Serius Jones vs. Jin [Lyrics]

Serius Jones, Jin

Saleem Jones (born May 3, 1982), better known by his stage name Serius Jones, is an American rapper who is widely known for his freestyle battles. Jones won 12 consecutive battles at New York’s Monday Night Fight Klub before facing and beating former Fight Klub King Jin, tha Emcee to become MTV’s all-time Fight Klub Champion. Jones independently released King Me in 2006, followed by Serius Bizness in 2008 and Why So Serius in 2009.
Jin Au-Yeung (born 4 June 1982), who performs under the stage name MC Jin, is an American rapper, songwriter, and actor. Born in Miami, Florida and later living in New York City, he decided to reside permanently in Hong Kong before returning to New York to reside permanently in the summer of 2012. He speaks both Cantonese and English fluently, although he is not literate in Chinese. In the United States, he was both the first East Asian and Chinese American solo rapper to be signed to a major record label.

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Jones vs Jin

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