Daylyt vs. KG The Poet [Lyrics]

[Round 1: KG The Poet]

This gon’ be a wash, I deter-gents
That appear grimy but clean up white as bleach
You look like fab-prick, softer, hang him
The heat’ll leave him high and dry in sheets!
Don’t lie to me, how you supply the white
.45s, 9s and stripes, them fool claims
These punches’ll get this blue flamed like a Ryu fight
You got one life to live, you can get left in a general hospital
But I’m feeling so proper just for guiding Lyt (light)
You tryna bite, well see that 9 might greet you
Before I night-night sleep you… it’s a new moon
Well wolves not fighting Day, this a Twilight Feature
Why use my fists, crucifix break his parts down like Ikea
Y’all gon’ see Lyt pop over my head like a bright idea
On light, Dhalsim, (?) Flamethrower, you haul white
Bench press a round and pounds it feel like 500 since Daytona
Daytona, 500, Day tone, dog, face get a scar, face
It if Day Tone, I play Sosa
Fake soldier, make sure the message is known to the rest of you clones
That I ain’t stressed at you, holmes
I’ll still get this Uncle Tom Ford sprayed like expensive cologne
The slug feel like photon, 500 pounds Ripping flesh and the bone
That’s 2000, so that ton’ll hit the star on Daylyt like Slyvester Stallone
You beat me in 3? uneasy to me
You destroying battle rap, I’m growth and development, a G
And D you see the on game, long range, put Watts in a box like PG&E
Wanna beef? Shit, I’m flaming rib, eyes, order a steak
Your team blitz, I read bullets, that’s an audbile play
14 shots, have them each side what the coroners say
So each in May have 2 7’s, your memorial, Day
[Round 1: Daylyt]

They say the antics for the views is really a stupid plan, right? No
I guess I’m obligated to show your man is still nice
So today I’ll be Superman
No more Mr. Comedian Ass, I’ll tell Chris let’s Rock but
See before (CB4) I’ll arrow back to my roots
I’ll showed y’all that I’m capable to blacken every scene
A nigga sleep on me, I’ll sleep on a nigga for real
Tell Martin Luther King I had a better dream!
I just wanna say halo, halo, halo, hello everybody, get it?
No they don’t get it, that mean I’m a-head with every ring
I brought a fantastic formula to rock, man
And I call this new quill everything
They saying I’m crazy, lately I’m been acting all brawly
Well, apparently my parody’s got me parenting Macaulay
But I’m still Caulkin every weapon in the house: party!
I showed y’all I can flat tops
Kid’s wanna play with the ring I’m going crazy, bitch in 3D
It’s a VCR tape, wait, look at all the boxes I made for the TV
I will cave, man, get rocked is what B see
Need black in his entertainment when I tell a vision
For those who wanna finger Mike, cool I can BET
With these outer-space bars, CP3 reload the bar clippers
Slipper sandles: the only way you’ll defeat my lines
I’ll show you who’s ass in the ring, it’s Rikishi time!
Is he a he/she? Fine, I’ll address any nigga that’s making noise
Going to spur with these 16 killers that’s why you pays ya boys
Is it the Frasier noise?
Down goes his navigation, another nigga that lost again
It’s a Chinese in a Lambo accident
You better show me mercy or I’ll go (Murcielago) across his chin
These lines are the bomb, I write with the Boston pen
Eric Cost and shin, the grind hurt, it ain’t made for girls
Where you stand, it’ll be more cans
Than a nigga that believe he can save the world!
As my patience twirl, two guns in the bitch, I am Tomb Raider
Alicia Keys is in my DNA, so playing the piano is what I do, hater

[Round 2: KG The Poet]

Real talk, the way you acting in them last couple of battles
You telling me nothing bout a 45th
You get butt-naked for battles, nigga
Where the fuck do you support the clip?
I’m disrespectful, I’ll go to your grandmother’s funeral, bored as shit
Off coors and piff, get your grandma clapped
He checked out and Day watched as the morning shipped
See KG ain’t Jay-Z but you can die nasty
Stick to the scripts the streets is talking, ha, lie
You get it, bro, get your mind right
‘Fore you yelling “This can’t be life!” When I Roc La Familia
See Christ in Heaven, fly high skies with a nice reception
That’s why fire router with a nice connection
You did a quadriple (?) with a type of weapon
Slice intestines, scalp you and leave Lyt skinned like my complexion
I’m not moved by blank stares, I don’t play fair
Cuz when InfaRed Rays on you then we’ll see if Day care
Softest fuck on the road
But in LA this nigga bark the type a drunk uncle swear he sparked a riot
You lost, misguided, soft nigga
Reggie blunt will probably give you tonsillitis
Add one hitter multiply his stars with his jaw divided
Fans gon be like that nigga on the floor, instant Lyt, he was ultraviolet
You anthrax, I don’t fear your threat, Achilles when I spear your neck
We can be next to Vegas or Asia, I’m still here Tibet
Them flame guns shame suns (sons) take ya spirit next
I’m Rob & Big it’ll be ridiculousness when I leave his deer a debt
Two (?) seater open with two doors, heaters smoke ‘em this mujo
My two bros like Cujo, leashes broken, .45’s probably leave him open
When you get Rock, Oh (Rocko) You won’t even know it (UOENO)
Think KG’s spoofed? I ain’t bring navy troops
But when I nine, knees (90’s) jam when I raise your roof
You bout to get powed (Pau’d) for the white (Dwight) like the Lakers crew
Turn Davonne Campbell’s shirt to Campbell’s tomato Soup

[Round 2: Daylyt]

KG The Poet, to kill a clown I can show it
This is your opportunity to show that we are both equally dope
Cocaine, but don’t blow it
Everybody knows I’m Cavi, lines crack
A bargain is what we show him, set him up
We say we got a half a brick for sale and if this coon buy ye’ (Kumbaya)
Then My Lord is where you going
The sharp lines point at you, the spear bended
Your ass break-out cuz you on a c-rash course
You can get your career ended fears pending in my heart
As my heart from I’ll show him that I’m too heart for him
You mark, boom, I bust, I (bus)t in the front
Leave a rose in the park (Rosa Park) for him
It’s just an art form, I’m just a great western, nigga
Where the form at? (?) century, great westeren, nigga
That’s where the format? I’ll be undefeated like a floor-mat
For centuries cuz of the feat (defeat) attacking
Get hit with a gun, one of my niggas got a care package
Yeah that’s just it
KG The Poet? You should be familiar with poetry, right?
Shit that pound ears, wait, hear it?
The heat is to be or not to be?
When I squeeze it it’ll shake spirits (Shakespear)
No extendo clip, just a standard one that hold ‘bout 8 digits
A Arsonal, make sure your life come up short, I hate midgets
Who’s responsible for this nigga career
They might say they did it or they did it
No-no-no-no, Day did it!
Your chest gon’ feel ho! ho! ho! I Saint Nick it, night
They hear it but don’t see the body, you live a cricket life
I put a hole in you, wall, somebody get the mice
Right, two guns in the bitch, Tomb Raider
Alicia Keys is in my DNA, so playing the piano is what I do

[Round 3: KG The Poet]

You disappoint me Davone
You see there was once a day I could witness
Daylyt with writtens could be top, say, 5 for instance
But I don’t know if it was the gay lines
Or the inner place for your gay pride existed
But once you showed us the moon we all knew Daylyt was finished
First round, Day spittin bout ‘K clips and pitchin’ the ye bricks
Second round you choked like the Spurs did up-did up in game 6
Third round this nigga get up with gay shit
I don’t know about y’all but Vegas Boulevard at noon is the only time
I’m tryna witness the day-strip
It don’t matter if you roll with papers
That don’t mean that you didn’t create the joint
You Chris Bosh, game 7, act a faggot but still ain’t even make a piont
Like the frightening kind I despise that a try to stand for antics
More than he actually write in his rhymes will actually stand butt naked
And in the next rhyme he’s sniping a guy and this Date J 6?
Do the math, July 4 6 fireworks put Lyt in the sky
You must have read (red) about me so stop, you ain’t living a savage life
If you yell “oh well” (yellow) that won’t slow me down if I flash the pipe
For green boss I speed cross like Cassius’ right
Bullet enter (inter) sections when I catch him in traffic, Lyt
I don’t give a fuck if you a con, ye (Kanye) got him started
Like yo stab and strike, get Roc’d North West, POP!
Produce the flashing light
The shit you do in battles, it’s not natural, Lyt
Your bitch Anne, how’s her bush? Heard it wasn’t natural, Lyt
Your style is half-assed Bun B but you are not Trill, Lyt
The difference is you need Watts for the buzz
I’m like solar: I’m natural, Lyt
You next to wash out like tech’s to fly out
If you large and jumping, jack I’ll X your size (exercise) out
This Heckler ride and stretch this guy out
So be sure you have a doc-k right next to Lyt house (lighthouse)
Nigga, try me, act a threat, you lying
Faggot step, doubling views don’t mean shit
If you decline from lack of respect
If this was real war, nigga, I’d fry Day, clap his flesh
But since y’all think this Day Day, this Friday After Next

[Round 3: Daylyt]

I said, being marked out is something you gotta deal with
No matter how many Philly Swain keeping raps you got
It ain’t gonna equal up to this “fuck what you talking bout”
To keep it a buck for a third verse I really didn’t write a thing
Then I said, wait a minute, this is KG the Poet
I know he got something for Day, so maybe that’s not the rightest thing
So I sat in my room writing for four days until I got that arthritis thing
Now I am here, to show you I’m still a king, Arthur, right his team
Right, it’s Tinkerbell, hell I’m about to light yo’ bitch-ass up
It’s like his girl got a flat booty: nigga, yo’ bitch ass suck!
It’s Friday right, right, right?
Well when you get knocked the fuck out
I’ll be Debo screaming, “Get your bitch ass up!”
We fighting I’ll right him, acting all MIGHTY
Somebody should of told your bitch ass DUCK
What? You want this shit to sell/sail right?
Well it’s time for you to walk the plank
Nigga what, you gon’ die when I Bulma son in the water
You gon’ need swimming TRUNK(S) to survive
You get what I’m saying (Sayian), son? I’m too cold, bitch
Tell your girl to chill, cuz I’ll tragedy whores beamer
It’s a Samsung, one phone call and your Galaxy 4’s ringing
I see horsie inside of you
That mean your ass gon’ curl up when it’s high-tide
Pensions, It’s an afflalo celebration, I’ll be airing (Aaron) a high-five
Wise-guys play tough behind wifi
Fall asleep on a rollercoaster say they gon’ ride lines down
Pound the air out his mouth like a live sigh…”Ahh”
Guy’s die, bruised, realist niggas understand
I fucked Cal up, Kung Pow, thank you, black
That was the best D-efeat I ever seen
They should have titled the battle a Young Miles ankle match
The brink is that, fuck what, I’ma spray, when I shoot the can
Souls go Superman, up up and away, whey!
Punches is what a skinny man send
When we hit a big, it’s three little pigs
You’ll find a knot by the hair on your chinny chin chin
With that being said…

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