Daylyt vs. Rich Dolarz [Lyrics]

Rich Dolarz, Daylyt

Raised in the Morris Heights section of the Bronx, NY, Rich Dolarz first got into hip hop at an early age. After he developed his rapping and writing ability as a teenager, Rich was able to quickly gain a reputation as a battler in a city that holds anyone in the field to high expectations. Dolarz is known for his intense delivery and clever lyricism, as well as being one of the most well-rounded MCs in the URL battle arena. Rich Dolarz has compiled arguably one of the best resumes in battling. With over 10 battles against top tier oppenents like Arsonal, Hitman Holla, Calicoe, Young Miles and more, Rich has established himself as a definite threat in the battling circuit. This will be his first time stepping in to the ring for King Of The Dot and will test just how well his experience in the URL will transfer to an unfamiliar battleground.
Daylyt has been the topic of many conversations in the battle world recently. The Los Angeles rapper has been in the scene for a while, having battles with Fresh Coast heavyweights Passwurdz and Locksmith when Grind Time Fresh Coast was in it’s infancy, but has recently come back to the scene, and people have taken notice. Combining aggressive gun-bars with creative wordplay on an ecclectic variety of topics, a Daylyt performance appeals both to street battle fans, as well as the viewers that can appreciate the odd comic book or movie reference. His recent battle with Philly Swain has been one of the most heated battles of the year, leaving audiences wondering if another Math vs Dose situation would occur. Daylyt’s match vs Rich Dolarz will be his opportunity to move further up in the KOTD ranks – we can only wonder what he’ll bring to the table this time.

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Daylyt vs Rich Dolarz

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