Hollow Da Don vs. Tsu Surf [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Hollow Da Don]
I said fuck Surf, I know who y’all wanna see me against
And most think I can’t match his wits
He had a wish and it was DEATH like Charles Bronson action flicks
I know weapons and who manufactured it
Ya arms don’t look right to a bomb covered in Uranium 236
And that’s the shit we Iraqi’s with
But corporations play like philanthropist that’s why I’m dressed like this
Cuz thru the war they profit massive chips
See, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, let me chill…
Cuz everyone that raps like this chokes like Lux or Canibus
It got disastrous in Los Angeles and as for that nut ass old head
Let’s save it for Summer Madness then
I said shout my nigga light he said these battle niggas a lot of them a front
I know y’all think I wasted bars and those of them for Lux
But I can push Tsu aside (suicide)
Cuz I knew this was a body from the jump
But he say he the best nigga in Jersey
Well if I kill him his niggas won’t have to team up
Now they should be on they toes like a ballerina
Once they boss get the Mac and Nina
Instead they was like a soda I left in the back of freezer
Cuz the rest ended up flat even tho I capped the leader (liter)
But he the best nigga in Jersey, he hell and he raw well
Surf gon get that tidal wave and see (sea) shells for sure (shore)
I mean he don’t swim inside where fishes glide
He shrimp and fries, I’m cool by the water
Mr. Hyde mixed with Denzel and Crimson Tide
I’ll lift the 9 hit his mind, he’ll be electrified and bet you fried And I won’t sympathize when you sit & cry & watch ya sister die
I mean Surf ain’t no thug to me, this chump Suzy ‘ll sue me
On Judge Judy for bills like Doug Flutie
I mean ya last battle, they should’ve hung up pictures of you everywhere
You [Lost Dog]
I mean Conceited beat you using all punchlines and you’s a lost cause
All he rapped about was his Taurus
It must sting (mustang) those are all bars
But try to focus and move forward
Or you gon be another nigga that Con tore (Contour)
Fuck that, erase everything I said out y’all memory fuck it
I wanna do my original introduction
I said I spent most of last year in a holding cell
Given a max and revoked my bail
I went from having my own clothing line
To wearing matching clothes in jail
I used to battle for the love, the aspirations, the hopes to sell
But now I’m just up here rapping cuz im broke as hell
Nah, nah, nah, nah I got a lil cake, I got a lil change in this bitch
Said they was bringing a bitch named Tsu
I was like cool, I’m a make it rain on that bitch
Y’all peep that? Y’all see what I’m trying to do?
You see how I got this crowd for you?
You see that money surrounding you?
New York I just turned URL to Sue’s (Tsu’s) Rendezvous
You look like one of them clean dirty niggas
Hold up, hold up, let me get a wiff and shit
Nigga you smell like you been running errands doing a whole list of shit
Boar ham hocks and chitlin grits
Old draws, fish and chips, coal slaw mixed with sh- ain’t this a bitch
No that’s a question, ain’t this a bitch?
Well cool, here’s a tip someone tell that bitch to strip
He just want this little change and a little name
And Lil Fame like Billy Danze
Well my nigga you do ya thang, I don’t hate when you spitting
But ya rebuttals are horrible, so do us a favor, go straight to ya writtens

[Round 1: Tsu Surf]

I said I like that line about ya fit, it kinda go with how you dressed
Camouflage, army, this AR on MY hip make it easier to go across his chest
I’m the reason Hitman Holla ain’t kill ‘em but I had to pay him like 3 to 5
The contract said fuck em up, but bring ‘em to me alive
I reviewed the game tapes, my last response ahhhhhh
Could’ve saved some fucking money
Cuz you can’t send a kid to do a man’s job
But H-O-L-L-O-W, how you got ya name? Nah Arsonal beat yo ass
In other words you H-O-L (ate yo L) on the LOW
That’s how you got ya name
Sometimes you gotta swallow a loss to stomach getting better
I know that’s a pill you don’t wanna digest, but my question is
Why I’m the Jersey nigga you wanna try next?
Gloves and the mask out the jeep with that thang low
I know he Hollow but I pray I see Nigel to let that thing go
Light sabers and some… you see a beam then that thing blow
Out the jeep it start to drizzle they tell it was a Durango
Fuck I need to put in subtitles or something?
Out the jeep it start to drizzle ain’t no telling where da rain go
A thirsty nigga in the club I’m trying to hit everything standing
It got a kick back when it shoot, so when it aim you gotta slant it
Want ya life? Crawl for it (Crawford)
Trying to see the gates then access granted (Grant)
On the block with something DeAndre size
One word to explain that night (Knight), Brandon
Ya mom probably was a whore and ya daddy didn’t love her
Kids by another nigga so ya brother wasn’t ya brother
Woke up in her room dumping, shooting straight thru the cover
I felt just as bad as ya father putting a Hollow in ya mother
And I don’t wanna hear about how I ain’t got no wins and what not
Battling Tsu 4th quarter, that’s a tough spot
I hate you and that whole fucking cult (COLT), that shit must stop
I’m learning you just a back up for Andrew, chasing Luck (Lux) spot
How you trying to box with a nigga with the devils footwork & God reach
Ray Lewis, wish I could get that line back
But the last thing he got was a ring after that God speech
I’m at his door, knock, knock Nigel why you wanna fuck with me?
Sean Carter, I ain’t gotta find where he fucking be (Bey)
Balls? Got some, Sucka? Not one, You mad? Then pop some
Victim got one, give em my stocks, 10
They think I’m from the jungle but I’m not son
Rest In Peace Tall T, his last battle will be a Shotgun
If it was really Loyalty Over Money
Grindtime would still be an up and running league right now
You, Con, Cort, DNA
And a couple other niggas all playing for a different team right now
I mean with them names Grindtime would still be afloat with ya bum ass
And Smack ain’t gon do shit but stand there and smile smit-t-t-t
Cuz he get paid off ya dumbass
You was battling Illmac’s and Okwerdz and Passwurdz
Rhyming ventilators using generators using mad words
Then come to the URL and everybody Snow dat, snow what?
Them weirdos fuck with you but so what?
I had a threesome with karma and death
In them graveyards you’ll find plenty bodies
And if this mac hit his hat, he’ll have enough cap room to sign anybody
I bring some tape, a rope, zip ties and a swammy
Since he loyal to his homies we gon go and get his family
If I break this scheme down he gon say he can’t stand me
But it get ugly no crime seen, they see us out in Miami
Fuck I need to put it in subtitles or something
It get ugly, no crime scene that’s CSI Miami
The way NY battling looking
If y’all was the Heat, fine… none of y’all would be Lebron
But it’s cool no worries I’ll tag him, Clips would be Wade, DNA=Bosh
He ain’t battle in two years the roster shouldn’t have him
Rex=Allen, Shine=Lewis, Math=Birdman, Con could be Chalmers
And you Don is (Udonis) Haslem
Cortez the nigga by the Gatorade, the team ain’t really want that pick
On the bench like, “if that was me I’d a dunked that shit”
And when I signed that contract that meant that it’s over
Anybody else I ain’t name would be sitting next to Spoelstra
Smack said “You want Da Don?” I said “Hollow? Clown”
I mean back then he was cool but let’s talk about Hollow now
You got some bark but that’s not how a Hollow sound
My Hitmen (Hitman) will treat your death like you was battling John John
That mean you know we using some Hollow rounds

[Round 2: Hollow Da Don]

Let me tell you bout this bitch Tsu, you know what this bitch do?
Let another nigga pimp Tsu, smack him too hard and get his pimp suit
Let me tell you bout this bitch Tsu, you know what this bitch do?
Let another nigga be his big homie cuz he 6’2”
Let me tell you bout this bitch Tsu, you know what this bitch do?
Battle me even tho he gon lose it’s for the big views
I’m sharp it’s off with his head, I’m sharp it’s off with his head
Should I say it again Tsu? (Ginsu)
Any of you and ya niggas touch Da Don you hit
Touching me ain’t worth going thru the harsher shit
Bombs get sent, mom’s get bent, arms get lift
I mean Tribe Called Quest, Kanye West….
I’m just trying to make him think about the Consequence
And what’s that talk like you gon jump me in a minute?
Nigga stop, I’m chicken pox, if you touch me you gon get it
Anytime it’s an open invitation, you can come to a nigga hood
My address is 1922 I wish a nigga would (woods)
I said you right, RIP Tall T, but fuck that nigga Suge
I’m a tell you why later, but for now it’s gon get onnnnn…
I said, let me tell you bout this bitch Tsu, you know what this bitch do?
Tell the fans he was in Detroit with that thang on him
But niggas like me that was in the D don’t believe that shit’s true
Y’all wanna hear what shit’s true?
Aight so let me tell you about this bitch Tsu
I said him and his niggas was in front of Calicoe mom’s shop pouring up
He wanted to smoke he hopped in his mans rental car, he was rolling up
I mean niggas is loud so of course cops showing up
His man peep before they was slowing up
Threw the burner in the car with Surf, then froze it up
This nigga go and grab the shit, you know he dumb
I’m lying? No bail money Smack, let’s just say he owe you one
It’s funny Shotgun could give a fuck you ain’t even care the amount
Damn, you was locked like Pac but Suge wasn’t there to bail you out
I mean and he the reason you did that, you dissed a dead legend
You a flunky, you a geek, and ya other nigga he a sucka he weak
He said fuck Surf and threw the thumper on the seat
So not only am I questioning ya judgment, now I’m questioning ya G
Cuz you said it yourself you only as real as the company you keep
But since his man gave him the charge
He’s been on the low dodging imprisonment
Hoping it gets better playing Chris Webber
Trying to forget about that time out in Michigan
I don’t need y’all to look at me crazy like I’m telling something
Cuz when he said he was in Detroit with that thing on him
He was dry snitching then
I’m doing the opposite, I’m telling y’all he innocent
He’s innocent, he’s innocent, and I really feel bad for my nigga
Cuz everybody cal Surf a snitch, I don’t be playing with it
Well… I might do the same but get a little more creative with it
See the streets is like the highway when you ride thru so know ya limits
And don’t go over you’ll see them lights flashing behind you, hold up
Let me rewind, cool?
Streets is like the highway so I’m a ride too, you told (toll)
So pay since you crossed or the cops gon have to find you
I still got 6 craccin to make him turn true blue
With 5 poppin’ lot of blood gon be leaking out of Tsu, WOOO!
I wanted to be on to the next one, but I respect my Crip cats
Them lines was so good I had to bring the shit back
And shoutout to everybody that rep they city, they region, that’s that
But Queens been running all you battle niggas, ask Smack
LOM man…

[Round 2: Tsu Surf]

You could cook raw fish on my block, we the greasiest
And you see that nigga standing right there, right there him… him
It’s cool, it’s good he ain’t do it cuz gullible niggas easiest
But debatables, wins, losses… aahh I got classics, I did it for the money
Anybody say Surf ain’t got bars
Hella million views and ‘ll kill a dude is a dummy
Ya delivery sometimes his bars never too crazy
When I try to think classics it get fuzzy
Ya last time going hard was my first time ever on the card
Anything before was Richard, that mean ya Prior shit was funny
I’m trying to keep up, what’d you say? What’d you say?
On to the next one, on to the next one
Never been a slouch or soft, I don’t know what you heard nigga
My patience is SKINNY
When it comes to throwing bullets at these BIRD niggas
Now I know that wasn’t like super duper duper cold
But it is when you compare FLACCO to the RAVENS in the superbowl
Skinny… Flacco… whatever
It’s always a nigga in ya way sometimes you gotta move ‘em
I ain’t a freshman, ain’t new or soft
More reason he gon get to wishing (tuition) I ain’t school ‘em
Peep junior, I seen ya face you probably caught my last scheme
That’s what I meant to do, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior
You ain’t graduating these claps in the air that’s for principle
I tied with a shoe string round my neck, that’s all hell bro
And those right here, but it’s poking by my elbow
Ironic I tie it with a shoe string cuz the silencer make it sound like Velcro
So them 32 shots gon do Magic, he got it they couldn’t tell tho
And you fuck with Drake right? You fuck with Drake right?
Well Thank Me Later
That’s why I show my Crew Love they do not care
They hold enough bullets to Start From The Bottom to ‘bout.. “here”
Beat me? Hell Ya Fuckin Right
You must be in Marvin’s Room sniffing shrooms
Or whatever keep you up at night
And my bitches, my bitches don’t Love Beyonce
They love money and they trying to work
They need some G’s, Alicia Keys all you’ll see is Fireworks
These shits sound like Mike Will Made It
I’m bombing when I clap, dump him and his brain
Then dump him by the train, there’ll be a zombie on the track
You think Con beat me? You think Con beat me? Get off Con nuts
That’s violation, dick riding is misconduct
You was behind Con the whole time
So if missing that shot got me this spot
Is cuz I purposely missed Con, duck! (Misconduct)
I’m not choking, I’m not choking, I’m not choking, I’m not—
And if you can, please don’t mind my silence
I’m just trying to let my mind vacate before I resort back to violence
Vacate, resort, I could be in the stu (studio) with this
That’s some wild shit
Just snow that these clips still go both ways
You want a round? Trip (Round trip) ….Speaking of Clips
I ain’t got a problem giving him the whole Clip, I’m using all of mine
And if the judge see a clip of what I did to Clips with that clip
Shit’ll look like a Charlie Clip’s pic, DNA won’t be too far behind
Okay, okay I, okay I was in Detroit wilding, okay
That’s right I went to Detroit, dolo
Just me and my yolo, ready to jump at any action if it happen to pogo
But you say shit like “call me Hands you could count on me”
I say shit like “I don’t think nothing MMG”
I mean I don’t think nothing in him G
So wherever we meet (Meek) I’m robbing him he got bands on him
And he ain’t bout that Gunplay so why lay (Wale) hands on him?
This is my house nigga, SMACK!
Wassup Cons if he stall he getting clapped, they’ll catch that later
Got a gun but I don’t need to blow it
Might knock him out his Reeboks and he don’t even know it

[Round 3: Hollow Da Don]

They say Hollow is a fuckin vet
But he trippin cuz he ain’t even rebuttal yet
But it’s a few of his bars that I gotta flip
I said why, that bar I happened to hear
You said you clapped like the graduation
You put the caps in the air? That’s what you do?
I said I don’t walk around like Andre
Wearing Flannel and sounding like Andre, nah.. dressed like Kanye, nahh
A mean murder probably what I’m down for some day
Or I be like Rick Ross, even tho you see me with Mills
I’m still down with Gunplay
Smack said Hollow you got Surf you gotta make this nigga bleed
I’ll set you half up front, whew, that’s all a nigga need
It’s time to ride, whip him like Amistad,
It’s a homicide and not a regular death
I want his insides stuffed to show like Ahmad Rashad
So don’t talk to me cuz awkwardly I can hear you piss in ya pants
And you never thought you could loss to me (colostomy)
That’s how I knew I had this shit in the bag
I don’t care if he got the 5th and he hold that blicker
Ya crew in town I make ‘em move around, I know mad (nomad) niggas
Last year he quit battling they say he fire on wax
They gassed pa’ like Nascar so he thought he could retire off trex (tracks)
Shoutout BK, LG I stay up in the spot
Them the niggas that’ll hit ya face up with the glock
Everyday I’m in the hood, taped up with the koch
KD, Dwyane Wade, I wake up to the block
Should I keep going on showing y’all my freestyle ability?
But nah hold on, first let me break him down lyrically
I mean you got it poppin’ Tsu, niggas rock with Tsu
I mean ya aggression like Pac in Juice but ya rhyming like Doctor Suess
See it’s cuz ya setups be mad weak, it’s always a gun line
Cuz when you went to tell K-Shine Dot Mob throw ‘em in the back seat
You set it up with, “I know you don’t clap heat!”
Nigga you could’ve said something about a black jeep on a black street
How a jag creep, anything in that bar to connect with a car and a match
Peep, see my setups be crazy, all my frees be fertile
Yours be “I leave you purple, steam & hearse you squeeze and murk you”
Damn you got these fans blindfolded by the trash
Like a Febreeze commercial
Now I’m on the internet surfing, just to touch the surface of what Surf is, Once I surface he won’t resurface, that’s for certain
I’m looking thru the curtains like “sh-sh-shhh-shh
That’s Surf and his bitch they got drugs they selling now
I took ‘em to my cellar now, duck tape on they mouth they yelling loud
They keep moving, grab a rope and get em bound
You’d a thought Surf was in a Tux and his bitch was in a wedding gown
Cuz once I tied the knot they settled down
Flip his shit in the middle of the round, wait, you know how Da Don do
You like to play swear to God, I wanna play swear to God to
Swear to god we wasn’t in Detroit
And you said Joe Budden’s pussy and everything he write was trash
You swear to God you ain’t say everything he write is trash?
See this why I don’t like these battle rapping niggas with they lying ass
I’m a do the battle standing over here, cuz God bout to strike his ass
Aight you feel like you got this third? Ya lucks up
You wanna keep playing swear to God or you gon shut the fuck up
Aight swear to god you wasn’t living in Joe Budden’s crib earlier this year
You was? Okay so don’t talk about my crib, let’s talk about yo crib
You stay at ya hoe crib, just moved out ya old crib
Now you stay at Joe crib, so basically you ain’t got no crib
Ohhhhh, I got it, I got it… he ain’t got no crib so I figured it out
That’s how he got his name, he be couch surfing
That nigga be balled up on the love seat, his bones hurting
Roasting session…
Nigga you look like a broke ass Loon, so worthless
I mean you know shit’s bad when I’m calling him the broke version
Of a broke person
I mean y’all wanna hear one of Surf’s bars?
Soon as I pull out that chopper go dummy like Kimmy in that Full House
Yeah that was hot, that was hot… but my nigga, you watch Full House?
Aye that’s cool cuz I do to… so damn ya hand or damn ya nana
Since you live with Uncle Joey
I’m running in that Full House like Danny Tanner
Somebody tell Eddie Winslow I don’t think Family Matters
Shoutout to my Grindtime fans they’ll never forget that
I was so focused back then I had to bring the shit back
I said pause, you see that money? You could relate to strippers
We trick dealers and tell where the real bill is
And these niggas can’t touch us but still feel us
Plus we still stealers, and peel pillers, you got real killers?
Well I got killers that kill killers, nigga fuck with me
I ran up on him, stabbed him up, gave him a buck 50
And the funny thing about that, I had a gun with me
I don’t need a gun, fuck techs and pistols
I put that calico away cuz I got pets that pitbulls I collect to sic you
If it’s problems, I handle it, I don’t send my set to get you
I bring it to ya door like a magazine and address the issue
You done? You wanna talk now? Red the dread head
You better chill nigga… I said 20-50’s or 50-20’s is what I gotta be
20-50’s or 50-20’s is what I gotta be?
Do the math stupid ass I’m telling you that I’m a G
I done rang up more bucks than dollar tree
And I’m feeling like you lied to me so you owe me…ya fuckin life
Clutch the pipe, you wanna fight? We on ya head, we gon lump you
And we’ll probably get a battery charge
Cuz we ain’t want you dead, so we jumped you
I said shoutout to the URL fans y’all will never forget that
Them lines was so ill for surf I had to remix that
Loyalty Over Money

[Round 3: Tsu Surf]

This 3rd round is so cold, but it’s not for you
That Full House rebuttal was crazy
But Danny Tanner means you watched it to
When I think back on all my battles, I think great shit
Like that Church bar, that Lake shit
A nigga say he hate that Lake shit, I gotta say he on some hate shit
Well he really gon hate this
Late night goons we usually coming after 12
Fuck 1, fuck 6, I’m coming after 12
It hold 28, so 16 coming after 12
I gotta start to Pow when
It’s like Dwight been fouled when 16 coming after 12
Let me get you right, I’m a get you right, I’m a get you right… I said…
Late night goons we usually come in after 12
Fuck 1, fuck 6, I’m coming after 12
It hold 28 so 16 come in after 12
I gotta start to Pau when
It’s like Dwight been fouled when 16 come in after 12
I got some shit to make ya hitmen hurl
Never let without my Hanz, no Hitman/Earl
And he wanna start then I’ll continue to spark and
Put in another 6 like the sixth man Earl
He need schooling so fuck it I’m a learn his ass
No coffin, I’m thinking more Urn and Ash
See I’m way to advance for these niggas and I’m mad
Like that last line for instance, Urn and (N) Ash that’s Nash
I tell my niggas run in his crib, they gon make it happen
Hit the door, flip the bed, open every cabinet
Kill his dog, leave the kids, take everything, let him have it
Game point shot, we GPS pussy that’s urinary tracting (tracking)
I bought some treats for this trick, but it ain’t candy we spraying with em
Who in here think Hollow better than Surf?
Well y’all gon be laying with ‘em
Smack gon be yelling “stop!” all the homies gon be saying “get em!”
Bout 10:31 (October 31st) at his door
Tell Hollow, we (Halloween) ain’t playing with ‘em
Bars flying pass his head, I’m praying that they graze him
If he Hollow Da Boss then (Boston) these bomb lines just might phase him
I heard a few niggas whisper like, “yeah, Surf might get zipped 3’d”
Gotta be dreaming I’m a nightmare but it’s cool if he trying to get sleep
I move cattle, I’ll move this cat too in my habitat we zip beef
Let me guess, you (U) G? K
Well you shouldn’t have a problem meeting Pimp C
The OPERATION, CONNECT FOUR it’s not a game when we pop out
If he ain’t get the CLUE he in TROUBLE, no rebound get the box out
Right here, blue like TWISTER when them glocks out
No HOPSCOTCH they get a number in a box when we hop out
Niggas run, bullets fly, clips drop out
Kids scream, momma’s cry, eyes pop out
All my lil niggas got JENGA tatted
That mean when they come it’s to take the block out
You ain’t hear me told Big T, potato on the 44 for the sound to let it clap
Them mag rounds left ketchup and hash browns on his lap
These niggas never understand me and it make me wanna scream
Cuz you could get the same hash browns that went thru T
V like the girl in The Ring
And you doing me a favor? Well cool, point taken
Well I’m a just give ‘em these bullets on purpose
And tell the judge I was point shaving
Sometimes I wanna separate him, it might be for the better
Chopper like a side bitch, take him from his better half
He getting severed torso from his legs, will he walk again? Never
That doctor gon feel like a marriage counselor
Trying to keep him together
They asked me who the toughest nigga in New York, I figured it’s Math
I wonder HOW-LOW they gon bury him after I split him in half
Wassup Hollow, let’s have a man to man
What’s this thing with you and Lux? I personally think you a fucking Stan
At first I was giving him the benefit of the doubt
He just doing it cuz he bored
But then it’s like you said Lux name
Anytime any camera man pressed record
Probably had Lux jail cell pictures on ya wall for décor
Got home spamming all his videos
Dissed him so much it’s coke residue on the L of his keyboard
And why I gotta keep screaming out Loyalty to prove that I’m loyal
That’s how you get ‘em like that
Cuz I know plenty niggas that said
“my homies will never do me like that” Til they did ‘em like that
I got niggas that’s blood that ain’t family
And niggas that ain’t family that’s real Cuz
But you high off that same Juice Steel was
From now on movie clues is all I’m leaving with the kill
For example, if I gotta SET IT OFF shit could get real
When you hear this WOO!
Don’t be BAMBOOZLED these niggas ain’t ill but chill
A LOW DOWN DIRTY SHAME how the D’s found his grill
Them all Jada Pinkett flicks
So the tip, cops will find his head swinging by the wheel (Will)

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