Dizaster vs. Cortez [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Cortez]

See I’m a force to be reckoned with
By the way I’m reckless when I’m wrecking shit
You see I stress emphasis with penmanship
That’s how I gain my leverage quick, but you..
See with you it seems like
You want that acceptance from these set of crips
But honestly I don’t think they respect yo shit
Why? Yo Day, this nigga ever let a tech go rip?
Cop work, step or whip to make it stretch or flip?
Bitch you ain’t ever mess with shit
You wouldn’t move work
If ya name was Tsu Surf you couldn’t mess with bricks (Brixx)
Honestly but he wanna front to me like
“Yo Cor real talk I’m on the block, I got that extra shit
That special whip” Oh word? Bless me then
But I swear don’t cross me, I can’t buy bullshit
And if I do I’m a ex a diz (exodus), wait a minute
Cross, swear, bible, exodus, nigga.. realize who the fuck you messin’ with
Which I brang the spirit of jihad to the exorcist
Right now we in that scene where that neck get twist
Shit I told you I’m a squeeze fo’s, I reload and click
I put a rip in that shirt, nigga that’s cheap clothes
In this battle you gettin’ all stepped on like cheap blow
But if he swing I dip and steal second, Pete Rose
I told you don’t try this shit cuz I contribe with wits
To match anybody in their prime that spits
Bitch that goes for the Pun of ’99 even the mind of Fif
When he wrote Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ and his life just switched
Combined with the lines from Kiss …. Ahh fuck, I fucked up that line
I’m sick, wait a minute, no… you know I ain’t gon try ya shit
Let me see what it rhymes with Diz
Wait…y’all wanna know what else rhymes with ummm… line with Diz
Uhhh.. I don’t know but uhhh.. low life sack pile of shit crying bitch
That wants to act like he freestyles like “I’m Diz, I don’t write my shit”
Lies! Nigga we ain’t blind, we can all see you can’t freestyle a lick
But if you did then why them lines got lapped within time with Smith?
That’s preposterous, you could freestyle but why’d you stop and shit?
I mean that’s why I get paid to jot my shit like, like…
It’s Cortez, Murder Ave doggies, I got nines equipped
On each side of hip by my thighs ready to ride so I
So I fire quick, the toolie airing like Charlie Chaplin movies
That’s a silent clip, I can size him quick, one pop that stomachs shot
And sides get ripped, nigga you brag every fucking battle
And boost yourself up like you’re the guy, “the shit”
You probably remove ya own rib just to suck ya own dick
But honestly it’s like I’m tired of these lies
And recently with the rhymes you been on the decline
And every line has dipped like the 9/11 united air lines descent
From when your stupid ass Arab cousins fucked up Bin Laden’s plans
And couldn’t fly his shit
But honestly, like silence, shhh! I got to have me the room
They said unlimited against you?
Nah I ain’t stupid I got to have me some rules
You tried exposing Arcane too but you still happened to lose?
Oh I get it, you’re a snitch and ya scared of doing time
You’re Sammy Da Bull
Now let’s talk about that battle, they took ya chain
You tried to buy some time, you spazzing
All erratic and dramatic
Like a fiend who only had nine and couldn’t buy him a dime
Off one hit, woooh! I’m Diz I’m lit, yeahhh now I can write some rhymes
Damn right it makes sense cuz if it’s Arcane he’s gonna buy some lines
Scrap’s a sucka but you actin’ tougher
I’ll bitch slap the bitch out the bitch you came out of
Nigga that’s ya mother! And I’m sorry that that old hag has to suffer
But it’s ironic, I could kill with personals
But she gon still have to dig dirt ‘til ya casket’s under
So like I said, don’t worry if I’m top tier, dummy
It ain’t gon matter LA, long as I keep getting this top tier money
Bang bang…

[Round 1: Dizaster]

Let’s talk about the dough you cost us Pocohantas
I’ll be more than honest
I heard he was asking for a lot of money for this battle
Like he said, that top tier money he was trying to get over on us
He had the nerve to tell King Of The Dot he deserved….400 dollars
You be clowning me like I don’t freestyle
Of course I freestyle bitch, heck no!
You came all the way out her to battle on the Fresh Coast
Dressed up like you dancing for techno
I got a question Cortez tho…
Where the fuck did the other half of your vest go?
Y’all see this shit? This mothafucker why would he even test?
He thought he could do good if he crosses from East to West
And all he had to do was to come here wearing Conceited’s vest
Shut the fuck up you stupid sucker
Now he’s doing this and his hands are shaken just like his Mom
When I fuck her, man I’m beating that pussy up, Daddy’s home
That’s the song to the Usher, oh!
When I release this heat I give your mother my holy dick
That’s a Jesus Piece, if it’s a problem let’s go then
I’m the type of guy that’ll hop out in a road jam like Popeye
Anchor my arms and pop open that whole can
That’ll teach Murder Ave not to mess with the Zohan
Oh, it’s the abominable snowman
This battle gon feel worst than squabbing with Conan
After he learned Super Saiyan combos from Gohan
And like Goro from Mortal Kombat he also has four hands, no!
I ain’t taking a loss here to no man
You got murked by Conceited, oh you forgot that I know fam
You got murdered by a son (sun) then had a meltdown
You frosty the snowman
I walk up to the top of ya porch and walk thru the door
Grab ya little toddler by his throat glands
And kick him down 12 steps like an alcoholic anonymous program
But aye let’s go slow then, let’s slow it down
Cuz I don’t gotta let it blam man, his teeth is fucked up
He need to get a dental plan
And someone tell him “CHILL!” I’ll slap the shit out of Gloria Estefan
My bad homie, I almost hit you with the lefty hand better yet the right
Man I’ll let the fuckin’ shit expand man, I get it crackin’ I’ll let it blam
I was born with the cannon connected to my hand like MegaMan
Yo yo you lettin’ me go like he did
The mechanism got a cooling system on it with an extra fan
To cock it back I gotta charge it, charge it, charge it
Then I spark it just like MegaMan, I’m a boss on all levels
Just like MegaMan, I put my enemies faces inside of boxes
Just like MegaMan
I got big balls when I shoot, like a fully charged up Megaman
Then I charge it, charge it, charge it, and let it bam
Get ya top covered in all metal just like Megaman
Cortez doggie, stop trying to get wild
I love how you did that impression right there
That was the first time you sounded like yourself in awhile
Cortez, I headlined in a fucking event where you weren’t even invited
I mean what have you done? I mean who the fuck are you kid?
They had me in the streets of NY, I was all over the place like Whoo Kid
Yeah, they had me headline an event, they never did that for you, kid
I mean it’s funny how you the apple farmer but I went to NY
And took a bite out of the big apple before you did
Marked out! Accepting this battle was your biggest mistake
You’re like a counterfeit bill, when I shine the light on you
You get stripped for that water, mark
I can tell whether you real or you fake
Out here this is LA, this is where real killers hang
Gorillas get ate, let me reiterate, now we drownded in your water
Just like Crystal Lake, this bitch I fucking incinerate
Bodies get whipped up in a body submission
Alternated these bars that I hit ‘em with are way beyond comprehension
He’s like a fucking one arm retarded midget
Trying to get in the ring and box with Riddick
I mean this is like a small body Honda Civic
Trying to horse around with a Maserati engine
And next round I’m a bring it all back like Scottie Pippen

[Round 2: Cortez]

Congrats he freestyled, nigga… where do you go from here?
I mean you beat Rex, you beat Canibus, nigga no one cares
That’s why with one line I can easily close careers
Cuz when I snapback I’m a place caps that can fit over here
No, snapback, caps, fit, over hair, nigga that’s word play
I told y’all today it’d be more than lyrics
But I wouldn’t kid around like abortion clinics
Bitch you are lost, a gimmick
What you fucking trying to be hard to impress me or what?
Force an image? That gangsta act a have you M I A
Cuz nobody’s buying it like Dolphin tickets
I told Smack, I told Organik and I’m a tell you Lush
If y’all pay me right, shit I’m rappin’ real
But if y’all let him act I’m a steal shots, no camera reel
Bitch I’m in yo hood but guess what, them tools, they ain’t power drills
We bustin’ all night, til the morning after, I gotta peel (pill)
Bust all night, morning, after, got a pill
This is what happens when you battling a G who’s bout it, real
But I heard he in the streets, I said, “shit, you got that work?”
Let’s meet on the first, but I got the scoop he’s a family man
So I’m a stick ‘em for the cheese and the work
I get ya daughter tied up, so when I’m squeezing she murk
But since y’all plan(t) to grow I just put ya seed in the dirt
Wait a minute, speaking of dirt you called me an apple farmer last round
And my feelings were hurt, but I guess since I’m from the rotten APPLE
You’d think I’d be easy Pickens, and you plan(t) to pocket
But I’m raising (RAISON) two pairs (PEARS) that can arrange (ORANGE) and bury (BERRY) you unless them GRAPES can SQUASH it
That’s nonsense, but now I’m in his crib with the metal 8
I round up, I heard you got the weight, I’m riled up
I slide up, 9’s bust, and took the keys from him like designated drivers
I get ya side cut, heat fired, but that four piece can make ya sheep tail
No bo peep so re(tire) before you end up with a slow leak
Wait a minute, you must’ve thought I fell off or something nigga
What possum? This the biggest threat
You caught a nigga sleepin’? You right, on ya bitch’s bed
But as for that bitch, yeah she a groupie
As for that bitch, you know, yeah she a groupie
Babies be popping out her mouth like the alien movie
Fuck it, I’m airing a oozee til I get respect
I keep banging, and keep bangin’, and keep bangin’, and keep bangin’
Til that chrome jam and it disconnect
I’m dishing to the silverware with no kitchen set
Bitch, ya inefficient you’ve missed a step
Another guppy I got wrapped tight in his fishes net
So now fuck it I get him stretched, I’m ending ‘em all
To get ya whole team homi’d when I sever (Sevah) ya dogs
You push weight? Nah nigga you wait (weight) round like medicine balls
With that shotty could spill guts like he tellin’ it all
Nah that was cool, I can better that bar
But when I ang ya, think Jenga
I’m a bring the block out and make everything fall

[Round 2: Dizaster]

Oh man I came to let your fucking noose hang like Hussein
Every other week you’re with your Murder Ave crew gang
And it’s another fucking color that you claim
Colors constantly switching like mood rings, oh
Is it the red or the yellow or the fucking blue that you claim?
Come to LA see nothing but telephone cords and dangling shoe strings
Don’t press me
You’ll swear we’ll throw your kicks in the air quicker than Liu Kane
Shit is too strange
When you see Cortez become a fucking victim on the food chain
After a few swings from this bat, man I’m like Bruce Wayans
Hey, he remind me of 2 Chain, but when we grew up it’s Wu-Tang
He moved to Gucci Mane, me and him don’t be moving the same
You got signed to Universal, they couldn’t even move you man
If they can’t then who can do it, shit
They gave you Kanye, The Roots, they push you to Lupe music
Signed you under a huge label you still couldn’t move 8 units
I’m like, this is doomsday
I’m the dude that murdered Canibus before you saw Cool J do it
So pay homage student before I treat you like Texas music
Grab the back of ya fucking head with a blade and go screw face to it
Don’t think I got dudes from Baltimore the size of the dude Ray Lewis
That’ll shoot at ya toupee, put two blades thru it
Hop out of a huge grey Buick letting the tool spray
Blood on ya new J’s, it’s you baste in ya own Kool Aid fluid
It’s Murder Ave and I’m back again
I have him feeling like he on Smack again
Yeah, I latch on him, I come with that ratch’ when I snap on him
Treat him like parachute divers that’s how I’m a put that straps on ‘em
This little fucking bitch, I’ll fucking straight jump on him
He act like a asshole, these fist like Hemorrhoids
They’ll leave him with lumps on ‘em
Yeah, I already told you last time, you will die
Don’t fight with me motherfucker everyone in ya crew will cry
Cuz I ain’t fight fair I fire cans I’m like Iron Man
I’m gonna let the steal fly and we gon’ keep on getting crackin’
That shit gon get crazy, right? Now wait for this action
No it’s slow action, I put four thru the door of your Volkswagen
I’ll John Doe toe tag ‘em or soul clap him
I’ll leave him bleeding with his foot off the brake
Sit on the front lawn and watch him car roll passing
This can be another Sandy disaster bring the weather forecast in
There’s hurricanes, more fast winds, you poke out ya Pinocchio
I’ll Bo Jackson ya little nose back in

[Round 3: Cortez]

I think they all know this the round
When I’m gon roll out that hearse for you
Straight to the point, round to, let’s get personal
Scarlett Pain, Scarlett Pain, that name ring a bell?
When you dated a porn star, but honestly ain’t nothing wrong with that
Shit besides the fact that every other nigga arched her back
But I heard y’all had plenty things in common though
I mean y’all made careers on the camera, y’all both receive lots of hype
Y’all both sell yourself cheap, y’all both known for rockin’ mics
But on the real she got tired of this shit and she split
See he was heated, she was out suckin’ dick
He was beefing with his treats in
But the way you called out Me, Hollow and Jin
I know you learned a lot from us I swear I couldn’t believe it
Cuz you had more niggas in yo mouth than she did
You starving nigga thirsty to get wins or gassed
Ehhh… it was all indigestion, no, or gas indigestion
No Or gassed to digest who? Jin?
Nigga he ain’t even poppin’ bruh, and on the real why you feelin’ (?)
You blame Lush and GrindTime like
“Cortez I can’t capitalize,
Can you get me to battle Head ICE or any other black guy?”
In ’09 you said any other black guy
And it’s motives like that that give battle rap a black eye
You thirsty for a race joke, goddamn get him help
Cuz being that racist is a disaster within itself
That’s why I can’t look at him
I could look you in the eyes and tell you don’t know struggle
Fuckin’ up the work with the wrong weight and it won’t double
Look at me son, this pop I bare (papa bear) won’t hug you
That’s how I can look you in the eyes and tell you don’t know struggle
Fuckin’ up the work with the wrong chef and it won’t double
Look at me son, this pop I bare (papa bear) won’t hug you
Over beans you’ll get taken out this ring like divorce couples
Nigga fuck you and ya goons, oh word y’all clap shit?
Well tell ya moms to suck my dick, fuck the rap shit
And as for his pops, I heard he a G and he hold that tool
He put his mom on the strip and made her sell that cooch
For a prayer rug and Halaal food, shit you get the slow neck too
They come/cum off the top like your battle with No Can Do
This yo clique? Get the fif’, I hit the strip, two twins
Born to assist bitch, Cliff and Chris
It’s ironic when I dump, you get the shit
Look, I’m forreal/Pharell I’m with the Clips(e)
That’ll have you and ya little bitch under covers like Mr. & Mrs. Smith

[Round 3: Dizaster]

You said I don’t roll with real goons, bitch you roll with goof troops
Comin’ on stage with ya NASA fucking moon boots
I will kill you for those 2 views
You just a little fucking bitch I use for youtube
I’ll scar you with large incisions; I’ll take a sharp ass ninja star
Then carve it into his cardio section blocking off all entrance of oxygen
Thru ya vocal box, carve needle, drop within seconds, no
The clocks tickin’ if I’m not high I’m always trippin’
I’ll grab the sharpest object I can find from a Benihana kitchen
And get the choppin’ til both of his legs and arms are missing
Like Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims
I’ll rob his crib and take his baby mama hostage with ‘em
And make her sit there and watch me kill him
While she’s hogtied backwards in a frog position
You faggots, told y’all to listen! Now I’m a take her vocal box and slit it
With a Vega claw arm extension leave both they heads chopped off
And they body’s twitching
Like they had Muhammad Ali syndrome all up in ‘em
I’ll show up to his block to get em, get his body injected with toxic venom
If Cortez loves his bodyguard he can get bodied with ‘em
Like Princess Diana’s car collision
I turn my back on this little bitch, I twist his cap and
He get killed in the midst of action
Get beat like you grew up with the Jacksons
Side kicked ya hip then smashed it til you walk with a cane like
Mr. Chaplin, let’s get it crackin’ I’ll run up on him and Men in Black ‘em
That mean I’ll pull out the metal strip and flash him
That’ll erase everything that happened after the Smith is blastin’
I will body Cortez and the clique that backs him
Put his boys underneath his box like an Instagram picture caption
He’ll think this is funny, I don’t see nobody with you laughing
We could say fuck this battle, let’s get to scrappin’
Knuckle up, I’ll start swingin’ at him like Jimmy Hatton
I’ll hit em with a spinning dragon kick to his chin til it spins him backwards
I’ll fucking clip him like a ninja assassin
I’m not the type of cat you wanna interact with
Interact with me and get ya head completely disattached
So quickly that your body will start screaming for me to give it back
The instant that it happens!
I’m like the magician mixed with a little bit of Aladdin
Cuz I can snap my fingers and turn ya bitch into Jasmine
She swallow my dick and…

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