Conceited vs. Cruger [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Cruger]

You’re a complete fragile
You look smaller and smaller each battle
Conceited, you’re so short it’s like Con seated
And when Con’s seated his feet dangle
This is the first time he’s come to England
He’s so dumb he’s stickin his phone charger in the wall
Even tho the plugs are different
Which is a bit like you talking about the guns you’re grippin
Cuz he’s trying to force it even tho it doesn’t fit him
You look like a fuckin child, I know that’s crazy from me
Okay I’m sorry but I’d rather have a baby’s face than a baby’s body
At least I’m a regular height and not a dwarf, you’re proper short
Your Math Hoffa’s 2nd round versus Shotty Horroh short
How short is this dude? How small are ya shoes?
You’re a buffoon, I’ve rapped better when ordering food
And even zinger towers taller than you, you’re just a waste man
You look like one of those little monsters from space jam
Got spray tanned
So I don’t wanna hear how you clap the 8 and let the ratchet spray
It loses all effect when you act so gay
You pose to the camera after everything that you say
So if he’s ever pulled a magnum or blue steel it’s the Zoolander face
All the wordplay you have’s the same
I can see him trying to wrack his brains
Like how can he come up with another bar about cans or treys
I could probably count twelve times you’ve done wordplay about shells
And now when he says that he’ll buck it, it doesn’t go down well
See he be talking reckless acting like we all should get it
When he puts a bunch of words together with forced connections
The sort of shit you’d never say in a normal sentence
It’s like a Chinese finger trap, you try to pull it off
But it gets worse the more you stretch it

[Round 1: Conceited]

I know the main question is, is this a grandpa or child that’s a Cruger
After a bitch fuck with em
She don’t know whether to call herself a pedophile or a cougar
Y’all got me battling a dude older than Speed Racer
But looks like a teenager
Nigga how do you look like a Father and a Toddler?
You the only dude that resembles a teenage kid again and a senior citizen
Matter fact I know you wish this toast came with cinnamon
But I buck it (bucket) on ya head and leave ya shirt red like Gilligan
I will have that thang splitting when that clip flare
I let that bitch air like Kate Middleton
Yo I hope you listening, so why you talking Cruger?
You known for dreams, I’ll spark the Ruger
And you’ll get shot searching for a dream like Martin Luther
If this loser isn’t dead in a box then the docs gon X-Ray ‘em
After I put Cruger in a cast like Wes Craven
Nigga you can get wasted, but first kill his family with two techs
Shot in his boo chest, no sweater but I’m coming for crew necks
I said no sweat Eurgh, but I’m coming for Cru next!
Listen you will get wasted, but first kill his family with two techs
Shot in his boo chest, no sweater but I’m coming for crew necks
I said no sweat Eurgh, but I’m coming for Cru next!
You best believe I’m not worried if he say he had a gun
He’ll be a chef cuz he cook just like them
I ain’t worried about my head, I know he gon miss the bean
Cuz he looks just like him
That’s probably why your face is worried
And you know my raps will make sure your ass is buried
Given me that racket over the net
You gonna lose Major like Eddie Murray

[Round 2: Cruger]

You’re not the king of punchlines, you’re the king of bad puns
Your jeans are too skinny to fit a handgun
He’d be too scared of the noise it makes even if he had one
Forget a gun, it’s like Temple Run
One flick of a finger would make this little man jump
So you met Fox thru text battling, how gay are you both?
They bonded thru a common interest of jokes
About how they’ll shoot people when they blatantly don’t
That’s an online relationship as fake as Charron’s
So ya crews a bunch of fakers that met on a website
Why does no one clown him?
If that was now Catfish could’ve done an episode about him
But they go and act like the best and that’s so astounding
The S.O.N.S. (Suns) cuz they act like the Earth revolves around them
But if you ask me your writing is sloppy
A crew that came from the (?) and that ain’t the right clique to copy
You wear Polo cuz you’re the size of a jockey
This is the midsection of you torso that’s why you get bodied
Talking about the guns that you bust like you’re bad guys
But that’s something that the SONS haven’t touched like tan lines
That’s why they don’t even get their facts right
They be talking about AK-46’s and Mac 9’s
Say you getting bitches but the way you act might
Tell us you just go out with boys like a (?)
I don’t know why you rap like you do
You wear leather vests and have spiky shoes
So don’t talk about guns, you ain’t that kind of dude
Act right, your swags like the black guy from (?)
It looks like you’re trying to go for the gay image
You should come out the closet and your clothing should stay in it
When you buy a hoodie you ain’t suppose to cut off each sleeve
Leather outfits is where he blows his money weekly
Who the fuck wears that shit? No one does, believe me
You be dressing fruity like a coconut bikini

[Round 2: Conceited]

Now what bitch in her right mind would ever give him draws?
I mean last night Charlie Clips fucked his bitch raw
And DNA came thru and made that chick fall
And she know I’m next to slide in like a SIM card
This son is next to be in ya queen spot, Prince Charles
I put her on her knees make her get her lick on
Cru you better tame that stupid bitch
Cuz as soon as we crossed she got nailed
That’s something that Cru should fix (Crucifix)
But instead he stay chasing the cat like Peppe Le Peu
While I keep putting her in more positions that look like wrestling moves
She lies to him like “no Cruger, let’s just stay friends and be cool”
But I should know that just kickin it is something that Freddy would do
That Dessie will shoot like Pilates and make ya body stretch
For thinking you the wildest (Wallace) you could get a lot of techs
I’ll start snappin’ like paparazzi, I hope you got a vest
If I look at you and see that what you got on you is fresh
Then you can get capped and jacked (Captain Jack) like Johnny Depp
Pull out that Shotty next and pop the thing
I’ll let it light up and ring like a slot machine
AK’s, AR’s, Glocks and Beams
My whole arsenal will start kicking like ya soccer team
And yes I said SOCCER and it’s not FUTBALL
Now wait a minute, I know he’s thinking,
That super power bubble sense he has is tingling
He’s like, “I’m better at rap son, I’ll sever this wack bum
You talk about our soccer team
You’re just jealous New York doesn’t have one, I ain’t jealous of that one
Now correction this is what it would look like
If Justin Bieber was a twinker
On a bunch of reefer and some dimes of the crack
You look so much like Ellen Degeneres
That’s the truth there’s no punchline for that
So if he ever said he’ll spread and grip chromes and dead and lift bones
It must be bedrock, the only thing Fred pop is Pebbles Flinstones
So I’ll see ‘em run up on ‘em and let the shells speak
And start shootin at Cruger like we on Elm Street

[Round 3: Cruger]

You’re little and girly and ya style is phony
You’re a one trick my little pony
You look like you’re younger than 18, don’t front like ya crazy
It’s like Tellytubies cuz the face of the sons is a baby
Saying shit like ill fire the lama and give em a clip
Is pretty much the same as I’m rhyming it darker and spittin’ it sick
See my set ups are good cuz I make ‘em creative
And relate to the punch as a way to explain it
But the way that u make ‘em is lazy and basic
Just slightly different ways of saying the same shit
Like I’ll burst the semi squirt the Dessie
Bang the tooly clap the oozie, spray the gat, blaze the mac
Bust the lead, dump the tech, pop toast with the long nose
Dump clips when the slugs spit, 9 l peel light the steel
Clap baretta’s cans and hecklers
I’ll stop there cuz I could do that forever
It’s not that hard to rhyme a bunch a different words for gats together
But that’s all he does in every acappella
He relies on that shit to make his rapping better
Because without it he’d be wack as ever
You use guns as a crutch like the bitch from Planet Terror
And if that’s where u get ya raps from
Without that crutch you wouldn’t have a leg to stand on
He gets his act wrong trying tell us how mean he is
Repeating it to show us what the double meaning is
But he never means it so that means it’s shit
Fuck a double meaning if u don’t mean it it’s meaningless
And Brooklyn is the place he repping
But his actual address is something that he ain’t addressing
Cuz he grew up in Florida but hates accepting
The only son you could call Brooklyn is David Beckhams
His name is Reginald I could gun ‘em forever
On him talking bout guns cuz he fronts like it’s clever
But that scene with Dave Chappelle in The Nutty Professor
Is the only time you’d see Reggie fuck with a heckler

[Round 3: Conceited]

Yeah he did say something about all them gun lines in it
But the whole thing we wanna know is can you punchline with it
Now listen… I will come thru with ratchets on me, guns, clips, everything
I fucked it up, I’m freestyling and everything
Alright now for real, listen…
SIKE! You must be out yo damn mind!
I don’t know what y’all thinking, I would take everything Cruger own
Faster than y’all blinking
If anybody else got a dollar in here than we all thieving
It’s ironic how his name is Freddy Cruger
But I’m the one that’s gonna rob England
That John squeezing then I’ll let a clip spin, shots take off this kids chin
You can get clocked
You’ll know what time it is when ours (hours) ring like Big Ben
Matter fact I can spit 10 and go crazy when I dump the can
I don’t care, where ya palace? I’ma be bucking ham
I said, I don’t care where your pal is, I’ma be bucking him
Matter fact, fuck the can, I ain’t even gotta let the thing spark ya
Cuz this little shiny thing’s sharper
If I ain’t got a gun I’ll take the blade out to rock like King Arthur
I will hound ya than let it fly
The last time you seen a big mac it came with extra fries
If he said he got a toast jam, it’s breakfast time
Paramedics gonna have to zip ‘em up cuz this nigga dead, Rex & Shine
Nigga these type of pounds is not London money
And they not for exercise
So I’ll feed him the biscuit, see ‘em digest in time
I said I’ll feed him the biscuit to see him die just in time
I’ll feed him the biscuit, see ‘em digest in time
I said I’ll feed him the biscuit to see him die just in time
I don’t care if you live with ya wife, I show up to where that bitch reside
And start shooting at that place she crashes til ya princess dies

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