Daylyt vs. LottaZay [Lyrics]

[Round 1: LottaZay]

Devon Campbell in this battle it’s gon be some incredible shit
That’s never been done before
Cuz I got lines on the low like a underscore
So I promise you gon remember this Day like when ya son was born
Furthermore, I pray to the Lord for a match with a (?) in a stage right
And history repeated, God let it be daylight/Daylyt
Them bars I just spit to Day, light
I wasn’t even punching hard like a play fight
Bars, bloody roar, I turn into a beast in that cage fight
A Gremlin cuz I’m about to eat after daylight/Daylyt
I take lives for the next spot
You play dress up in battles disguised as ya next spy
Have Daylyt gone then son set/sunset drop
Take that Quilly off from you and I’m 100% that you’ll be left socked
I come from a story of an underdog that’s been untold, asshole
I don’t know who gave him roids (hemorrhoids)
But I’m bout to have his shit on swole
You gon sit when it launch here (lawn chair)
You see the way that shit unfolds?
I’ll put light in a box like a pack of Menthol Golds
I got cigs by the hundreds, chill I’ll make ya menthol
So if I need those funds I’m like ya tattoo artist
Drawing in ya face with that needle gun
You think I’m dumb, you remind me of Bane
You ain’t shit without ya mask like Bane homie
Ya head I’ll open a cap in it cuz Devon Campbell souped
And he ain’t no I had a can with his name on it
Bang on it, leave ‘em slang, that’s how I tease ya (Tisha) Campbell
This for head (forehead) so it’s comin’ out my jean ‘ll (Gina) pain
Think I’m playing, I’m at ya door the toy come with a kid, like a play date
My hands insomniacs, it’ll break Day, hey Day, this ya last straw
I’m still on my heyday, that’s why you last
Day of the week like it’s payday
Wait, wait, Zay stay strapped like Bokeem Woodbine
So you choose the floor or the heavens (Florida Evans)
Like the father off Good Times
This is 30 days of night Daylyt, you wish you could shine
The gauge light like the Vamps off Twilight
Cuz I ain’t scared to move around in the daylight
You ain’t the type of nigga I bring with me to chill with the babes Lyt
Look at ya face Lyt, you bout four shades darker than Blade, Lyt
When bitches look at you they be afraid like
You remind them of a pedophile uncle, you rub bitches the wrong way
So when daylight/Daylyt come they wanna go home like the song say
Nigga I got all day, cuz I’ma handle this light/lyt problem like ConEdison
So when it comes to light/Lyt I have this covered (Discovered)
Tom Jefferson

[Round 1: Daylyt]

Bars! I brought a bachelor party to kill ‘em
May the best man have a death plan handy
Cuz it’s life at your wrist/risk bro
Teams I ensure y’all this, I got something fantastic for (four) the crowd
And yes it’s gon be a STRETCH MAN, completely INVISIBLE to women
But it’s called FLAME everything and that’s a COLD rule
It’s DOOM for all enemies, so if you feel like this gon be a clas-sic (class sick)
I brought Tylenol for the whole school
I tell this nigga chill, I’m in a cold mood
Why waste (waist) lines when I can rock a belt? That simple
He want to win (twin) but he don’t know what he got his self into (in 2)
You about to see (C) A double L (L)
Who you gon CALL when you a ghost, buster?
Soul flying, I drought y’all sneakers, money here (hair) got to pay (toupee)
You’ll see more mmmmkay’s (‘K’s) then a South Park teacher
Back to the top, I fantastic four my enemies
I got a doom gun to send ya boy outta space and watch ya solar system
After I send your anus (Uranis) to the moon, son (sun)
These niggas get a box like they bobsledding, but I’m on the cool running
I come from the great start, you see how I separate words?
These are space bars, yup I’m going apes, lines out the ass
You can tell ya friend HE working on L number 2
This where the HELL begin
I grew up a starving kid, I seek a mil’
Second time I show y’all my sequels kill
I could see thru who they adore (a door) my peoples (peep holes) real
Lines on top of lines, that equals (=) skill!
Lines on side of lines, alright that’s 11
They gossiping (gospel/pen) cuz what I write come from the heavens
I’m the shit Doo Doo Brown, these lil pussies get they tails popped
They say he sick, give the man a cure (manicure)
I’ll mask up like a nail shop
I told you it’s gon be hard to defeat (feet) me, I’m too polished
I got this nigga scared, RAH! Shit (Rasheed) I’m the new Wallace
Candy ass squares get a box now, then it’s see you later
40 in my hand cock (Hancock)
I Will dump like I don’t want him to be with Jada
Playa why harms play? Hey I’m thuggin’ it out, Jersey you know me
No Joey, but when I pump-pump it up
You better get yo butt in (Joe Budden) the house
What if I win? He get blew away, that shows you this is a breeze
Jesus I’m sick, God I chew (atchoo) niggas
Lord knows (nose) I didn’t sneeze
Please ya gun makin’ the pop music but do you got the tech? no (Techno)
Ya heart racing? I let a shot off at you marks like, get set, go
Yes? No? Why stress when y’all done?
My question is, is we warrin’ still? Otherwise it’s Lauryn Hill
You might win some but ya just lost one

[Round 2: LottaZay]

That tat on ya face don’t make you look gangsta
Or look more like the bigger man
That tat on ya face make you look like the ultimate warriors biggest fan
Listen fam, I’ll catch you late night with the burner creepin’
Meaning what I do in the dark gon’ come to light/Lyt like a dirty secret
You remind me of Jim Carey on some G shit
So don’t say you not
Cuz you a funny guy who talk out his ass like the Pet Detective
And The Mask is what made you hot
Day does not understand the lyrical content
That I come up with in my conscience saying you ain’t complex
Quit with that nonsense, when your miss in my mattress
Day unaccounted for, is you getting the plot yet?
I’m the whole reason that roof he (roofie) hang-over like Zach Galifianakis
You knock this cuz you not this, he knock this cuz you not this
A hot bitch would never throw the sex your way
If this was the Day before today bitches wouldn’t say yes to day (yesterday)
Let’s set the record straight
My first name Dayshawn let’s take apart my name make it apply to you
All the same, if you got the paper I’ma pull out the pencil, jot my name
Translation, before he get to Shawn that lead is gon start with Day
I got a movie clip for you, that shotty horror/horroh, wait
Cuz in the end you found out that nobody was sonnin’ ‘em
And he was just wiggin’ on you like Norman Bates
So if my semi knows (nose) I put the spare on ya helmet like Florida State
So I prefer you choose the latter day
Like the believers of the Mormon faith
Is hard to wake when you don’t watch ya clock cuz hours go forward
Daylight saving, no, peep what I’m saying
If you don’t watch your clock cuz ours go for what Daylyt saving
I’m saying the cannon buckin’ hit the panic button
I got that income tax flow it’s that time of the year
You knew you had it coming
When the 4 is dumpin’
I’ma break you off some of that metal like when Forrest runnin’
You in the forest runnin’ like it’s Vietnam or somethin’
Lookin’ like Lieutenant Dan or somethin’
When mines blow we’ll cheer (wheelchair) cuz you don’t stand for nothin
Let me handle something, if I was ya junior
Advice from you is who I wouldn’t take it from
Cuz we all came from slums
But the image you portray displays you wanna stay
Instead of make it from
What if rap don’t work out?
You gotta get a job, you went and tatted ya face, you dumb
Come on ya name is Daylyt/daylight
I shouldn’t be tellin’ you how to raise ya sun/son

[Round 2: Daylyt]

Aight brotha, you look like the right brotha to test out what I write brotha
So I brought a bunch of plain and simple lines in disguise
Write brothers, don’t worry, they’ll get there L’s (Dorell), Wright Brothers
Punches I left/right brothas to explain you a simple
Cuz what I write brotha is like the Write Brothers
They gon send the right brotha to the sky
And that’s just plain (plane) and simple, now let’s explain
You a SIMP-SON, show me how I thought I could trust
A nigga to school these kids, tell HOMIE I let the auto (OTTO) bus
At least a (LISA) nigga feel safe
That’s cuz I added a lil MO bars to the killing scene
One phone call make this MISTER BURN(S)
MAGGIE’S blow you to smithereens (SMITHERS)
I mean it’s no joke, but you gotta pay for this ass whooping
Kutcher (cut ya), no Ashton, but you get Sebastian that’s the tell fare
I’ll be at ya dome, ding dong, soon as you hear the bell air (BEL-AIR)
Like wassup with all that JAZZ you pitch?
I will ASH this bitch if he don’t die
He’ll reappear (HILARY) on my death list
Y’all feel (PHIL) he higher? Well (WILL) that shit he made
He just another JEFFERY to the FRESH PRINCE
Tell ya best bitch, he better not get out of line with a G
Cuz I BUG out with arms, this cat will peel (CATERPILLAR) a CO-COON ass
Her but ‘ll FLY (BUTTERFLY) thru a TREE, LEAVE her grounded
She fallin’ you ballin’ don’t leave it in sight
Cuz to a crook you got 2 options, either die or reup (Diarrhea)
Cuz you go right into the butt, I’ll send money up
In fact, who wanna bet? Lines that connect to a bag
That’s just for the net, why sweat? Escalate up a body, no stairs
Before I paint this picture red, you be searching for the Kool Aid man
“OH YEAHHH!” That’s fair, I see it all in ya face
You mark and you got on sharpie make up
But my lines sharper than a Steve Harvey shape up
J touch Hova you know a nigga like you not ready for the brawl (BRA)
You still in A cups, I break up the back of these back branch niggas
Y’all gotta stick to frontin’, you shootin’ (?)
Ya guns like a lifetime rooster marriage
We’ll never see this chicken dumpin
Listen pumpkin, bum bitch think he ballin’ live
He gon see sparks, are we jumpin’ stumpin’
You ain’t seen this many feet in one spot since a hide and go seek start
See/sea part of me I’m Moses, no diss but you not ahead
One dollar bill niggas get squashed to crumbs, I’m goin apes on these kids
Don’t be curious George you know I been washing tons (Washingtons)
Calm that shit down…

[Round 3: LottaZay]

You don’t wanna go to the hands
Swing you see what I do with these machete fingers?
Elm street ya block, Day dreaming, well Krueger kill kids for sleeping
And I don’t give a fuck if it’s Daylight/Daylyt or not
Might as well say goodnight, I got ratchets for you
Fours, nines, ratchets for you, swords, knives, daggers for you
All just to make you take an L for the team
Like I brought a fat bitch for you
See when you joke around this the shit that happens for you
There’s many ways to bury you it varies tho
Ding! Look, that quick I just came up with the greatest scenario
The tre, spray, carry you
And pull a mask off this mask man like Rey Mysterio
Wait, hear me tho, my bro said be careful tho cuz Daylyt he crip
But just in case he pull that phat shit in the battle, you might need this
I said I don’t give a fuck if he Snoop Dogg, Dub C, Ice T mixed
You’ll get the scoop from the big can like it’s Iced Tea mix
Now I don’t doubt that he might be crip and really live that shit
But if he so much of a gangsta, how come it’s okay… Exhibit A
To get away with shit like this? Now this is the same nigga
Who got a song called Butt naked with a shotgun
Then really did the video butt naked with a shotgun
Now I know you crazy, but I question the sexual preference
Of the niggas that filmed you butt naked with the shotgun
Gay nigga, probably only went to Jersey for UW
To get butt naked with the Shotgun
There’s not one hotter than that’s why I got the win
I saw ya Quilly All Blog and the only thing it proved
Is that Lyt is outta hand, I understand
In that blog you had you showed you sho’ nuff had the glow
But in the end you thinking that I stole shine, I’m Leroy Green
I ain’t had to throw all these punches I had it the whole time
Don’t y’all remember the days when, no
I’m not remembering Day’s wins but they sin if they think Day sent
From God, I body whoever they send
Things ain’t lookin’ too well on Day’s end, in my eyes ya bitch dazing
To everything ya hotel suite/sweet like the Days Inn
I’m in my motorcycle, the chopper clip in ya T too, no judgment day
This is Day’s end, that calendar come with boxes for the body parts
I’m putting days in (Day’s in)
They stand in amazement
Cuz I made you “CALM THAT SHIT DOWN NIGGA!” Nigga
Like ya Fatz battle
No how bout I could do that better
How bout I have ya squared circle covered in sheets like ya Fatz battle
You gon catch an L O T right beside ya boy like my Smack battle
I clap metal at ya bitch when she thinking cap
Then the red thrill her (thriller) jacket like ya last battle

[Round 3: Daylyt]

Let’s say we had real beef, then I’m grillin’ everything like Foreman
Look at my form, man! It’s a foreign man
I make sure my rounds heard (HERD) to get thru the BULLshit
I’m in a bad mood so I let these SHEEP talk cuz they COWards
Word, you put ya life at stake (STEAK) and I wanna masterpiece
Here comes the Master, P, Master P, UGHHNNN!!!
My cloth made of God socks silk
It’s a Shocka, shocker, two big ol’ punches for this nigga, socker bopper!
Gotcha! Jacks any nigga in my sight cuz I two arms steel
Yet he (Yeti) would get the back of the BigFoot
If he come up the wrong hill, that’s real
How could a nigga defeat me? I’ll leave all you with Popeye’s son
Y’all should’ve been sweet pea
See G I’m a movie effect, don’t look at things from the upside
Cuz the down said take a hike and these niggas in the dirt now
I brought 10 yards worth the lines and if it’s good, you’ll be the 1st down
I’m on my 6th win, 7 days, yes son he weak/week
Who says um he (SESAME) street?
This 3rd is long nigga yes it’s gon be deep
I book 4 battles a week, every month, all year
So I don’t got a lot of time on my hands, now watch
Day got something for a weak/week niggas, this month, “AWW YEAH!”
I got some Lotta time on my hands, now watch I diss Lotta
This Lotta diss, oh god, Lotta wanna dance
Til he see a lot of dots fill the room up like a lot of disco balls
And I heard a lot of niggas been talking a lot of Lotta shit
Like they wanna see Day versus Zay
A lot of niggas been talking this ol’ Lotta shit
But I heard Lotta was quitting and that was said bold, but before that
Zay said Day was a baby pussy like a lot of kittens
Lotta you kidding, that was said bold, I see you sleepin’ on me couch
Bars I give this fool tons (futons) make lot of bed fold when I bump spark
It’s like Lux start, “y’all gon see lot of head rolls”
Lotta, you writing a lottery ticket yo ass can’t cash
Enough of the playing Lot, you ready for the big dogs?
Is that what you saying Lot? Quit playing Lot
I see that you got played in a whole lot of Lotta battles
Lotta you don’t know I play an important role
In a whole lot of lot of Lotta battles
Lotta how is you matching me? This gon be a day for a lot of cats to see
There’s no way he beating this nigga
Notice I said this gon be the day I see Lotta get cast to sea
Cuz I could see the beach in this nigga
Y’all see a lot of Screech in this nigga, I see a lot of geek in this nigga noise
Don’t think you gon get Saved By The Bell
Just because I hear a lot of Screech in this nigga voice
I’ll whip Lotta, Rest In Peace you after you get whipped Lotta
I’ll Rest In Peace you after you get whipped Lotta
You’ll get ripped up again I’ll make you rest in pieces, you capicci me?
That mean it’s gon be a lot of dead bodies
When I dump the ooze, it’s a zombie movie
It’s gon be a Lot of dead bodies
No when I dump the ooze, it’s a zombie movie
It’s gon be a lot of dead bodies
When I dump the ooze it’s a zombie movie
It’s gon be a lot of dead by Day

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