Daylyt vs. Rich Dolarz [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Rich Dolarz]
I’m a Bronx nigga and I’m gladly reppin’
But since I’m in Cali, I’ma kill you in Cali using Cali legends
I don’t wanna hear how you got magnums on, where ya gun is at?
I seen where you live, ya lifestyle involves none of that
You never let ya heaters squeeze, so this a fucking fact
You just like Eazy E, you never fuckin’ strapped
I kill you and the person you informing nigga
You informant nigga, so you could be like Daz with that Dillinger
But when I’m shooting pounds, for being Kurupt you catch slugs
I kill niggas that Snoop around
Ya whole body I’m trying to separate, shotty, that tech a K
That snub peel, the blood spill, nigga ya death awaits
That thang sing like Nate Dogg when I let it spray
So hit me up for warring/Warren G, just believe I’ma Regulate
With that shit on ya face, you think you Spawn and make hella (?)
I’m still taking hella pride
I’m feeling like God when I’m looking in the devil eyes
I told myself no jokes, barring, don’t fuck around
But it’s hard not to joke on a nigga when his face looks like a fuckin clown
See you a jerk off that likes jerk offing they never give you a pure sink
You really never get bread so yeah I think you a dickhead
(?) the situation you’re in/urine
Ya girl like Kim, every time I get to rest, she fucks me
I give her a shot of that Brandy brother, plus a bag of Reggie
Guarantee she lets me come/cum (Humphrie) free

[Round 1: Daylyt]

I know what y’all thinking, Daylyt got some stuff, you damn right
These left punches finna box ‘em up
Niggas goosing around, bet not one duck
Think it’s a Scorpion fatality, cuz after I finish him
I’m trying to send his whole block up, up
Shotgun butt, that shit will draw you to flies
Keep up with them never ending stories I’ma send you big dogs to the sky
That’s cool, you really snitch on me? Watch, niggas ratting on time
I’ma send you to that hickory dickory dock
My suggestion, sparts, when I’m blasting to murk you, find ya block
I don’t question marks, so half of ya circle get lined with dots
These kinds of shots come from drive by trucks, make a man fall
Troopers, ain’t no Luther, but everybody in the Van Draw/Dross
Stand off, damage ya, handing ya get bout 8 rounds in
Fight? We connect on sight/site, we Drake browsing
Eight thousand niggas on your neck, you better fall
Next nigga that say keep it rap while I’m rapping
It ain’t no comment/common
It’ll just be the most deaths/Def you ever saw
Round of applause, everybody crying
Bullets like a funny joke, they got everybody dying
You lying, thinking that we rock frail
You must be drunk, you’ll get spreaded out with dots
You’ll pea/pee cocktail, hell, you ain’t saying shit, POOTIE TANG!
Back shots poke a skinny nigga stomach out, Gucci Mane
Dude is lame, I’ll pop and bang ya
Glock will flame ya, two arms out like I’m trying to do the Macarena
This is danger, I really feel like I got this one
Remember that phrase? You win some and you lose some
But you live to see another day, well not this one…

[Round 2: Rich Dolarz]

For these bars I should win a grammy
Cuz my lines hard, none of my bars candy
Ya girl a hoe, while you at work all employed
Every time I see her she gives me head I shiver
I snick her, she give all men joy
I SAID! Ya girl a HOE, while you at work all employed
Every time I see HERSHEY gives head that makes me shiver
I’M NICE! So I’ma keep the belt, it’s pay day
I bet 100 GRAND this man would’ve missed a good bar (Mr. Goodbar)
If I ain’t just repeat myself
You better start running when I’m dumping these
Or be leaking when my gun’ll squeeze
Ya blood will stain the floor, tile and all (Tylenol)
Pain you gotta bare if you wanna leave (Aleve)
I’m trying to put you on the ground nigga, go and make a sound nigga
Throw the muzzle on it, make sure the pound whisper
So it’s only me you can hear when them pounds hit ya
If I catch you grillin I’ma let it flare
Driveby, let it air, so when you see (C) AR’s
Just know I ride that will (wheel) I ain’t gotta stare (steer)
I’ma leave this old nigga stink!
When I throw the arm and hammer in his mouth and unload the trigger
Hit ‘em close so I don’t gotta aim or use the scope
To get rid of this older nigga
And ya crib, I’m dumping clips in that bitch
And I swear it’s gonna look like summer ended and shit
Cuz I’m takin out ya family tree, so when that heat flare
I’m making all of ‘em (Autumn) hit the floor and watch ‘em FALL
There ain’t a leaf there…. I’M NICE!!!

[Round 2: Daylyt]

I paid close attention to that voice and I still hear a snitch
You remind me of my navigation
A square with a lot of lines but I still see a bitch
Honestly I feel like all you guys trash
You a thong rapper, all ya lines ass
Let’s do a comparison, me and you, clash raps and see
All them booty lines you farting out
That’s why you feel you as(s) crack as me?
Actually you half as(s) me, y’all gotta see this is phony
Nigga you Boo Boo, you gotta be friends with Yogi
You already snow, acting big bear I stretch heads
Get a jumbo hook, ya crew will get they shit blue like the Jungle Book
(?) That Dumbo look, give ya toe, knees hawks if you in that (?)
Face explode, punches I land-mine, we sock more mouths than Mankind
Can shine, it’s fire I put hail on his life
Rounds flying everywhere, it look like Sonic fell on a spike
Ya type don’t get the message, but see those techs/text nigga
I blast curls, it ain’t ya last girl, but it’ll be yo ex nigga
Next nigga that sweat get wet now try these
Bullets down all type of T’s, they Chinese
This guy evil I can smell it, man so dumb, dumb rhymes
More gun lines than Nintendo one
Son, I really feel like I got this one
Remember that phrase? Can you say it for me?
I win some and I lose some, no I said that wrong
I win some, you lose some! But you live to see another day
But not this one…

[Round 3: Rich Dolarz]

This is real simple nigga, if I say you food
That means even ya loved ones on the menu nigga
I take out ya girl fam like I wanna grief
I go HAM when that gun’ll squeeze
And get rid of ya chick kin (CHICKEN)
You put they life at stake (STEAK) when you wanted BEEF
Ya man said, “Daylyt that tough life he be frontin’ about
Scared to fight but quick to open his mouth when beef he run
He always bolt to his house,” I said
Well his name Daylyt, son/sun supposed to be out
I pull up that pump clown, run up on ya child and give ‘em dumb rounds
It’s ironic how Daylyt will be mourning/morning
After I put his sun/son down
Niggas act tough like Artest but when I grab the Beretta
Introduce ‘em to my Nina
Get changed from so street to World Peace when he met her (Metta)
Petition to put a scar in Tia so fuck throwing elbows
We letting shells go for thinking that you hard in (Harden) here
If I catch ‘em in the exit lobby, I’m a hit ‘em with the Tech or Shotty
Bullets ripping off arms, legs and heads lookin’ extra sloppy
Even his stomach got tore, so (torso) only thing left is his chest
That’s how you catch a body
I don’t care if you in protective custody
I bust and squeeze when I’m letting that 4 spray
Cops said they was on ya side and ya death known nation wide
After taking like 4 straight you’ll be put in a morgue place
I hope the cops insured you because they assured you
That you was in good hands, but that’s what they ALL STATE

[Round 3: Daylyt]

These fruits think they got the juice til I blend ‘em to smoothies
Ya whole block-busters, I think they renting a movie
I take these words to the heart, that’s the ending of Lucy
Beef baking/bacon, you better move slim or that’s the end of ya Kufi
Excuse me, you pups got the ‘caine? Sugar, they all sweet
Lead’s in the oven, I draw heat
I warned ya, I’m hurting, it’s a foreigner cursing, I give ‘em all sheets
Stall beef, cuz I bring in one word, violence!
If I ain’t strapped you could still get these boot-legs, I’m a pirate
Silence, let’s see if y’all can get this line
Beat Day? You a freed slave, you out yo cotton picking mind
Watch these three will get on them singles
Dog you can try to stop these uppercuts from changing cuz
All you can (Hydouken) die
Can’t you see that I’m the realer nigga? Why?
Fuck that mask I want you to look your killer in the eyes
Caught him by that urinal, I’m like “wassup with that bread dog?”
If we saw 1 chain in the bathroom, we cutting his leg off
Leads off, put bullets in y’all passengers
We park techs in (Texas)
So if he had a chain they would’ve saw massacres
I’m asking ya, one last time, where that chain at?
He tucked it in, think we ain’t notice it either
Thought he was gon get away, sheeeeit, all my dogs golden retrievers
They was around his neck, strangling, snot flying, so messy
Choking for a hour straight, they Loe Pesci
I suggest you run or we’ll leave you the sorest
These multi punches will leave you The Saurus
Hooks, no Jordan, the can might crush son
Shit lookin’ too physical, I put two arms in front of these niggas
I’m Lush One
They dead, get a dirt bag, you’ll be in the need of a pastor
I’m banging shit, it’s the main event, my can’ll bus (Canibus)
It’ll be a disaster/Dizaster
Bastard, I really feel like I got this one, Larry H. Parker, you know the rest
NO! I said why live? It’s Larry H. Parker nigga they know the rest
You steal on me? I got steel homie, I steal homie, but we still homies
I will steal homie with steel on me
No whip, I’ma catch ‘em waiting at the bus stop
He wait on the bus for a ride, I wait until the bus stop
Wait until the bus arrive, spray one in the bus top
Leave you on the bus stop laid with a busted top
I already- I’M NICE!!!!!

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