Rone vs. Fresco [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Rone]

So since the color white was invented
There have been few things that are whiter than this
Battles like this through the history of time
This is the reason that whiteness exists
You quit battle rap cuz you couldn’t take when people called you gay
Which ironically just might be your gayest move to date
But now you back for a chapter verse a natural disaster
Who’s finna set your hair right back on a platter
But you ain’t come to battle cats and massacre rappers
You back cuz
This the only place in the world where you actually matter
So you think that your sheik, I just think your cheats
You a overbearing, make up wearing, video-game geek
So fuck whoever told you that you’re special or unique
Son, I put on a clinic, you put on Clinique
You try to stray from the gay image, but put cream where your face is?
I hope you like cosmetics, cause medics is what it’s taking
I face scrubs, scrape em’, you aloof I’m amazing
Fresco’s girl couldn’t take it but Fresco’s ex fully ate it (exfoliated)
And you don’t eat, like bitch for real
Not even oranges, you just sniff and peel
Instead of skipping rope, he’s just skipping meals
Like, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!
And it’s got me a bit perturb, so give me a tip to learn
How you got Smithers mannerism’s and the body of Mr. Burns?
And plus the sizes he picks are all tiny as shit
He fucking stays in S&M like he likes to be whipped
He tried to raise a fist against me, but couldn’t ball one up to make it
So I tried to break bread with him, he wasn’t strong enough to break it
So I hope, no, I pray that ya’ll doubt me
Cuz I’m the rapping Dwayne Chapman, I will take your dog bounty
My squad rowdy, so act up or even talk loudly
And you’ll get snapped like Dan (?) and spiked like Gronkowski
Grind Time, URL, King Of The Dot is nothing
Any league I battle in I guarantee I crush ‘em
Fresco gonna need a fresh coat of paint
If he really gonna say that he’s stuntin’
And I only talk to bosses; so end of discussion
I am the devil, from Philadelphia
That American beast, so it’s apparent that he fails comparing to me
But if you ain’t scared to compete, than be prepared to be beat
But if I really wanna fuck with him, I’ll just cut his hair in his sleep

[Round 1: Fresco]

Now, people that don’t like URL have really been showing love for Rone
Cause he knows how to keep us white people in our comfort zone
He reassures us that we’re hip, with every verse he completes
And reminds us that the mixture of guns with puns
Is too urban and street
I let it peel, so tell them fruits, I got the juice, you can invite em’ and see
Like, peel? Fruit? Juice? Vitamin C?
If that makes you uncomfortable you’re as white as can be.
So if URL is just gun talk and reaching for wordplay,
Then I guess King Of The Dot must be light saber fights
And revealing your birthday
Like, you were born on April 25th and this year it’s a Thursday
And since it’s your golden birth
I’ll talk about the all-time high price of gold in a nerd way
No I won’t, but if your the golden boy with a (?)
See Rone in warrior mode
And be wild fired in here like that Roman Warrior show
And I know he’s saying some corny jokes, but you know
I got them punchlines in plenty the cornucopia flow, whoa!
And since I’m white
I got so many ways to diss you that I’m playful with you
Matrix kick you, make you think a fucking spaceship hit you
You found your Dad’s gay porn mag’s so now he’s angry with you
Cause you left a stain on every page
You flipped through in the April issue
You want a good showing tonight so I don’t care if you’re laughing
You can’t beat me if it’s here/hair, you would swear that I’m Sampson
I’d have to go of the head in his hometown to be fair when I’m rapping
So at this stage he’s just tryina top himself like Marilyn Manson
But you’re not like Marilyn for the rest of it
So my bad if that’s a diss to dude
That comparison’s just a testament
To how Adam had some ribs removed
Then God made the tree, you tried to shoot him a prayer
Cause what price would you pay to eat the fruit it could bare
I take the absolute value from the root of the square
And send him to a higher power when i cube it from there
Some day you’ll get divorced but still in love with your ex-wife
Even though she took your money and only let you have sex twice
Then she’ll whisk away to Mexico
And crash and die on that Express flight
And reincarnated in her next life as my flesh-light

[Round 2: Rone]

Next time I see you, I’ma be clappin’; The AR!
Next time you see me? I’ma be clappin’; The AR!
Now folks at home be like Rone just hit this cat with the same bar,
Yeah but god damn when he rapped it he came hard!
So we know this man is a mixture, but what we have to consider
Is he a fag or a hipster? Is he a ma’am or a mister?
Is he the 6th Backstreet Boy or the 4th Kardashian sister?
Well if you get it twisted I’ll throw your man in a twister
I’m here to splatter a Fresco and knock it off of its fixture
You shouldn’t have to draw conclusions my resumes of the Richter
Me and the illest-straightest (illustrated) bars
That should paint you a picture
And I see you try to talk to broads dog and all of your game is awful
Plus you softer than making nachos with Jonathan Leguizamo’s
No, you softer than taking pic’s in the mirror with Taylor Swift
While the two of you trading tips on how both of you paint your tips
You take a girl out for drinks and see that she stays slurping
Gets her so fucked up she’s not even the same person
Finds her passed out in bed and he still got his game working like
Don’t say anything if you’re awake… OK perfect
You wish that you were gangster, everything you do is prison rules
If you got locked up, you’d be walking around like, “Prison Rules!”
You get fucked up, cause you don’t know what fitness is about
You’d be better off fitting this dick in your mouth
Fucking fashion forward? You couldn’t fashion four words against me
Handsome? You’d probably rather hand some dude your testes
You think you’re up on fashion but none of your shit is hot
But I’ll suit him up with a 2-piece that’ll probably get him dropped
You better stay in pocket square or you’ll have to split from The Dot
He won’t ever make the card again (cardigan) whether he wins or not
So fuck a Fresco, find me an opponent that’s worthy
They call him Fresco clean, I just did Fresco dirty

[Round 2: Fresco]

Rone, I’ve heard your CD and not to be mean
But most of them tracks were open ass on a copy machine
I haven’t even fuckin heard half your stupid album yet
Cause I had to cut it off once you started rapping through the alphabet
A while back you and I had a similar fan base
But you ain’t hold up through time, I had shit that can translate
I can tell he’s a bitch from the grip of his handshake
And he’s corny as Mac Lethal when flipping a pancake
And he’s softer than making omelet’s to Jonathan Taylor-Thomas
Start comparing bars, it would probably make him vomit
See you could watch me 5 years ago and rediscover bars you didn’t get
You watch a Rone battle 1 time it’s like, this is it!
So we’d rather see Dan Aykroyd act then hear that frat boy rap
That got you coming out of pocket like an Android app
You’re actually too soft to be in a frat
You’d probably show up for the paddling’s and probably leave after that
So no one on Fraternity Row has ever heard of you bro
I just call you a frat boy after courtesy though
I should dump a can on him like Fraternity hoes
And leave Adam stretched out like maternity clothes
He tried to buy his friends with weed, but look how far it gets you
Cause after every runny nose he ends up looking soft as tissue
It’s like he’s trying to smoke you up, But he’s trying to convince you
Like you gotta smell these buds bro, Look at all these crystals!
He’s still trying to prove to his girl that he’s dedicated
So when he take her to the club he the designated
Buying test tube shots and all types of drinks
I just hit her once and got her open like a hyperlink
Ya’ll are saying that Rone’s good? That’s very fake
Cuz he softer than two straws in a raspberry shake
So you could keep typing your raps til’ your Blackberry break
Cause you ain’t even that good like Salisbury Steak
So why the fuck you think I even wanna battle Rone?
His whole style getting old; camera phone
But ya’ll been gassing Rone up; and that alone
Is why I’m going for the belt; Daddy’s home

[Round 3: Rone]

He’s such a narcissist that he jerks off and rubs it into his pores
I guess that gives a new meaning to being self-absorbed
If someone complements me, I just think the homie’s being nice
Or if it’s a girl i might try and throw the bitch some pipe
If someone compliments you, It’ll holy switch your night
You’ll whip out a mirror like, holy shit your right
I took him to the strip club, tried distracting the little guy
He ignored the girls and stared at his own reflection the whole time
I tried taking him to a house party, even that shit didn’t help
Found him in the bathroom sending dick-pics, to himself
You’ve never had a manly moment, drunk or sober
You try to change a flat-tire, it’ll backfire and you get run-over
You probably never played sports your whole life bitch
You probably dribble like this, and throw like this
But your confident here
because first off your a nerd god in a word sprawl
And your talented, so you think you should from the first bar
But all this I just write the night before shit will get you murked dog
Because hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard
You’ve always fuckin been privileged, it’s not like he needs money
But being that skinny you’d think he’d at least be hungry
You like a whip form 2027, maybe better condition
Not because your futuristic, but cause you’ve never been driven
You live in a mean-girl teen-world, if I could be brutally honest
Instead of settling disputes like a man, you using rumors and gossip
And maybe buddy is just being funny it’s all that he’s using the rock with
But if you humor is really that dark, i can find you a tomb or a coffin
And then you use these gun bars, right? These gun bars
I’m thinking hell no son, the only time you pulling the trigger
Is when you make yourself throw up
Sonny, I’ll be blunter than the back of a machete
Anthony Coletti ain’t bangin’ with the dessy
But i got tomato sauce to splatter your spaghetti
If you want it with a monster well you clashing with the Yeti
So you want war? It’s on, No fucking torture barb
My Qur’an is drawn, Amor or armed
The napalm we was pourin’ on soarin’ on
Omarion verse a four alarmed mortar bomb
You a foot speed dweeb, my mind is V8 fast
This a freaking shot of whiskey verse a V8; Splash!

[Round 3: Fresco]

Now i don’t wanna bring this up, but fuck it I did
Ya’ll remember that coach from Penn State
Who got caught fuckin’ them kids?
Well check this out; “My name is Adam Ferrone
And i was coached by Mr. Jerry Sandusky.
And I’m holding this anatomically correct doll
To show you where this man touched me.”
What the fuck you think we just forgotten your past?
How you ran track at Penn State, was at the top of your class?
Well Sandusky handpicked you for a scholarship pass
So that battle in New York wasn’t the first time DNA got in your ass
Now that’s speculation, that’s just speculation
So let’s backtrack a bit
You went to St. Josephs Prep and Penn State and you ran track and shit
Sandusky coached at both those schools while you were there
And that fact is legit and you keep trying to deny it but that has to quit
I think he might of had his eye on you since you were barely 12
He’d ask you to play truth or dare and do the carousel
Well he definitely knew your parents and your teachers
Yo that’s why you were scared to tell
So at the very least Rone, you knew him very well
So let’s say you possibly weren’t raped
Cause you stopped him at third base
Well it’s still gay as fuck it got that far in the first place
Picture him and Jerry in a sophomore dorm
Getting his legs rubbed down like a softcore porn
He bought you new track shoes and you even got your own blots
He’d treat you like an old friend then treat you like an old sock
When the news came out about him, you felt sad and alone
Depressed and dejected and wouldn’t answer your phone
People on Twitter hit him up like
I heard you got molested what’s happening Rone?
And you responded like
“I’d appreciate it if everyone would leave my family alone”
That sounds like something that someone who got molested would say
I bet you shed a couple tears when he got arrested that day
It just makes me feel bad that you were disrespected this way
But you just feel bad you didn’t get to go the rest of the way

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