that clip holding you back it’s like you revolve
With ya shit on safety
You might as well of wanted the Lux
Cuz now when you got heat it’s like you still ain’t loaded
Cuz the shit that control you don’t even got a shot
So how’s the aim to shoot for DNA when Clips ain’t even blowing?
When Rex had Math you wasn’t even in my class then
But then I got booked which equaled up to my absence
That was an addition to ya buzz but now I’m bout to subtract it
So simplifying you equivalent to a fraction
DNA, Dark Nigga Acting, Doctors Kneeling Around
He’ll be Dying Needing Attention when Dem Niggas Attack him
Don’t Need Aim cuz D’s Never Ask him with Dumb Niggas Around
Like you should spit that shit back remember Cortez did that shit?
That was just a target so I take a shot at it
Now we go backwards you ain’t sick you Magic
It ain’t no AIDS in DNA hoping for a head crack it’s only an Ace in (N) D
Spitting monkey bars like they got a lil Ape in (N) D
You get banana scarred and you gotta use A-N-D
I have a shell hanging from his head like A Nigga Dread
So DNA backwards is just Another Nigga Dead
Yo grandfather wasn’t a killa, he was one of them fiends
Yo daddy wasn’t even a shooter he used to run from them beans
When yo tooth got knocked out
Ya brother ain’t even come with that thing
So how I’m supposed to believe you carry guns DNA
When you ain’t even have none in your jeans (genes)?
Me? I got a tool chest I move techs grip the 4
Contemplate should I go fire escape or should I get the door
Power shutters out catch it before it hit the floor
And Rex right beside me yelling out “Give em more!”
Go ahead nigga say it with ya chest why you whispering
Hum the wrong tune make me pull out them instruments
I put a nigga under good car when I fire ten
Fucking with my bass I get it drummin’ with a nine then
Get ate if them bands ain’t straight when that time end
In other words you pull them strings it get violent
That’s only round one it’s getting hot in here, y’all know that nigga slogan
NO! Get his hat the fuck outta here, get his raps the fuck outta here!
Got that tooth fixed? Nigga get that cap the fuck outta here!
That dirty hoodie you wear at every fuckin battle!
Get that the fuck outta here!

[Round 1: DNA]

I said the definition of Shine: a quality of brightness that reflects light
It’s funny ya name shine but in this battle
I’m a show you choosing that just ain’t bright
For instance why recruit more dots when you got a gang right here?
You already in other niggas shadow so that decision ain’t quite clear
I mean Real Deal and Tay Roc support you
So I’m guessing they might care
But how can son shine (sunshine) without having Daylyt here?
You feel that that’s karma let’s let the lesson start
You better dash or get hit with this semi that’ll
Knock out a colon and rip ya chest apart
Come to think of it I shouldn’t even let the weapon spark
When I could just hook on the dot like a question mark
And speaking of questions
How you did a year and a half in a max for some crack
Then you did three days in a half and that fast you came back?
I’m starting to think you don’t serve ya full time in jail
Cuz you scared of them killers that’s reckless
So I’m just trying to figure out how you a dot but can’t finish ya sentence
See most niggas wanna see Shine glisten and see Shine glow
But how the fuck we suppose to have K-Shine
When we already had a Shyne Po’
You battled John John and stole from John John
So it’s no spot that this kid owns
But now it makes sense why you named yourself Shine
Cuz both you niggas are big clones
But see lines like that be getting to K (decay) like his teeth rotten
But when that heat poppin’ it’ll have ya body over there
And ya brains over here like you eavesdropping
See that’s word play
That’s something you don’t have and that’s the problem nigga
Do the Math we not equal in this equation, I’m a solve it nigga
You said I don’t have Queens shooters, heh
Now I’m loading up that revolver nigga
Cuz I’m a queens nigga but be on every Ave like a Harlem nigga
Now let’s start on Paladino cuz I’m a leave ya neck on the curve
In this battle you won’t win the first second or third
It’s no need to park when I pull up in that Lex in tint (Lexington)
You get ya shit splattered now they all gon’ be mad at son
When they see this fif after
Like Malcolm you’ll get X’d when I spray Tech’s
And like Clayton I point at him and give him the 8 next
You a saint, y’all don’t know what a Nickel is
So of course you see ya niggas die,
So once I aim at ya broad way they’ll find ya bodies floating on riverside
But I see you a loud nigga K and you like to talk a lot
Well this 9 millimeter here should make all the talking stop
Y’all gon think I adopted him once I left off the glock
Cuz I’m a dump bullets off in this kid cuz I was forced to pop
See every punch is hard that’s how they know I’m hot with the rhymes
But its several other reasons why I got the spot over shine
I battled six times last year, which shows that you not on ya grind
So a lowercase letter’s the only way you’ll see this dot over I
Now after this y’all all gon say my raps is hot
And clearly I showed y’all how to take away half the dots
Ya man Mickey keep running his mouth like I won’t grab the glock
And have to cap facts like a Snapple top
I bought the team with me, racks is in 350
That 9 and the glock will put shine in a box I’m P. Diddy
It’s round 1 it’s getting hot in here
And SOB Y’all know my slogan
[Round 2: K-Shine]

As far as DNA I hate yo fucking style, I hate yo fucking hairline
I hate yo fucking smile
I hate that fucking Mexican that’s always in ya shadow
And I hate that fucking hoodie you wear to every fucking battle
Now it aint no mystery
That you are one of the dirtiest niggas in battle rap history
But you a cool nigga
I mean even in Cali it felt like we was on the same team
So I do what a cool dude would do
Instead of washing you up I’m a help you stay clean
Ever since you got that tooth fixed you been trying to floss
But nigga if I get that tooth picked you’ll be riding off
I make sure you never have no plaque when I’m holding you down
I send you to that cold gate (COLGATE) with that SCOPE in ya mouth
Now let’s get to them arms, cuz that’s a must
No now let’s to them arms cuz that’s a musk
As far as he, you wouldn’t find a DEGREES that could match with us
You prey on a week bitch and try to get her SPEED STICK
But use shit that bitches use and that is no secret
You know you not a RIGHT GUARD, you don’t come for the queen
Ya BARS is never right guard, you under the wing
So if we ever go arms, it’s the pits nigga
I send him 10, for stinking you go in that box
That’s what I put D odor in (deodorant)
My white boy… I said what y’all don’t like them bars?
I say fuck it y’all don’t like them bars I’ll get somebody wash
No if y’all don’t like them bars then fuck it I’ll get some bodywash
My white boy get them cannons from Ireland
When he palm the thing, see thru on top of the barrel
You see that IRISH SPRING, rubber grips surrounding the trigger
Handles now chrome, bang have yo life line sounding like a dial tone
You got a girl? Leave her 2000 I’m tucking that
I have no problem spraying the can, I love the AXE
Where to put him? Oh, lay (OLAY) where the bugs at
Cuz now he like SOAP
He come in that box closed cuz inside is where the DOVES at
What’s that a clean mouth clean arms, clean skin
We ain’t gon call this battle a murder, it’s a clean win nigga
Nigga that’s beam mouth, beam arm, beam skin
Chest shot he on the floor trying to get some clean wind
Nigga that’s beam mouth, beam arm, beam skin
You know a nigga clean when the bullets running thru the air so fast
They get clean wind
What you gon do? Rap about a fight I had with a nigga that bit me?
And I bit him back
Well talk about how it was 20 niggas there
And I ain’t run nigga, I stood and scrapped
So if you wanna talk about something nigga lets talk about facts
Cuz you don’t run when you fight either
So I doubt you’ll run when it’s a shootout
Nah I’m being for real y’all cuz we all letting the truth out
Cuz he stood RIGHT there on the floor
When T-Bo knocked yo fucking tooth out
What he think I’m a do if he try me? I’m taking the whole (?) out
That’s brain particles all over his shoulders
His arms and his legs laid next to a stroller
Guts on a love seat right next to the sofa
His face dead smack on the….
Oh my god, they gon think a promoter let them weapons here
(Why’s that?) Cuz all you see is DNA, DNA, DNA, DNA, DNA
Nigga I’m putting DNA everywhere!
I’m in shape like Rocky when he boxed with Apollo
If he dies he dies I got the conscience of Drago
Head shot, life support, if he try to survive tho
I creep thru the hospital and pull the cord on him
I give him that macho Camacho
When you battled Eurgh (ER) I see (C) Eric’s confused
Cuz you not a shoot(ER) I see (C) Eric talk tools
But if it’s ER I see (C) that Eric’s a fool
Have you in a Doctor I see (C) Eric in 2’s
In an E.R. I see (C) when I split Eric in 2
That’s round 2 it’s getting hot in here, y’all know that nigga’s slogan
NO! Get his hat the fuck outta here! Get his tracks the fuck outta here!
Get them weak ass boring ass raps the fuck outta here!
You got that tooth fixed? Nigga get that cap the fuck outta here!
That dirty hoodie that you wear to every fucking battle
Get that the fuck outta here!!!

[Round 2: DNA]

Having a grown man fondle ya ass is something you had to deal with
No matter how many times you lie in ya rhymes
It happened and that’s real shit
If a nigga would’ve grabbed my ass, I’d a smacked his hand real quick
But you just scream, “ZIP EM UP!” and act like you ain’t feel shit
You got ya ass grabbed
And it looked like you and ya man was ready to take turns
After that you should’ve moved to the Lou and got you a straight perm
You got ya ass grabbed by ya hitman, ewww (Ill), say word?
But now it makes sense cuz in the dictionary Shine is a verb (Ayeverb)
Now I know some niggas get they ass grabbed
And don’t be playing nothing
But at Summer Madness 2
You got ya ass grabbed and wasn’t even saying nothing
How you get accused of being a gay nigga by a gay nigga?
That’s just some shit we can’t mess with K
But since you claim you a baller, I’m a school ‘em using the NBA
Let’s say ya squad play tough like they all for it (forward)
That’s only gon make me bring a sub in like Jamal Crawford
So if ya man Tay try to play, he gon get hit with a clip about this tall
And y’all gon see Roc get thrown in the alley like Chris Paul
So you better have a better defender when that 8 spittin’
This long nose ain’t Pippen, and even if you had Clips
Ya 4 would (forward) jam like Blake Griffin
So let’s talk about it in another way
Forget the NBA, I’m a kill ‘em with the NCAA
If you and ya bitch after St. John, I get that scope and aim
Since I spot her
I put bullets thru her temple since I know the dame (Notre dame)
You tried to take a flight to Cali cuz you knew that this shit wasn’t okay
Before you see LA (UCLA) I’m a make sure you and ya folks lay
All you gon see is people yell cuz when I shoot I’m a be leaving no strays
Cuz these cans is (KANSAS) for DUKE and everybody flying in that coach K
You know what, fuck it I just aim at his knee
And make ‘em kneel after I stab him with the knife
You might have the knowledge to know what happened
But that’s only if he survive thru the night
If you owe me a nick, I be at ya door
I don’t gotta turn a knob all I gotta do is knock
As soon as he open he’ll be greeted with ten knuckles
And have a face full of knots
Knowledge, knight, knee, kneel, (?), knife, damn I’m wilding today
Cuz them last words I used show you how to silence a K
Now ya bitch is a money whore
All I gotta do is dial her up and she got me henny
Made a quick flip so after that she figured that I cop her (copper) pennies
All I gave her was a nickel bag (back) fucked his dime
And I was all up in her back and when she gave me head, I ain’t have to tell (tail) cuz he caught her (QUARTER) in the act
Now speaking of money
All it takes is a couple of hundreds to replace you
I mean it’s simple my nigga, that’s what money and the fame do
I got Blade like Wesley but I’m coming with an 8 too
Cuz these bullets is like jungle fever, I send a couple and erase you
Now I’m a teach him the way it works
Cuz nigga you been cursed on this earth since ya date of birth
If you don’t want war to (water) break than start rolling with gorillas
You get more kicks than a pregnant lady and be holding on ya niggas
These bullets is like a woman in labor when I unload them on a nigga
Cuz once I start showing, they all goin in her liver
Now I just killed K-Shine and his motherfucking shadow
Y’all gon see him under dirt or some motherfucking gravel
He won’t be able to walk, move, or motherfucking travel
And I’m a show up to ya funeral in that same fucking hoodie
I wear every fucking battle!

[Round 3: K-Shine]

You make the worst life decisions, for instance
Why the fuck do you throw up every time you in front of a good crowd?
Why do all of ya close battles turn into 8 Mile?
Ya palms be sweaty, knees weaks, arms are heavy
Vomit on that sweater already, Charlie’s spaghetti
He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready
To drop bombs but it get Osama deadly
So when you say you a killa, I believe it
Cuz you show the world that you are a hitman, another nigga calling Earl
You make the worst life… nah fuck all that
Reading them tweets and them blogs became extremely upsetting
Y’all saying with DNA’s intellect and K-Shine aggression
It can go either direction?
Now either that was an insult to my intelligence
Or y’all don’t know the difference between a beast and a peasant
But being that we using DNA it’s only right
I take a scientific method and teach y’all a lesson
Give me a second…

Now y’all probably wondering why I bring all this to the center stage
Cuz if y’all don’t understand a human body
All you gotta do is breakdown DNA
You ain’t got a tough joint connected to ya fucking bones
You lost to X that’s why I see bitch when the chrome is on (chromosome)
You a sperm cell from Charlie, but if he’s the heart
That mean that blood that pump thru ya veins
Ain’t thick enough to hold it’s own
So every time you spit they bring organs to the stage
If y’all wanna understand a human body
All you gotta do is breakdown DNA
Wait, now let’s go these bars so y’all could feel this
If y’all ain’t familiar with this, this a double helix
This the same setup that this nigga use with his lyrics
But I’m a show you how to take this DNA with this DNA and compare it
You use one solid bar and try to make it a setup
Then use words that coincide to make it look better
Then end it with a wavy line so y’all think that he clever
But I don’t know how he fuckin’ y’all head up, when it’s just like the setup
A double helix;
Two wavy lines with little bars in between that keep ‘em together
If y’all wanna know why I brung all this to the center stage
If y’all don’t understand a human body
All you gotta do is breakdown DNA
Now everyone’s familiar with a cell is right?
We all know the human body was processed from this cell, sperm cell
Which gave us life, right?
Which is also DNA, but I don’t think that’s bright
Cuz ironically DNA has never been in a cell in his life
Have you ever seen a cell? Have you ever made a sale?
Have you ever been in a cell? No. That’s what lead us back to this chart
Cuz these are blood cells they travel thru ya veins
To give that little shit in ya chest a spark
If you lack these that mean you never had a beat from the start
So a cell is not an option all your beats are for bars
Cuz DNA can never live in a cell if you ain’t got no heart nigga
If y’all wanna know why I brung all this to the center stage
If y’all don’t understand a human body
All you gotta do is breakdown DNA
Now an Atom is the reason why a human energy is possible
Two more atoms together creates a molecule
All ya energy comes from a nigga holding you down
So ya energy’s on top of you
Let’s see where all ya energy goes when them real clips is inside of you
So if y’all wanna know why I brought all this to the center stage
If y’all don’t understand a human body
All you gotta do is breakdown DNA
No before I leave this segment
I’m a leave a grade on how a human gets body (bodied)
It’s only right we give D and (N) A
Now y’all see why I grabbed this shit? Alright now class dismissed
Now look, what Fab say? “I wipe all my tears before I put on my gloves
Cuz it hurt when you gotta kill a nigga you love?”
Well I want you to know how I feel since I’m in that position
I feel like Nino Brown, nigga, minus all of the snitchin’
G money, we could’ve been getting lump sums of bread
You let one of yo bitches that I’m dicking fuck with yo head
Now instead of getting work, you getting worked
Getting fucked up instead
You mean to tell me that measley bitch creepin’
Is the reason our whole operation dead
Instead of expressing yo feelings you give yo dogs up to the feds?
That’s why when you say “am I my brother’s keeper”
I look you square in ya eyes nigga and say “YES I AM”
And give you one to the head
And Clips you condone this shit?
We was supposed to be like brothers, we made this carter look good
We was holding down each other, you let another nigga infiltrate
He end up being undercover
Now everybody going down, this shit bigger than Nino Brown
And Conceited, I never liked you anyway, pretty motherfucker
That chopper like a psychic, it be getting my palms read
You got that, that chopper like a psychic, it be getting my palms red
I send that nigga right to the light if coned
I got a long clip that be hanging like Ars dread
It’ll be like Eric said a line , Conceited didn’t get the bar said
I have DNA going right over Con head
ZIP EM UP!!!!!

[Round 3: DNA]

Now in that last round you tried to breakdown my body
And I admit you let ya heater spray too
But how can you compare a whole round to something
When you about human too and you got DNA too
So I can’t even dap him up or give him props or respect him
Cuz how we know you got body parts
But I won’t speak about cuz niggas already touched ya rectum
Now Round 1 I told y’all the definition of Shine
Was a quality of brightness that reflects light
This round I’m a indicate every way possible
Why him choosing that name just ain’t bright
For instance, when you battled John John
You spit a whole round about him biting people
Like you ain’t have a fight outside with Joe Light and was biting people
He said “you wanna battle me Shine?” he said “No”
He said “who you getting loud with Shine?” You said “yo”
After that you ain’t look like Iron Mike
You showed ya true colors when it was time to fight
Cuz even though you got ultra violent (violet)
We all saw the outcome between Shine and Light
Now how the fuck is Shine bright when this stupid nigga got rhymes like
You told Passwurdz that 2Pac was only known for being well paid
But the only thing that he was really known for
Was for being born and dying in LA
First off 2Pac died in Vegas, that’s ya number one problem nigga
And 2) he was born in ya borough
That’s how I know you not a Harlem nigga
So how the fuck is Shine bright when this stupid nigga got rhymes like
You told John John “it’s specs off if you think that Don King”
Now that was cool but before that you said a odd thing
Cuz you told John John you let ya palm spring
Exactly how do you let ya palm spring?
I guess that means you can winter a neck or summer a lead
I find that odd y’all, but since you using seasons
When I shootI make ya arm fall
How the fuck is Shin… you know what, let’s get into some different stuff
At Summer Madness 2
We witnessed 2,000 people see another nigga grip ya butt
After that you was fuckin’ with trannies
On being straight we started giving up
And on top of that ya man slogan is “Zip Em Up”
Now either I’m buggin’ or mothafuckas is trippin’
But now you got me curious to know what the fuck you zipping?
You just another 5 foot nigga with a death wish
Sawnoff Shotty but shit ain’t shooting out bread sticks
I break every bone in ya foot you try to give me that easy dead kick
So that when you slide up like a dancer we’ll all see ya leg twitch
First Dot Mob was lookin’ shaky, now Zip Em Up lookin’ desperate
Where the fuck you find ya soldiers at Shine?
Look like you got (?) off Craigslist
I catch y’all while y’all at a party, load up, let my tech spit
And give a clip to everybody that’s on line, nigga I’m Netflix
And when I shoot you better hope that them shells missing
But how you a blood but don’t rep it? Let me 2-12 with you
In the streets you don’t got a ratchet, you don’t hold niggas guns
When it’s beef you don’t fight, we never seen you fold niggas once
In jail you used to wash niggas socks and owe niggas funds
So it makes sense why you blood, cuz out of 32 niggas you owe 31 (0-31)
Now I’m loading up in Jersey with an old dirty gun
And since Red blood too I give O 31
Then after that I clip his dreads
Bullets ricocheted off his ear then hit his head
Now y’all probably wondering why I’m mixing Shine and O together
Not cuz them niggas dead
I’m just showing y’all after I kill a dot I got it in for Red (InfaRed)
And if Roc owe me a rock that’ll get you killed
So you better have my cake doe
Cuz once I start shootin’ all you niggas better lay low
You gon see, if I see this cat fishing I’m a let my 8 go
So just think Notre Dame cuz I’m a get this man tied if Tay owe
Plus I feel like Lebron cuz I’m good with the Heat
My credibility perfect everywhere nigga, I’m good in these streets
Third round I’m cookin’ him nigga, Shine looking deceased
But Don Demarco I feel like Freeway, so put on a beat
Round 3, yeah it’s getting hot in here
Y’all know my slogan (GET EM THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!)
Round 3, yeah it’s getting hot in here
Y’all know my slogan (GET EM THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!)
First I murder roc, just got rid of Tay Tay
Kill ‘em in the morning, I’m a show you how to break Day
No scope, no chopper, you don’t even need an AK
Just a big ass STREETSWEEPER to get K (Kay) slayed (Slay)
Fuck it, now I see I’m who you idolize
Death’s been set and ya funerals been finalized
Fam gon get ‘em a wake with this iron 9
Now ya people mourning (morning)
See ya soul rising shine (rise and shine)
So nigga rise and shine, I’m in my best day
Never could you see me in the swing I’m in my best place
Scope 4-5 and the 9 with the best aim
RIP to BIG cuz he dying on his death date
Ready for mine, steady with 9’s, heavy with rhymes
Gave him a warning now he ready to die
Great with respect, signing them checks
That 9 and that Tech shot ya, now you seeing life after death
And I’m a roc a fella, and hell nah I ain’t with Roc-A-Fella
He gon rock now but I’m gon rock forever
I give this nigga some hot shit like Dr. Pepper
And I just killed him on beat and Acappella

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