Dizaster vs. Swave Sevah [Lyrics]

Dizaster, Swave

Los Angeles vs. New York. Armenian vs. African American. Fast-paced vs. deliberate. Mind vs. muscle. Dizaster spits, “I’m the shit; you’re a port-o-potty/I’m the real thing; you’re a photocopy.” He piled on: “You’re a senior citizen, slash corny rhymer/So I’m not talking about sports when I say he’s a forty-niner.” He even goes after some boo-birds in the audience.

With no microphones and a room packed to the brim, it seems like everyone’s tight, but even Dizaster had to laugh when Swave hit him with, “See, my heat been blasting, but I don’t need that to take shots at you/Nigga, I will beat Bin Laden’s location outta you.”

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 Swave vs Diz

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