Daylyt vs. Shotty Horroh [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Shotty Horroh]

They said Jers’ won’t like me, there’s too much of a stretch in the slang
They’re gonna need Tsu Surf’s subtitles or lengthen the match
Just so heads can adapt
This was meant to be JC and Daylyt
But J said he’d retract ‘cos his schedule was packed
But I would battle Arsonal, Pat Stay, Ness Lee, and Ness over Math
I’m not asking you to like me
I’m just expecting a chance to earn respect as a man
And a backing cause now I battle for bigger checks and in cash
Cuz I ain’t JC, and nowhere near less of a match
You’re gonna wish JC kept to his word and UW met his demands
Cause to get here, I had to face the bossman
And I made him bring the best in his class
So you an upper major? Bring your Mexican wrestling mask
And every single weapon you have
Listen Day, shoot at me and I’ll move at a quicker pace and slip away
So the bullet ricochets and hits your face
Tissue scraped, get your mouth that 50 shape
‘fore your teeth chip and break
What I’m saying is if you leave that bullet-in
It’ll follow back regardless of a twitter page
You try to be different, but not in a different way
So he inks his face to get views equivalent to Drizzy Drake
That YMCMB ‘em like Lil Wayne, I said that’s YMCMB like Lil Wayne
You think that that scaring me? Big mistake
You lost someone you can intimidate
I’m about to break Daylyt down into little rays
Day won’t get through me like a window pane with a lick of paint
You think he’s real, you will see a round posters like a picture frame
Every round rhyming is a round lying (lion) like Simba’s mane
He got murdered by Skelly, bodied by Interstate.
Now me means you got killed by three whites like he O.D.
When we give him yay and he didn’t pay
I seen him on King of the Dot, although we never met before
I’m thinking, “Who’s he man? Oh, he’s the one that Skelly tore (Skeletor)”
Keep acting like a Power Ranger
And keep that mask on that head of yours, it won’t be enough
You need to bring your whole team together like Megazord
You’re just a novelty act, someone to laugh at
He’s jumping around in some Enter the Dragon steez
In his blog showing his nasty feet
Dressed in those Karate gees’ acting Japanese, well he’s either a genie Oriental, let’s see what happens when I put this can to knees (Cantonese)
He loves comic books but this is classic because the first issue
We’ll have he’ll need protection like a plastic sleeve
Pull it and cover and get ready for this Magazine
He wants to look like a hero that’s why his face has got the ink in
Well listen you Joker, I’m the Bane of your existence
You kick down my mac (?)
Oh, you have no venom but ya Two-Faced
When you say you’re the Kingpin
You got green gobblin’ dicks
Let’s see what happens when you’re playing with a villain
You also look like someone from a comic books
That gets narration from the geeks
Well I’ll catch him on a dark (k)night with that large knife
And put some Heath Ledger lacerations in his cheek
And that’ll Dent your pride like DNA’s fascination with his teeth
I’m fucking you up! I’m fucking you up! The whole club can see
Arsonal, he loves comics
So why’d you have a comic booked against a Marvel
Well, I’ll let D see this ain’t just his league
UW Motherfucker!
I’m fucking you up! For the whole club to see
Rebel, how could you have a comic booked against a Marvel
Well, I’ll let DC this ain’t the Justice League
UW Motherfucker!

[Round 1: Daylyt]

Alright, I need everybody to put on they thinking caps, everybody Thinking caps, thinking caps, thinking caps, alright, class is in session
By a show of hands, who in here comprehend bars?
… One, two…alright cool
By a show of hands who feel like it’s nothing for y’all to think?
…One, two, three, cool, alright cool
By a show of hands, who been thirsting for that 2013 date?
One? Alright cool, well I brought something for y’all to drink
They said we both can PUNCH..nah
In a minute made (maid), Shotty feel like it was gon be a horror flick
As soon as I did my way/weigh in
For the niggas that don’t understand bars y’all better go…cool (GOKU)
Cause you ain’t finna understand shit I’m saying
Now pick a low (PICCOLO) amount of victories
That Android said 16-17 maybe
But ain’t gotta be a V-E-G(E) to (TA) (VEGETA) see
That I’m clowning in a jump
You still don’t get what I’m saying, son (SAIYAN)
Well you about to get found in the TRUNK. Ka
May-I, May I (Kamehameha) add up the fact that I can sell (CELL) a fight?
They say I’m about to go ape-shit
Well I’m a calm that down after his tail get sliced
Freeze-up (Frieza)
For the people that feel like I ain’t just say the greatest theme
Well if you ever seen Dragon Ball Z that’ll be your favorite scheme
We got all night!
Yo, I said it’s pay day, but before I got some cents, I got some sense
I sensed something was fishy about this nigga, he give me that sea smell
Last battle, Ars said you was bragging and BOAsTing
Did you want to come aboard (board) again? I said for sure (shore)
Only if it’s a free sell (sail)
Here’s something for y’all to see (sea), world, I did this shit for FREE
Will he (Willy) nap? Let the peeps tell
The last 2 battles I had under I (eye)
Was bags like I didn’t sleep well (whale)
Check this out, let me rewind that, y’all wasn’t listening
Free, Willy, nap, sleep, whale
He, she, shemale, no misses, doubt fire? (Mrs. Doubtfire)
Bullets go in your nanny mouth, when you see that four
Rest (Forest) in peace, it’s not Bambi house
I ain’t gotta say shit like I pull a swammy out
I laugh at these rappers I draw macs
Leave your dogs flat, Parappa the Rapper, your girl, I’ll actually slap her
Cause everytime I come around her, some shit seem wrong
She say 10 niggas hit, she a whore, hell
She’s like a door-bell, she done had a million Ding-Dongs
You seem strong but you couldn’t hand me shells (Michelle)
If it was Team Obama, they scream he polish, I scream he God bitch
You Jesus momma
Wait, Peel, Time, Off this performance I should get a Grammy, watch
I can smell victory, 50 Cent(s), welcome to the Candy Shop
Your life is like a sucker:
You know, stick up, candy rapper with a sweet round
No you’s a faggot, a sucker, you take sticks up the ass
These candy rappers kinda sweet round
No you’s a faggot, a sucker, this is a stick up
I can these rappers when I sweep round
No you’s a faggot, a sucker, a nigga who takes sticks up the ass
But these candy rappers never had a sweet round
Keep down, keep down, this where the beat-down begins
Y’all gotta watch, he losing
It’s proven that all suckers get lolly-popped
I gotta watch, what I say around these type of clowns
They writing down: Tootsie pop Owls
Before you can count to 3, these niggas bite your round
Put the rifle down, scope on him, rifle sound, scope on it, I kill a parrot b,
Get on one knee and give this bitch a gold round, will you marry me?
I said, apparently, y’all didn’t know he was a rapist
How could you let a child touch him?
Please, bro he’s like an Air Bud free-throw, you’s a pedophile (pet foul)
Fuck him, I’ll let him down like I ain’t hold my end of the bargain
Ok bro, with all that dissing
You’ll be missing somewhere in the world with Carmen Sandiego
You’ll be a dead man, aye yo! With that being said, this cat so real
No more, win some and you lose some
The new slogan is: “To the Batmobile!”

[Round 2: Shotty Horroh]

So I’m a white guy, from England and back home I’ve never owned a sig
Real talk, I’d be a phony prick if I started rhyming about the chrome I grip
But that’s back home
You ever heard the saying “when in Rome, do as the Romans did”
Well I’m in New Jersey and as soon as I got off the plane
I told Arsonal to bring me a loaded fifth just so I could hold the bitch
Cause this is New Jersey
All over the globe this place is known for some loco shit
I could kill you right now, fly home, and no-one would even know I did
I’ll say this part really slow, cause I know you’re slow as shit
I’ll spring into action, jump you and bounce
And no evidence from the po’ gon’ (POGO) stick
I’m no gangsta, but if I was I wouldn’t be rapping, motherfucker!
It’d be everybody dead, your neighbors and your pets
Your family would suffer
Philadelphia in one hand, Kansas in the other
What’s that? Two Tech N(9)ne’s collabing with each other!
Other than an accent and race and stupid tat on your face
What makes us any different?
All the government are killing all the poor people
It isn’t about the shade of the skin or the nation you live in
Google “Manchester,” you’ll see about the gun raising, the killings
And how people are using grenades on their victims
It’s not just the States, the jailing system is major business
I’m here representing the ghettos you neglected to say existed
There is a difference, cause I have the integrity not to diss
Your baby kid or any of your relatives you may of laid to rib
That’s some shaky shit
I wouldn’t compromise my morals to take a win that’s for you shady kids
Cause if I can’t beat you by describing you, it must be my day to quit
Cause real talk, Daylyt, you’ve been doing some crazy shit
You fuckin’ grabbed a shotgun, put a camera on, and then got naked, shit
I don’t wanna go online and see a heavily armed naked rapper
I saw that and wanted to ban Day vid, Call me David Banner
Then I saw a blog of him saying he’s gonna slap one of T-Rex’ boys
Cause he’s getting crazy with the grabbing and it’s gay and he’s a faggot
But he’s the one who put out a solo naked male video
To a mostly male demographic
Tryna gain a little of traffic, cause he’s the rapper no-one mentioned
And when a thirsty bitch gets no attention, they end up over-stressing And go and get it by doing a blog holding a loaded weapon
To some broken smoke detectors
Just tryna gain a little traffic cause he’s the rapper that no-one mentioned
..and fucking going against me, you know I’ve got that loaded weapon
And listen, I don’t care if I fucked my bars up
Cause you got a fucking stupid tat on your face
You can get smacked in a way
Shown up dressing like philistine
I’ll fucking light up this square like Billy Jean
I mean, some said I wasn’t gonna show up
But that’s what the talkin’ was about, cause I’ll show up to the showdown
To show off when the show’s on for all of the crowd
Fuck it, Time, round 2, fuck it

[Round 2: Daylyt]

Mook, Rex, Dan
We about to go Diamond when you add the Roc with Sean/Shine
They added me into the mob cause they notice my grind
Now I’m a lowercase “i” just a Dot with lines
You feeling a little optimistic, prime example, you still a truck on E gassed
That’s why I don’t feel/fill these niggas
You’ll get split in half, god, thinking that you back undefeated
I’ma kill these niggas, I’m half-God, I’m Achilles niggas
I don’t feel these niggas when the war’s in, force in, leg-shot
Kill a kid if it hit a boy shin (abortion), skateboarders who want to
Skateboarders who want to (two), will (wheel) get rib sticked
I’ll give you a leg a-round, skip-it
I’m two steps ahead with lines, drunk driving test, I’m hard
How can Black fry Day (Black Friday) when my lines the best by far
You must done lost your marbles, saying I’m not a hard floor
I show no sympathy, this is a big titty victory
Something we could brawl (BRA) for
You better go home, ‘less (homeless)
You wanna be a bum in a box, cardboard
And you know I got the fours (force): Star Wars
I buck at neck-head (bucket naked) my guns ain’t got no clothes on
I blow domes out of space, E.T. I pack the fo’, holmes
This for my holmes, I’m a beast, gotta watch
Off my presence, it’s a wrap, feliz Navidas
Dots! This is telekinesis fellas, realize it
How many times I gotta show a nigga?
I’m an animal, feel my wrath, stop acting like you don’t know a nigga
If my foes scandal with fo’ scandal, scope on it
The fo’ scanned all when I explode
Cans though, it’s exploding candles
Get tore (tour) in half like the rest of your show’s cancelled
After I rest him, I show cans so any nigga who feel like they free
I’ll emancipate him
You feel you it I’ll kill a clown, you’ll get a-round like transportation
Patience, look how I spit tools, he’ll be a patient in a hospital
I’m pasting, how I spit to is just so Amazing, grace nigga
It ain’t about race nigga, it’s about a race if we raced then I’ll erase niggas
You just the middle of my body-bag, trash, another waste nigga
Dead, get your head, astro-nauts (knots) you’ll be an outer-space nigga
Laid out flat, y’all see how I’m hurting these chumps
Chrome slugs, bone-thugs
You wouldn’t Wake Up Wake Up if it was the first of the month
You gon’ need Lady Luck for these rapping divas
Cuz these niggas flow suck, they vacuum cleaners
Bring vaccinations cause Dog’s type sick
And y’all my victims, Mike Vick ain’t got nothing to do with this
You not familiar with skill? Then I’ll (OWL) show you who (HOO!) it is
It’s me, every year I get a contract to break apart men (apartment)
They always wanna lease a G
To put me in front of a tall nigga to dance, I’ll treat em like France
I’m leaning towers who want a piece of (Pisa) me
You capicci me? Come take a piece with me
The piece with me when the fif’ clap
You either give me a break, give me a break
We break off a piece of niggas heads when we Kit Kats
Big rats play Chuck-E-Cheese that just mean I got killer toys smiling
They like the violence, you sleeping on me, that’s bonkers
Crocodile Hunter ain’t seen this type of wildin
You’ll be a dead man, Eyy Yo! With that being said, this cat’s so real
Y’all know the slogan- one, one, one, two, three… TO THE BATMOBILE!

[Round 3: Shotty Horroh]

So I didn’t write a third verse… I’m lying I wrote a fucking third verse
Machete cuts, sever stuff
Leave you nothing but flesh and blood like my second cuz
Now we’re both wearing a mask to protect the mug
In case the detective look
But I can tell you ain’t killer, real military never forget the gloves
Real killers never forget the gloves, oh, you’re militia?
Well you can catch a rebel scub that’ll level huts
And leave you dead in mud next to head and gut
Leg and foot, 21 gun salute, weapons up
Body looking sloppy in the coffin so they kept it shut
You ain’t a soldier, when I’m around keep your medal tucked
Or get it took, medics rush
Body infected with septic pus, that’s dead enough
But 20 trucks infiltrate the place while your resting up
Just to cut the extension plug, connect it up
To what it is, I gave you that last breath you took
Cause this is Guerrilla war, mission to kill em ‘all!
Bullets’ll be flying from the window to the wall
Two teams flanking him, pistols in the paws
C4 backpacks sticking to the doors
Cause this is Guerrilla war, mission to kill em ‘all!
Bullets’ll be flying from the window to the wall
Two teams flanking him, pistols in the paws
C4 explosive packs sticking to the door
You can die as a soldier, finish as a corpse
If you’re living you’ll be hearing “Chhh! Mission is abort”
Fuck this mask! These gloves
And all the fucking faggoty gay whispering aside!
I want them to know I killed you Daylyt
So I’m leaving these fingerprints behind
Before Dot Mob, nobody gave a fuck about your battle bars
You had to join because you had an average start
And apparently gaining your own fans is hard
So think before you
Do a blog trying to embarrass them talking about grabbing ass
Cause without that T-Rex behind you, you wouldn’t be moving anywhere Like that fucking T Rex in Jurassic Park
Them tats and scars don’t detract from the fact of how wack you are
You can fucking go to your bedroom and do a fucking dress in
Mr. Miyagi’s garms and pretend you’re in a Mr. Miyagi spar
It won’t be enough, you can shake your head
But you look like a faggot, rah
I’m a spiteful bastard
I don’t give a fuck if Daylyt shows up looking like Michael Jackson.
Yeah, I’m British, no, not time, I’m British, I came to rap
I want everyone at the back, the sides, and the front witness
You’ll see a white winter day (win today) like a good Christmas
But let’s go back to JC, cause you stay talking
J didn’t want to get over-crossing with lines, so that’s (J)aywalking
That’s fine for him cause he get paid for it
It’s a fine for you because you have to pay for it
Cause there’s nothing on my mind over the raining on Day
I’m brainstorming! I mean yeah I’m British
I thought you’d have some more intricate shit to spit
Like I’m not saying Day’s light or Day dreaming if he thinks that it’s a win
I brought some more intricate shit for him
Cause it’s difficult when you’re from England and its tricky fitting in
For instance, I don’t do drive-bys, I take my knife, stick him in the whip
Then hang him out the window when I’m doing 60 on the strip
Just to make him whistle in the wind

[Round 3: Daylyt]

There’s a lot of niggas in the crowd with they face like …
Damn, we didn’t know he spit
That’s cool, I’m cool, I tell em I’m just getting big, well (whale)
I’m Moby Dick, now I got some English ass to kick
I’ll be euro stepping on some Ginobli shit
Soon as they coin toss me it was Frosty the Snowman
These three rounds finna be cold as shit
Shit, what you thought I wasn’t gon’ war on this main stage?
You lying homie, them 3 angles was nice…keep tryin’ homie
You wouldn’t be at my peak/peek if you was spying on me
That bullshit they buying phony
Look how quick he mark (Kwik-E-Mart), I boo (Apu) niggas
You didn’t know I sneeze on Africans? “Atchoo” niggas!
I shoot niggas with MK’s, four arms, you copy?
I’m Goro, if I let the 8 off, you will not see tomorrow
First option is: I wet a whole lot of tops, quit it, y’all dolphins
Second option is: stomach shot
You can get your rib hit (“ribbit”) like a frog talking
Coffins lying bruck, beef scarred
Will we be hard, no VR but you seen troopers
We attack with shells, kill me? Cool
All my kids coming back with shells, I’m King Koopa
I said, these new buts think battling me was the wisest suggestion
I will tap a chin like I’m asking a Chinese a question
They question my status, that is weird
You don’t see I’m thugging out this stratosphere
Fear me, lad, I’m a street boy, this battle like a keloid
I’ll make sure you hear the bag
See where I grew up, for coloring they book niggas
That’s just a day on in Watts, you know
For niggas who feel they cray, on (Crayon) in a box you go
You’ll get found in a lake or stretch
Remember men, your power meter getting low, Shotty
Just one more punch and it’s game over
I’ll put Shotty in a box like a new shotgun, FINISH HIM!
Y’all about to see black buried (blackberry), damn I’m bold
What I write right down, X a square, damn I’m cold
Your life fairytale, Captain Hook, Peter Pan
These big head kids think they fly
Til they get capped in hooks like Peter Pan
Nine of your boys got big head? I will cap ten hooks like Peter Pan
Take of your hat, ‘fore I give your cap ten hooks like Peter Pan
You a Family Guy, say you a Captain? Who? Them Peter pants
Hold your bladder before you get capped & hooked and pee your pants
You’ll get your Captain hooked like Peter Pan
He can’t take the loss, he’ll get capped and hooked like Peter Pan
Now I’m off to the woods, my camp tent hooked like Peter Pan
I wish a nigga would come to my camp tent
He’ll get hooked like Peter Pan
Coming for windshield niggas would roll up, but I cap tints
Who? I’m Peter Pan
Don’t block, cause when shields lift up, they wood
So you can still get caps and hooks, I’m Peter Pan
Now, you see where we’ve gone? We’ve gone, leave your wig on
I wig on niggas like a transvestite
Someone put a wig on this nigga, he look like a transvestite
Rex, remember that mac in the back of the Ac’?
Well, my Ac’ was acting right, so I sit in my Ac’ and write
Like Ac, you right, I’m too accurate
Ask a nigga, I’ll axe a nigga, no accident
But my axe’ll dent a nigga and then I ask for dinner nigga
Then these niggas brought me breakfast like I asked for Denny’s, nigga
I said, Rex, remember that mac in the back of the Ac?
Well, my act ain’t acting right, so I sit in my Ac and write
Like Ac, you right, I’m too accurate
Ask a nigga, I’ll axe a nigga, no accident
But my axe’ll dent a nigga, then I ask for Denny’s
Then these niggas brought me Diddy’s niggas
Diddy’s niggas got stripes like a bean bag
But I’ll be the (Big)ger person, you crying for the win? You can have it, T
See how I got these niggas feelings hurting
Who feel as if I’m hurting them?
Like when did I lose, no? I really got the win, did I lose? No
I’m stretched out, long winded, am I loose? No
We different breeds, he thought the window was loose, no
I win dough and lose like the window was loose, no
A whole lot of Sesame Street niggas, what’s today? Monday
No, I got the burner so it’s tools day (Tuesday)
I start airing, it’s winds day (Wednesday)
I bring the goons, it’s hundred and thurs day (Thursday)
You just got cooked, it’s fry day (Friday)
Bullets putting your girl on her ass, sat her day (Saturday)
He thought he was gonna son Day (Sunday)
Man, you gotta stop handing me these weak (WEEK) niggas
Now, with that being said, this cat’s so real
Y’all know, you win some and you… no, not that one
Y’all know the slogan, this, No
You win some and you lose some
Y’all know the slogan- to the… no
You win some and you lose some, but you live to-
Y’all know the slogan, you ready: to the, no!
Y’all know the slogan, you win some and you lose some:
To the Batmobile!

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