Charron vs. Unanymous [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Unanymous]

Now this situation’s gone from bad to worse
Cuz it wasn’t even my original fixture to clash this nerd
But when I pulled out on my last opponent, respectfully
Cuz I didn’t think the clash would work
Well that must have scratched a nerve
Cuz the motherfucker started tweeting like an Angry Bird
Fuck the subliminal shit, you’re a faggot first
And if your dream in life is for me to write you a battle verse
Maybe you should consider trying to win your battle
With facial cancer first
You’re softer than baby puke and whale semen
I ain’t here to play with you I came to nuke the stage this evening
Throw grenades at you and raise the ceiling
And tell you fuck your babyface, I hate your youthful facial features
If he wants to act like a child
He can play hide-and-seek with sniper beams
What’s that? Age-reducing laser treatment
Let me talk to him, this ain’t none of that important shit
This is more of that let’s get really fucking ignorant sort of thing, like
Fuck his fam for supporting him, fuck his fans for endorsing him
Fuck the term battle rapper, I’m bored of it
I prefer multisyllabic contortionists
I stay eating candy (w)rappers
That’s why my abdomen’s as fat as a walrus’
But I’d rather that than a face full of acne scabs as bad as The Saurus’
Somebody should have had the decency to contact and inform the bitch Hollohan shot his porno with
If he didn’t want me to kill him he’d have stayed back at the orphanage
Where every other failed attempt at a Roman Catholic abortion is
Maybe he’ll understand this is war
When I’m outside a Detroit Pistons game
With missiles aimed at Canada’s borders
Dropping them at his co-ordinates, planning your torture
I’ll expose the fact that you’re fraudulent
Your grip, might think you can flip like acrobatic performances
But once you remove them arms like a weapons heist
You’ll see that he’s unable to capture the audience
I ripped out my brain and replaced it with some weaponry
I ripped the little bits out this little bitch’s frame
Like I gave him a caesarian
Some people say we’re the same, but just more aggressive
But there’s no way that he could better me
So make sure that’s embedded in your brain because it’s definite
You ain’t gaining any leverage
Here, your status and reputation is irrelevant
I mean in Canada you’re great
But they can’t stand you in the states like you’re a terrorist
Which is ironic cuz King of the Dot’s been soft
Since Dizaster slayed your fucking president
He sold your country so much hate that it was prejudice
And still you didn’t portray him as a nemesis
Instead you gave him inspiration
And gave in to his invasion of your territory
As he went on to strip your top names off all your medals
And become a native of your settlement
And I said it was a shame to your Canadian inheritance
But you’re basically the same
Cuz as long as you’re in the UK, you’re an American
I don’t want to hear a crock of that bullshit
About how just because you’re Canadian you cock it and pull it
If I hear it slide out the side of your neck, you’re depositing bullets
I’ll decapitate this motherfucker and dump his body in Woolwich
[Round 1: Charron]

You, haven’t freestyled in years, it’s pretty awful friend
Why are you talking about decapitations
When you’ve never come off the head?
Right now, you’re screaming in my face
Like I’m scared to meet someone that’s grimy
You think I’m scared of Unanymous? I have his twin brother behind me
I’m a monstrosity, you know the policy
Rely on delivery cuz I write bars of mediocrity
You stretch so much constantly I should beat this cloning wannabe
Til he appreciates the meaning of ‘quality over quantity’
If this guy’s a monstrosity, I’ll have him lying unconsciously
No asylum is stopping me
Til the monster inside of him’s dying like a Shutter Island lobotomy
Stop saying monstrosity; you rap it at ultra speed, “Slow it down!”
Stop and breathe, or die from Russian punches like Apollo Creed
You ain’t a monstrosity
You’re the least funny rapper in Don’t Flop so you’re hating on comedy
The scheme’s played as a novelty
You expect a reaction cuz you’re saying it constantly
Don’t think it cuz it’s old but this ain’t Paleontology
Chalk ’em out when I’m starting a lesson
You’re writing the same line over and over like Bart in detention
Anyone can claim they’re sparking a weapon
Blew off the top as I carry that mag like Marge when she’s pregnant
Fuck you and your Cartman impression
Act your heart with aggression
It’s like you’re on a hunger strike the way you’re starved for attention
Make you forget who you are for a second
Like the second when Parkinson’s sets in, the credits run
Turn the tables with the smartest intention that ending’s done
Starting the engine, you’re level one
Like Leonardo’s perception of the car in Inception
I just turned your dream world to the darkest dimension
O Red mentioned you wouldn’t put up a great fight
Oh, you think it’s getting re-scheduled like Dialect and Daylyt
The day it happens, Don’t Flop’ll have a book that makes profit
Called “How to rep our league overseas,” with Tony D’s face on it
You compare yourself to objects, how you getting this hype?
Your whole style’s based on ridiculous imagery, like
I’m a three-headed pencil sharpener, swagger shaking
I’m a scented candle with burgundy wings
Scare the nation, I’m a glass gun prepared for Satan
No, you’re a fat cunt who wears an apron
You went off delivery but with substance it sucks
Fuck a Unanymous decision, try to K.O someone for once
You’re a massive faggot, the way you rap is basic
You’re as good at rapping as Zain is being a travel agent

[Round 2: Unanymous]

Came to lay the smackdown, this is the rap round
I don’t mind if when I bring up his personal life I don’t a reaction
Just as long as they ain’t complaining when I get on my rap shit
Bitch you ain’t getting any advances, just your genetics would balance
I’ve never been average, expert mechanics
I try to reach high up and better in status
I’m talking legends collapsing, beheadings and caskets
I’ll put him to sleep like elephant tranq’s and blowing darts
With [?] broken hearts with ventricles damaged
[?] rap shit, that rest in the hands of a deadly assassin
My tongue is a safety button and my skeletal fragments
Act as weapon attachments
Now what you shouldn’t do, is assume we’re even
Cuz there’s a few between us
What you need to do is stand at attention and salute your leader
I see your new to this, I’ll tutor him, Old School like Duke Nukem
You’ll feel like [?]
You’re weak and you were a waste of human semen
Now they put you against an elusive demon
Supreme [?] seems to abuse this useless fiend
What I mean is, if you were squeamish
You could leave the room and scream for truce
Cuz I’ma leave him bruised and beaten with what I do this evening
Your death could be illustrated, a storyboard for a snuff flick
I’ll kill him with the picture painted
I don’t think the way you spit is great I think it’s basic
So to begin today, I’ma just give displays
Of a quicker wit and slicker cadence
Whilst I pull silly faces at this kid and play with different phrases
Unanymous is king, I determine whether or not he’s a or a myth
All my punches lining up and he can block Glocks for one shot
No banana from a clip
More like an Orangutan cuz I can swing as fast as he could flip
He got his credit card confiscated after he crashed his mother’s whip
And now the car’s gone you can’t find a slag to suck your dick
So you spend time in your sister’s cupboard
Discovering panties you can sniff
How are you standing up to this? You don’t even stand up when you piss
You’re such a faggot that you sit and orgasm when you shit
I’ll straight baboon this drop and Organik’s baby, you’ll get throttled
Your greasy face looks like you washed with bacon strips and waffles
Tell the truth bitch, you’re a virgin
You ain’t been butt-naked with a model
When I was stretching girls out
Checking whether they could take it to the tonsils
This fucking twat was at summer camp playing spin the bottle
You’ll always play spin the bottle cuz you’re a pussy bro
Listen, I don’t give a fuck, I came to rip it up
I’m smoother than Keith Sweat
I might have no swagger and I’m fat
But at least I’m not wearing a fucking V-neck
So you said I never come off the head
Not when your girl sucks me anyway
I don’t give a fuck, pussy tastes sweeter than lemonade
She let me penetrate for seven days, I got deep up inside her
You see my t shirt? I’ll turn you to raw meat
Cuz even the back of it says I woulda Tor C
Canada’s battling league might’ve heightened the scene
But I don’t care mate
Once this dumb fruit gets up-rooted, his situation will go pear-shaped
Shit I’ll turn into a vegetable if he wants to compare weights
So just cuz you’re Organik’s product
Doesn’t mean that this’ll be a fair trade

[Round 2: Charron]

Yo, Tor-C, he talks about the back of his shirt like he’s hard as fuck
T-O-R-C: Tommy’s Obviously A Retarded Cunt
I do play spin the bottle with fitness models
That’s right man, when it comes to pussy
When they girls show it, it ain’t nice man
I mean when girls show pussy, you say “what’s that?”
More than Mr. 13’s hype-man
And he wants to diss my shirt like I’d be embarrassed
Bruv, you actually have to have a neck to wear this
I look like Brad Pitt beside you
And I’d like to mention, I cried so much when you ate too much in Se7en
You went soft on Shotty, I don’t care if that guy’s your bredrin
The more I kill someone, the more I respect them
Had HFK dying ’til the final second
I put my own dog put down like Will Smith in “I Am Legend”
You have a hero and mimic that guy’s aggression
You’re a fake Dizaster like 9/11
You stare in the mirror and scream “Dizaster’s the man
If anyone fan beat him, Unanymous can”
One night he came home with blood on his hands
And his mum said “What happened, Unam?”
“Aw man, fucking Canibus fans!”
Tommy ain’t ready, I brought the confetti, he lost this already
Then he’s X’d off the roster
Tommy don’t tempt me, they’ll be cops to come get me
Like Tommy Vicetti when he steps of the chopper
Came to the UK cuz the medicine’s stronger
Have you seeing stars all day like celebrity stalkers
Try to escape, I’m letting you wander
Catch you on the run like a Chechnya bomber
In the trenches so long I got a medal of honor
I don’t care if you’re dead from the slaughter
I’ll keep on feasting on you like Jeffery Dahlmer
All you do is scream but my bars are stronger
I’ll shut you up if you start to holler like a barking collar
Sparking thoughts like Arson plotters
Heartless monster, smart as Harvard scholars
Rocket launcher, armed like Carson Palmer
Start to conquer, armies like a carbon copy Sergeant Slaughter
Okay, morbid, stabbing a victim with a sword I’m very consistent
Extraordinary incisions before a corpse is buried
I’m with it like a mortuary assistant
I might spaz if Unan shouts
So watch your ass like you’re sleeping at Two-Can’s house
You battle Soul in a random league, who filled your head with grandeur
Eurgh laid the blueprint; imitators can’t throw events that matter
Don’t Flop made you who you are and set the standards
DFAFD’s a palindrome, how did you get it backwards?
I realize you went there to get some Guap
4000 views in five weeks – it was barely even watched
It lowered your value, it was there but then it dropped
You live on a farm I thought you’d care about your stock

[Round 3: Unanymous]

When I heard that he was in a fake relationship
I thought he’s a blatant bitch, it’s completely understandable
I don’t give a fuck if she’s Shotty’s sloppy seconds
I will beat it like an animal
Snort some Charlie and fuck Laura Tarsie
In her face til I readjust her mandible
And leave my kids in her mouth like a pedophilic cannibal
Imagine this thick pleb trying to get his dick wet
Trying his hardest to pleasure some big-bootied African princess
She’d look at him in disgust like “White boy, is it in yet?”
And in his head he’s already got a flip set
He’s like “Yo, yo, I spit fresh, you might be asking if it’s in yet
But that’s only because you’re black
And you’re used to fucking brothers like you’re practice incest”
I will snap this kid’s neck
Let’s address some shit before I finish turning him to luncheon meat
Let’s address Villun for ducking me, you fucking disfigured pygmy infant
I bet every time you look at your mirror’s image
It damages your inner spirit because you’re fucking sick of living with it
You’re always going on about how it pisses you off
When your opponents use race jokes
Stop whinging Villun, cuz Albino’s not a fucking race, it’s a skin condition
So they can say I’m the ugliest battler in the league
But you can’t, cuz your skin texture is silk
Looking like a fucking coco pop that got left in the milk
Look, before Canada’s battling league opened up
No one had ever heard of this guy so drop the arrogant act
Cuz now they’re shipping you overseas
And you’re practically merchandise
Your image is also why you prosper and that’s gotta hurt your pride
Cuz if you subtract that nerdy image, you’re way below the perfect line
They make money off your image, they make money off my imagery
Battle Rap is who you are, it pumps through your capillaries
You signed the dotted line and now you’re stuck here for infinity
Before this, you were some under-confident bedroom-dwelling sucker
In some skinny jeans
You’ll never make no money off the industry
You’ll be stuck forever trying to market rebuttlin’ shit lyrically
Cuz battle rap fucked you and you can’t rebuttal your virginity
This battle’s shit nowadays, faggot shit! Pisses me off
It’s got me wondering why rappers like Lunar C won’t come back to this
Why the fuck do you think? Trying to impress a bunch of angry kids
That wanna throw criticism every about it chance they get
It’s bullshit, I mean they saying that I’m a biter
I haven’t got another man’s style in mind when I’m creating raps
But if you think I took Dizaster’s style
Tell that faggot to come and take it back
I’m on that fucking raw shit
Alright, fuck it, fuck the writtens, let’s do some freestyle shit
I speak raw, everything you speak’s poor
You probably watch queer porn, you look like a beanstalk
What you talking to me for? This is a free-for all, I’ll straight damage you
Stab you in the abdomen, yeah it’s Unanymous, I don’t give a fuck
They made me feel like you was getting bored of me
You must have forgot the policy
I don’t give a fuck, when they find his corpse stuffed
Behind a set of rocks so sloppily
There’ll be a message carved in his chest that says ‘I’m A Monstrosity!’
Truth be told I didn’t even write a third round
Know why? Because you’re a faggot

[Round 3: Charron]

Yo, you were quite a bully that round, I think this man needs a lesson
Since you dissed Villun, I’ma stand on his side
Cuz right now I have to defend him
His whole life he’s been doing it tight bro
And right now you just want to come and get some attention
By doing some white jokes
Come on, he’s way better than you and gets less hype
Don’t diss him, you think that’s alright bro?
I never give handshakes to Albinos
A hick from Plymouth, he used to play every day in the summer
Getting chased by his brother, laughing as he was waving a rubber
You learned about incest every day after supper
It’s like you were home-schooled
Cuz growing up you only got brains from your mother
That’s light work, ask Villun, I’m known as that nice jerk
I just bought Laura Tarsi a “rap battles ruin my life shirt”
Walking dead, this could turn to a slaughter
In front of Eurgh treated him like the Governor is his daughter
Think it’s a game? I’ll turn to a monster
You can’t play this campaign
You’re on your last leg like Herschel the doctor
Got a death wish and I lit a candle
This Plymouth pussy only rides out with beef when he’s shipping cattle
In this battle all you did was ramble
It takes you longer to say something than a victim of Jimmy Saville
Yo, you threaten rappers on Twitter
Talking tough from your mom’s house
Claiming you’ll snuff ’em is something I honestly just doubt
Tommy’s a ho, you ain’t a boss you constantly just shout
All of us know Psychosis Holocaust would knock you the fuck out
You try to be his friend at events cuz you ain’t a man
You’re like Muhammed Ali
Instead of throwing a punch you just shake a hand
I hate Unan, talking shit but no one’s shook of you
You’re a ghost in Mario, act tough behind someone’s back
But freeze up when they look at you
Screaming in my face, okay he’s talking faster
Speeding up the pace, I blame a lot of rappers
He just imitates, but wait you’re not Dizaster
You’re sweeter than a cake, you baked for Holly Master
Fuck a Caustic reference, you should rock a necklace
That says ‘I’m not good enough looking to get Jefferson’s sloppy seconds’
Your fake accident is pathetic, I’m surprised the crowd doesn’t boo
Just because you’re the size of an American
Doesn’t mean you have to sound like one too
How come after you spit and kids are reacting
You think that you’re on “Strictly Come Dancing?”
Stop wiggling your shoulders when you can’t remember a line
Your whole style’s based off stretching a rhyme
Shit, you even stretch while you rhyme
In Canada, you stayed in The Saurus’ room while he had a broad in bed
Just cuz your gut blocks your cock
Doesn’t mean you have to block your friends
My two minutes are up but they’re letting me rock
It’s like that British show, “Corey is never gonna to stop”
What, you’re gunna hurt me?
It’s obvious Chris Leese wrote half those schemes
In your doubles tourney
You’re cocky and think you’re the best rapper
This diva’s been getting lines off a friend like Tulisa from X Factor
X Factor, Coronation, this is insane
I’m using shows to show you we ain’t thinking the same
Tommy Villus, let it sink into your brain
Your initials are TV, I just killed you with your name

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