Zaito vs. Charron [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Charron]
Shape up or I’ll leave you laced up with your wallet missing
So pay up or wake up with a pot to piss in
My game’s up I’ll leave your rank cut til you’re non-existent
You straight suck against Righteous 1 you couldn’t have a leg up on the competition
Rearranging your circuitry while you’re awake you’re in surgery
Evacuating the place real urgently like a state of emergency
The crowd could scream your name there’s no way it’s disturbing me
I’m cooking shit up behind bars like Martha Stewart chained up for perjury
In my country a “loonie” is a coin, so I’m claiming diversity
In the Philippians a Loonie left you shaking up nervously
Our money’s worth more so this turf war can take an eternity
You’re gonna pay so/peso you can meet the exchange rate of this Canadian currency
Claim that you burn MC’s?
Bitch the day that you murder me a Holocaust survivor will jump in a time machine and scream, “Take me to Germany!”
You think you’re really nice Manilla Ice?
I’d rather have a rematch with sKarm and kill him twice
No race jokes, I’ma thank y’all with this
I’m the rebuttal king, my whole career is based off of Flips
Battle the Earth til I’m the last person left
Life’s a bitch and I’m a pimp so I flirt with death
It burns my flesh when I walk on church’s steps
Birth defects, umbilical cord wrapped around the nurse’s necks
It’s a battle of wits and you don’t know who you battling with
I was tapping your bitch in her vaginal lips smelled like a fucking janitor fish
A subtitle match has never been done
It’s for the love of hip hop together it’s fun
It doesn’t matter which language slides off the end of your tongue
Cause battle rap has us united and connected as one

[Unang Ikot: Zaito]
Hey Charron, welcome to the country
By the way, I’m Zaito
You know what, in every free time that I have
I’ve learned to speak in English fluently
Although I shouldn’t do it, in a comparison to my ability… Fuck
It’s like the first lesson in nursery
Malamang sa home court n’yo, pupwede mo ‘kong babuyin at tapaktapakan
Pero sa aking palatuntunan, dito sa aming palatuntunan
Malamang sa mga makita mong maghalo ang balat sa tinalupan
It’s not that I’m underestimating you
Do you wanna know who I am and the world that you’re stepping in
Isigaw n’yo nang todo bigay: B-side magingay!
Siguradong maghahabol ka nang patanga-tanga
Sa lalim ng pananagalog ko sa’yo
Dahil gusto kong maramdaman mo sa wikang Pinoy
At mariing kong sasabihin sa’yo
Na isa ka, sa mga bobong tambalasang nakatakdang bawiin ng buhay sa mga kamay ko
You cannot beat me on your own way on your own fist
‘Cause I am a hindrance of a wrong wish
Everybody knows that I can disrespect you
But I can prove to you
That I’m lovable and respectful person ’cause I am a Filipino
Pero ‘pag ‘di ko napigilan
Gagawa ako nang bagong palatuntunan
Kikidnapin ko nanay mo, itatayo ko nang bagong bahay palakantutan
Limang piso lang yung tambay
‘Tapos may bonus na dalawang oras yung mga senior citizen na tatay
Shh! Quiet!
And after that, I’m gonna fuck your beautiful sister
And she’s gonna ask me, Zaito what is this?
This is a brand new Philippine roller coaster

[Round 2: Charron]
I didn’t understand a lot of what he said, but I probably gotta find it
It talked about roller coasters but you’re not tall enough to ride it
He wanna talk about my sisters so I uhhh….bonked your sister
She let the team hit it
She’s so dirty she has a personal parking spot at the STD clinic
And with your mom it’s a give and go everyone in the league hit it bro
Sin City told me to say “putangina mo!”
Cut your damn wrists
There’s a language barrier but you’re a fucking wack bitch
Anyone in any language could understand this
Bitch I don’t fight fair I can tell that you’re quite scared
I’ll turn your Araneta dreams to a nightmare
It’s rare that you’re able to free but freeze up in half your battles how lame could you be?
Your memory’s bad in a different language I see
So if you choke I’ll just get Pesci to translate it for me
You ain’t a G, Halloween if you’re masked up out my door
If you were acting anymore you’d get an Academy Award
Smoke MC’s overseas, travel and explore
I stay close to my enemies cause every global supremacy needs casualties of war
Man you truly should stop it
You’re so gay you tried to act in movie for profit
And they casted you as a closet
Looking like you were smacked with a broom
When you were born the doctor should’ve shoved you back in the womb
Shout outs to Anygma, he’s slaying the game
Thanks to everyone who came out, this place is insane
I spent a whole day on a plane so tell that faggot Arcane
When I come back to Canada I’m taking his chain

[Ikalawang Ikot: Zaito]
Sorry panget, I don’t understand what you’re talking about
Ikalawang yugto ng mga banat ng makatang naatasan
Laban sa hambog na dayuhang tampalasan
At kung naiintindihan mo ng maliwanag ang mga sinasabi ko sa’yo
Tila eksena sa senaryong ipinagtitirik ko na ‘to
Dahil ang mga letra kong pinahiran ng mga tapang na kamandag
Na parang nakita mo yung sarili sa sulok
Na parang bayag na nakabalagbag
Pansamantalang, isasawalang pwersa ko ang galit at pagtitiis
Kahit na batid ko ang kaharap ko, ang isa sa mga lahi ng manyakis
Pukinang ina mo ang baho ng putok mo
Putangina dadayo lang Pinas, akala mo pokpok yung mga babae
Palibhasa yung puki ng Canadian matigas pa sa titi ng lalaki
Oh, As-Salamu Alaykum, binabati ko yung mga tropa kong Muslim sa buong Pilipinas, sa Baclaran H-2
Gusto mo paglabas mo eh iputol na ulo mo
Pero hindi, kaya
Give thanks and respect to Anygma
‘Cause he let me take care of you
But in my next battle with another alien like you
I will not forgive anyone
By the time that they just arrived at the airport
I will put them inside the drum, full of poision and pure cement
And this would be a symbol for all of you
That having a battle with Zaito is the thing that you would repent
Así es María blanca como el día
Pero es veneno si te quieres enamorar
Así es María tan caliente y fría
Qui son destelatos puro debemos scrupulous o mente de muchos Añejos
Naintindihan mo? Malamang hindi
‘Di rin, ‘di ba? Nabasa ko lang ‘yon, di ko rin naintindihan

[Round 3: Charron]
You choke in half your battles, the fans should cry
How many different types of drugs do you have to try?
Quit smoking before you collapse and die
Funny you have “to(e)” in your name but you’re not a stand up guy
He’s a fan favorite to half of these folks
I’m not here to battle I’m here to be a reality coach
You’re a sick MC when you don’t happen to choke
It’s backwards how the crack that you smoke hides the fact that you’re actually dope
Man up and cope, it’s something that you gotta do
Even the hookers in this country have more balls than you
You have more views than any man on this Earth
But Loonie gets the shine cause you fumble half of your verse
He battled Dizaster while stand on his turf
Anygma gave you Price Tag to show what you’re actually worth
Forget your words it’s like you don’t even try hardly
Your memory is so bad you could throw your own surprise party
Against Daddy Joe you had the wackest flow
This pussy wouldn’t stick out if he was a camel toe
You have to know that I’m claiming respect
Labeled a threat get props from Canadian vets
You rap about the money and the way that you dress
You gotta grab the noose if you wanna hang with the best
Dead ’em and I left him as a martyr
You shined in a five on five cause you’re dependent on a partner
But Protege is next and his death is looking darker
So I shall return like General Macarthur
Yo and just one last line to freestyle cause I’m killing off these rappers
What’s with the fucking sun glasses are you the Filipino Manaz?
Ayo you gotta realize that I’m coming and I’m so quick
Sounds like he’s gonna fucking puke cause I’m just that sick

[Ikatlong Ikot: Zaito]
Ang dami mong pinagsasabi lintik ka, hindi ko naman naintindihan
Ngawa ka nang ngawa para kang taga-bundok, ang sarap mong tadyakan
You look like the kid, in the can of Alaska
Wait, listen, real talk
Base on my own investigation, your whole family have different mental disorders
Your father is a collection of a mosquito with an extraordinary powers
And you know what, the sister of your mother with your daughter
Together with your whore grandmother that is oldschool snatcher
Founder of fucking insane mental hospital dancer
And also head of scary head of megablaster mental hospital dancer
And published an article in the tabloid newspaper
Saying it’s them who discovered the strength and the gadget of the super power ranger
And signed with the famous monggoloid singer named, “Bustin Jieber”
Singing, “Owuwooow”
Isperes bombong, parapingpangpung
Isteres kong kong, balabingkangjun
Espereskongbalabingchamchum, pukenengkaringpangpung
Oh pukinang ina mo buhay ka pa mistisong hilaw
Dating negrong nabanlian ng kumukulong panis na lugaw
Pero kahit kupal ka, ikaw parin ang pinakaswerte sa lahat
Ipagpasalamat mong pinatulan ka ng isa sa mga hinirang na alamat
Bagamat, ang mga tanga-hanga mo’t ang taga-subaybay ko ay napakalayo ang agwat
Nakasampung libro na ako na binasa, habang ikaw ay nasa unang pagbuklat
Wait, before I end up this battle
There’s one more thing I wanna say to you and to all the rappers of Canada
It’s a big pleasure for me to meet one of a brother in this culture
Peace, I love you Canada

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