Dizaster vs. Canibus [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Canibus]

Praise Jesus, thank you Jesus, Hallelujah Lord Jesus
Those look like Tom Cruise mom’s shoes
Soaked in some nasty ass wanton soup
You ‘bout to lose, what you got to prove?
Yeah? Who you gon rap circles around?
Turn around cuz you ain’t allowed to worship the crown
You look like a dead bird on the ground with ya bones exposed
This is ya funeral services now, this is ya death Diz
Pour it out, pass it around, I laugh at ya style
The wise owl laughs at the crowd
Pound for pound I clip ya wings, lift your ass off the ground
Throw you in the air crash you in the clouds!
Slaughterhouse? What the fuck is you talking about?
I brought enough rhymes to snuff all four of them out
I bet you hang out with Elton John in Lebanon
When Eminem’s gone so both of y’all can make feminine bars!
You must be smokin’ hoping an opium pipe
If you think you gon’ win tonight
Yeah right, these people came to see a fight!
I’ma fuck you up in this battle royale, yea dawg
I’m a make you not wanna ever rap no more cuz you cheatin!
You know you in agreement with demons, you suckin semen!
You really think that’s air that you breathin?
You dirty fucking scumbag trashbag of scum
You look like a vampire that drinks faggot blood
And you gonna catch that fade, baby, the streets is watching like Jay-Z
I squeeze ya IV till you sit up and face me!
You crazy, ya EKG beepin’ like you lazy
Fuck you, pay me, or donate it to Haiti
To be here today I had to hypnotize myself
But it’s impossible to lie to myself
Look at him! It’s like I’m standing beside myself
He bit my whole fucking style
I got MMA niggas in the crowd, I should make ‘em whip yo ass right now
Ayo hood niggas! What’s good nigga?
Wing nuts, battle you in the woods around trees and ninjas
Battle rap 20 degrees colder in the winter
In the summer I’m sizzler, roll you up like rizzlers
Toss you a thousand bars nigga, tell you to bench it
Then I battle you again, just to see if you meant it
Look at the people on the rooftop, the people on the fences
You came here healthy, you gon leave here injured
Real gladiators gotta bleed in the trenches
Go ahead Diz do ya famous Slim Shady impression
Bring 5’9” in the session I teach the 3 of you a lesson
I spit real rap shit, you pop shit, no question
Dizaster and his fans is a bunch of bitches
You know I’m hardcore I showed up with stitches!
C’mon Diz, now you know you in over ya head
When there’s people in the crowd that memorize battle rhymes I said
I’ll battle you in the flesh, I’ll battle you on the net
I’ll battle you over the phone, you can call me collect
I’ll battle you for respect, I’ll battle you over a blank check
I’ll battle you with a gun to my neck
I’ll battle you standing over the toilet with my dick out
I’ll battle you juggling a hand grenade with the pin out
In a stolen car with the vin number ripped out
Drinking a Guinness Stout doing a 360 spinout
You already know, I look like Riddick out the slam
You a Arabic Peter Pan lookin’ out for the Klan
C’mon fam, you know the big bad wolf eat the lamb
I’m a tiger with infinite stripes, you Toucan Sam
Damn! You know cocaine’s a hell of a drug
Made this dumbfuck wanna battle Can-I-Bus
I told this nigga! I’m takin’ yo ass to Disneyland
I’m a piss in ya mouth while you shit in your pants
And while the lyrics enhanced my fans gonna shit on your fans!
I’m glad you a battle thug
The big bad wolf gonna drink a glass of your blood
I’ll use your skin for a fuckin’ prayer rug!
I’ll destroy you, I hated you the first time I saw you
Mothafuckas like you get buried for being loyal
I’m ashamed of hip-hop for even praising you
You don’t exist before Youtube cuz you ain’t really paid no dues
You make me sick! You get respect for saying stupid shit
Ya fans are clueluess they think you got juice and shit
Every time you in Atlanta Eddie Long is your pastor
You a rug trader traitor, a fake gold jewelry chain maker
A slum dog millionaire’s neighbor
I’m a Jamaican assassin, you a disaster waitin’ to happen
You couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper napkin
I jumped out my momma pussy, you fell out ya mother booty all wiggly
Covered in humus, all filthy
Yo I’m a let the world know the truth, you don’t want me to shine
You study my rhymes then you laid your vocals after mine
That’s a bitch move, something that Dizaster would do
You say you the best battler in the world? You ain’t telling the truth!
You studied my background ain’t no book that I wrote
Ain’t no footnotes, ya style is one big joke
From DNA to Arsonal to KOTD, now you wanna fuck wit me?
You must be crazy
I’m a Apex Predator, you a battle rap degenerate
Trying to gain leverage from a high fructose beverage

[Round 1: Dizaster]

Yo, whatever ya’ll expecting from me? Today think the reversal of that
Today every single verse that I rap is gonna have zero personal attacks
I’m a use the science and math and
Shit that you teaching and I’m a murk you with that
No personals, no jokes, just lyricism cuz hip-hop has always been like that
So anything he says to me intellectual I’m a be able to flip right back
I can teach ya’ll how to chemically break down an enzyme flat
Stabilize the temperature using incubators which condense molecules
That turns into H2O you can get right back
Cuz when particles…wait a minute
Y’all thought I was gonna come out here and spit some stupid shit like that?!
Ayo, let me get this fuckin word off
Fuckin’ faggot brought all of his homies with him
He hasn’t even got his verse off
And this little fucking homo already got his shirt off
You wanna shit the bail, you get killed and stick with bail
You fucking pussy, you probably paint your pinky nails
And chill with him at Chippendale’s
Welcome to hell Germaine the wrath is coming
This is the part of the rap you get your ass confronted
Then I catch you in the back gettin’ relaxed & blunted
And set the place on fire
Til it feels like you sittin’ inside of a dragon’s stomach
You cats don’t want it you get castrated and hacked in nuggets
I make chicken strips outta ya loved ones that’s what I call a family bucket
I’m like KFC when I pull the axe out, you get slashed & gutted
So fast even the King Of the Dot staff
Will need panoramic camera coverage
Just to capture the angles of blood back
From the other side of the room when I drag you from it
Fuckin’ yellin over my shit like they always do
That’s some shit I already knew, but what’s wrong with you Canibus?
What is it you fucked it up doing some skateboarding stuff?
I’m trying to figure out how you ended up with your bones getting crunched
But now it makes sense, I get it
You punched yourself in the chest so hard
You made your own shoulders touch!
You had a fall from grace, fell a long way from the praise that he’s gotten
To being straight misplaced and forgotten
Nowadays from place to place he be hoppin’
But he never feels safe
No matter where he’s at from all the names he be droppin’
And he keeps droppin names even after all the pain that it cost him
He stays takin’ losses, LL Cool J basically stomped him
The same happened to Slim Shady
Even though you initiated the problem
So it’s safe to say after today, this’ll be the nail in his coffin
I got infinite skill…even if you took millions and millions of pills
Like the kid from the film Limitless
You still couldn’t think of shit that’s this ill, I’m Ill, ridiculous, chill
You physically built like a little bitch ya sqwuad trippin?
Then they all gettin’ killed! Ya dogs? I’m skinning them
Knitting them into a sweater quicker than Cruela Deville
Looks at this fuckin’ treatment I’m givin ’em
Look at the treatment I’m givin this old ass senior citizen
That wouldn’t be seen
Within the reach of 300 feet of the streets of Michigan
From all the nightmares and dreams of Slim repeatedly ripping him
I ain’t Peter Griffin, so why do I beef with this chicken?
Jabbin’ and kickin repeatedly until he bleeds from his ribs
And then falls asleep on the concrete in the same fetal position
He was left in ever since Eminem beat his career in submission
And didn’t let him spit again, blackballed, and restricted him
Blocked him from his mission or any other business attempts
So techically Slim ended up stiffin’ ’em
Harder than he did to Kim ever
Since the last time the bitch attempted taking half of his shit from him
You a pitiful guy, miserable type sucker, you lived in a time cluster
Where it was easy for getting by ‘cuz most of the industry lines
Were missing those intricate rhyme structures
So your lyrics to them were like mind fuckers!
But as the internet winds, buffered
You realized it’s harder to keep up with these little guys
‘cuz it’s like a million times tougher, I mean
Looking at him I feel like the universe just wants to witness this guy suffer
Cuz he’s going through hell, and LL’s out in some ridiculous-priced suburb
He probably lives with a white butler who every night
Is hired to fix him a nice supper, he literally drives, like 65 hummers
And every one of them is specifically a different type of color
Yo, ya’ll know what rhymes with Germaine Williams?
(Never made millions!!!) That’s what it is! Never made millions!
That dude, I don’t know who he is but he’s straight brilliant!
So, what happened after your successive second round knock out?
Exactly! Nothing happened! There was no one left on Earth for Canibus to call out So he pretty much ran outta things to talk about
The industry blocked him out and they fuckin’ locked him out
And we didn’t hear from him again ’till he popped up in a song
Calling out every single member of Slaughterhouse
You would’ve socked every one of them out?
Pfft, don’t be mad at them because you took the hater/salty route
Mothafucka, everybody hates you guts,
You called out every member of Slaugterhouse
Except Crooked I ‘cuz Crooked I would’ve stomped you out
Bro, everybody fuckin’ hates you, what the fuck are you talking ’bout?
We interviewed LL and even his own mama said to knock you out!
Look at the bright side you’re like a certified author now
You can write a novel on what being blackballed is all about
It’s probably all them callouts and them blogs, and why he had a fallin out
It’s like being inside of a poolhall, when watchin his ass fall cuz he got ate (eight,) Blackballed and then they chalked him out!
Fuck are you taklin ’bout? He wants to rap with me
We all miss that Canibus that used to attack with the thirst, rage
Snap and burst like an animal that’s trapped in a dirt cage
But nowadays you uninspired and I can see the cracks in your wordplay
You’re saying “aww I kept it true to hip-hop blahblahblahblah”
That’s what the herbs say
You took your ball home and went home
‘cuz things in the industry weren’t happening your way
You wanted to become famous too
You & LL were suppose to collab on the first tape
But he bodybagged you off the track in the worst way
Then you came back and said “it wasn’t about the fame, it’s about being heard and there’s a purpose to every actual verse made”
But that’s the impact the accurate words make
Cuz if it was truly about the art and the lab was your workplace
Then you would’ve never wanted to be on a track like that in the first place!
I fuckin’ hate it when people try to go mainstream and they flip-flop
And then they try to disguise their failure as them being true to hip-hop!
So I don’t give a fuck what you got to talk about
Next time one of your homies pops out
That’s how you do a fuckin’ first round knockout!

[Round 2: Canibus]

You fucking Iranian shoe-bombing, Islamic Math Hoffin’
Jewish Bronze Solomon, in Jesus Christ name Amen!
Separated shoulder, crawlin’ outta border control
I ain’t have enough quarters for the toll
$300 dollar bounty, it took 10 days before I got out the county
They was fightin all around me, this is how they found me
I came here to do you worse than DNA did
I wanted it to be no more wins for you in this battle rap biz
I wanted to eat ya fuckin heart, two chambers at a time
‘Cuz maybe after that you’ll understand the danger of the rhyme
Gravity is a repulsion, not an attraction
When it comes to lyrics, I used to be the living Bruce Lee in action
Counter-psychological measures reduce the pressure
Who’s better? That mothafucka? Never!
It’s gonna take a lot more than him to make Can-I-Bus a believer
Man, I thought you was gonna walk out with Justin Bieber
I never met a battler that act like Stan so much
He wanna be Marshall so bad, he put up bread to battle Can-I-Bus
Tell ’em! You hang out with Elton John in Lebanon
When Eminem’s gone, so both of ya’ll can massage RuPaul’s balls
Are you a faggot? Or a faggot magnet?
Why the fuck are you so obsessed with eatin’ rappers’ asses?
What are you Dizaster? Are you an Iranian monkey trainer?
A middle-eastern gospel country singer?
Or a hot urine drinking camel kissing sand nigga?
Is that a colostomy bag? C’mere, lemme talk to you man
Somebody strip search this terrorist fag!
That’s right, I smell the fear somewhere in here and up there
I seen the piss running down the stairs
I bet you in ya whole life, you never even cleaned one weapon
You play Call of Duty and do Scarface impressions
Chill bredrin, real G’s come out to see the legends
Nobody gives a shit about the honorable mentions
If I catch him levitatin’, I’m devastatin’
I’ll shave ’em & suffocate ’em
Then bring ’em back to life to interrogate him!
You fuckin’ Pagan! What I told you about medicatin’?
What the fuck is a Canadian Arabian?
I’m Rip the Jacker! The white chapel black battler
Say it faster, Dizaster is a punchline amateur
You can’t even ride a beat! Get yo bitch ass off the street
Yo bitch ass should be across the street
Talk is cheap ‘til a lyrical metal jacket lift you off ya feet
I been the goddamn acappella chief all week!
When I’m done wit you, you gon be rappin’ in China
Somewhere with no runnin water battlin’ minors
Wit Fresh Coast tonighters & a fresh slice of Fresh Coast hepatitis
You a pedophile that bites vaginas!
In a dark room eatin mosquitos, flies, and spiders
Bout to get waterboarded, hooked up to two wires
The crowd say “ooh”, the crowd say “ahh”
Unlimited rounds, you must be in the mood to die!
Mama-say mama-sah ma-ma-coo-sah
I put a tattoo of you on Treach right next to Tupac

[Round 2: Dizaster]

Metal jackets you pathetic faggot, I will stomp you to death
I’m a fuckin’ hustler, so when I be callin people, you know, I call to collect
But when Canibus be calling people, you know he be callin’ collect
See, you wanna talk the talk out here, just deposit the check
Cuz if not? I’m gonna fuckin stomp you to death
See out in the east you can talk that talk
But if you talk that talk in the west you leave like Flava Flav
Just another skinny little black faggot getting clocked in his chest!
Then he said I’m like Slim Shady! I’m tryna be Slim Shady
Just for saying that you’re gonna end up demolishing yourself
Bro, that whole part you were talking bout?
I didn’t know if your were referring to me or talking about yourself
Cuz it ain’t nothing worse in the world
Than that track that you did with Stan
What was it the Four Horsies?
You guys got back together back in Scribble Jam?
Or was it at the Rap Olympics fam?
Either way, nobody fucking gives a damn!
Aye listen bro, I pull it out and I snap it & click & BAM!
Kinda like my gat already had an app for Instagram!
This motherfucker wants to take my ass to Disneyland
Sorry dad, I’m a scratch that because I have a different plan
How bout I take you to the ranch in Neverland
And put you in a casket quicker than
A thousand milligrams of Michael Jackson’s diprivan!
Fucker thought he was gonna come back & kill me 
Man this motherfucker Canibus sucks!
Besides all it took back in the day was 2 L’s and a cool J to roll Canibus up!
And since we in Cali I’ma pour magazines in ’em, that’s what I call a Canibus cup!
But I’m just clownin’ wit you…
You obviously a mark, don’t make this clown shit an issue
I’ll rip ya body apart, I’ll fire rounds from the pistol
My shells are like the red ones from Mario Kart
Cuz they follow you around til they hit you!
My guns gonna feel like a merry-go-round once they against you
Cuz they gonna lift you four horsies off the ground & then spin you!
That’s some crazy shit whenever you reach the top
Let’s say right now you can fuckin’ take me on, yea
I’ve already got this region locked, bro, I am the King of the Dot
You? Ooh, let me teach you something bruh
Let me teach you how to keep the spot
You couldn’t cuz your value in it would decrease the stock
But this ain’t 2000 BC
I guess he forgot, mothafucka you shouldn’t even talk
His old ass is probably still sittin here waitin for the beat to drop!
You’re not even sharp at least not enough for me
Not enough for this league
I mean what good is marching on soft sand
When you don’t have strong enough feet to walk on concrete
And your schemes are not built up to par with the top tiers we got
Man, you should take it a little easy pops
‘cuz you’re gettin a lil old and out here people speed a lot
Proceed with caution
There ain’t no beat in this arena to cover up your cheesy bars
I can visibly see your flaws
Allowing me to use them as a weakness that I’m feeding off
But the leading cause of beef that’s caused between us is a missing link of
Not being able to think or ever be evolved
See it’s easy to see why he dissolved, because he’s a subspecies
So even though everything we’re taught to believe revolves
Around us being engineered human beings, we’re clearly not
Because seeing people like him breathin’
Are the real reasons I don’t believe in God!
And if there’s like a 1 in a fucking 6 billion chance that my theory’s wrong?
I put my cheese up on it that this idiot would completely defeat the odds
You ain’t a thief that robs people ‘cuz you’re evil dog
You a thief that robs people cuz you need a job!
You wanna eat? Then I beat you over the head with a piece of beef kabob
And let you bleed across the street from Ross
The same place you faggots buy your t-shirts off!
Homie, I will kill you as soon as the fucking needle drops
Run outside, and have my homies let the heater off
And blood will be filling up the street like it was Cedar block!
You’re not strong enough to top your peak
Just face it, you’ve aged and you’ve gotten weak
You can no longer keep up pace with today’s top elites
Not acappella or on a beat
Stop stop blogging please if not at least while you still got a spot to keep
You used to be a role model to all these geeks
Even gangstas looked up to you like when a respected father speaks
See the problem is, to hiphop you are unique
That’s why it also bothers me
‘cuz I feel like I’m putting my own dog to sleep
Watching the karma seep
Watching him burn alive from the inside as the karma seeps
From your eyes onto your rotten cheeks
Cuz the Canibus we used to know now
Is a shallow surface that’s far from deep
And all that’s left for you at the end is the nightmares that haunt ya sleep
Along with the psychological scars you keep as a product of the karma
You’ve gotten from fucking over all ya peeps!
So I don’t give a fuck! Homie I get my G on
I’m a REAL MC mothafuckas, I get my free on
So it makes sense that this mothafucka here has this stupid ass sling on
‘Cuz he’s never been a good shoulder to lean on!

[Round 3: Canibus]

Yo that’s not what I would call Diz, see Diz is something different
A faggot nigga tryna make a living off of dissin’
He walk around spittin battle raps like he ill
But he can’t avoid the fact, yea he do got skills
2012 I still spit that shit real niggas feel
Why does 99% of you resemble Madd Illz?
Too late, wipe that stupid look off ya face
You straight in the hype looking like that indian from Office Space
Dizaster just stop it! You tryna battle on some pop shit
You weak and you sound like Andy Milanokis!
Ayo brotha
I’m just here to tell you that God loves all his creations except you
And after tonight ya battle rap career will be through!
Then I’ma hop into the back seat of your cab & ride
The fuck you lookin at me for, Ali? Drive!
Ayo this ain’t no regular battle this is about your intellectual power
A cold blooded disrespect for an hour
Genocide by drone strike, Dizaster’s bones in a cave
He in the Strone Age, playing Cee-lo with stone dice
God put me here to eat shit & die!
But when I made the infinite rhyme? He changed his mind
But you? You just a funny guy with peanut butter brown honey eyes
When I look into the windows of ya soul? I don’t see much inside
That’s why right here right now, June 9th, 06/06
Canibus gonna prove that Dizaster ain’t shit!
Ayo I stick dick to ya moms, build a nuclear bomb and put it in her thong!
I rediscovered hip-hop with my infinite rhyme
I’ll even put the president back in office one more time
I charge Oprah’s credit card
And tell Barack to go long for another 90 yards
Mothafucka I’m a hip-hop god! 20 years and I still got job
And I say if you want change? Go wash them shit stains out ya draws
You immature fecal spore got the nerve to say you a beast with the bars
Don’t you still live with your moms? That’s right, dick in ya mouth!
Parents had to kick you out the house, after that?
You moved in with your spouse
I can’t tell if you a deadbeat dad or a red meat fag
Or a greasy ass nasty piece of Lebanese trash

[Round 3: Dizaster]

Yo! Let me just end this fuckin battle!
If anymore of this shit’s gonna get postponed
This mothafucka’s mad at me cuz he’s always gettin his hoe boned!
He said I live at home with my parents!
You’re right, I’m 28 and I live in a crib that I don’t own
But that makes me more qualified to smoke Canibus
Because I’ve always been home grown!
Don’t be mad tho, you lost to the MVP!
I will always still be the best emcee!
I’m just mad at you because
I took all this time to prepare and you fuckin disrespected me!
You disrespected me, like you disrespected all
You disrespected Pharoahe Monch, you disrespected Wyclef
You hated on ’em all
Anybody doing more than you, you preyed, and you waited on their fall
That’s why I ain’t speakin’ for me, I’ma say this for us all
That’s why hip-hop has forsaken you
And here you don’t deserve a place at all
But in the restroom next to the toilet hanging by the stall
But you don’t even deserve to hang there either
Cuz I can still find more appreciation
On the piss stains that are on the wall
You had a legendary cypher with DMX, Big Pun, and Mos Def my dude
Yeah that shit is true, we seen it online, it got plenty of views
But the problem with that, is that you said you deserved to go last
Out of all of them what makes you think you credible or even legible to?
‘Cuz 10 years have passed, and the evidence proved that them three
Did more for hip-hop individually than you ever could do!
So I don’t want you to get mad, let this just be a lesson to you
To act selfish in a cypher is something that’s hella self-centered to do
But you’re Canibus, it’s ok, you get a pass ‘cuz it’s expected from you
You think you’re bigger than Pun? Pun is a legend my dude
He’s a worldwide icon that’s sold more records
And he’s more respected than you
You’re just a homeless man on the corner holdin a can beggin for food
Just accept it! You’re through!
Accept that you were never accepted
Instead you just do some extra reckless shit & just prove
You’ will always be a liability to anybody that’s invested in you!
Just ask Wyclef! Ask Wyclef, he’ll tell you like the rest of them dudes
Your album flopped when it dropped
So you stabbed him in the back because you couldn’t get it to move
When you should’ve said thank you to him
‘Cuz he’s the one that helped you improve!
Wassup M80? Where you at you pathetic Jew?
Together you are like fucking tumors in the business that need to get removed!
Everyone that you ever did business with to help your music
At the end is getting screwed, yourself included!
What about all the efforts and attempts that you did
To get us sued because some shit in the contract was left excluded?
Yea! Don’t believe nothing he’s sayin! If you do then your head’s polluted
This is why he’s a disrespectful piece of shit and he’s hettin executed!
I don’t wanna hear about how your presence helps the movement
It’s more like an infection to it
You ain’t here for us, you’re here to fuckin sell some units!
How you gonna help us
When you haven’t even showed no sign of self-improvement?
Just the same old, pathetic, under-developed human
Who never went through evolution!
I mean, this dude is stone age! Why try to relate with ’em?
I should go on Myspace
To find him a ‘primate’ to go on a blind date with ’em
Cuz at his mindstate that would be the ‘prime mate’ for him!
He’s a chrome magnum man
A homosapien bipedal & shell, with the brain missin’
The way that he reacts, he has strange thinkin
To the way he displays rhythm
He’s so ancient I can’t even communicate with ’em
It’s like he has the most important strand of DNA missing
So it has nothing to do with racism when I say I see the ape in ’em!
I’ll stab you in your fuckin eyes with a giant identical set of forks to Poseidon’s, or The type of forks that Lucifer pitches inside of the fires in Hell that scorch
When I’m rhyming, I’m at the center core of a high-pressure reservoir
Of eternal fire that’s strong enough to survive behind heaven’s door
And if you stay alive, I’ma keep firing with the rifle
Like I’m tryna set the record storm
Your body will show up at a fucking beach somewhere dead
You can finally rest assure (a shore)!
This motherfucker has spent his whole life on a message board
He’s always on the net, this guy’s like a tennis court
I mean the creases above your eyes look like vinyl record warps
You look like some time of Kenyon dwarf
Collided with a virally infected I Am Legend corpse
Spliced with the fuckin DNA of the alien from Splice
Or some other type of genetic source that was developed
Directly inside of the Umbrella Corp
You killed the crowd, no one wants to even react no more!
What you actin’ like a fuckin faggot for?
So I’ma end it with this last scheme
Everything that he did was toally fucking wack and was overhyped
Your fucking deposit for this battle was totally overpriced
But it’s worth it knowing that we can go home at night
Knowing some lunatic named Germaine Williams doesn’t own the rights!
Cuz if he did he would probably attach the footage
To the back of a radioactive protocol device
Or something else that completely never existed
Like his military soldier stripes!
Who gives a fuck if “so and so” sold their soul for ice?
You’re becoming more of an attention whore
With every metaphor you write
This motherfucker’s terrified of anyone that’s 5’9”
Cuz it reminds him of Royce’s height!
When you get killed in a battle you’re supposed to fight
What are you, like 40 right?
All you did was burn bridges like Usher, you’re the corny type
You blackballed yourself into the horizon with Benzino
With you on the back of the motorbike!
Have you seen that tattoo on his arm? LL hates him, of course he’s hype
This motherfucker couldn’t beat him in a battle
So he turned around and literally stole his mic
So how the fuck are you gonna call J. Cole J. Clone
Calling him a clone despite
Knowing that the only tat on your arm showing ain’t even your own prototype!
Homie it’s over! Go home, goodnight
You wanna threaten LL and show up to the video with Mike
But we’re all thinkin of course you roll with Mike
You and him are both alike ‘cuz judgin by that tattoo
Both you faggots were born to bite!
Yeah, so he’s gonna talk about how I choked
And didn’t own the fucking moment right?
He’ll probably mention some shit, he didn’t, but I’ma still own him right?
Ayo this motherfucker shouldn’t be mad at me
Cuz I’m the one who helped him walk back toward the light
I’m the one that showed him what real hope is like!
Yea, I’m the one that gave him a chance
After the industry already disowned him twice
They fuckin’ left him, they controlled his life
So I don’t give a FUCK if I choked up in a battle or if I froze that night
Cuz Canibus over here fuckin’ choked in LIFE!
Nobody wants to hear anymore, so I’ma shoot to this fuckin faggot
I’ll pull out a bazooka and shoot ’em while he’s moving through traffic
I’m an Islamic suicidal, cuckoo fanatic
I’ll put Canibus in a box and LL Cool J’s a FAGGOT!

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2 thoughts on “Dizaster vs. Canibus [Lyrics]

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